Monday, April 25, 2011


My modem at home has been acting up and is not connecting properly so here I am at work trying to sneak a post in. Sorry for any typos or odd sentences:

One of the things I want to vehemently clear up in this post is the distinction between a victim and an abuser. So many times, abuse by an evil person is directed at someone else verbally, emotionally, or physically and others try to justify or understand why the perpetrator did it. "Wel
l he/she had a bad childhood or they don't know any better and this is why they abuse..." OH REALLY NOW?! I don't care what the person's past or hardship has been or may currently be, ABUSE IS NEVER TO BE JUSTIFIED OR EXCUSED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! NOR TOLERATED NOR ACCEPTED! An abusive person needs to be reprimanded and dealt with according to the law, and one should get away from them as soon as possible. Sadly, even victims tend to want to make excuses or feel sorry for their abusers, by trying to only see their good side or because they love him/her. Kind of what happens with Stockholm Syndrome. Anyway, as someone who has been emotionally and verbally abused myself, I have never made excuses for the people who have done this to me. F*CK THAT. Evil is real, and these savage poor wastes of space deserve to be punished and made aware of their misdeeds. No one deserves to be abused so terribly by someone else who wants nothing but to exert their control and power over YOU. Shall we feel sorry for what O.J. Simpson went through which lead him to beat and finally brutally kill his ex-wife? Poor Ted Bundy and Adolf Hitler! WRONG! NO! Some people are just plain wicked and need to be dealt with. Let their feet swing...

The sad truth is, today's job market is a nightmare. Recent college grads are no longer finding work and many have to move back home and live with their parents working odd jobs or searching endlessly for that first REAL job which doesn't seem to ever come. Middle-aged people who have had their jobs for years and get laid off are in even more dire straits. The unemployment situation in this country is profoundly serious, and the consequences of people being out of work like this is not good. This is the kind of crap that happens in Mexico or Hati, where lots of unemployed folk turn to crime to "make ends meet." THE THIRD WORLD BABY! I just ran into a friend who is in his mid-thirties and lost his job a few months ago and he cannot find work; to the point where the man will leave California in a year if nothing materializes. What this does to one's self-esteem and mood is devastating. All this official unemployment data you get out of the government is a bunch of baloney, the numbers are much higher. But you go on believing them okay? You go on being distracted by Dancing with the Stars and Justin Bieber and the latest antics of those losers on Jersey Shore while the country sinks further and further into the worst economic depression in its history. A bunch of our good jobs have been outsourced, the unions are being cracked down on for egregious corruption, and the greed of this ridiculously individualistic capitalist system has now been exposed. The whole damn system is one giant decomposing festering deer cadaver complete with maggots and ants! AH THE IMAGERY! LOL! McDonald's hiring 50,000 recently?! THIS IS THE AMERICAN DREAM NOWADAYS?! EEK!

Katy Perry is married to that super douchebag Russell Brand, but her pop star career is another matter. She is on fire! Four #1 singles off her current album alone! This is no easy or small feat:

Friday, April 08, 2011


This is one depressing lonely place for a decent relationship I'm afraid; if you're a gay man that is. The dudes in this town are highly superficial: gym bod, tan, and a career in modeling/entertainment are required, or else you're less than trash. And THOSE jocks are quite lonely themselves too, because who can stand being around a narcissist anyway right?! The really hot ones also tend to have the personality and sex skills of a sea urchin anyway. BORING! Yes, I'd like a handsome good-looking one myself with a nice face, decent body, and fresh breath/nice teeth, but I can accept a few imperfections here and there okay? UGH. I dunno man. I used to be liberated and carefree and did not care about settling down, until HE happened to me, and it's been all downhill ever since then. WHAT HAPPENED?! Is this what becoming mature is supposed to be like? I've actually grown tired of the casual sex and one-night stands?! ME?! OMG! THIS IS MADNESS! ARGH! What I really don't understand is how people can get into and out of relationships effortlessly like changing a song on their iPod. It's pretty amazing and quite frankly, I don't know how that even happens. Aren't you supposed to feel giddy feelings of being in love? Isn't that supposed to happen very rarely? I guess I don't fall that easily and don't feel that spark often at all. I must be damaged. I'm starting to lose hope. At least in L.A. In other more REAL places, I'm sure I would have found a cool hottie long ago. But dating here? A NIGHTMARE. I have no problem getting laid, but no one seems to fall madly in love with me. This makes me a bit sad and I feel very inadequate quite frankly...

Some two weeks ago, the tooth pain I was experiencing was driving me up the wall. I had to get my first ever root canal. How come no one told me that it took so long to get one done?! ARGH! Thank God my dentist is one cool awesome dude with very soft delicate hands. Anyway, I'm glad he killed the nerves and the pain has gone away. I have a temp crown for now as they manufacture my new permanent one in a lab somewhere. I'm getting new glasses soon too, after a long lengthy annoying eye exam last week. I'd been sporting this cool facial hair scruff recently, but I'm tired of having to trim and maintain the grass so I pretty much got rid of it tonight. I look five years younger already! Been doing push-ups and stuff to get some exercise into my life, and although I'm looking nice and more toned as of late, I'm still pretty thin and not meeting L.A. standards on muscle. WHY SHOULD I EVEN BUY INTO ALL THIS PHONY IMAGE BALONEY RIGHT?! Damn I'm lonely, so very lonely...

I can't get this song out of my head as of late. She's finally really grown on me I tells ya: