Thursday, December 31, 2009


No Palm Springs for this New Year's weekend. My BFF's boyfriend is really sick and cannot host us. I'm a bit bummed, but I'll live.

It's too bad 2009 did not end on a truly high note for me. The year started off decently, and has emotionally gone downhill the last few months. So it goes. Life is tough sometimes. I sure damn wish none of us had to suffer or shed tears, but we must bear our circumstances and ask for strength and patience sometimes. My depression/anxiety can be strong. I feel worthless. Unloved. A failure. Super unmotivated. I just wish someone would hold my hand or give me a real strong hug and say, "It's gonna be alright." And truly mean it. And then take my hand and guide me as to what to do next. For I can be weak when making certain decisions and taking control.

But ya see, I'm not worthless. I do have value. Tremendous worth as a good awesome citizen of this world! And I'm not unloved, for I know I do have people who care! And I'm not a failure, because I have survived this long, and still truly believe within my soul that my true greatness is yet to come! I have never achieved anything in life right away or instantly. I've always had to patiently wait until the light bulb goes off in my head to tell me it's time to go for the gold. SO NO DAMN IT! I SHANT give up on my own greatness, on my true potential, on my abilities to love and be loved! NO SIREE! For I hold a candle for 2010 to be the breakthrough year for WAT! No more tears! No more fears! Risks aplenty! And joy abundant! I will conquer as much as I possibly can. Please root for me, send me good vibes, pray, or wish it so. I need all the positive energy I can get.

To ye reading these words, thanks again for stopping by, and most especially to those of you who comment. I truly appreciate you visiting this blog about a simple guy like me, living in this great plastic cesspool of Los Angeles, CA.

A really great song about another year gone by with wonderful YouTube images, done by the now defunct and once brilliant group from Spain, Mecano. Happy New Year everyone:

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THAT IS SO 2009.

The new Almodóvar movie was not my cup of tea. Filmed beautifully and well-acted, but the storyline did not convince me somehow. Maybe a second viewing on DVD will change my mind?

So last night, I had an epic moment. That's right. I have been struggling a lot lately with my emotions, and had not had a toke in a while, so I went for it. Well,
as I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep, I had my iPod on with my headphones nicely placed into each ear canal, and randomly the famous piano opening to John Lennon's Imagine begins. My God, I've heard the overplayed tune countless times as most of us have, but yet for some reason, it really resonated with me this time. And John's haunting but gorgeous voice comes in and his words begin to move me. REALLY MOVE ME. Yes, if only we could all really get along without so much baggage and be as one right? Yes, I began to cry in earnest, touched by the profound message in this classic tune. It's as if John's spirit was in my room at that very moment. I mean, a really great moment I must say. Must be some good herb! LOL! Or just a testament to how amazing this guy really was. Not much later, John's song with The Beatles Nowhere Man popped up, and I finally realized that song describes me! I'm the guy with no direction, with no way out, who doesn't see his own greatness! I MEAN, WOW MAN!

It's kind of strange and immature perhaps how in my mid-thir...TWENTIES here, I've reached a point of wanting to live a hedonistic life, without the responsibilities. I don't mind working,
but it'd be nice if I had a good-paying part-time job or something seasonal. LOL. I mean, this working all day every day sh*t is annoying. IT REALLY IS! Of course, I hear advice from others all the time that you can't party unless you work hard, unless you earn it. Yeah yeah, whatever. Jack McFarland, from Will & Grace seemed to enjoy life to the fullest without ever really having to worry about finances, why tha hell can't that be me?! But that was a sitcom, reality is much much different. I dunno man, life takes money, and this irks me at times, that I don't have enough of it to do as I please. I mean, most of us don't have enough of it quite frankly, while others seem to have it growing on trees practically. I've got my sex life all figured out, I'm a nice-looking fellow, funny, witty, social, intelligent, but how do I tap into welcoming more financial wealth into my life?! HOW DO I DO IT? And please no sugar daddy suggestions, because they tend to be oogly old men I could not sleep with.

I think I'm going to Palm Springs for New Year's.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My only post this week due to stresses and other issues these past few days.

It was FESTIVUS yesterday! Did you forget?! HOW COULD YOU! You were supposed to put up an aluminum pole and gather around to air grievances! It's the perfect anecdote for the commercial and overdone Xmas holiday! So to all who remembered to celebrate, a Festivus for the rest of us!

She was only 32, and Brittany Murphy just dropped dead! WOW. My guess is homegirl was doing coke, or too many meds, or h
ad a bad eating disorder. To have cardiac arrest like that so very young is practically unheard of. It's too bad. She had quite a nice Hollywood career there going, and was not too shabby an actress. I had no idea that she did the voice of Luanne on King of the Hill. Ain't that something? It just doesn't take much for one's life to end at all. That's how fragile we are folks. Drink and be merry as much as possible, for tomorrow you'll be some lifeless cadaver! LOLOLOL!

I was watching
this show on the Discovery Channel called Man vs. Wild. I know you've seen/heard about it. The guy on the show is some hunky British dude named Bear Grylls who puts himself in some very strange and precarious situations where he has to hunt for his own food and make his own shelter. This guy makes the late Crocodile Hunter seem like a walk in the park! Just yesterday I saw him swimming in ice cold water almost getting frostbitten, eating a dead squirrel carcass, and using a dead camel's body and fur to sleep in! HOW BLOODY RIDICULOUS CAN YOU GET MATE?! Meanwhile I'm wondering, how does the cameraman survive all this mess?! Does he have to do the same things Grylls does, or does he have comfy nearby accommodations and plenty of food and water? I'm confused, and I find all these situations he puts himself in to survive nature utterly insane and unnecessary! We all know most of us (including myself) would just die under such extreme conditions!

SNL had this hilarious Xmas skit this past weekend. James Franco plays James Dean. The cast is brilliant as always:

Friday, December 18, 2009


Just great.

I had my first (and hopefully last) car accident Tuesday evening. In stop-and-go heavy freeway traffic on my way home fron work, a dumbass woman hit me from behind and knocked me into the car in front of me. CHP had to come to help and issue a collision report. There went my hood, and the instant neck/back pain I felt was horrible. Even worse, my car insurance had expired and I was two days away from my new one taking effect. ARGH! I've heard every lecture in the book, "You should never drive uninsured, this is your fault, hope you learned your lesson, etc..." Gee, thanks to those who have shown their support by nagging me! Others have been genuinely kind, telling me that the woman behind me is at fault, and that ultimately her insurance will have to pay for damages and my physical therapy, which begins later this morning. We shall see, but I'm sure the whole thing is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare. Luckily my brother is a paralegal, with years of experience in auto wrecks, so his help will be worth gold. Hard to believe I can feel such pain for something so seemingly minor, but there ya go. How frightening it must be to be in a really major car wreck. YIKES. I am, in the end, really fortunate. Could've been a lot worse. My poor car seems okay, but not sure if it is truly drivable or not yet, so I'm in a rental for now. Cars are death traps man; amazing what they can do to a human body.

Have y'all he
ard of the adorable bipedal dog named Faith? She was born with three legs, but her front one was pretty much dead/useless, so they had to amputate it, and the family that rescued her trained her to walk upright with her hind legs. It really is the funniest/weirdest thing to witness this dog walking like a human would, but this is the most inspirational and sweetest story ever. Makes me tear up a bit, to see funny Faith walking around unlike most dogs. She's become a hero for many and symbol of perseverance against all odds. Faith now tours hospitals and disabled soldiers to help them overcome their own obstacles and offer much needed emotional support. Is she not the cutest thing ever?! AW! I love her.

I'm going to have a great weekend, after all the drama of this week, and thank my lucky stars, despite it all. Because I feel newly inspired, I'm going to post this song, which has a beautiful message:

Jewel - Hands - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Why haven't I won the Nobel Prize in Literature for this amazing blog yet?! Do they even award it to blog writers?! Well, I'm here to say that due to my incredible magnetic fascinating content and witty writing style, I deserve that damn prize! GIVE IT TO ME! ARGH! I really need that money! LOLOLOLOL!

Ya gotta hand it to that Susan Boyle. She has the #1 album in America and many other countries and has already sold millions! I've heard some of the songs, and although I do think she has a nice voice, I don't think I'll be running out to buy it, because I think it'd put me to sleep right away. She covers many well-known songs, but I think the audience for this type of musak is older folk, many of whom actually bought actual CD copies, because they just don't bother with digitally downloading like us young folk do. I think Susan's had a long hard life being ignored and unwanted, and now she's practically on top of the world. I think this is a tremendously inspiring story, and gives hope to many, including myself. Although not as homely as Susan, I can still make it in show business somehow! It's never too late! I think.

My friend showed me a bit of
Oprah's Xmas Special at the White House Sunday night, and it was soooooooooo ridiculously phony, yet fascinating! The inside of the official presidential residence is really beautiful; I mean, they live like royalty in a very palatial mansion. And unlike us mere mortals who have to decorate our own homes with the lights and tree, the Obamas have other people do it for them. They also get cooked and cleaned for too. MUST BE NICE. My friend remarked that the gingerbread White House replica was excessive and wasteful. LOLOLOL! Yes, and guess who pays for all this? UH HUH. You know it. It was nice to see Bo the dog though, he is adorable and very well-trained. Sometimes I really wish I was a spoiled dog with a nice decent home. I wouldn't have to worry about a thing.

I watche
d a film from 1939 called The Women, starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, and Rosalind Russell. Good movie, but lots of cackling and gossiping--my beloved bud said it was the original Sex and the City. There are absolutely no men in this picture, even though the director was a male, the very queer George Cukor. And although I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan, I did enjoy his Xmas movie Elf. Pretty sweet and genuinely funny.

Okay, I will admit I am sucker for Amazing Grace, one of the most beautiful songs ever written, done by none other than:

Friday, December 11, 2009


Today is a good day! Even though I'm doing mindless boring work here in the office, the weekend is here! It's raining too! And the weather has gotten chilly. But the best part is this hellish week of dealing with an annoying cold/cough is over! I feel good again! ALIVE! YEEHA!

I was discussing trivial useless information with my beloved bud/co-worker about María Félix. Ya ever heard of this bitch?! She is Mexico's and the Spanish-speaking world's greatest female movie star of all time. My mom has said she was never a big fan of hers because she felt Félix was too mannish, but millions adored and followed this magnetic woman's every move while she was still alive. María had plenty of offers to come to Hollywood, but she refused, because she did not want small bit parts; she was used to lead roles in her native land and even worked in Spain and France. A very secure and tough lady--married four times, María Félix earned the honorific Spanish title of La Doña, which means "The Grand Lady." She was a feisty opinionated woman, very much like our own Bette Davis, with lots of class and style and the attitude to go along with it. Fittingly so, María only had one child, a handsome son named Enrique who was a wonderful actor in his own right, but sadly he died of a heart attack at age 66, outliving his famous mom and devastating her. And he was GAY! An open secret that Enrique Álvarez Félix of course was a homo, but no one dared discuss it. Anyway, Mexico too had a Golden Age of Cinema, and María was part of that legacy. Just thought I'd share.

I wanna
thank those who have visited and commented. I have fallen behind on yer blogs, but I will get to them I promise. Christmas will be low-key for me, because I really do not care for this holiday as much as I once did when I was a child. Besides, the best part of winter is New Year's anyway! 2010 is just around the corner man! I can hardly grasp the concept that the year 2000 was already ten years ago! MY GOD! How has time gone by so quickly? Astonishing! A lot of hoopla over James Cameron's new film Avatar. We shall see. Finally, the release here in L.A. of Pedro Almodóvar's exciting new Spanish film, Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos). I can't wait!

I ran into this totally by chance, and I found it funny:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


29 years ago tonight, one of the saddest days ever--the tragic murder of songwriting master, John Lennon! MY GOD MAN! Where have the years gone?! Lennon could have technically still been alive; he'd be 69 years old, but alas it was not meant to be as that psychopathic slimeball ended Lennon's life by cruelly gunning him down outside his famous apartment building in New York City. I was much too young to remember this most devastating event, but grew up always sadly knowing that John had been viciously murdered, and that the music world would never be the same without him. A simple man from Liverpool, England, Lennon achieved worldwide greatness and fame as the undisputed founder and visionary of his timeless group, The Beatles, and went on to have an equally brilliant solo career. Only Paul McCartney remains as the greatest songwriter alive. Yes, Lennon is the other, now dead genius, whose music forever lives on. R.I.P. John.

Yours truly and great admirer and fan...



Friday, December 04, 2009


Well, here we are my friends. The last part of 2009. And I can't wait till this f**king year is over.

I thought I had it all under control somewhat at the beginning of this year, then I made it into my mid-thir...TWENTIES in July, and something changed. For as much as I have easily slept with most of the city of LA without forming any true attachments, I began to develop really strong feelings for someone in particula
r, and although this person likes me, I know deep down inside they are not, nor will ever be in love with me. And of course, we all know love cannot be forced. Ya either feel it, or you don't. Alas, all those years of feeling romantically impervious and invincible against the forces which made Romeo and Juliet madly enamored--those very feelings suddenly descended upon me. So many have told me that this is a step in the right direction, that I am finally maturing and ready for commitment, that the one-night stands are no longer going to be fulfilling and that the time has finally come for something truly meaningful. I cannot argue with this at all. But did I have to be into someone this much that will not really reciprocate back?! WHAT GIVES MAN?! AM I STUPID?! HAVE I LOST MY F*CKING MIND?! ARGH! Must I shed these tears and feel this pain in order to GROW AND MATURE as they say? What a shitty raw deal! I mean, REALLY! It's so depressing and downright cruel. My beloved bud from Kentucky told me last night, "Now you pull yourself together honey, and don't even think about going on job disability. If everyone that feels heartbroken did that, our economy would get worse! And the last thing you need is time off to get even more depressed!" He's right, but I'm not used to being romantically heartbroken for God's sake! I'm just not. I feel weak and terribly vulnerable.

To add t
o my misery, I got the c*nt supervisor at work giving me more tasks to do and giving me subtle warnings about my attendance and my desk being messy and crap. Yeah, I just love her phony smile and new wig. Makes the ho look like she cut off a horse's tail and put it on her head. It would've been so neat if I could've just reached across the meeting room table yesterday and choked her till her eyes comically popped out of her skull. This is the bullshit of working in the real world I'm afraid. This is what happens when one does not plan one's life accordingly and show more ambition, but instead one allows procrastination and a lame anxiety disorder to take fierce control over one's soul. They say it's never too late? Oh for Christ's sake, all my whining and carrying on will not solve a thing. My issues will still be there tomorrow and the day after, until I take appropriate healthy and constructive action. What exactly should I do though is always my fundamental problem.

I love Almodóvar's movies, and I love Penélope Cruz:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I thought for sure I was going to have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, but it was not meant to be. Sure, I had a nice family meal, and got to hang out with some friends here and there. But somehow, my mind could not stray away from negative/pessimistic thoughts about my life and worth in general. My levels of frustration, irritability, and hopelessness at times were and continue to be strong, and this is not good. I need a new happy pill or two or three. A new job for sure. A new sense of worth. A handsome wealthy bastard to take care of me for a bit? LOL! Oh, Lord. People are supposed to have all this figured out by my age correct?! I don't understand...I really don't and it sucks. Yesterday I could not get myself out of bed, and this is happening more frequently. I don't care about Tiger Woods' accident or his marital problems. He has lots of moola, and it helps tremendously to help deal with many of life's curve balls, so STFU already about him. He is obviously successful, something which I am frankly not. Anyway, pray or wish me well, or whatever it is you do to send me good/positive energy. Please do understand I am not trying to be a victim here or garner sympathy, but the level of despair I feel is real and profound and I would not want to wish this on anybody whatsoever. It does not help that I am very much into someone as of late and cannot get over them as easily as I would like to either. ARGH! At least my HIV test came back negative last week. Something to cheer about right?

I did watch a very good 1933 film called Dancing Lady starring Joan Crawford and Clark Gable. This was well made and fun to watch. Franchot Tone (Joan's second husband and the man Bette Davis wanted and hated Joan for), was in the movie, as well as cameos by the Three Stooges and Fred Astaire's first major film role. I love old movies, and this one was certainly entertaining and fascinating, and looked damn good on DVD.

Anyway, there were some moments of true fun and glee at least this past weekend, as evidenced by these photos:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Someone finally had the good sense to post this amazing track on YouTube! Paul McCartney and Wings' album Red Rose Speedway was released in 1973, and this hidden obscure gem that ends the album is one of my favorite tracks ever! Simply called Medley, it is made up of four songs seamlessly blended into each other: Hold Me Tight, Lazy Dynamite, Hands of Love, and Power Cut. I just love a good medley don't you?!

I know there are still doubters out there, who wonder why I love Sir Paul so much, but his genius is simply undeniable. Turn up the bass or listen with some really good headphones to appreciate this baby:

--And just a bit more left over, here is Part 2, which ends the song:

Friday, November 20, 2009


Oprah is ending her show?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What ever shall I do now?! Whatever. Bitch got more money than God. Who gives a f*ck?!

I think Taylor Lautner is very handsome. Those teen girls are crazy over him, and my God, he's still a teenager himself too! Not even out of or barely done with high school! CHRIST MAN! Hot. Fit. Athletic. A movie star. Super young. Have you noticed how much younger singers and actors are making it in the business nowadays?! Or is it just me?! Anyway, I hate you Taylor Lautner! I HATE YOU! I'm green with envy of course. BUT STILL! ARGH! I never had this kind of success or glory when I was 17! Hell, I still don't at, um, 25! This is so unfair! Not to demean or trash the hot young man's incredible success, but upon hearing him in interviews, he sounds a bit gay doesn't he? He's gay. Taylor is sooooooooooo gay. I pray and hope he has a small dick too. SO THERE. Me bitter? NEVER! This f*cker was born in the 90s. HOW OLD DO YA FEEL NOW?! Some ten years from now, that old corpse Barbara Walters will be interviewing him about his massive coke habit or something. You watch.

I've known about Sofia Vergara for years because even though I'm a very Anglo-
behaving Hispanic, I still got a family that watches that Spanish-speaking TV ya know? LOL! Anyway, Sofia used to host a show and model, but she used to be a blonde though. But anyway, there's no denying the bitch from Colombia is quite attractive, but I never got her--now that she's on Modern Family however, I think she has finally hit her stride. Her accent is quite hilarious, and she's perfect for the show. Ya wanna see Sofia in her earlier days speaking da Espanish? Watch this clip of the whore. This is how I first remember seeing her. Straight Latino men have been mastubating to her for years. HA! A recent and very fun interview with Sofia here.

Have a fantabulous weekend people. This is a good song. I think Jason Schwartzman (yes, the actor) plays drums in this band:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay. I'm battling my depression here at times, but there are some good/fine moments to speak of.

Last night's karaoke at the local watering hole was a hoot! Friends and acquaintances from the not-so-distant past were all there; this was quite a surprise for me to see them all convene in this one place, where most of them do not go anymore. Was it a full moon or something?! Weird I must say, but a most welcome treat! The drinking was in full gear, although I had just one Vodka-cranberry okay? Yes, a light, but responsible drinker here thank you. Great fun, awesome sing-alonging to many diverse tunes, and just a good time had by all. WOOHOO! I hope the KJ posts his pics up soon, 'cause he took quite a few.

I'd like to understand why Sarah Palin is still in the news?! Why are people still talking to and abo
ut this vapid annoying phony bitch? UGH!! Even worse, is that Ms. America loser Carrie Prejean! I mean, both of these women are pretty, but their interiors are so polluted and malicious, that it takes away from all their outward beauty. If you are one of those fortunate souls blessed by beauty (like me of course, LOL), ya have to work at your inner soul being loving and kind right? Alas, the good-looking ones are usually the most superficial and decayed, but rest assured that beauty fades and that it is all mere vanity, for one day we all grow old and then what do ya have left? Hopefully ya got money and a hint of a personality! I'm so glad that little studmuffin Levi Johnston talks so much sh*t about his baby's grandma, and that anti-fag Christian wannabe hypocrite Carrie Prejean can go to hell.

A preview of Levi's upcoming famed Playgirl shoot! You go boy! Exploit it all and get some good cash I say! MY OH MY:

Friday, November 13, 2009


I spent my Veteran's Day Wednesday hanging with my sweet witty bud from Kentucky. I just love sanctioned days off from work man! YEEHA!

Last year I mad
e it a point to watch as many classic Bette Davis movies as possible, now I'm getting the urge to watch as many Joan Crawford films as well. We all know the rivalry between these two Hollywood superstars of the past was legendary. From what I've read, Joan tried many times to befriend Bette, and possibly even had a crush on her (Joan was allegedly bi), but Bette never forgave Joan for marrying Franchot Tone, whom Bette was madly in love with. The bitter feud lasted years, and the fact that these two bitches even made Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? together is nothing short of a miracle. I've seen Joan's most famous film Mildred Pierce, and it was pretty awesome, but I'd like to check out some more of her stuff, in particular the movies she made in the 1930s. Crawford's look/eyebrows were bizarre later in life, but in her early days she was quite the beauty in my humble opinion. I find it fascinating to watch movies from the 30s, because it was the first decade films had sound, and the realization that most of those productions were filmed in my hometown of L.A. is pretty neat man! Anyway, Mommie Dearest allegations and all, Joan Crawford is one fascinating woman, and I am looking forward to sitting down and checking out her filmography. Trog however, is not on my list of Joan movies to sit through however. LOL!

How dare I even show any intolerance towards Chastity Bono right? The girl is a lesbian and her decision to come out of the closet years ago and be an advocate for gay rights is to be applauded and celebrated, but the recent news-making headlines that she is well on her way to becoming a HE is really messing me up! HA! I mean, I don't think Chastity looked so bad as a chubby girl and all, but now we're supposed to call him Chaz? EEK! Have ya seen pics of Chaz lately?! YIKES MAN! Looks like a brawny lumberjack now! I think he's even going as far as getting the gender reassigment surgery too correct?! We all deserve to be happy in the end, so I have no right to judge, but I am most happy in my gender. Cher says she stands by her, son, but poor Cher man, how does she even deal with this shit?! HEE! I guess it's kind of ironic that Cher is now looking like a man in drag herself, so there!

I just saw Nadya Ginsburg this past Saturday live in that play and she is just plain terrific! She deserves to be on national television more often or in some big Hollywood movie. Here she is brilliantly playing Cher in this hilarious YouTube skit with Jackie Beat as her "new son" Chaz:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My last few posts have probably had a fair amount of readers, but not enough comments! BOOOOO!!! I always like to read what y'all have to say.

Friday night, I went to catch This Is It, and it was eerie to see Michael Jackson up on the big screen--to think that those were truly his final moments alive is quite bizarre. The band he was using for his then upcoming European tour was pretty damn good, and they played through most of his hit songs flawlessly. I really enjoyed the music and the inside look at the rehearsals for each number. Michael's speaking voice sounded awfully masculine, which is something that caught me by surprise, and he was a bit stiffer in his dancing, but that's only because he was already 50 earlier this year, and there's no way I guess to move the way he once did in his youth. Ah youth, so fleeting, so temporary as is life itself. Anyway, good little documentary and kind of moving to see MJ's enthusiasm for his tour that never was. In the film, he appears a bit gaunt, but certainly alive and with enough energy to pull it off. The same guy behind the High School Musical movies directed this too, fellow Hispanican (<---LOL) Kenny Ortega.

Saturday night, I went to
the Casita Del Campo Mexican restaurant in Silverlake to catch a very raunchy politically incorrect play/show at their underground theater called Whatever Happened to Busty Jane? Written by drag queen persona Jackie Beat, who also played the immortal Bette Davis role, it also starred a very talented little cast of hilarious vulgar bastards, including the terribly funny Nadya Ginsburg and Selene Luna, who can be seen in this YouTube skit right here. The show ran for about two hours, and was very funny and quite crude, racist, sexist, and homophobic at times, but nice job by all. True satire never pulls any punches right?

Look, it's nice and dandy that health care thingy passed the House and all, but won't it just die in the Senate now?! Why all the celebrating?! And although it would be great to have universal care for everyone, who is gonna pay for all this? Taxes on the rich only? I highly doubt t
hat man. I get the horrible feeling we the working class is gonna get socked with the bill too, while the unemployed and those who choose to be lazy are gonna eat it all right up! ARGH! There is so much wrong with this country right now. I hate both main political parties to be honest. The corruption in Congress and that of other legislators and politicians is downright criminal. The Republicans and Democrats at each other's throats, and all the bickering and divisiveness is pathetic. SIMPLY PATHETIC!

Sesame Street is 40 years old?! UNBELIEVABLE! I used to watch it as a kid till about age 12, and then I discovered sex of course. LOLOL! The immortal Jim Henson lives on! Ya gotta love Grover's bad service and that annoyed blue guy; these skits were pretty funny:

Friday, November 06, 2009


I've neglected your blogs fellow blogger friends. I apologize. Busy living or busy sleeping here.

Did you
hear of the largest cruise ship ever built? The Oasis of the Seas is huge! HUMONGOUS! ENORMOUS! The Finns built it, and no that is not a last name but I mean a company in Finland constructed it. It holds some 6000 passengers and 2000 crew members! WOW! Makes the Titanic look like a joke really. My friends/co-workers and I were checking out this video tour of the ship at the office earlier this week. Here's another one. Pretty impressive, although kind of bizarre to go on board a floating city as a vacation. The point of getting away is to GET AWAY, but on this ship it feels like you've never left land and basically kind of gotten stuck in Las Vegas or something. And speaking of Sin City, there's CityCenter opening in Vegas next month! Nestled between the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio, this crystal/glass empire looks tremendous. I can't wait to go and see it! There's two new hotels and three condo complexes I believe at this new resort area. WOW MAN! My co-worker/bud J.S. is not at all impressed by human ingenuity/architecture/engineering, but I am! LOL! I mean, yeah our species sucks for the most part, but we sure can build some mighty impressive structures sometimes. All I need now is plenty of cash to check out both these awesome projects out! YEEHA!

I haven't watched the first episode of the remake of V, but so far it got good ratings and good reviews. I remember the original terrific mini-series back in the mid 1980s for crying out loud, that's how old I am. It was a big deal. Gay marriage failed to pass in Maine on Tuesday. BOOOOOOO! Not that I'm running out to get married, but STILL! Gay equal rights must happen! There is no room for intolerance anymore in this new fragile global warming world! We're running out of time here, and the human species must learn to truly co-exist, before it's all over. We waste so much time bickering and being divisive, when in all honesty we're all going to die one day! There is no time to lose! Peace and love baby! MAKE GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL! And if your God opposes it, let HIM/HER be the judge, although quite frankly I don't believe God opposes anything that is good and loving.

Last bu
t certainly not least, I am deeply moved by the story that the late great Bea Arthur left a $300,000 donation to a gay runaway youth shelter! Isn't that the nicest thing ever?! Oh, how we love you Dorothy! God bless your soul and your feisty awesome spirit lives on:

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It was a great GREAT weekend folks. I am so lucky and blessed really, despite my scintillating awesome job! Halloween is sadly over! :(

Well! At the very last minute and spur of the moment, my "Hungarian" bud and I decided to leave Hollywood (where he actually lives) around 5p.m. Saturday and head on out to Palm Springs, which is just two convenient hours away. We just had to escape the madness of Halloween in L.A. so this was a perfect idea. This whirlwind trip was quite well spent I must say. It took me a while to feel comfortable in my resort room, which was heavenly quiet and all, but I get a bit edgy and uncomfortable in new places away from home, which is why I need to seriously look into a bit more alcohol consumption or something. So after my miserable panic attack, I was able to regain my composure, and got dressed to go out to the local gay bar Toucan's and was up the whole night baby till dawn! FUN FUN FUN! The freaks were all out in costume and the music was pulsating baby! I loved it! Truly loved it! Got to meet my BFF and his crew who were already there living it up! The pics are all here if ya wanna check them out. My "Hungarian" bud is a hoot and wonderful travel partner by the way, and his magnificent automobile is a dream to drive, and the navigational system is quite efficient I must say! LOL! I had never heard so much Madonna, Britney, Lady Gaga, or Goldfrapp played in my life, during our road trip to and back. Awesome!

Friday, I briefly dressed up as this guy at work for this quick photo shoot. Silly me, but I had some of my co-workers effectively in stitches, whilst others looked at me like I was some sort o
f alien, as they had no idea what my costume was supposed to be. Friday night, a friend invited me to go see Paranormal Activity with him, and I did not have many expectations, but ended up liking the silly film anyway. At one point, it did jolt me out of my seat, and for such a simple cheap movie with unknown actors to make so much money is quite astonishing. The guy in the film is a hottie I must say, despite the fact his character in the movie is a bit annoying.

I leave ya with Goldfrapp baby! Catchy music for a road trip indeed

Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear friends, it's the most exciting time of the year! My only regret is that it'll all be over too damn soon and Thanksgiving will be next. YUCK! But who cares, it's Halloween weekend baby! YEEHA! Even if I have to stay home and hang with a good bud just watching horror films, I love the holiday regardless, although this year I am lucky to have been invited to a party and perhaps may, JUST MAY finally go to Palm Springs. I'm not sure what to do with my silly self really. And I have very good news! I finally have my Halloween disguise picked out! It's so cheap and simple and it dawned on me at last whilst at work yesterday! I hope it's a hit and I win ten million dollars or something for this most original of ideas. Then I can retire from my job and dedicate my life and resources to helping the needy and poor in Malawi like Madonna is doing. LOL!

Okay, lemme just say how much I admire Madonna for being so charitable with those people, and all those who criticize her are assholes. The woman doesn't have to do shit for them, and yet she's adopted two of these orphans and is helping to build schools and provide basic infrastructure to these almost helpless folks. That's to be applauded and admired. So give her credit for once, as you can see in this article/clip.

They just aired an IHOP
commercial with those delicious-looking pancakes and waffles and MAMA MIA SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Tempting bastards. The Michael Jackson documentary is getting rave reviews, I may just ask my brother to go check it out with me since I fondly remember him and I loving Michael throughout most of the 80s when he really ruled the world with his enormous talent. I think my brother rented the Thriller videocassette which had the making of it included, some ten thousand gazillion times! So in honor of MJ and Halloween and all that this awesome time of year has to offer, here ya go, a must-see fascinating documentary my bro and I used to watch all the time:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I so gotta get to bed, but want to at least post some quick thoughts so I don't neglect you oh little blog:

--Watching Martha Stewart make Halloween arts and crafts is fun. I caught her special over the weekend and it's fascinating to witness her make all kinds of cool neat stuff that no person alive would bother with, unless they have a lot of time on their hands.

--Still no Halloween costume! Time is running out, but I will beat the clock! I'm so fascinated by Edgar Allan Poe lately by the way. I had always heard he was a brilliant writer, but only recently have I come to realize how awesome this dude really was. A sad tragic short life however, and he only received recognition after his death. How typical! Great morbid macabre short stories and beautiful poetry by this man. They got a play about him in town, which I just may go see.

--Sam Raimi, director of Spider-Man, did a nice job with the horror flick Drag Me To Hell, and although it is a bit cheesy and perhaps disparaging towards gypsies, the movie is pretty entertaining, albeit somewhat gross, but all in good cheesy fun. Justin Long is a hottie by the way.

--I've been trying t
o regain my optimism and joie de vivre lately, but I am struggling to not fall into depressive thoughts or a negative attitude. I am fortunate to be surrounded by lots of good friends/co-workers who are understanding and patient with me, but it is kind of a battle at times to motivate myself to even get out of bed in the morning.

--My aunt is visiting from El Salvador again! She's my mother's sister and it's always great to have her around because she is a terrific cook. She says that the new preside
nt Mauricio Funes is trying to make positive changes to the country and fighting the rampant gang/crime problem, but he's already received death threats! How sad. When a politician really wants to do good, his life is always in mortal danger, but here's hoping Funes' life is spared any harm.

--They say that U
2 concert at the Rose Bowl was one of rock's most historic moments ever, and I missed it of course! Some 96,000 people were there! Last-minute laziness, coupled with financial issues and whatever else prevented me from going to what was an unbelievable show! ARGH! They will be back in the area next June though, so there's still hope.

Okay, that's it for now. Going to bed.
Buenas noches.