Thursday, January 31, 2008


I got lots to discuss, so where do I begin?

My fellow clerks/co-workers are very upset as the main baboon-assed supervisor continues her terrible onslaught regarding our inconsequential tardiness and attendance. She's nailing people for even being five minutes late! We've had it easy for a while I suppose, but this woman is not having it and is going all-out to be really mean about the whole thing. It's creating such hatred against her! Oh well. What can we do, us mere peons but to grin and bear it? It sucks too, because we're all genuinely good cool people who get the job done, undeserving really I believe of such fascism. And she's a devout Christian! UGH! SPARE ME! What a fake!

I am now reading Jakey G. is really taking Heathy's death terribly hard. Poor kid. They became really good buds on the set of the Brokeback of course, and he's now trying to film a movie and keep his relationship with Reese Witherspoon going, but many are saying Jakey is spaced out and really out of it, like he's been sockerpunched by the terrible news. Not to project my sexuality on either Heath or Jake, but it makes me wonder if those two didn't really fool around. Just a bit. I mean, just a little bit. Why not right? Ah Jakey, keep yer chin up baby! It's truly hard to lose a good friend/loved one. :(
Goodbye Edwards and Giuliani. It's now all about Obama, Billary, McCain, and Romney. McCain man! What a strong showing from the dude! Most people say they like John (war hero/prisoner and all), but he sure has some very old-fashioned Bush-like views that scare most of us too. Here comes our California primary next Tuesday, and this whole damn thing is starting to get very very interesting in many many ways. My cynical side creeps in a bit though, and I often wonder if this isn't all some scripted rehearsed show to keep us entertained, and that the next president has already been chosen by the powers that be, regardless of how we vote. Hmmm...

This guy in Israel really hates gay people, and is not liking the new generation that wants to march in parades and stuff. What an asshole!

Oh yes, mom made an amazing Salvadoran bean/beef stew that is enough to bring back someone from the dead. It's that good! As a kid, I used to hate these dishes, but now as an adult, I love them; packed with good protein/iron and truly delicious.

The New Kids on The Block are getting back together? OMG. It's most certainly not The Beatles reunion most of the world wishes would have happened. HAHA! And so, I thought I'd choose yet another great Beatles tune out of the many they left us, it's John Lennon's terrific song about the circus:

Monday, January 28, 2008


Well friends, the rain in L.A. has been steady and quite nice these past few days.
I caught meeself a fine film at the theater on Saturday. El Orfanato (The Orphanage), is a nicely paced and very creepy dark motion picture made in Spain. I was surprised to see the theater with a nice large crowd for a foreign film, but I guess a good movie will attract a crowd, and Spanish isn't such a foreign language anymore in the U.S. now is it? The main actress, Belén Rueda is terrific as is the little boy in the movie played by Roger Príncep. Hell, the whole cast is great and Geraldine Chaplin (yes, Charlie Chaplin's daughter) makes a fine cameo appearance as a spiritual medium. Who knew Geraldine had such an affinity for Hispanic culture, but she's had relationships with Latino men from what I've read, and has appeared in numerous Spanish-speaking films. A fine freaky film all-around!

I had been avoiding it for a while, but I finally brought myself to watch United 93. It wasn't easy. The official story of that final hijacked plane crashing into that field in Pennsylvania is well known by everyone by now, but to watch it so brilliantly directed by Paul Greengrass with relatively unknown actors who bring the true story to such vivid dramatic life onscreen is quite a feat. We all know the plane will crash and that all of them will die, but it is still a tale so gripping, upsetting, heartwrenchng, and so real that you feel as though you are truly aboard that plane. If you dare see the movie, look for a terrific performance by Ben Sliney, who plays himself as FAA Director of Operations and ordered all airspace closed on that fateful day. Alls I can say is, what an unsettling and jolting film, yet too important a picture to miss. Follow it by a comedy or fun movie like the new very catchy Hairspray, which is what I did to relieve the leftover tension.
I went here last night and had lots of fun. These kids re-enact the Spanish conquest of Mexico; I really dig this terrific song and video by The Shins:

Friday, January 25, 2008


EXCLUSIVE! Brand new pensive/silly audio clip on the current Heath tragedy as Jakey G. loses his temper with WAT:


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


And so the Oscar nominations were announced, and the list is one of quiet restraint it seems, since the stars and all this time around are very low key kind of performers, which makes for a very interesting and more competitive ceremony. THAT IS, IF THERE EVEN IS A CEREMONY! With the annoying writer's strike, one can only imagine what will happen to the Academy Awards, but to have them cancelled like the Golden Globes were would really suck, although in the grand scheme of things of course, all this shit is trivial right?

Trivial, because here we are yet again, mourning the death of yet another young promising good-looking actor. Last week I was saddened by Brad Renfro's passing, and now I gotta mourn Heath Ledger too? Oh Christ. "Not Heath! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" That was my initial reaction when I got a cell phone text message about the terrible news, which I thought at first was some sort of cruel hoax. Such a fine handsome Australian young lad he was, and what a shame. I genuinely enjoyed him and his films, most especially his now legendary turn as Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain opposite the red hot gorgeous Jakey G. A sad movie, just got SADDER! Oh how awful, how truly awful! He leaves behind a baby daughter and legions of fans, and a still yet unreleased Batman film where he plays the Joker. And so it goes; one just never knows when the journey we're on will suddenly end.

Tributes to Heathcliff Andrew Ledger. A short but lovely life:

Monday, January 21, 2008


Today is Monday, the day of the moon. In Spanish it is lunes, since most of you know that luna means moon, from the Latin of course. I know, I know, my useless facts make life worth living don't they?
This most annoying of flus is almost mercifully over. I think I've coughed up my lungs as much as I can bear. I don't watch Spanish-speaking TV that often, but for some reason, have been this past week, just to see what's going on in the Latino entertainment world. Yes, they have their many soap opera (telenovela) and music stars working mainly out of Mexico City (with Miami a close second) which is thee place to go to if you wanna make it in that business, kinda like our own version of Hollywood. It is pretty fascinating stuff indeed to watch these tabloid-type shows and the dirt they dig up on a popular singer like say, Luis Miguel. AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Over the weekend, I caught this program on PBS called Austin City Limits and the musical guest was Coldplay! It was an awesome little hour I must say, and they even had lead singer Michael Stipe of R.E.M. as a special guest! They sound great live, and their songs are catchy and pretty well-known, so I can see myself going to a concert of theirs sometime in the near future. They're due for a new CD sometime soon I would say, and I would hope it surpasses their last one, 'cause it was pretty darn good, with this song/video being a highlight for me.

This program tonight on the History Channel looks fascinating.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Daytime television is sooooooooooo horrid, and yet somehow it can be entertaining from time to time. It's unfortunate you can't ever recover the precious time spent watching it, let alone yer brain cells, but alas, every action has a consequence right? Oh where OH WHERE do they even find these people you AXE?! Beats me, but it sure makes for interesting viewing. This talk show has been on the air now some 17 years! Almost two decades of this trash!

It's like watching a train wreck. Ya can't keep yer eyes off this favorite topic:

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was already starting to feel crummy Monday night, but then came Tuesday and ACK! The flu! YOU EVIL MONSTER! I had to miss work Tuesday and Wednesday, since I felt like sheer and utter crap. Remind me to get the flu shot in November of this year please. I will not suffer like this ever again. I blame this on our shitty Southern California weather as of late too. It'd been chilly for a good while this winter, then it got warm and windy once again, helping to spread bugs and stuff around. I think I'm actually starting to feel hungry again.

I've been in a haze, disconnected from the world in a way, sleeping massively. I don't like it to be honest. I did hear the sad news that actor Brad Renfro died. Not a big name in Hollywood, but still.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I must be bitter. Cynical. I don't always want to hear about how well others are doing at their jobs or in their relationships. Or how much they travel to all kinds of places across the planet and crap. Sure, I'm happy I suppose for anyone achieving all these goodies in life, but it sometimes hurts my inferior and mundane existence, 'cause I stupidly feel the grass is always greener on the other side than on my own. I know, I have serious issues, and comparing my life to that of others is not good, but I often think so many got it better than I do. My weekend was most interesting though in many excessive ways, and going here on Saturday night and hanging out with the buds was actually quite fun.
Looking back at this Sweeney Todd picture I just saw last night, I can somehow sickeningly identify with Johnny Depp's character. Not that I've been majorly wronged as poor Mr. Todd was, but he felt a certain disdain for humanity, which he saw as very expendable. Mrs. Tim Burton (Helena Bonham Carter) is superb in the film, and although I found the music and story pretty average, I do recommend the picture, with its cartoonish gory content and all. I've come to analyze/know fellow blogger Todd, and his taste for these wickedly demented type of violent psychopathic mentally ill characters in a movie such as this, which is why he loved the film so. Johnny and Helena's wardrobe/make-up would make great Halloween costumes for 2008. Seeing the film at this theater too, makes for one fine moviegoing experience.
And speaking of this Depp movie, it won big at The Golden Globe Awards, which were merely announced, but without the full glamorous show and parties, all thanks to the current writer's strike. While I enjoy watching these awards shows, most people have been leaving tons of messages and comments online saying how they just don't give a crap and that life will go on, and that Hollywood thinks of itself as being important, when it really isn't and that all these people are spoiled rich self-congratulating overpaid brats.

And I thought I was bitter and cynical.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I had told my co-worker R.B. that I was amazed at having seen footage of funny lady Phyllis Diller recently and I could not believe how terrific she looks at 90 years of age! She's holding up much much better than poor Zsa Zsa Gabor that's for sure! Well R.B. was kind enough to write Phyllis a letter with my remarks, and this week at work on my desk, there she was, Phyllis in an autographed color photo to me! Can you believe it? Isn't that awesome?! I got the Diller in an authentic autographed color photo! Many thanks to R.B. for this, and kudos to this great lady who was supposed to have died years ago after a serious heart attack, but here she still is, doing cartoon voiceovers and other roles.

I gotta end this post with a mini tribute as well to some other fine women; these ladies of music:

-Here she is, in all her youthful glory, when Madonna pretty much ruled the world with her unique pop style and charming music videos, this is one of her many #1 singles, and still a real fav of mine. ¡Señorita, más fina!

-Because we're worried about Britney, and because my blogging bud M-Filer finally realized how truly awesome her latest CD is, this fanmade clip of Spears in all her erotic glory and my favorite song on her latest album; it betta be her next official single.

-And last but not least, the men wrote and played the fine pop tunes I believe, but it was the ladies that sang the endearing vocals. Nordic they be: Garbo, IKEA, Volvo, and this supergroup I speak of.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I really dislike my supervisor's supervisor. She's a phony pseudo-Christian black woman with a giant rhino-sized ass. She represents everything about authority I dislike.

Speaking of black women, Hillary and Obama continue their excellent rivalry, and this time the Hillard came out on top in New Hampshire! Don't count her out yet right? I actually found Hillary's teary-eyed clip the most honest moment I think I've ever seen of her, and that's probably what helped win some people over Tuesday night. She didn't seem programmed or robotic describing how tiring and exhausting it is to run for the presidency. FOR ONCE BILLARY SEEMED REAL, or was she faking it yet again?! Funny though how the woman who asked her that question that made her cry like a Barbara Walters special voted for Obama instead. Ironic indeed! And I worry for Obama, as do many that the poor dude's life might be in danger, depending on how far he goes. God forbid! McCain won for the pachyderms, and in third was F*ckabee? I'll say YES to that.

I hadn't been feeling too energetic as of late; very unmotivated and lazy to be honest, but my good ole' aunt in El Salvador sent me a terrific vitamin supplement called FOSKROL. It's made in Guatemala for distribution throughout Central America and it's got Ginkgo Biloba plus the Vitamin-B's and all kinds of other good shit, and lemme tells ya, this stuff is pretty rad. One capsule a day! I do feel the difference, although I still don't wanna come to work, but it's got me feeling better and has my sex drive going through the roof! Ya see, the anxiety med I take kills my drive a bit ya know, and with this stuff it's back up and running. RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL as Van Halen once sang.

For more erotic details (very related to this past post) which I don't want to reveal here, email or MySpace me.


Monday, January 07, 2008


A bit of my current musical tastes to share with you:
-Jimmy Eat World is a great little indie alternative emo band out of Mesa, AZ that had a big hit earlier this decade called "The Middle", which I actually used to do very well for karaoke. They always seem to write some catchy tunes, and here's one of their latest songs which I really like, called "Big Casino":

-Out of Detroit: The White Stripes, which is one great little duo! Very simple use of instruments, but they're quite good. Out of their latest album Icky Thump, here's this fine little tune, "You Don't Know What Love Is":

-And England, home of history's greatest bands gives us Radiohead's latest stunning album called In Rainbows, and this terrific song "Bodysnatchers":

-Miguel Bosé has been an artist now for 30 years! Boy is he one of my favs, although perhaps not too well known by most of you. The very gay Spaniard Miguel and his singer niece Bimba Bosé in this nifty 2007 remake of one of his big hits some 20 years ago called Como Un Lobo ("Like A Wolf"):

-Last but not least, this great little group from Scotland called Travis! And here they are, performing a cover of The Beatles' song "Lovely Rita"! And I gotta say, they are amazing in re-creating it too:

Saturday, January 05, 2008


I was having severe writer's block during the middle of this just finished week, but OH BOY is there a lot to talk about now! 2008 is starting off with some big interesting developments ladies and gentlemen!
-Billary Clinton got clobbered in that Iowa COCKASS thang by Mista BayRACKZ OBAMERS! DANG MA BROTHA! Good for Obama, he's well-spoken, smart, and not too bad looking either. The Hillster's not starting off too good, but it ain't OVA yet mind you. And that douche Huckabee won on the elephant's side. What a creep. I believe in Jesus too sir, but yer just another conservative A-HOLE who drives me nuts. No thanks.
-Paul McCartney, my genius songwriting musician extraordinaire had an angioplasty performed recently! OMG! Paul's been a vegetarian now for at least three decades; ever since his sweet muse lovely Linda convinced him not to eat animals, but I guess something was still going on with one of his arteries and they had to unclog it! Must be Heather Mills' fault! A routine medical procedure nowadays of course, but it still sounds unpleasant and a little worrisome. You're a great talent Paul, and I need to see you in concert at least one more time, so please get all the angioplasties you may need, if any!
-And of course, there's Britney. Oh Lord Jaysus. Britney, Britney, sweet young pop disasta superstar Britney Spears! Let's face it, success came much too young/fast for her and I guess she got tired of being too well-behaved and under her dumbass mother's control, so she rebelled, and oh GOD has it gone too far! YIKES! Y'all know she's now on suicide watch and can't see her kids who are in the full custody of the inseminator Federline. Oh well. So it goes. I really hope America's greatest tabloid sensation makes it through all of these travails okay. Now I'm really starting to seriously worry about the girl.
-I was going to discuss in full detail this marvelous German film called The Lives of Others, but all I will say for now is to please get it on DVD and watch it. You'll thank me for it. Hard to believe recent history/memory had such an ugly thing like the Berlin Wall in place, where people were divided due to capitalist vs. communist ideology. What a horrible thing to live in a repressed bleak world, and yet a movie like this uplifts us to believe that there is always hope. The main actor in the film, Ulrich Mühe, is wonderful in his quiet role, and I found out he sadly died just last year of cancer, but not without getting to see his most famous role recognized and the film awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of 2006. A truly moving film that actually makes ya wanna cry.
Lots of rain in L.A. by the way, and boy did we need it.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


It's my best friend, Mr. Patrick Berringer! He's a little over 2 years old now, and quite an active hyper mischievous little puppy. I do not own him, but love him as if he were my own dog, since I see him about twice a week. He's really quite an amusing little gremlin, and loves to sit on his butt and beg; we keep trying to tell him he's not a meerkat, but he doesn't listen. And when Patrick refuses to look at the camera, I gotta chokehold him! LOLOLOLOL! Nah, I was gentle okay?
Already three days into the new year; just watch it fly on by...