Sunday, September 16, 2001

From an original webpage I started back in 2001!!!

--Notice the extreme anger and patriotic conviction in these words! WOW!

Now I am truly convinced that the sarcastic term, "THE SUMMER OF LOVE & HAPPINESS 2001", which I coined at the beginning of the season has become an even more painful reminder of how truly upsetting this year and moment has been. I myself have been dealing with health issues all summer long. On September 6, 2001 my own father tragically lost his life in a shocking and horrifically violent manner. I was anxious, sad, horrified, and truly felt a sense of loss. To have this event in my own personal life so fresh and still vivid in my mind superseded by the A-HOLE terrorist actions on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 has only served to make my emotional state feel even more traumatized and horrified at the malice and wickedness that human beings are capable of displaying. Hope that all of our tragedies at this time will be overcome by love and the greatness that God gave us human beings is the only thing that keeps me and should sustain us all at this time...

So ladies and gents, here we stand on the brink of sheer and utter hell: WAR. What other choice do we have when so many of our responsible citizens who went to work like you and I got murdered in such a ghastly overly televised manner?! To the dancing Arab toothless hag and the Palestinian children shown on TV celebrating these crimes, I pray and hope that our bombs blow you to bits.