Saturday, June 30, 2007


I find it terribly sad that they came so close to killing hundreds in London with two car bombs. And now today I'm hearing about a car in flames that was rammed into a Scottish airport! Another terrorist attempt perhaps? Certain media was trying to be politically correct about not pointing the finger at Muslim extremists, but come on, we know better now don't we? Most of this terrorist scourge in our world today is due to them.

Unless we're all being taken for a ride and our governments are feeding us more unnecessary and controlling fear...

Like what that brilliant V for Vendetta film portrayed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm so bloody tired. UGH. I gotta muster enough energy to make it to work two more facking days. Oh yeah, and ta make it to the gym at least one more time this week. Why should I complain, right? I'm sure my life ain't as hard as someone else's out there, but it sure feels tiring--exhausting even at times.

Paul McCartney had a free special little concert last night Wednesday here in Hollywood at Amoeba Records for some 300 loyal fans waiting outside the place now for days! Shoot man, I love me the former Beatle lots and lots, but I dunno about that camping out and waiting out there just ta see him. I'm sure it was an amazing intimate moment for dem rabid fans. I caught him on Larry King Live Tuesday night, (which will be rerun in case ya missed it) and he was so fascinating to watch along with Ringo Starr; the only two living Beatles man! MY GOD! Larry King is a crappy interviewer, but still managed ta say some truths: "Do ya ever pinch yerselves? I mean, u guys changed the world." McCartney and Starr were pretty cool. Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison were on too, which only reinforced how much I'd like to have dinner with Olivia and throw the scraps at Yoko afterwards. McCartney did his best though to be nice to Yokey, and they seemed to be warm towards each other I suppose.

Speaking of Larry King, he also spoke ta Paris Hilton Wednesday night, and she's a purty girl and all but still as boring as ever. I suppose jail has mellowed her out and made her aware of just how fortunate she is and turned her all of sudden into a blonde white rich wannabe Mother Teresa and shit, but she'll prolly go back to her usual partying ways soon enough. I guess I should give her the benefit of the doubt, but ya just never know with PAREE DO YA?!
I'm in tha mood for Tostitos now.

Monday, June 25, 2007


We all know what happened to the mighty glorious Hindenburg right?!

Of course! Such a big beautiful behemoth ship she was. The most prestigious way to travel, until jet planes came into use. For a while there Nazi Germany seemed to be very creative and on the vanguard of technology. From what I've read, I believe it was the largest aircraft ever built by humans. The largest ever! WOW!

They wanted to fill it with the safe gas helium, but apparently there were restrictions imposed by the U.S. (which had this gas in abundance) against Germany, so the Germans had to use hydrogen instead; the U.S. was already suspicious of Hitler's government mind you. The ship was named after the President of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, who was succeeded by Adolf Hitler. It was pretty expensive to travel on it, only the really rich and wealthy could afford to really; $400 back then, which would be a whopping $5,000 or so nowadays.

Alas, it had flown from Germany to Lakehurst, New Jersey many times successfully without a problem during its first year of service in 1936. However, that all ended in May of 1937 as it was about to land in New Jersey, and burst into flames. There he was, reporter Herbert Morrison, with his famous line, "OH THE HUMANITY!" Morrison was deeply devastated by what he was witnessing of course, and his reporting of the incident stands as one of the first dramatic news events ever caught on film. Most of the deaths surprisingly, occurred not from the flames engulfing the passenger cabin area, but by those who jumped in fright to their demise below; 97 people were on board, 35 were killed, and one dude on the ground.

Many theories have surfaced as to what really happened. Why did the mighty zeppelin burst into flames? Well, it was perhaps most likely a combination of the flammable hydrogen gas and the paint used on the airship that did her in--at least, this is what that cable show Mythbusters proved with their tests not too long ago. This story is all too similar to the Titanic disaster ain't it?

I can smell a good Hollywood blockbuster movie already, although I think a cheap flick was already made some years ago.

Friday, June 22, 2007


John Lennon fathered two boys.

With his first wife Cynthia, we got Julian Lennon, who achieved moderate success in the 80s, but never really took off like many hoped he would. Actually, Julian is quite
talented to be honest. He's a pretty good songwriter in my opinion and sounds very much like his genius father. Why he didn't become a huge superstar is puzzling. I mean, Judy Garland was big and Liza Minelli did just fine following in her mother's footsteps didn't she? I really think Julian could've become very very popular. He seemed to be doing well in 1984, and then just kinda did not take off.

Then there's
Sean Lennon. Oh dear. What can I say? Sean seems like a sweet dude. He really does. It must not have been, and prolly still is not easy to be Yoko Ono's son. Lets face it, Yoko is not very well-liked, though my opinion on tha hag is softening a bit I suppose as the years go on by. Sean is quite dull musically though. I just can't seem to find the coolness in his songwriting like I do in Julian's. I just shake my head and wonder really. Howard Stern once said, "Poor Sean. Must be rough to inherit all of your father's money and none of his talent." OUCH!

Sadly, I think Howard was right.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007


Humphrey Bogart gets a lot of praise and attention, but is no match in my humble opinion to the greatest male movie star of all time: Mr. Clark Gable.

Mind you, I have yet to see most of Gable's films, but those I have seen: It Happened One Night, San Francisco, China Seas, and Gone With The Wind convince me of just how truly terrific, witty, and commanding this man was onscreen. Blessed with good looks and charm, Gable epitomized everything about classic Hollywood.

Interesting Gable trivia:

-Was born in 1901 in Ohio to a German mother (who died when he was only 7 months old) and a father of German descent. Came to Hollywood in 1924.

-Gable had very bad teeth, and almost died of a severe gum infection in 1933. He had to have most of his choppers extracted and wore dentures. During the making of Gone With The Wind, Vivien Leigh complained about having to kiss Clark, because he had very bad breath; smoking and poor hygiene must've surely contributed to this.

-Gable was married a total of five times. It is highly likely he would have stopped at marriage #3 to actress Carole Lombard. He was deeply in love with her and had the happiest moments of his life wed to her for three short years. They even bought a nice ranch in Encino, CA. Sadly, Lombard died in a plane crash, and this devastated Gable for the rest of his life. Upon his death, he was buried alongside her at Forest Lawn in Glendale.

-Gable fathered two children; an illegitimate daughter with actress Loretta Young and a son with his final wife Kay. Judy was Gable's "secret" daughter, and was teased at school about being his child. Her mother Loretta never would admit to Judy who her father was, and it is said Clark even visited Judy once without admitting the truth. It was hard to deny it though, as she inherited much of her father's looks. Gable's son John Clark Gable, was born after Clark died.

-Gable hated actress Greta Garbo. She didn't like him much either.

-Disappointingly, Clark Gable was homophobic. He really disliked working with British actor Chales Laughton on the set of Mutiny on the Bounty, because Laughton would often bring his boyfriend to the set. Legendary gay director George Cukor was supposed to direct Gone With The Wind (and did do some key uncredited scenes), but it is said Gable did not feel comfortable with Cukor and was partially responsible for removing him from the project which brought in Victor Fleming to finish the movie instead.

-Gable did have some cosmetic surgery to fix his very pronounced ears.

-His 1934 film It Happened One Night inspired the cartoon character of Bugs Bunny. The way Gable chews a carrot in a scene while talking in the film, was just one of the inspirations.

-Gable was constantly upset on the set of his final film The Misfits, because Marilyn Monroe would always be late. He had smoked and drunk so much up to this point and then went ahead and lost a lot of weight using a crash diet, that his heart could take no more. He died of a heart attack in 1960 shortly after this shoot.

"All this 'King' stuff is pure bullshit. I eat and sleep and go to the bathroom just like anyone else. I'm just a lucky slob from Ohio who happened to be in the right place at the right time." - William Clark Gable.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm hoping this product delivers! I was gonna order one online but went to The Pleasure Chest last night here in LA and couldn't resist purchasing one of these expensive puppies. Here's to hedonism! ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So there's some six billion people alive on this planet right now correct?

And ya know what trips me out? THAT MOST OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL ALL BE DEAD IN 100 YEARS! OMG! That is such an amazing concept! SIX BILLION SOULS! ALL DEAD IN THE SPAN OF A CENTURY! Even the ones born now will prolly not reach the century mark, unless science comes up with some extraordinary life extension techniques. What will they do with all those people--the corpses? They can't all be buried right? Is there even enough room? I guess most of us will be cremated and thrown into the sea or set aside in some little urn somewhere. My God! There's just so many people! "SOYLENT GREEN IS REALLY PEOPLE!" OOPS! Sorry, had to have my overly dramatic Charlton Heston moment there.

And all these people alive right now are breathing, shitting, and consuming. Do we even have enough resources for all this humanity I ask? Ain't oil supposed to run out and then here comes water shortages and global warming and the poor little animals are becoming extinct thanks to human encroachment and shit? I dunno man. We need a good tsunami or some major disaster or disease to begin some serious population control. Hopefully I won't be one of the victims eliminated, but so be it! LOLOL! I've decided up to this point not to reproduce or breed really. I find life wonderful, but so full of heartache that it scares me to have to bring yet another humanoid into this very strange fucked up reality sometimes. And then, not only does this child have to grow up and learn the ways of the world, but then they have to work and ultimately die! THAT IS SO CRUEL! BRING LIFE INTO THE WORLD ONLY TO YANK IT AWAY AND HAVE THEM KNOW THAT DEATH WILL BE THEIR ULTIMATE RESULT? MY GOD! MY DEAR PRECIOUS GOD!

Did ya know that because of the huge massive numbers of Chinese people in China and throughout the world that Mandarin Chinese is the world's most spoken language in terms of speakers, some 1.2 billion? It hardly has any influence though because it is such a hard language to learn/speak and because the language of communication throughout the world is English of course. Lots of people speak Hindi too, because India has lots of people. A crapload also speaks Spanish and Russian. Yeah, lots of people are speaking those languages right now! That's Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian. Let's see, that's some 3 billion people covered right there! About three billion people are speaking one of those languages in their daily lives at this very moment! That's half the world's population practically.

There are more people alive now than ever before in human history. Does this mean the planet is heavier now? Does the Earth actually weigh more now with all these extra people? And lemme tells ya, they keep getting fatter too! AHAHAHAHA!

One final population fact, did you know that about 100 billion humans have lived on the Earth throughout recorded history?

And they're all dead.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Paris back in the slammer was the best thing possible that could happen, because it seemed for a moment there that the whole country was about to take to the streets and riot had she gotten to stay at her mansion and party under house arrest! LOLOLOLOL!

I was pleasantly surprised by the tremendous overwhelming response to my post on Brian Epstein, the amazing manager of The Beatles. Thanks to all of ye who read and commented! I did forget to mention that poor Brian was not only wrestling with his homosexuality, but he also was a very sad individual, who would drown his severe depression with drugs and lots of covert dangerous sexual escapades. Sounds like a typical gay man to me I must say, but Brian was luckier in that he didn't face the horrid threat of HIV/AIDS or anything like that back in those days--not that it matters really, as the poor guy still left the world at 32 years of age. I'm very drawn to Brian though, and had I met him, I definitely would have shown him some love by having sex with him, cause he wasn't a bad looking man by any means, or it just proves I'm a promiscuous slut as usual.

And there I was this weekend watching this romantic gay comedy made in Spain called Reinas (Queens) about these crazy silly people all struggling with the newly passed law in España legalizing homosexual marriage. It was like watching a sitcom and kind of retarded, but an insightful film nonetheless; Spain looks truly beautiful. I dunno what tha hell I'm waiting for! I need to get over there ASAP! I mean, it helps that I speak the language already! I've already watched so many movies from this country that I know their speaking style/slang very well. Did you know that they already have the eighth (or ninth?) largest economy in the world? Dem Spaniards are doing pretty well! Madrid looks really hip and modern and fun as hell! And the men! OMG! These films are loaded with tons and tons of hot young Spaniards! I must go! Tengo que ir a la patria que me llama--I must go to the land that is calling for me. Would I love it enough to even consider moving over there? I often wonder.

I mean, I haven't yet been to Chicago, Miami, New York, Houston, or Seattle--but I sometimes feel as though living in the U.S. all my life (Los Angeles specifically) has been more than enough to give me an idea of this nation. What would it be like to live in another country I ask? It's a question that nags at me. If I can work on my travel anxiety and general fears, it would be nice to be able to explore more of the world and perhaps settle somewhere else for a while and live away from home. Maybe it would make me appreciate my home more, for right now I'm not liking my job nor my daily routine bore of a life; I feel trapped by my circumstances. I need money to travel don't I? And more than money, I need to face my fears, my panic attacks.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My therapist over the weekend said: "You will have to get out of your comfort zone, feel the fear, and do it anyway."

I pray and hope that I can finally make my real dreams come true, after almost ten years of this terrible anxious prison.

Friday, June 08, 2007


You've all heard it by now. Paris Hilton got released early from jail.

Here's what others online are saying about this:

-Total BS. Rich people get to do whatever they want, consequence free. If it was me Id have the book thrown at me. And she is smiling leaving jail, she doesn't look like she has a medical condition. But its OK, this just gives people a reason to drive drunk, there will be no consequences.

-Who really cares. if the media would not give this morons the attention maybe they would all go away!!!!

-This is a shame and a disgrace but highly expected. My little 200 bucks per night and believe me it would only be two nights, but that won't make a dent in the Hilton fortune but I will never support a Hilton enterprise anymore as long as I breathe air. I did expect this however but not quite so soon and they are hiding behind HIPAA (confidentiality). Shame Shame Shame! Confined to home; that is like being confined to a day spa. Oh well, money talks, fame walks and the rest of us fall behind crawling day for day. Every other inmate in LA County should ask for a medical and psyche assessment and demand to go home immediately. Only in America. Another prime example why other counties have little respect for us. But guess what, that may yet be poetic justice. She will not stay out of trouble and when she unfortunately, God forbid hurts or kills some innocent poor family with her antics, she will have to eventually pay the piper. Watch wait and see. Wonder what time the party starts?

-What a frigging joke! Only in L.A. she could probably do an O.J. and be released early

-What a joke! Released early to home for medical reasons? What medical condition...allergic to reality? This is a perfect example of the Hollywood elite getting preferential treatment. Get a grip, Paris. The fact is, you still eat, sleep and poop just like the rest of us. The only difference is, you have a silver spoon to do it with.

-medical reasons? oh please. we all knew she would get out of it somehow. she'll be "on the bracelet" at home - luxury home, caterers, maids, chefs, use of her computer, cell phone, can have all her party friends over, etc. boy, that is really a punishment. anyone else would have to do the time - all of it. the sheriffs' and judge should be ashamed of themselves! there is no justice!

-Why does everyone hate Paris. I think she is cute and did not deserve to go to jail. Many people don't serve jail time for many reasons and I think the judge gave her this extraordinary sentence because of who she is while most people think she got a light sentence for who she is. Come on folks, this is Paris Hilton. We all love her and know she is the hottest woman on the planet - sexy, cute, rich, smart, runs her own businesses, and has a knockout body. Every man and every woman's dream. I also think it is ridiculous to place her under house arrest. This woman has suffered enough. Stop harassing her and have a little sympathy. Paris, we love and admire you baby.


-She looked awfully healthy walking out of about medical treatment at the jail or brought to a hospital and then returned to jail.

-I don't think that weight loss and dehydration due to refusing to eat jail food because it doesn't taste like what her personal chef creates for her at home counts as a "medical condition."

-Paris is a spoiled brat ! Her medical reasons were she didnt like the food and no one wanted her to go without food . Paris now has learned she can do anything she wants and not get punished . Well, poor little Paris. If her parents had raised her correctly this would have never happened. They buy their kids out of trouble.


-Of course she has a medical condition. It is a very rare condition in America. I think it is called Generational Wealth. The symptoms are no signs of intelligence, no accountability for actions, and continual public displays of stupidity accompanied by lack of fear of ever having bills to pay. In the most rare instances it also allows for "get out of jail free" card, to be displayed at all times and to be carried in wallet or Gucci Purse!!!

-Call and/or email the Mayor's (Mayor Villaraigosa) office and let officials know how we feel!
213/978-0600 (Phone)E-Mail Address:

-It took me less than two minutes to write a note to the MADD oganization!
Make your anger known.......I told them I couldn't beileve they are not screaming from the roof tops of injustice. I thought they should be on every paper, every news cast, screaming injustice. Plus I told them I'm a mom of three and I'm MADD as hell about this!!! E-Mail them NOW!!!!!!!!! It takes two minutes!!!!!!

-Everyone is so mean. Poor Paris is only reacting the way she has been taught to react. I'm sure that she got her way with mommy and daddy by crying and not eating that icky, horrible pauper food. It's obvious that I cannot be beautiful, glamorous and hot~ so I need someone to do it for me. Thank you, Paris.

-to quote the guy in the movie "this girl can suck some d**k"

-A waste of time. That is what Paris Hilton's life is. She gives nothing to everyone. She provides nothing to society. She is no hero, she is nothing. She speaks of her "fans". Fans of what? She is nobody. Our country is at war, wonderful young men and women are dying. If she will enlist and serve in Iraq, then she can be a hero


-how unfair. it makes me want to do something very bad.

-The medical "problem" Paris is suffering from is called pregnancy. It's been said that she is a newly 7 weeks prego!!! Daddy unknown.

-Looks like she might be going back in!!! Everybody's pissed about it (District Attorney, Sherrif's Association and more) and they are looking into it in a serious way. The Sherrifs Department is in contempt of court.

-What a pathetic leper on society she is. Pathetic.


-What a whore! I wish she would just die and go to STD hell!


-latest news, she has a court appearance friday morning 9am. the sherrifs dept may be held in contempt of court for violating the judges orders. the judges original ruling was that she "could not serve time at home under electronic monitoring" lets all hope the 43day sentence is re-instated


-Let's face it folks, life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat.


-A disgusting and infinitely boring human being. Hopefully she'll get hit by a meteor, but then again they'd probably just rezzerect her as a cyborg 1000 times more boring and despicable then she is now, and she'd rule the world with a very talentless iron fist. People s throw egg's at her if they see her on the street, squirt chocolate syrup on her or something, or maybe just point and laugh. In a way I feel bad that she's even capable of making me angry or take notice of anything she does, oh well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Brian Epstein managed a record store for his father, but truly found his calling when he first saw The Beatles perform at the dark underground Cavern Club in Liverpool, England back in the very early 1960s.

He was captivated by them immediately. Originally, The Beatles were very trashy-looking. They wore leather jackets, had real messy hair, and they would eat, smoke, drink, and cuss on stage while performing at the small club for their hardcore original fans. Epstein in particular was enthralled by a certain rebel on stage known as John Lennon. In fact, it is said that is was upon first viewing them that Epstein fell in love with Lennon; he was very impressed with John's witty badboy demeanor. He arranged to meet them and was able to convince them that he should be their manager/agent from then on. Epstein was very intelligent and knew his finances, which is something the boys needed as their fame and success was just about to explode across the world; the Fab Four knew nothing of business affairs, for their talent lay of course in making music, and Brian was going to be essential.

Epstein convinced The Beatles that they would have to change their rebellious image and that they should go for a more cleancut polished look by wearing dress shirts and ties. At first they were against this, but in order to get a recording contract, they agreed. Epstein arranged a meeting with a Decca Records executive who turned The Beatles down claiming that their sound would not sell. Eventually destiny intervened; Epstein and The Beatles met George Martin and they found the man who would become their brilliant producer. Alas, the rest is glorious music history.---------
However, an interesting part of this story is that Brian Epstein was a homosexual. A poof! A homo! A fag ladies and gentlemen! And a JEW! AHAHAHAHAH! Rumor has it that Lennon was particularly nasty and quite an ass to Brian the first few years and would constantly mock, say some real mean things to him and really put the poor guy down for being gay. Lennon was well aware of Brian's crush on him and would use it against Epstein to tease the hell out of him. Could it be this certain Beatles song is actually insulting Epstein at one point? There's also a huge rumor that Epstein and Lennon did spend lots of time alone and some have even gone far as to suggest that maybe those two got into it real deep with Lennon even experimenting sexually with him. Who really knows?! Fascinating stuff indeed though.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brian Epstein guided the band successfully from the very beginning until his sudden tragic death of an accidental drug overdose at the tender age of 32 in 1967.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, June 04, 2007


I have known Jay for about six years.

I met him when I first started my sucky office job back in 2001. He worked there too. An older handsome Latino lad I must say in his early fifties. Very friendly. Originally from El Salvador (like my family) and very intelligent. Good deep voice. Always homophobic though. Yes, that always did bother me because I guess he had no idea whom he was befriending. We would always talk at work, and even hung out several times outside of the office. About three years ago or so, Jay moved from the office to another shithole closer to his new home and I have been keeping in touch with him once in a while over the phone. I genuinely like Jay, but it was and is very hard to talk to someone who does not know my sexual orientation, especially such a royally staunch strict "straight" dude.

Well, Friday night, he called me out of the blue and told me he would be hanging out a food joint in my area and to stop on by to visit him. So I did. I had more in mind however; I felt it was time to tell him the truth. But how? HOW??!! Who gives a fuck right?! I have nothing to lose anymore, so I had to do it. I went to see him, and he was very happy to see me again. I could not believe how amazingly handsome he looked. Yeah, I won't lie, I was very attracted to him at that point. He shared some of his grub with me, a beer, and began to chat away about his sexual escapades with the ladies.

I got to see his new BMW, and then I proceeded to share some marijuana with him in a secluded spot nearby in his car. He seemed cool to smoke out a bit and turned up the Van Halen. He kept telling me how this one specific woman in his life was giving him drama, and this is when I seized the moment to tell him about my attraction to men. He looked horrified, almost disgusted. He says he never would have guessed nor knew at all; poor man kept fidgeting/slurring and didn't know what to do with himself. I told him I had to end the night in order to meet up with a friend. He still seemed baffled and I think his high wore off quick. He told me he wasn't being judgmental and that this didn't change anything between him and I, but that's what they all say.

I'm willing to bet that this is the last time I ever hear from or see Jay again.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I've been having really bad acid reflux/heartburn the past week where my poor tummy and throat feel like they're on fire and so I've had enough and in order to avoid having to take that "purple pill" Nexium, I had to go online and look for a natural remedy/alternative that wouldn't involve yet another prescription medication. Well, low and behold, I think I found it! Manuka honey! WOOHOO! One teaspoon of this godsend stuff three times a day and I should be cured soon--sounds like a great product indeed, but God golly Ms. Molly, it is expensive! Little damn jar cost me $25.00 today at Whole Foods which is a really cool store with lots of awesome organic delicious-looking products that I wanted to buy, but I didn't wanna go broke or anything like that, so I only walked out with my pricey jar of manuka honey and a bag of organic garlic ranch potato chips. Well, I also kind of walked out with a hard-on because the damn store had lots of good-looking dudes. SHEESH! So this is what good-looking people do huh? Buy and eat organic!? HOW COME I NEVER FIGURED THIS OUT!?

Actually, this battle with heartburn is partially hereditary (through my dad's side), and I also think I may have gotten it when I first started going to the gym some four years ago, Yeah, all that bouncing around and stuff may have caused my stomach acids and crap to slosh around too much and I would notice that when eating after a good workout I started slowly developing this problem. But I'm so glad I finally found what I know is gonna cure it for good! MY MANUKA! Just love the sound of that, don't you? Say it: M-A-N-U-K-A! As a matter of fact, after just one tablespoon earlier in the evening, I already noticed considerable relief; in about three days I should feel a world of difference!

Before discovering my newfound obsession with manuka though, I did get a chance to see Dreamgirls and Apocalypto on DVD this past Memorial Day weekend. Dreamgirls was a good decent musical and very purty to look at, but it is Jennifer Hudson who stands out the most and whom richly deserved her Oscar win. Apocalypto was trying to portray the Mayans I suppose, but I felt like I was watching the Aztecs instead! Oh well, lots of good gory action, so it was okay.

And on the big screen: Spider-Man 3! I loved it! I really did! Meandering and all over the place, but Tobey Maguire is so adorable and so emotionally genuine in the movie! I thought there were plenty of good action sequences, and some really moving scenes even though I could plainly see some of the obvious CGI in certain shots. The film's been getting some bad reviews from critics and the public alike, but I liked it; enough so, that it now graces the top of my blog as ye can plainly see!

Time for my manuka teaspoon now.