Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Beatles' music makes me happy

So Osama Bin Pussyass comes out with yet another tape warning us and talking shit. What a ridiculous individual, with so much money only looking to kill and destroy, instead of helping out.

Halloween is tomorrow, but my friends and I are gonna go out and start celebrating tonight. Planning this year's trip to New Orleans for New Year's is very very difficult. Airfare is not cheap this time around, and coordinating our flight times is just as complicated. Oh well. I'm sure we'll figure it out. Time to change the time once again. At least we gain and extra hour of sleep. Or partying. However you want to look at it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Just some quick words before I leave work...

I had such a shitty day yesterday. I didn't feel well at all, but I stuck it through at work. I thought I'd be blowing chunks or something. I felt edgy and nauseous. Today I felt fine however! WOOHOO! Boy we had some serious amount of rain here in the past week, I do predict a very wet season. Look for hillsides, streets, and trees to be washing up and all over Southern Cali this fall and winter. HALLOWEEN is just around the corner. I still don't know what specifically I'm doing, but it is getting darker, which means the time change is just about here. Café Tacuba is in town on November 22nd! I cannot wait to see these guys live! I've been a big fan of theirs ever since their first album came out back in 1992 I believe. These guys are the Mexican Beatles...they play any and all kinds of music genres and their songwriting is first-rate unlike Maná, which kept putting out the same kind of tired typical basic rock song. Green Day's new album is a musical delight to the ears as is the Beastie Boys' latest too. I love music man. It gives me new life, when I feel I have none left.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Sweet Friday

I cannot thank my lucky stars enough that it's Friday yet again! And we're finally in the fall season, which is my favorite of the entire year! I love Halloween despite the fact I keep hearing it's Satan's holiday! Something about scary movies, costumes, and the whole atmosphere makes it such a cool holiday. I prefer it way more than Christmas, with it's freakin' gifts, crowded shopping malls, and annoying holiday songs! LONG LIVE HALLOWEEN! WOOHOO!

I have a brand new spankin' cell phone with great long-lasting battery power, I'm gonna vote for Kerry hoping he'll kill sand dwellers a la Bush without hating the gays like him, sadly my aunt goes back to El Salvador tonite, and I've been a bad boy in that I haven't gone to the gym in almost three weeks now. And so the fast pace of this my life rolls on and on...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Film at its finest

Saturday night, I went to see an immensely enjoyable, educational, and wonderful piece of filmmaking called, The Motorcycle Diaries. I was much more impressed than I thought I would be, as was my friend Michael who along with me raved about the film. Gael García Bernal continues to astound me as a young Mexican actor with nothing but promising film roles in his future. I just hope that when he finally does start making Hollywood films in English (like Antonio Banderas who got lost in Hollywood crap unfortunately after brilliant films in Spain) that he gets wonderful roles and doesn't stop making incredible thought-provoking films like he has been these past few years in Spain and Latin America. García Bernal is wonderful as a young Ché Guevara (yes, that very one) who along with his friend go on a wild life-changing trip throughout South America. Not only does it expand their horizons and views of the world, but also the viewer's, and I found myself totally engrossed in these characters and their very many outrageous, yet poignant adventures. It is the best film I have seen all year so far, and it was subtitled in English! It helps that I know Spanish, but I think people of any culture or language background would enjoy this movie. IT KICKS MAJOR ASS BABY! Gael has also been in some good stuff before, notably: Amores Perros, Y Tu Mamá También, and El Crimen del Padre Amaro. Don't forget folks, The Motorcycle Diaries, now playing at an independent or some major theater near you!