Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Can I just start off by saying how much I hate, HATE Joe Jackson, Michael's father?! What an epic horrid pimp-looking douche demon! He doesn't seem at all upset that he's lost his son, and just what was he doing at the BET Awards anyway?! I can understand Janet being there, and she looked noticeably upset and spoke on behalf of the family, but Joe seems to have gone just to get all kinds of condolences he doesn't even deserve and to promote some dumbass record label of his! The creep was a terrible child abuser, probably sexually abused the girls, and is a known homophobe. I can't stand him! And the same goes for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who have nothing else better to do than to get media attention yet again! UGH! Joe never cared for Michael and only saw him as a cash cow, and we all know Michael couldn't stand his father anyway, so whatever! Read this and this and see for yourself.

With that intense time spent in March at the gym and those protein shakes I was drinking back then, I noticed I gained about 8 lbs! That is terrific news, because I look so much better with more meat on my bones for sure! And as of late with my once or so a week pot use, I eat a little more than normal and have put on an extra 7 lbs or so! Oh joy! I better not get too carried away now, but I a
m confident that all this is for the best and the extra pounds are only going to serve me well! YEEHA! As an ectomorph my whole life, I have always hated being too thin, but now I can finally say I like my body more now than ever before. I got cool curves and stuff! My clavicles have finally disappeared! I see pecs! A bit of a gut too, but it's cool, nothing too horrid. LOL! My clothes are much more snug and feel tighter on me.

Something visually appealing for all of us to enjoy? Yes, even you the hetero male can enjoy and admire a perfect male specimen can't you? He's in his forties now, and still looks pretty darn good--Mr. Colton Ford! I'd never really paid attention to him in gay porn before, until I saw clips of him playing on the TV at the karaoke bar recently. Wow, this guy is just hot and I believe he is of Armenian ancestry, like that famous singer named Cher--whoever she is. LOL! Colton no longer does porn and sticks to some modeling and singing I believe. HOT!

We still have a living breathing massive legend alive--Sir Paul McCartney of course! Interestingly enough, MJ did cover this song as heard here--it was given to him by Macca--but here's the original from 1978:

Friday, June 26, 2009


Farrah is dead! UGH! We all knew it was coming, but STILL! And then...

There will be no more concerts. No more hot dance moves. No more perfect albums. No more visionary vanguard videos. No more weirdness. No more of that heinous nose or peculiar skin color. His life is over and complete. I will try not to remember the oddball that he was towards the tragic end, nor the strange and almost twisted child abuse allegations during the middle, but will forever hold a special place in my heart for the wonderful brilliantly talented entertainer that he once was from the very beginning--the cute little black kid from Gary, Indiana. There is no denying the absolute magnetism and charm this man once held over the entire planet--he held a fame so potent and unheard of --astonishing global fame only Elvis, The Beatles, and the still living Madonna herself would know. He was superbly gifted, fun to watch/emulate, and his music was expertly composed and produced. My brother Charles and I adored that Epic twenty-eight times platinum-selling Thriller album, then came Bad and we were still hooked, and Dangerous would be the last of Michael's great musical moments before it all truly started falling apart. A lonely, confused, eccentric, and tragic figure with perhaps too much thrust upon him since early childhood, Michael Jackson is dead. And yes, I am sad for so many reasons--perhaps the greatest being that THIS only reiterates how temporary the illusion of life truly is, even for a superstar--how we all must finally die someday. Mortality is a bitch! We know it's coming to everyone now alive, and yet it still shocks and saddens us when it happens. How sad to be human sometimes, how very sad...

The breaking news of Jackson's death yesterday was as monumental as 9/11 or the death of Princess Di! The world community spreading the news and united together as tightly as when this icon passed yesterday afternoon was pretty remarkable. Facebook and Twitter have never seen such buzz in their short existences. Some will simply continue to condemn the man, even in his death, but most will pardon and overlook his bizarreness and unsettling minor abuse accusations--perhaps what resonates with me the most about yesterday's terrible news was what one co-worker said to me, "I really think Michael was pure and naive when it came to allowing kids to sleep with him in his bed, and truly never saw it as bad or negative as most adults do." Yes, I want to believe this wholeheartedly, and to think of those who once accused him as evil money grubbing jealous people who took advantage of his stupid ignorant lack of proper adult etiquette. I can write so much, but I gotta end it. I'm genuinely sad. Almost broke down even. Why? I never met the fool and people die every day right? BIG EFFIN' DEAL! It's just that OUR Elvis, OUR John Lennon died yesterday...

Yesterday the globe and most especially his home country America, realized his greatness once again and forgave its astronomically talented native son:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey--thanks for always stopping by and reading, and most especially for your feedback on my posts. I appreciate y'all very much.

There is nothing wrong with being Muslim! Earlier this decade, that retard president we had and his henchmen (i.e. Prick Cheney) turned the whole entire Middle East against us with their terrible militant right-wing "anti-terrorist" policies. I know there's some really crazy fundamentalist Islamists here and there, but Christianity itself has been no better throughout history! Anyway, the point of all this babble is because I am convinced President Obama is Muslim! I mean, they've tried everything to suppress it during the campaign and stuff, but I am almost sure that fool spreads a rug of some sort, crouches down, and prays towards Mecca at least three times a day! LOL! I pray and hope that his affinity towards this religion keeps the terrorists happier and nicer towards the United States. This is a great advantage to our country folks! And I commend Obamee for at least trying to be diplomatic and talking about problems/issues, instead of being so damn threatening and imposing like our last administration. I have a feeling though that if you piss off Obama enough, he would not hesitate to send a nuke your way, so don't get smart North Korea!

As of late, I am a really big astronomy buff. Space is fascinating man, and there's all kinds of cool documentaries all over YouTube. Do we ever stop to think of just how amazingly big the universe is?! I mean, it is mind-boggling to even consider! There's this terrific/amazing opening scene in that movie Contact with Jodie Foster where the camera starts out showing our planet and all the radio/satellite waves that can be heard and then it pans out away from Earth and just keeps going and going deep into our solar system and beyond... It is truly remarkable how little we are in the bigger picture, and just how miraculous it is that there is so much diverse life on this one planet alone! You've heard it said before, but what a waste of space if Earth is the only place where there is known life! So far, the rest of our solar system is pretty lifeless! And yet, there's all these empty planets and moons out there with all sorts of awesome things going on. Anyway, I'll go back to all this astronomy talk in future posts, because there's so much to discuss here, but I gotta get back to bed!

Another one of my slideshows, composed of my visit to Santa Monica a few weeks ago, and some pics of me just taken this past weekend:

Friday, June 19, 2009


Um, could this crap be true?! NORTH KOREA PLANS TO FIRE A MISSILE AT HAWAII?! WHAT?! That would be insanity, SHEER AND UTTER INSANITY! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!! That poor isolated country is brainwashed beyond belief to worship that short loony oogly midget. It sounds like a horrible horrible place to be stuck in! I pray and hope the ominous news/threats are all just talk, and that this doesn't become a big conflict--as in World War III or something like that, although we are overdue for the sequel! LOLOL! Iran sounds like a tense area right now too doesn't it? Oh boy, oh boy...

And speaking of Korea, have you noticed how almost every cell phone and many of our major electronics now are the Samsung brand? My phone is a Samsung! Yeah, they are a big big prosperous empire now, based in South Korea, and are at the forefront it seems, of really cool and neat gadgets. I guess in the not too distant past, Samsung was considered a cheap lowclass brand, but it has re-invented itself to represent quality and is at the vanguard of technology.

If you're a regular listener of that hilarious vulgar pig Howard Stern like I am, you know who Blue Iris was--she was this very nice laidback crude old woman with a porn career and a taste for marijuana! MY GOD MAN! The first time I heard clips of Blue having sex with this young guy, I was perturbed for days and laughing my head off hysterically! Sadly, Blue was having a variety of health problems in the last few years and she died not too long ago. Apparently Blue was married to this really nice man (who is in serious mourning) for years and had a son! A real hoot and behaving much younger than her actual age, Blue will be missed for her great sense of humor and lack of inhibitions. She looked much older than her true age by the way. A great interview with Howard Stern is here.

Thank the mighty heavens above for the weekend. Imma enjoy it and so are you. I've adored these stoned Jewish boys from Brooklyn for years--and they used to be so cute too:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Someone at karaoke on Monday night was very kind to say hello, and in his thick Bostonian accent said to me, "Hey WAT, I read your blog posts all the time via Facebook, and I am amazed at how often you are right about so many things, and you're very smart; how do you think of so many topics to talk about?" I was very humbled by his praise, but also well aware that I am an undeniable genius of epic proportions (my genitals), and that he stated what is already obvious to millions upon millions of fans the world over! Yeah, I'm a bit delusional, but you just sit there and agree with me okay? ;)

Speaking of Facebook, it now tops MySpace as the biggest social networking site in the United States. Yeah, I joined MySpace a few years ago, and at the time remember it being very popular and THEE FAD of the moment. What still makes MySpace cool I guess is its neat music pages and stuff, but for the most part it is kind of a dead site to me nowadays; Facebook has definitely become king in the last year or so that I have been a member. I had resisted Facebooking for quite some time and was really annoyed at first by people's retarded status updates and other junk spam, but have gotten more used to it recently and a little more forgiving as to what others are up to. Everyone's life has at least a little value and merit (even Paris Hilton's--LOL), and I guess it's okay that we're all crying out to be noticed and want to be just a little famous. The sole reason for even being a member of these sites is to get this blog noticed and read, plain and simple. I just wanna be the greatest blogger of all time okay? I WANNA BE A LEGEND IN MY OWN TIME DAWG!

Actor David Carradine was practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation in drag? WHAT?! MY GOODNESS SHECKY!!! That is just embarrassing! Now what we all do in the privacy of our own domains to get off is none of my f*cking business, but the problem for poor David is that his erotic moment went a little too far and he ended up killing himself by mistake; the hotel chambermaid got to find his body--that sucks! But then again, when we all die, our bodies are really at the mercy of others to look at and prepare for burial or cremation, so dying is really quite an embarrassing event for all of us. Andy Warhol said a quote about this once. They keep finding these bloated naked bodies in the Atlantic from that Air France plane crash, and I can only imagine that the remains must not look very pretty at all. Well, who cares anyway I guess; once you're dead, you're dead, so live it up everybody--now that we're all conscious and in a semi-intact shell! HAVE FUN! LET YER HAIR DOWN AND SHAKE THAT ASS!

I often listen to and adore this old song. Phil Collins' vocals were among the most unique and beautiful in all of pop/rock music history. Don't you agree? Yes, you do:

Monday, June 15, 2009


The Lakers are NBA champions for the 15th time! Something in L.A. to finally be proud of again! LOL! This is kind of a bittersweet moment, in that it is the first major title they have won without the late great voice of their
legendary announcer, Chick Hearn. And yeah, some loons did go off and cause a bit of havoc, but nothing major. They got this handsome Spaniard on the team that my brother and his dumbass friends say I kind of resemble named Pau Gasol. Okay then dudes!

I have this new therapist I am seeing now on Saturdays for about an hour, and he i
s a very nice older man that looks like an oldtime congressman, complete with suspenders. John is very calming and soothing, and gets me to talk about all kinds of issues, revealing stuff about myself that I may have never known/been aware of. He says that I dislike authority and the system so much in my present, because of my once tyrannical father and his domestic violence towards my mother and how I felt powerless and unable to do anything when I was a minor. He has also told me that I am very intelligent, charming, and have good looks, but that I constantly trap myself by feeling like a victim, because that's the role I once actually had when I was a naive and controlled child. It makes some sense frankly; it really does I suppose. T'is why perhaps I look at that big black woman supervisor of mine at work with such disdain, even though the bitch is doing her job and stuff; she irks me so much though and her attempt to control even the slightest, trivial minutia. I love my friendly charming co-workers very much, but it's the boring ass paperwork and data entry that makes me wanna gouge my eyes out and having to answer to some of these dummies in control there is downright appalling!

I've noticed this and said it for some time, straight hardcore porn is ten times more raw and nasty than gay porn. I'm serious! Some of these girls do some really really crude things for the camera and I rarely if ever see condoms used. Now there's some sort of an HIV outbreak in the industry here in Southern California, and I'm not at all surprised. Jesus, to think I live in the actual porn capital of the world, the San Fernando Valley! EEK! Remember that great movie, Boogie Nights?

They finally and officially switched the analog signal to all digital for televisions across the country this past Friday. This short clip of this old woman trying to figure it all out is an ABSOLUTE RIOT:


Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm so tired, but I shall endeavor to write this post anyway...

The Lakers game last night was pretty darn good. Most exciting and very close; Derek Fisher is the player/hero/savior of the game! I find it fun to watch these matches at my brother Charles' place with his silly goofy ghetto buds. Some of them might be easy on the eyes too, know what I mean?! BUT ANYWAY, they must know I is gay (my brother sure does), but I sure as hell don't wanna rub it in, and they're all pretty respectful, so it's cool; it's tough to be surrounded by hetero or possibly bisexual men who have yet to experiment. LOLOLOL! Ah, that last statement of mine is so accusative and loaded with endless possibilities! Drink more beer gentlemen! Smoke some weed wit me and let's see what happens...I won't make you give up women, just enhance the good times a bit more! I'M A SHAMELESS DEGENERATE BRUTE I KNOW.

Never in a million years would I ever have bothered to blog about that fat bloated mess Chastity Bono, but now I must! NOW WE ALL MUST! Because life, in its infinite amazingness, has decided to confer upon us the news that Chastity wants to be known as a dick-sporting DUDE now! ROFLMAO! AMEN TO THAT MAN! Chastity was a cute kid, but now she is kinda oogly and big, and very VERY manly. WOW! I can't believe this really intense transformation she has undertaken; I thought she looked decent as a lady for a while there until she started really gaining weight the last few years and becoming more butch. Wonder what Sonny Bono thinks, even though he's still dead and all. Hard enough to find out your kid is gay, let alone wants to change genders too?! Even I find it a bit bizarre really, but I must remember tolerance and understanding, because I too have suffered from ignorance and hateful discrimination, but alas I'm fine with my gender; I love my penis and wouldn't change it for the world! HAHA! Cher's two kids are not that hot though, and I don't know why. LOL! You will now be calling Chastity by her new more masculine name: "Chaz". Thank you very much. GULP!

A lady at work has a very young pre-teen daughter with anorexia! MY GOD MAN! That is so terrible! Not wanting to eat yummy delicious food must be the pits! HOW CAN YA SURVIVE IF YA DON'T WANNA EAT?! Oh thank heavens for my cravings! HEE!

This Cuban dude is sexy, and his song is catchy, las muchachas están bonitas, and you can't resist it can you? I just can't:

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Thanks for keeping up with this blog and commenting. Most appreciated.

See the pic next to this paragraph? There I am having a drink next to this hot dude who is painfully straight, or so I've heard he is... ARGH! Went to my co-worker/bud's party on Saturday night to his beautiful home and there was so much good food there! I don't know how he does it, but the Argentine lives in the most western part of the San Fernando Valley, yet he manages to get all kinds of people out there from all corners of this great big city of L.A. I still can't get over all the food! I ate like a starving fiend! There was pesto pasta, egg salad, pizza, pupusas, meatballs, garden salad, empanadas, apples and cream, cake, pecan pie, cookies, etc. A true banquet, and many thanks to everyone for making this a most delightful potluck. The people who showed up were some other co-workers I already know and some new nice people I met here and there, but there were also some real annoying individuals that I intelligently stayed away from. I guess this happens at any party right? All about chemistry. Too bad it wasn't a hot enough day, or I would've jumped into the pool. We're having a pretty mild June, but I'm afraid it will be short-lived once the sweltering hot temps kick in very soon.

Sunday eve I took my beloved to the classic Aero Theatre in Santa Monica! Nice town, full of rich white people that drive expensive cars. We saw this interesting movie from Spain with a first-rate cast that takes place during the 1940s called Los Girasoles Ciegos (The Blind Sunflowers), and it was followed by this lame period piece called The El Escorial Conspiracy, about intrigue and shit during the glorious imperious reign of Philip II; this movie was in poor accented English, and many of the original patrons there for the first authentic Castilian film walked out on the second movie. I was close to leaving, but figured I should sit it out and get my money's worth, and the movie was pretty to look at, but not much else! Oh well, I got some nice brochures on visiting España and stuff in the lobby and there were lots of Spaniards there blabbing in their lisp and crap; some of the dudes and gals were actually quite good-looking. All I need now is a good $5000 to take a nice good trip/vacation to cruel bullfighting land and I'm set! JUST FIVE THOUSAND! UGH!

This song sounded really good Saturday night at the fiesta; gay men have been gaga (<--pun intended) over this bitch ever since she came out:

Friday, June 05, 2009


I see people everywhere now with dem Blackberry and iPhones, and I'm insanely jealous! I want one! Mind you, it isn't really something I must have and have lived without nicely up to this point, but they look so damn cool! ARGH! They're also a bit expensive and paying that ghastly amount month to month sickens me. I guess I will continue to hold off on a smartphone for a few more years, until everyone has one and the prices come down a little more I guess. Technology has come a long way and it is an amazingly wonderful enhancement to our lives, but a lot of these gadgets and stuff are really not necessary. Lord knows I'm already hooked to the Internet as it is at work and home, and I'm checking my cell phone text messages constantly; to add one of these very neat awesome smartphones to my life would only complicate things, if that makes any sense? BUT DAMN I WANT ONE! And I'm a Sprint subscriber with my basic cell phone; tomorrow ironically, they come out with the Palm Pre, which is supposed to be the most incredible smartphone yet! I'll bide my time, and wait to see what the next few years bring...

I got one of these fake spray-on moist towelette tans on me. I apply it to my whole body after a good exfoliating shower before bed; makes me smell like maple sugar oatmeal or something to that effect, due to that chemical they use. Not bad, but a bit too orange and streaky in certain spots, but overall I look okay once it settles in after about three hours. At least I'm not as pale anymore. Not that I look horrible pale, but adding a little colour to my skin makes me look betta ya know? Yeah, this is SoCal man! One must look like one has at least been to the beach every day, even though I think I only visit the beach here once every two years or so. I'm Latino, but I happen to be very white, which shocks and confuses certain people sometimes. Imma cry racism man! Latino janitors, car washers, and fast food employees all think I'm some English-only gringo due to my pasty complexion! There's no way I can speak Spanish according to many, even though ironically the first explorers/conquistadors to come here were white Spaniards. Go figure!

You wanna live in a peaceful and beautiful country? Time to move to New Zealand baby! It was rated the most tranquil of all nations in a recent study. I knew it looked cool and all in those Lord of the Rings movies.

Oh joy, it's Friday! Time to celebrate with a recent and quite hilarious Saturday Night Live skit:

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Hello fellow citizens.

I've been taking my psychotropic med now regularly for a good eight years, and can go at most two days without it, but trying to do three this time around hit me bad on Sunday! UGH! I FELT HORRIBLE; like I was coming down with the swine flu or something, but it's the withdrawals! My brain is so addicted to this stuff! I was severely photosensitive, nauseous, dizzy, irritable, pissy, moody, depressive, and had all sorts of other really bad symptoms. Let's just say that listening to my mother nag me was driving me through the roof, and I felt I was gonna snap her neck right then and there! This had me very concerned, because I find it troubling that this drug is so powerful! So I took my pill last night, and already feel better today, even though I'm back at this monotonous boring job. One time I quit it cold turkey for about four months and was doing fairly well, but had to go back on it when faced with having to move from my old house of 24 years. I'm not a pill popper by any means, but this pill has me hooked, which is a bit disturbing to me. I'm sure my new psychiatrist will want to give me a new drug or something, but what for?! All these drugs are wonderful, but there is a terrible price in my opinion. Like killing my sex drive! Although maybe in my case, this is a good thing, LOLOLOL!

I have ants in my room! UGH! How annoying! I already set out those traps that
are supposed to kill them, but it's not working! Maybe it's because I'm always eating in my room? It's my cereal crumbs or something. AHHAHA! Yeah, I'm not grossed out by ants or anything, but I can feel them crawling on me sometimes, and it really is kind of irritating. This problem seems to get worse when it is very hot outside, as all the little critters scramble to find a cool place and they invade my space! I feel bad having to kill them sometimes, like I'm some sort of Hitlerian genocidal murderer, but they are a rather big pest. Ants are so numerous, God only knows how many gadzillions of them there are all over the world, probably the most successful species ever to inhabit Planet Earth.

Hey, there's this missing plane that was flying from Brazil to France and it vanished off radar while over the Atlantic Ocean Sunday night. EEK! One of our worst fears has probably come true and that plane hit the water; how God awful for the victims and families. Unless they all miraculously landed okay and are now on some deserted island or something?! Highly unlikely though, as it should have touched down in Paris hours and hours ago! MISSING! Somewhere in the ocean! YIKES! Like the Titanic or something...

A prayer for anyone involved in this tragedy, and a reminder of how short our time here truly is. So live all you can; have that fatty donut, smoke that cig, and plan an orgy...