Thursday, August 30, 2007


HOLY JACK LEMMON & TONY CURTIS IN DRAG BATMAN! You must have already heard by now about this pitiful old coot senator who was caught trying to go brokeback on a hottie undercover police officer in a bathroom stall at the airport! The actual event happened some three months ago, but was only revealed this past Tuesday. Republican Senator Larry Craig from the great big beautiful rustic state of Idaho has had a terribly conservative voting past against gay people, all the while living a "secret" lifestyle himself for years and years! GO FIGURE! Here's a ridiculous reenactment. WHAT?!! Anyway, his press conference denying it all is here. The full juicy police report and picture of the hot cop who caught him is here.

And here's just some of the comments from ordinary Americans:

-I don't have a problem with the fact that he's gay. I'm not gay myself but I have family members, and friends and acquaintences over the years, who are.It's his duplicity about it. I DO have a big problem with duplicity, both from personal aspect of it and the elected official aspect of it.I hate being lied to.

-Everyone should lighten up! I've been lmao at all the jokes about this creepy, old, pervy man. Jay Leno: "Senator Craig told his wife not to worry about having dinner ready for him, he's gonna wolf down a hotdog at the airport." *dies*

-Those who hate gays the most are usually gay themselves and repressing it to the point of self-loathing.

-Soliciting Sex vs Lying to get us into war. Which is worse??? Darn, I hate these moral dileminas

-It is time for homosexuals to get their own bathrooms. I don't even like using the public restrooms anymore because of these perverts.

-I just don't see what laws are being broken with cruising. Until these men have caused a serious disturbance, I don't see how they are breaking a law or hurting anyone. Having sex outside or behind a locked door of a bathroom is not hurting anyone. If no one sees a #### or buttock, then where's the harm? Knowing a couple is having sex behind a bush should simply mean you giggle and move on, regardless of what gender they are. Two consenting adults should be left alone

-I think this is absurd and every homophobe will be in the bathrooms thinking that a gay guy is in the stall next to them trying to hook up. Fearmongering again. Good grief. This homophobic society will be the death of us all.

-wow, I'll make doublely sure to not tap my foot in a public bathroom, or touch my stall wall, hell I'm just going to keep out of public bathrooms period and when I get a bladder infection, someone will be getting sued, isn't that how it works in America?

-May the Lord have mercy on this sick world!

-It's sad to live in a country where gays are trolling for sex in public bathrooms where kids are! Go on the internet or a gay bar if you are looking for that. It's disgusting how people can just meet a stranger and hook up no wonder AIDS is rampant.

-It's just sad to live in a country where sex is illegal.

-This is nothing new......these deviants have been doing this for over 25 years. That's why I never let my 2 sons when they were younger into a men's bathroom - ANYWHERE!!!!! You men are SICK!!!

-He’s lucky he didn’t get the crap beat out of him. But, then it would be a gay bashing hate crime. These folks on the hill are really disgusting.

-Do you’re business, wash you’re hands, finished, the whole bathroom ordeal should be over at most 5 minutes. Unless you are a Durky Lurky. ew.

-Craig clearly realizes the homosexual lifestyle is wrong. If these allegations are true, he should seek treatment.

-The Republicans are so far back in the closet, they're hiding in the shoe boxes. Soliciting sex in men's rooms, good lord. Well, I guess they're not exactly welcome down at the local gay bar, so that's where they go for their jollies. Ugghhh....

-Coudn’t he have just used Craigslist? You would think that he wouldn’t have much of a problem remember the name.

-Paging George Michael…

-Tapping toes=I want gay sex
Good to know.

-Have any of you ever thought about this? Or do you all just know a “cool gay guy at work” or have a “gay uncle” so they’ve decided, against common sense, to accept it. “Homosexuality” by definition relates to sex. And again, sex is a specifically designed (or evolved, if you must) act for reproduction. It’s not just some random coincidence, and that some people choose to use their reproductive parts in an act of non-reproduction on someone who could never use the… provided material for reproducing!

This guy is the one who started the ball rolling and wants all the hypocrite closeted gay men outed:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yeah, so I've been doing PA announcements at work from time to time, like announcing the lunch truck (roach coach) coming into our parking lot around noon right? I mean, I've been praised quite often for my distinguished-sounding vocal talents in the past six years and a half that I've been there. I have an established fantastic reputation as the supreme PA announcer in the whole damn place!

But last week I started using a phony British accent, a lower more sinister tone, or was just being plain silly. It seemed to be lightening up the workplace a bit and co-workers had been laughing and singing the praises of the highly comedic WAT in all his effervescent humorous glory, when yesterday the head clerical administrator walks into the front desk area I was covering, with this distressed 9/11 look on her face and says, "The announcements like that have to stop. It's just not professional."

What else could I say to middle-aged blondie? "Oh. Ok. I see." Inside I felt crushed! Humiliated! The stick is so far up certain people's bungholes that a light sounding PA announcement is unacceptable?! HUH?! WHAT GIVES?! Is my faux-British accent not as spectacular as I thought and instead brings memories of the Challenger explosion to certain people who are horrified by my silliness? EGAWDZ MAN! LIGHTEN UP PEEPS! YA ONLY LIVE ONCE! IT'S ONLY A JOB! IT REALLY WON'T MATTER AS U GASP FOR YER LAST BREATH ON YER DEATHBED AND TAKE THAT FINAL CRAP IN YER UNDIES! ARGH! SILLY DAFT HOMO SAPIENS I TELLS YA! WHERE'S YER SENSE OF HUMOUR?!

Or maybe my comedy style is just not funny. Maybe I'm just not the gifted talented comedian I thought I was. Oh GAWD! What was blondie trying to say? That I am as unfunny as Dane Cook?! Sure, I know I'm just as good-looking as him, but am I also really that devoid of humorous talent like Dane? Watch this clip of Dane. He's mildly funny really, if at all. But he sure is a hot dude I tells ya. I just love it when MADtv spoofs him by the way. Yeah, that clip is here. Oh well, at least Dane is making good dough, has over 2 million friends on MySpace, and doesn't have to worry about no blondie higher up telling him to stop being unprofessional. Alas, so it goes, the life of a working peon like myself amidst this sea of hypocrisy.

But whatever my brothas and sistas! Why end this post on a sour bitter note about the turd office and my controversial earth-shattering PA announcements, when I can just pull out some good retro music from the late 1970s?! It's Paul McCartney & Wings circa 1978 when they was down to three members towards the end of the group. There he is, Paul the genius along with his lovely late wife Linda and Denny Laine. Rumour has it Denny and Paul weren't getting along so much anymore, but whatev! The song rocks! Don't be hating on Linda either okay? So she sang off key here and there, but she was just lovely. Simply lovely! This is beautiful power ballad-type elevator musak if ya ask me!

Turn up that bass and listen/watch to masterful songwriting:

Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm a bit behind getting around to some of your blogs my awesome good-looking fellow bloggers, but I promise to read them perhaps during work hours this lovely Monday morning! Yeah, I had a very nice weekend, watching more and more films of course!

My buds and I went to check out Mr. Bean's Holiday, and I gots ta tell ya, it had me laughing with gusto! Maybe it was that dirty raspberry martini I had at the bar a bit earlier to mellow me out, but boy did I enjoy the movie. Rowan Atkinson makes some of the strangest faces, and his eyes are very expressive; he's a real retarded hoot and does that physical comedy rather well, since our very own Jim Carrey and his brand of humor pretty much died out long ago. What struck me about this delightful little movie was how innocent and non-crude it was, and yet it was still funny. All the kids were in the theater and they were rather well-behaved I must say, even more so than my uproarious self just hollering at Mr. Bean's zany adventures in France. A must-see movie says moi, to git one's mind off those pesky bills and other responsibilities in life. WAY TA GO MR. BEAN!

Even more fascinating was this 2001 film made in Spain called Intacto. This is required viewing folks; what a mind trip awesome piece o' celluloid this was! I'd say a second or third viewing of this picture is required to really get deep into some of the complex parts. Mostly in Spanish, with some English spoken; the actors are all terrific and it even has that old Swedish legend Max von Sydow (the old man priest from The Exorcist) playing a wealthy lucky Holocaust-surviving Jewish man in the movie who owns a casino and...well, shit man, please get your grimy little hands on this fackin' film! It is very intriguing and wonderfully done. Kudos to Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whom I believe this year made his English-speaking film debut with that sequel 28 Weeks Later, which was highly praised by fans and critics alike.

Yes, Mr. Bean's Holiday at a theater near you, and Intacto on DVD! Got it?!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Do you remember your first major news story?
I was so innocent and unaware really. I remember coming home from school wondering why my cartoons weren't on; why did they keep repeating this weird footage over and over again? I had no clue, had no idea, didn't really understand the way the world worked I suppose. This moment however, is terribly important and significant, for it was the beginning of my loss of innocence. Yes, I was but a mere pipsqueak barely in the first grade and still had a lot to learn, but it was in these repetitive images that I began to perhaps realize what harm/evil truly lies out there.

The original footage that kept my precious cartoons and stuff from popping up on the TV that afternoon was a lot less graphic, but here it is, presented in all its shocking entirety:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


There's this little movie from 1960 which stands as my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film of all time. It's about this pretty woman who steals $40,000 from her job and drives away only to end up in a strange eerie motel run by a shy handsome creepy mama's boy gentleman who has a knife-wielding jealous murderous "mother." We all know the name Norman Bates and the deserted motel he ran, for this is the shocking creepy black & white masterpiece seen around the world. A classic in every sense; from Bernard Herrmann's haunting score, the now often imitated (but never duplicated!) shower scene, and its mature themes such as implied masturbation and transvestism which are forever etched in our minds. There was no better cast than Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, and even the wooden stiff but very handsome stud John Gavin.
So why then, WHY I AXE Y'ALL, would director Gus Van Sant remake Psycho in the late 1990s into the laughable and God awful waste of celluloid that he did? WHY???!!!!! WHO THA HELL KNOWS?!!

But let's compare the masterpiece with the piece o' crap shall we?

-The original shower scene. Perfectly executed in every sense with the famous screeching violins by composer Herrmann. Perhaps the most famous scene in film history:

-And a comparison of the new remake shower scene. Anne Heche looks retarded and epileptic, the new Bates house looks dumb, and all that red blood just don't work!
-The second murder in the film. It's disturbing. It really is:

-Now take a look at the remake version. One has to laugh not only at the way William H. Macy (who is usually a terrific actor) falls back and screams, but at the strange imagery Van Sant uses in this ridculous scene!

-Norman is discovered to be a murdering mentally disturbed transvestite! Creepy!

-Vince Vaughn however, is discovered to be a cheap ludicrous drag queen:

-Anthony Perkins really played the part to perfection. Look at his face and just listen to "mother's" chilling voice:

-Vince Vaughn on the other hand, kinda turns me on here. He looks somewhat hot and like he's about to jack-off! LOLOLOL!


Monday, August 20, 2007


Along with my Spanish/German side, I am proud to say that my bloodline is also part Mayan.

After all, the Mayans are considered as the most supreme and advanced of all the pre-Hispanic civilizations. Encompassing present-day Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the Maya built some of the most amazing cities and centers of learning ever known in the New World. The Aztecs and the Incas were definitely up there in terms of accomplishments, but the Maya surpassed them all.

Aside from their spectacular tightly constructed and architecturally-sound pyramids, the Maya were renowned for their knowledge in mathematics and astrology. The Arabs had invented the concept of zero in the Old World, but the Maya too had the very same number as well. They were well-versed in math, and their pyramids were built to precise scientific calculations that matched the alignment of the stars, the sun, and phases of the moon.

Unlike other Native Americans of their time, the Mayans had a writing system in the form of pictographs, which were similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Their artwork and sculptures are among the most valued of the ancient New World civilizations. Their calendar is so precise and accurate, that it can still be used today; that is pretty mind-blowing!

By the time the Spaniards arrived in the area in the 1500s, the Mayans had abandoned and disappeared from their cities. No one knows exactly why, or just what happened. Was there a massive disease, warring factions, or perhaps a premonition of the coming conquering white men from Europe? The Mayans did not die out, for their descendants are still around today, but their organized glory days were gone by the time the conquistadores from Spain arrived.

Much of their amazing art and other sacred texts were lost to the conservative and Catholic-obsessed Spanish invaders. One of these texts luckily escaped fiery destruction: the Popol Vuh, which is one of the few surviving gems on Mayan culture and religion as is the Chilam Balam. To this day, archaeologists are still trying to completely decipher their writing system.

One thing is certain though, the extraordinarily precise/accurate Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. Why? Did the Maya foresee a great cataclysm befalling humanity? Many are predicting it as the end of times as we know it. Regardless, the Maya are still alive and well, and although greatly disadvantaged and mistreated by subsequent invading cultures and the Western way of life, they can forever be proud of their great achievements and contributions to world heritage.

I don't think Mel Gibson got it completely right in his movie, but it sure was a fascinating film to watch anyway.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Earthquakes are fascinating chaotic scary monstrous natural phenomena! And I'm on top of shaky ground too! YIKES!

Yeah, so Peru had quite a good quake Wednesday evening. 8.0 on the Richter scale! I cannot even imagine! I've lived through 6 pointers before here in Southern California, but not a quake that large, and last week's 4.5 was enough to scare the living crap out of me. We also had another small one today in the same area. Here's hoping the ground stays as stable as possible, but that may be too much to ask for here in Los Angeles, as they keep saying we are long overdue.

Some interesting earthquake footage for you. Nature is awesomely powerful ain't she?

-Peru's quake this week. First footage in a common apartment building as women pray and pray for the shaking to stop. It went on for a horrifying and long two minutes:

-An office in Lima, Peru where the employees did remain remarkably calm:

-1985 Mexico City Earthquake. The reporter is very calm, but thousands will die as this shaker happens live:

-I do remember feeling this one at school! Letterman having some fun at LA news anchors as the Whittier-Narrows quake here in LA happens live on October 1, 1987:

-The frightening and still powerful images from the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 up near San Francisco:

-The 1994 Northridge Quake here in my part of town:

-The worst earthquake in human history, the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake. A certified 9.1 that caused a tsunami so large and vast that killed some 300,000 people:

-The poor Japanese always deal with these suckers. A special effects film that shows a grim possibility:

-And last but not least, my poor beloved LA goes down in the 1974 classic disaster cheesefest, Earthquake:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I was reading about the world's oldest living person that just died in Japan at the tender age of 114 years! WOW! They say this little old lady was very sharp and healthy till the very end, and simply died in her sleep. That sure sounds like the sweetest of all ways ta go right? Can you imagine?! She was born in 1893! GOOD GOD! GOOD HOLY DEAR GOD! That is long long long LONG AS HELL life. This is a list of the oldest living people and the oldest people to ever live period. Quite interesting!
And speaking of a long life, this wealthy giving generous lady named Brooke Astor just died too. She was 105 years old. She was a socialite and had lots o'dough man. The most interesting part of this is that she was married to John Jacob Astor's son, Vincent, hence the famous last name. John Jacob Astor was one of the very wealthy and famous victims aboard the Titanic. Rumor has it this poor woman had a crummy final few years or so as her grandson fought his dad (Brooke's only son) claiming that grandma was poorly being taken care of. Or just a way for those two to battle it out over the money?!
On a final note, Vice Prez Cheney is making headlines this week all over radio and other media due to this winning 1994 sound/video clip where he was once opposed to invading Iraq. Yeah, what a contradicting asshole indeed:

This is certainly a good piece to use in a trial against them (Bush and co.), huh?

Monday, August 13, 2007


Thank you Merv Griffin for not showing yourself on TV like Tammy Faye did during your final moments dying from cancer! LOLOLOL! But seriously man, all smart ass comments aside, R.I.P. sir. He did create Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune (for which he also wrote tha theme songs) ya know, and was it ever confirmed if Merv was gay? He was right? Anyway, the old chap has gone to the next dimension...

Speaking of that murderous asshole cancer, I watched this cheesefest, yet almost sad old 1939 movie starring Bette Davis called Dark Victory. Yeah, I mean there's Bette's character in all her youth and rich glory slowly dying and changing her selfish outlook on life and focusing on what really matters since her days are numbered thanks to some sort of brain tumor. Poor thing. She really loved horseback riding, shopping, and hanging out with her best friend, but sadly has to realize that her death is imminent. Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan where in this movie too! WOW! AMAZING AIN'T IT SISTA CHRISTIAN?!
Leave it to depressive me to wanna watch this film right, but I really wanted to see it for Bette ya know, 'cause Bette Davis was an acting diva, a giant, an incomparable amazing ass bitch who wasn't that spectacular in this role, but amazingly expressive with those eyes as always. THOSE EYES MAN! No wonder they wrote that song for her, 'cause I could really see it in this movie; she really did have amazing eyes. Sometimes, I think I have amazing eyes too, heehee!

I had a very nice therapy session on Saturday by the way, where I revealed and let out some inner junk that I don't think I had ever realized before. Ya see, I grew up with a very nurturing loving mother who became embittered by my abusive father and well, she slowly lost that wonderful gentle side which I had grown up with. Well, this leads me to believe that not having my once overprotective mother in my teen years and into my adulthood is what has lead me to have some of my anxiety disorder. Yes, my other family members weren't too loving, tolerant, patient, or understanding, and once my mom began to lose that side, I really missed and longed for it. What a baby you say right!? GROW UP WAT! Yes, my mother hath said that to me a'plenty nowadays, but no matter how old I get and how much of a "man" I am, I still wanna be nurtured damnit. IS THAT SO WRONG OR TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? I think not.

All of this also leads me to believe that my once abusive father was only behaving the way he knew how. No one wants me to defend my now deceased old man for his incorrigible bad temper, womanizing, and terrible abuse during his life, but I can now begin to see that maybe this poor pitiful man was tormented by his own inner demons which he never got to exorcise through therapy or anyone ever giving him the time or chance to. He was obviously a very depressed/anxious ignorant man worthy of lots of pity. It's all very sad really, and I (unlike some in my family) do not hold any resentment against him. I know in my heart he found his redemption just before he died, for all the wrong he may have done or caused. I do have dreams of him often mind u. I dream a lot with him, and he genuinely seems pleased when I do see him.

Anyway, enough of all this psychotherapeutic garbage!

I need to get to bed and rest my Bette Davis-like eyes.

Friday, August 10, 2007


So I was chatting online with La Luna Negra at about 1:00AM early Thursday morn when we had a pretty good-sized 4.5 temblor here. A bit unnerving I must say, and hopefully not a foreshadowing of a larger quake to come, although it's to be expected that sooner or later, the ground will move here in California regardless.

Something quite odd and uncomfortable happened at work Wednesday. I like my co-worker Lacy a lot. She's very sharp and witty; reminds me very much of
Kathy Najimy in looks ya know? Turns out her husband showed up at our office and as she introduced him to me and I shook his hand, I was immediately not only struck by his good looks, but also by his shy and questionable demeanor. Ya see kids, my "gaydar" went off! And I don't wanna be accused of projecting my orientation on other dudes who are straight or married, but GOOD LORD MAN this guy was oozing a bit too much homo for comfort. It was kind of creepy and I almost felt bad. I never thought Lacy would've found such a damn hot husband! Even my other co-worker Joey who is straight was shocked and remarked, "Wow, he's a good-looking tall fellow, I expected her to be married to a shorter more plain-looking man."

What if Lacy doesn't know that her
George Clooney/Taylor Hicks hybrid husband might like the boys too? What if their 15-year seemingly solid marriage with two children is but a farce? He was rather effeminate mind you, but lots of straight dudes are girly right? I shouldn't jump to stupid conclusions I suppose, but the vibes this one sent to me were rather strong and very disconcerting. I do wish the best for Lacy regardless. Here's hoping my suspicions are wrong and that she doesn't find him some day sucking another dude's face/pipe like poor Alma Del Mar when she almost had a stroke watching Ennis liplocked with Jack Twist as he slammed him against the wall. YEESHA!

For those of you in LA, you know who
Hal Fishman was. He was a fixture on our local television news channel 5 here since the days of Moses walking the Earth it seemed. Well, poor Hal fell ill about a week ago, and it turns out he had advanced cancer and died earlier this week. Ya know, it sucks that as I get older a lot of the people I grew up with are gonna slowly start leaving to their next life. And so it goes. R.I.P. Hal. He was certainly loved by many here, as the condolences that flooded the KTLA website prove.

The love and condolences will also flood this blog I'm sure, when I finally die in the year 3185.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


-I wish I had enough money to live a comfortable debt-free life.

-I wish my arms were a bit meatier.

-I wish I could sing Journey and U2 songs better.

-I wish I could speak German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese fluently.

-I wish I were in Spain right now.

-I wish I had a clone so I could see what it's like to make love to myself.

-I wish I could help all the animals on Earth.

-I wish the world would get hit by an asteroid so we can all die together and not miss anything afterwards.

-I wish my uncle, grandma, father, grandpa, and sister were still alive.

-I wish the world didn't hate gay people.

-I wish the World Trade Center were still around so I could go visit it, but I never got the chance.

-I wish The Beatles could reunite and that I could be front row and backstage at all their concerts on their reunion tour. HOW AWESOMELY RAD WOULD THAT BE?!

-I wish I were semi-famous (like William Shatner) but not enough to arouse the paparazzi or crazy stalkers.

-I wish I could get rid of all disease.

-I wish I could travel somewhere instantly without needing a car, train, plane, or boat.

-I wish I could time travel. WOOHOO MARTY MCFLY!

-I wish evil malicious people would just vanish.

-I wish I felt absolutely no fear.

-I wish we had better world leaders like FDR or Churchill than the ones we have today.

-I wish I could give all the best to the one I truly love. Maw.

-I wish Jakey G. and I could...

The End.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Yahooey my fellow Americans! I am feeling so upbeat and so awesome right now as I write this (my 606th blog post) that I almost wish this feeling would never end. I had me a very nice loving wonderful weekend spending it with my beloved bud soulmate watching DVDs and talking smack as we usually do.

Y'all saw that movie that came out back in 2000 called The Perfect Storm? Well, I'd never seen it mind you, and alls I can say is WOW! Based on a true story; a bit overly dramatic and over-the-top perhaps, but I felt as though I really was out to sea with dem poor fishermen. It was a bit long and slow to take off plotwise I suppose, but once those ocean waves start a'poundin' away, hold onto to yer hats and put on yer galoshes 'cause yer in for the ride of yer life! EEK! I guess some hurricane collided with another powerful storm off the coast of Massachusetts there back in 1991, creating an unholy out-of-this-world torrential catastrophic massive superstorm that ferociously ravaged the seas. The film takes many liberties to add to the suspense and stuff, but the special effects are first-rate and I found myself biting my nails and on the edge of my seat. Damn those fishermen boys aboard the Andrea Gail tried their best; they really fackin' did! Alas, am I giving too much away by telling y'all that those boys and that boat never made it back? Yeah, I cried. What can I say? Sap that I am. Note to self: never become a fisherman; I hear it's one of the most dangerous jobs! EF YOU MOBY DICK, JAWS, AND ORCA!

And it may be too late to catch the Transformers movie on a good big screen, but I gotta try for it this week! I hear the movie takes place in LA and has lots of rad visuals of the robots kicking ass! Imma maybe aim for a Tuesday night showing or something. I also gotta get to the theater and watch Matt Damon yet again in The Bourne Ultimatum. Wow, those first two movies were tremendously action-packed and I really believed Matt as Jason Bourne with those amazing martial arts skills and abilities; a true hot-as-hell assassin! Say what ya will about Matt and all those moles and his quirky nose, but he is one sexy MOFO! As handsome as his pal Ben AWFULLECK may be, Matt is hands down the superior actor and has chosen much better movie roles! The only good thing Ben ever really did was marry Jennifer Garner!
For the eternal child-at-heart within us all, ya gotta check out Good Boy! T'is a sweet little cheesy doggy movie for the kids, but come on, it'll make ya feel good and pure after all those violent flicks and hardcore porn movies most of YOU love to sit thru.

Ok, that includes me too.

Friday, August 03, 2007


I am humbled and thank u all for yer awesome words of encouragement with regards to my last post. Great to practice my written Spanish and for y'all ta brush up on reading it too right? Depression can make a person very creative. HAHA!

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! ¡AY CARAMBA MADRE DE DIOS! OH YE POWERFUL GODS OF OLYMPUS! That damn bridge collapsed in Minnesota! WHAT THA BLOODY HELL??!! I can't even imagine: yer driving yer tired ass home from work, robotically programmed to take your route home, and you're on this routine bridge as usual when suddenly the ground beneath you gives way?! HUH? This is terrible, truly terrible. Structural damage they say, but the little cynic in me has to always suspect terrorism and stuff, but I'll take their word for it I suppose. This just proves once again that ya never know when yer time is gonna be up. Sorry to all the families who have lost loved ones, but it is good to hear the school bus with the kiddies made it out okay. The pics and footage coming out of there is pretty surreal, you'd think an earthquake hit the place or something and the cars and other big trucks were tossed around like toys. Comforting to know that the richest country on Earth could have such a crumbling infrastructure huh?

This current bridge incident reminds me of this very good, yet rarely seen film with Richard Gere that came out a few years ago called The Mothman Prophecies. A lot of people didn't like the movie, but I actually did. Purty fascinating man. Basically there were these very creepy sightings of some giant winged creature back East for a good while that were supposedly foretelling the eventual collapse of the Silver Bridge in West Virginia back in the mid 1960s. Movie didn't get enough credit in my humble opinion, but I think all you crazy people should check it out, even if some of the facts are a bit blurred for dramatic effect. It's pretty suspenseful, and builds up to a pretty compelling final scene of the Silver Bridge falling apart with all those poor people on it. The real Silver Bridge collapse occurred in 1967 and 46 people lost their lives.

And ya know what? Now that I think about it, Richard Gere is so underrated, but has always been in some pretty darn good films.

Thanks Richard.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sorry kids, not trying to exclude. If ya need ta know what I'm rambling about, cut and paste the paragraph below onto one of these translators which kinda suck, but can convey my idea nonetheless:;_ylt=A0oGkwK5UrBGxKwACQFXNyoA?p=translator&y=Search&fr=ytff1-m

Me duele en este momento el estar en mis circunstancias. Quisiera tener el poder para cambiar mi vida de inmediato y no sentirme tan perdido. Me siento solo. Sé que Dios está allí de todos modos, pero le pido un milagro, y siento que no me contesta mi petición. Ya no quiero trabajar más en ese lugar donde me siento atrapado casi a diario. Quisiera poderme tomar unas vacaciones largas sin tener que preocuparme del dinero y cómo voy a pagar mis deudas. No sé ni cómo es que he llegado a esta tristeza tan profunda que me domina. Dicen que uno escoge su propio camino, y me siento como un verdadero imbécil por haber seleccionado mi presente lleno de confusión. Lloro en este momento, por el dolor emocional que siento. Fui a cantar anoche en el concurso de $1000, y lo hice sin muchas ganas; creo que el público pudo percibir la falta de entusiasmo de mi parte y el tarado encargado no ajustó bien el sonido. Ya no me es grato tener que levantarme tan temprano en la mañana. Es una verdadera lucha motivarme; me la quiero pasar en casa, durmiendo, mirando la televisión, y luego salir en la noche a pasarla bien con mis amigos. No es que me pese ir a trabajar, pero es la rutina y el aburrimiento cotidiano lo que me está amargando la vida. ¿De dónde voy a sacar la valentía para cambiar mi vida? ¿Cuándo voy a dejar de temerle al riesgo? Cuando era niño, era fuerte, feliz, y con poco temor, y ahora de adulto me encuentro ahogado por el miedo y la incertidumbre.

Dios mío, ayúdame y dame fuerzas. Todos pasamos por estos momentos duros. Ten misericordia de mí. Me siento tan triste.

Tan triste...