Thursday, November 29, 2007


George Harrison died on November 29, 2001 at the still relatively young age of 58, the victim of cancer. It's been six years since we lost this giant of the music world, but his legacy has not gone unnoticed nor has it been forgotten.
Born in Liverpool, England to a family of Irish-Catholic descent, Harrison was one of four children and from an early age had a fascination with guitars. As a teenager, he met a certain older chap named Paul McCartney with whom he used to ride the bus to school with and was often treated like a little brother, bossed and ordered around by Paul quite frequently. When Paul met up with a rowdy rebellious John Lennon at a fair in 1957, the seeds were planted for what was to become history's most impressive musical group. At the insistence of Paul, George was also brought into John's new band as the lead guitarist, and as the group began to evolve, then came Ringo a few years later.

George was only about 19 or 20 when his band began to make it big in 1963, after years of hard work playing small clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg, perfecting their playing skills. He was the youngest, and was often treated like a child by his older mates. At first, George's song contributions to the group were minimal; singing bit parts here and there since Lennon/McCartney were the main songwriters and lead singers. As the years progressed however, George's lead guitar role grew quite nicely as did his actual songwriting skills. Some of the band's greatest and most obscure/innovative songs were often composed by Harrison. He began to study Hinduism and traveled to India often, bringing back with him the knowledge to play the sitar/other Indian instruments and magically incorporated them into the band's sound. No longer content with their fame nor working together due to growing egos, the band inevitably broke up after seven years of extraordinary success, and by then Harrison was a truly gifted songwriter in his own right, leading to a pretty successful solo career as a musician and movie producer.

George had one failed marriage to model Patti Boyd who then went on to marry his good friend Eric Clapton, but George got it right and then marries Mexican-American Olivia Arias, who would eventually give birth to his one and only child: Dhani Harrison in 1978. Horrified at the murder of John Lennon in 1980, Harrison felt unsafe and petrified of ever suffering the same fate, and ironically in 1999 almost does as an intruder breaks into his giant mansion and nearly stabs him to death, but he is saved thanks to Olivia who manages to hit the loony in the head with an object. Harrison luckily will not suffer Lennon's fate, but alas, all those years of smoking as a youth take their toll and he tragically develops cancer from which he died of today, exactly six years ago.

Though he is gone, he forever remains a member of the little band from England that changed the face of music for all time.

Sample of songs sung by Harrison composed by Lennon/McCartney:

-Do You Want To Know a Secret?

-I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

Sample of songs incorporating Harrison's Indian instruments written by Lennon/McCartney:

-Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

-Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Sample of songs written and sung by Harrison for the band:

-I Need You

-Think For Yourself

-The Inner Light

-Blue Jay Way

-Long, Long, Long


-Here Comes The Sun

Some solo work:

-My Sweet Lord

-What is Life

-When We Was Fab

-Got My Mind Set on You

Monday, November 26, 2007


Can someone please try and explain to me what the 11th comment on this post here is bloody talking about? Thanks, I'd really appreciate it. :)

I was watching the Discovery Channel and I cannot understand the people who attempt to climb Mt. Everest! The highest point on Earth is almost 30,000 ft. high! UNREAL! The oxygen is so thin, the temps are so cold, and terrain so treacherous; who in their right mind would dare risk their life to go up that monstrosity? JAYSUS! Some climber got really bad frostbite on his fingers and some of his toes, and the woman said that the tissue was literally dead, that his extremities would either just fall off soon, or they'd just have to cut them off. UGH! Must be the rush and sense of accomplishment that drives these people to climb Everest, but I say no thanks man! I respect nature enough to know I ain't messing with her.

I'm currently fascinated by Scotland all of a sudden. Yes, the northern region just above England! Scottish men can be quite attractive, very masculine, and assertive when the need arises. As much as I admire England and all her glory, I kind of feel bad for the Scottish in a way for they haven't been dealt with by the English too kindly throughout history from what I have learned. I suppose they deserved to be their own independent nation, but alas, were swallowed up and became part of the United Kingdom in the early 1700s due to English dominance and corrupt dealings. Nonetheless, I salute thee Scotland, and thanks for giving us such fine talent as Travis, Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, and Ewan McGregor of course!

¡Viva Escocia!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I trust you all had a nice Thanksgiving?

L.A. seems surprisingly desolate the last few days. A lot of people must be out of the city. Good! Please don't come back! HEEHEE! Just kidding...or am I? And it's suddenly gotten chilly at night. Brrrrrrrrr! Well, I'm sure it's worse on the East Coast than it is here, but we Southern Californians get cold easily and quick. This is the kind of weather that makes ya just wanna bundle up and stay in bed! I realize that if I didn't have structure in my life, as in a JOB to go to, I'd be a real lazy bum, as evidenced by my behavior when I have days off like this.

So one major holiday down, and now onto Xmas. I suppose I'll put up a Xmas tree sometime soon, I just don't freakin' know when. U know what? I notice this is the time of year where we eat lots of Salvadoran Tamales at my house, due to my relatives' still lingering close ties to the old country. They're BIGGER and THICKER than the Mexican ones. Oh rapture! YOU DIRTY-MINDED SICKOS! Actually, I've heard lots of people tell me they don't really don't like 'em that much. I was raised on the stuff since childhood, so I like 'em with a nice roll of French Bread. DEELISH!

Everyone have a nice weekend. Don't overdo the Thanksgiving leftovers too much now, 'cause then it just gets kind of routine and gross after a while.

I love this video, and this song:


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A short work week like this; perhaps Thanksgiving isn't so bad after all! YEEHA!

My soul mate and I were watching C-SPAN this past weekend like the big losers that we are, and ran into some of the most entertaining and boring as hell footage in the history of humankind: The State Opening of the British Parliament with none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! We couldn't help but watch and yet snooze at the same time at all the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony.

She rides her horse drawn carriage from Buckingham Palace with that big obnoxious oaf husband of hers (Philip) wearing a ridiculous gown and a funny-looking crown of jewels that must be worth a fortune. She walks in, they all bow their heads, can only be seated when she says so, and then she begins this long ass speech about all the glorious things her country will do in the next year. If you can bear to watch it, the full ceremony is here. Long live Great Britain I say! I make fun, but somehow hold a special place in mee heart for dem Anglos. God save the Queen!

David Lynch is an oddball visionary filmmaking genius. And his television masterpiece Twin Peaks is now available in one complete DVD box set. The whole damn show from beginning to end! Oh joy! Do yourself a favor and check this show out if you never have. It's still # 1 on my list of greatest TV shows of all time and it continues to influence other shows to this very day. The funny creative Lego version is here.

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Monday, November 19, 2007



I first of all beg you to forgive me for anything wrong I've done. You know I try to be a genuinely good kind person, and I beg you to still make me a better person every day. I know I don't go to church often, but I don't like to hear how me being gay is gonna send me to hell, so I'd rather commune with you on this kind of personal level as a non-practicing Protestant. Rid me of my bad temper which can flare up from time to time, and help me to overcome all my fears, anxieties, and depression. Life is frustrating and tragic to me at times, but it can also be joyous and wonderfully rewarding/exciting. I thank you for the privilege and gift of being here to experience it, and ask for a good long healthy life till you deem it my time to take me from this dimension.

I thank you for my job, shelter, food, clothes, good caring family and my friends. Please protect them all from harm and ill health. More than anything, I ask you for health, for with good health, I am already the richest person alive. Wash away all the bitterness and hatred I may have for those who wronged me. I forgive them, and ask to be forgiven too by those I may have wronged. Wow, I feel better already actually writing these words out. Somehow, I know you are reading them and granting my prayers.

Most of all Lord, I am deeply concerned and saddened at the state of our world. What is happening to us? Have we gone too far? I write this almost in tears, devastated by so much greed, hunger, war, and an environment in peril. I beg you to please help us in this great time of need. We are in severe danger; everyone alive knows it, and feels it. Please protect us from terrorism, natural disaster, and our own stupidity! What have we done to our precious planet and to each other? Forgive us, for we know now what we do! Lead us into the right direction, but if it is your will to teach us a lesson, then so be it. Alas, I know that humans sometimes do not learn unless through discipline; I ask for your mercy please in these scary times, especially for our kids and innocent animals who are suffering and will pay the price for all of this. No matter what a person's faith or belief may be, I ask mercy for us as all, as a collective species.

To any and all those lonely souls in jail, hospitals, nursing homes, or wherever they may be due to whatever sad/tragic reason, please give them some comfort during their difficult time.

I genuinely ask you this, in the name of Jesus Christ, who taught true love and tolerance for all,


Friday, November 16, 2007


The date was Sunday, August, 15, 1965. Never before in modern pop/rock music history had such a large sports stadium been used to host a concert. Some 55,000 people were present at Shea Stadium in New York City to watch the boys from Liverpool perform. It must've been an extraordinary time to be alive, as The Beatles literally ruled the world. Now why in tha hell wasn't I around gosh darnit?! I can't believe all this awesome craziness occurred before my time, and I missed it!

The technology at the time was indeed primitive, and the boys were basically hooked up to the stadium's very cheap sound amplification system. The Fab Four had to play without being able to hear themselves, and it is doubtful anyone else even heard them for that matter, for the roaring hysterical screams of the crowd and fainting girls was all too much; it's as if a jet engine was constantly running.

Yes, here's the terrific insane footage of the band that changed the world:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I suppose the current Writer's Guild strike won't majorly affect me, except for my two favorite shows on the CW: Reaper and Supernatural. Reaper has gotten off to a very entertaining silly start and how can anyone not love the adorable Bret Harrison? And the boys on Supernatural are not only handsome studs, the show in this, its third season, is unbelievably exciting and terrific! I have no idea how many more new episodes we'll be getting from either show, I hope they have enough to satisfy my cravings.
Although the last seven years have been very difficult to deal with my fellow Americans, fear not my little ones! We have a major presidential election coming in about a year. Time to choose the best candidate who will hopefully help lead us out of these trying times: war in the Middle East, environmental challenges, a jittery stock market, rising national debt, a shitty devalued dollar, and threats by terrorists. Who in their right mind would even wanna inherit such issues? Alas, may the best man, or WOMAN win. History is indeed unfolding right before our very eyes.
And so I give you this terribly catchy recent great tune by the Scottish band Travis to brighten up your day:

Monday, November 12, 2007


A sincere thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on mee silly posts!

Well, I've heard but a mere blip here and there on the news about this really bad oil spill that occurred in San Francisco Bay. That sounds so awful! As if our environment isn't screwed up enough and getting worse, now this has to happen! Beautiful city situated in such an amazing setting really. I do believe however, that there's enough outrage now that the story is starting to get major attention by officials and concerned citizens.

A news story that did get lots and lots of attention however, is the hilarious and shocking event that happened at the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile! Venezuela's uncouth and low class leader Hugo Chávez has previously behaved like a real twirp, but this time got put in his place by royalty itself! Turns out the current prime minister of Spain Zapatero (who is most civilized and respectful), was telling Chávez that attacking the previous Spanish prime minister using disrespectful names was not fair or appropriate. Chávez claims the previous Spanish leader was a fascist supporting Bush in Iraq; Chávez kept interrupting Zapatero, and King Juan Carlos had enough, and firmly tells Hugo, "Why don't you just shut up?" Or in its original format, "¿Por qué no te callas?" LOLOLOL! Of course, Chávez still cannot keep his yap shut and kept talking smack today.

Ya wanna see the juicy footage? Está aquí:


En español:

Friday, November 09, 2007


This happened about 13 years ago, and even watching it today makes me laugh my head off! FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! GENIUS! The interviewer and the guest are equally smart-assed and witty in my opinion, with neither one of them backing down at all and keeping everyone entertained in the process. Yeah, yeah, the guest got a lot of slack and negative press supposedly for behaving like a real uncouth individual, but it was still nothing short of an interesting and roaringly hysterical moment in television history.

I now give you about twenty minutes of pure LOL entertainment, one of the best interviews of all time! ENJOY:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


¡Saludos, amigos y amigas!

How much of an embarrassment am I?! I downloaded the new and my first ever full Britney album into my iPod this past weekend! OMG! Have I lost my freakin' mind?! I'm kinda liking it too! EEK! It's not too bad actually. Yeah, Britno sounds real digitalized robotica and shit, but it's Lousiana's swamp-raised pride and joy man! After all the disastrous tabloid stories, Britney is red hot! She went from the innocent little harmless girl to a walking pop star train wreck! Don't u just love it?! AHAHAHAH! She'll never be Queen Madonna of course, but I'm proud of the girl in a strange odd way. I must be insane. Somebody call my therapist quick.

Ya know, I was watching this show on PBS on Charles Schultz, the genius guy who created Peanuts and it was a very moving almost sad show about a very introverted and sensitive man who created perhaps the most endearing characters in comic strip history. I almost cried like a baby when the time came for him to die and he was upset about having to leave not just this dimension but his beloved Charlie Brown and crew. He almost felt betrayed that life had to have an end; it was almost heartbreaking really. I am not a big Xmas fan as much anymore, but A Charlie Brown Christmas is still one of my favorite holiday specials of all time. Too awesome!
I'm craving Fritos now. Gotta run!

Monday, November 05, 2007


I cringe at every new month due to all the bills/payments that come in! Don't you?! ARGH!!! It's hard to have and keep basic comforts going!

It's a part of life/adult reality I know, but STILL! Time to pay for your living space, the cable, the water & power, the gas, the credit card, cell phone, and BLAH BLAH BLAH! I tend to be pretty responsible, but sometimes I forget the credit card bill which I charge my Sirius Satellite Radio and stagnant gym membership to, and GOD FORBID the finance/late charge! FREAKIN' EVIL CROOKS! ASSHOLES OF THE FIRST ORDER! And I never forget an appointment with my head doctor, but last month I did, and now I've been billed a ridiculous amount! EF UUUUUUUUU! I know the therapist had to wait for me and I never showed, but the next day I did leave a voice mail apologizing frankly and profusely, yet I still got smacked with this horrible cancellation fee. And at times, I have run out of money in my checking account, but only because I forget to transfer money into it, so I have gotten slapped with more facking fees! WHY YOU MALICIOUS GREEDY BASTARDS! They must think I shit money!

These companies stop at nothing to slap ya with late charges! I HATE IT! ABHOR IT! It's hard to keep track of it all with work, a social life, and days just flying by at the speed of light. I cannot imagine having kids! HOW WOULD I MANAGE THEN?! I need someone to perhaps manage my bills. Where's Brian Epstein when you need him?! Dead! UGH! And I ain't a Beatle!

But I know a guy who was a Beatle; a living legend/genius! In purchasing this, I suppose we're helping the Heather Mills moneygrubber fund and the continued encouragement of capitalism, but oh well! Here's just one of the 10,000 gifts I want for Xmas:

Saturday, November 03, 2007



Two clips, about 15 minutes total of riveting hysterical over-the-top overacted footage of Heather Mills going off on how the press has ruined her reputation and that she is trying to protect Paul McCartney and her daughter in all of this, that she has been suicidal and received death threats and that every one is on Macca's side and blah blah blah! This was on British TV just this past week.

Here it is, in two parts:

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Aw MAN! You mean I have to wait another year for Halloween?! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Well, there ya go. At the very last minute, I decided to dress up for work, and TA-DAH! I went back in time to the decade where I'm sure I had a past life, the sixties man! How groovy! Make love not war! Get out of Ira...ER, Vietnam I mean! The overwhelming majority loved my costume. I got lots of laughs (must've been those amazing pants), and two idiots who had no idea what the hell I was. ARGH! Yes, some people can be really dense! I guess I came out a cross between Lennon and Hendrix. Not bad I'd say. As for Halloween night, I fizzled out not wanting to deal with driving/crowds or leaving the comfort of my home, so I stayed in and watched Halloween-based fare on TV. I may go to the West Hollywood Carnaval next year, since my fav holiday will fall on a Friday in 2008. PERFECT!

Yeah, so here come Thanksgiving and Xmas. Holidays I used to enjoy as a kid, but now kinda don't care for really. Turkey genocide man! And then Xmas comes around and television is littered with nothing but commercials to go out and spend your hard-earned cash! Frankly, I'm sick of that shit! The mall can kiss my ass! I'll still put up the Xmas tree though I suppose, so as to not be a complete Scrooge.

Oh yeah, The Nightmare Before Xmas in 3-D was really really enjoyable. I had not seen that movie since it first came out in 1993, and seeing it again in this new format recently was really great; made for some awesome visuals. I'd forgotten too how great the music for that little movie was. Danny Elfman (and Tim Burton of course) is a genius.