Thursday, November 30, 2006


--Why is YouTube always down for maintenance?

--Why is it so cold on the sunniest brightest days?

--Why is Xmas being shoved down our throats earlier and earlier every year at stores across America?

--Why did Michael Jackson screw up such a brilliant pop music career?

--Why do trendy young American women drive like maniacs?

--Why does food taste so good after 10p.m and into the wee hours of the night?

--Why doesn't the White House just admit that Iraq is in a civil war?

--Why is every website now using that Beta designation?

--Why don't all brothers and sisters from the same parents come out identical if it's always the sperm and eggs from the same two people?

--Why does Kirk Cameron seem so damn righteous?

--Why is Abe Vigoda still alive? Actually, HOW??!!

--Why does the time to get ready for work in the morning go by so fast, yet the time at work in the morning go by so slow?

--Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? ;)

--Why do I have the worst reception with my cell phone carrier?

--Why do the front of my briefs stretch out over time?

--Why do we own so many DVD's we never really watch?

--Why can't the cool decent folk live forever and the mean evil ones die off for good?

--Why do ugly parents have nice looking kids sometimes or nice looking parents have ugly kids?

Perhaps you have the answers faithful reader/blogger or your own questions?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It wasn't bad enough that I stayed up late partying Wednesday night, but also Thursday and Friday, eating the wrong foods and going to bed at ridiculous stupid times. Well, my body kicked my ass good and by Saturday night I was violently ill.

I thought I was going to die. I have never regretted nor repented from all my mistakes/sins like I did this past weekend. Food is only barely starting to taste any good if ya catch my drift.

Dear God man. This is a wake up call. I'm supposed to be a moderate person, not an extreme stupid asshole that doesn't take care of himself.

God, you have spoken.

Lesson learned.

Friday, November 24, 2006



So I (and almost every gay man here in LA and probably across the country) watched the NBC airing Wednesday night of Madonna's Confessions Tour. I was most impressed I must say. That in her late forties Madonna can still move and dance and keep up in the manner that she displayed is downright admirable. The three hours of exercise/yoga and healthy living she adheres to on a daily basis have really have paid off. Madge looks and performs fantastically. A terrific entertainer/performer in every aspect.

I don't know if Madonna uses pre-recorded vocals, but her voice sounded pretty cool too. She never was the best singer, but after all that dancing and moving around, she still has a good decent voice. Many of her older songs were given a new disco/dance twist, and they were very pleasing to the ear: Erotica, La Isla Bonita, Like A Virgin, and Music.

Of course, my skinny gay ass could not review this show without commenting on her dancers. The boys are just so cute! Honest ta God! In perfect shape and wonderful on stage. Very ethnic, sharply dressed, and a joy to watch. Their acrobatics and intense physical prowess are quite extraordinary to witness. My two favorites in the looks department: the white boy with skater hair and the Hispanic boy with short cropped hair. Just saying, LOL!

The highlight of the show though: Madonna comes out in a feathered-collar black rocker S&M-style suit sporting an electric guitar. TRULY WICKED! LOVED IT! HELLS YEAH! She did this I believe for her I Love New York and Ray of Light numbers. That was too rad! Ya know, Madonna did start out in some amateur rock band when she was trying to make it back in the day, so seeing her like this was actually kindo cool. Definitely my favorite part of the show.

Great concert. Can't wait for the DVD, so I can watch the deleted Live to Tell cross bit. They did show her wearing the crown of thorns though. Interesting.

Fucking great show. Yes sir.


Monday, November 20, 2006


So I watched this movie called Jarhead over the weekend with red hot Jakey G., who's always fun to look at of course.

I've watched lots and lots of war movies over the years, and generally most of them are very violent, gory, and disturbing. The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, and Full Metal Jacket come immediately to mind. Jarhead was different in that it focused more on boot camp and then being deployed to Saudi Arabia while awaiting to fight the first Persian Gulf War back in the early 90s. I found it most interesting to see what life is like being in the Marine Corps.

Even if you're not at war, it looks just plain miserable! MISERABLE to be enlisted! I mean, I dunno how I would feel having to get up at the buttcrack of dawn and being screamed at to follow orders. A lot of the guys enlisted are pretty low class, brutal, and cruel. It's almost as if a man's emotional side is torn to pieces and made to disappear. The behavior of these dudes closely resembles that of males in junior high who just started puberty. All these guys have left girlfriends, wives, gay lovers, parents, and others back at home and are forced to live and interact with each other. They're frustrated and sexually tense, and serving in a hot desert climate like the Middle East or the humid tropics like they did in Vietnam must not help either.

So they spend most of their days in basic training at first, then just lounging around shining their rifles, smoking, masturbating, reading, masturbating some more, probably humping each other, and all other sorts of mundane trivial diversions to pass the time. A lot of their behavior seems very very gay. Men are real weird like that. Testosterone makes them act and do really strange things, and so many of them in close quarters is not necessarily a good thing. All this seems to lead many of them to kinda lose their minds and turn into emotional wrecks. Sure, they have to hide this very well, but a lot of them seem to lose it, even while stationed out there.

So many of them come back with traumas, anxiety disorders, depression, and a general feeling of loneliness and emptiness. It's quite sad. Many who served in the first Persian Gulf War came back with strange flu-like symptoms. Others have gone on to kill family and loved ones or committed suicide. Serving in the military (as Jarhead and many other movies have shown), takes its toll on one's psyche. Coming back to live a regular life is not easy, and many are never really able to cope. They become used to holding those weapons, killing, and hanging out with their hardcore male buds.

Many come back to the monotony of the real world, to girlfriends who have perhaps cheated and moved on, or to kids and bigger responsibilities. As Jakey G.'s character pointed out however, ya never stop being a jarhead.

My respects to all serving in Iraq or those who did in the past.

It takes balls.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Debra Wilson was one of the original cast members of MADtv and was on the show for quite a few years. Her impression of Oprah Winfrey was probably her best and was nothing short of hilarious!

Here are my two favorite Oprah sketches she did:

Friday, November 17, 2006


This has got to be quite possibly, the stupidest most selfish ridiculous trivial banal woman ever!

That's right. Someone whose life was in actual danger was blocked by this worthless c**t wasting the 911 operator's time.

Back to your SUV and pesky bratty kids you go!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I always wondered why people liked drugs and alcohol so much...THAT was before I turned 28 however, and discovered the reasons myself.

Ya see, hanging around certain beloved friends at bars does lead to peer pressure, and well, I encountered alcohol alright. All my precious little innocent naive life, I had stayed away from the stuff, never realizing the nice buzz and serenity it could actually create. It works very well with someone like myself who suffers from anxiety disorder in really mellowing me out. The unfortunate side of alcohol for me however, is that it can actually make my anxiety worse once it wears off and leave me more depressed than I already normally am. It turns my highly existential wasteland of a mind and leaves me more screwed up, which is why I have not become an alcoholic. This is a good thing! I can drink very little and in moderation, but I gotta be careful not to overdo it! Keeps me in check baby. No AA meetings for me anytime soon.

Even more recently is my newfound relationship with marijuana. Yeah. The stuff is amazing really. The first few times it made me rather paranoid, but subsequent experiences with this herb have been rather gratifying. It certainly mellows me out considerably and makes me extremely hungry, which is great for a thin dude like myself who can afford to eat! I also love the fact that unlike alcohol, the chronic is actually very good to my stomach and leaves me with no strange or awful hangover the next day. And sex on pot? ARE U KIDDING ME?! THAT IS SOME AMAZING SHIT! Talk about incredible longlasting orgasms! I mean, it's enough to make yer toes curl, eyes pop out, and maybe even burst a vein or two in yer head.

Yeah, but besides all the sex and munching on cannabis, the most satisfying aspect of the drug has got to be listening to music. I don't know where tha hell I've been, but the stuff on my iPod never sounded so gloriously good than when stoned. No wonder so many teenage boys would lock themselves in their rooms in the 60s and 70s and get high. Listening to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Gorillaz, and anything modern with lots of sound effects like Madonna's last album whilst high is downright mindblowing; every instrument sounds crystal clear, vocals are enhanced, and the songs just make perfect sense!

Yes. I finally get it. So much music was inspired by pot and even stronger drugs obviously. I have been slow to learn all these facts most of ye readers figured out when in your teens. I obviously led a very sheltered closeted life. In more ways than one, haha!

I fear anything more hardcore like crystal meth, cocaine, or acid. Those substances sound too consuming and destructive, although so many across America are seriously abusing them, including people I know, which has me kind of worried.

I understand now why: why so many use and abuse. It makes one happy. It makes one forget the reality of our banal existences. For that brief moment, one feels in control. One feels able to do it all. There is no fear. There is no self-doubt or low self-esteem. Being buzzed/drunk or high liberates so many from the pressures of daily life. Yes, I see why, but am in no way advocating anyone to use, much less abuse these drugs, for there can be terrible consequences if taken too far.

So yeah, once or twice a month I may continue trying some pot here and there without becoming a full time stoner and just sit back and relax. Hey,the Native Americans did it (or was that peyote?), so it's cool okay? Moderation is key.

Bring on the Pink Floyd.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I've seen this on other blogs, and found it quite astounding. Ya might wanna click on the actual image to enlarge or use a magnifying glass to read it better.

And yeah, this article:

Saturday, November 11, 2006


George Carlin, needless to say, is a comic legend, a genius with some of the wackiest observations on human/American behavior ever. He's funny because what he says is simply so true!

He's definitely aging. He used to be so lean and cute! But his mind is as sharp and bitter as ever!

I laugh, I laugh, I laugh, and I laugh:

Friday, November 10, 2006


I don't necessarily believe astrology is 100% accurate or an exact science, but in my life, Scorpios have played a major role. Since I'm a Cancer, Scorpios and I are instantly attracted to each other and form immediate strong bonds/relationships as good good friends; we're in that season where all Scorpios are having birthdays.

And oh yes, Scorpios are extremely charming when I first meet them. They're quite funny, witty, and very easygoing with a slight wicked side that makes them very intriguing. This pleasant and nice side to them lasts a good while until they entrap me into hanging out with them often and doing their every whim practically.

Ah, but slowly but surely, Scorpios reveal their sick twisted evil side. And I hate it. They are extremely selfish. It's their way or no way. They only want to go to the movies they want to see, the places they wanna visit, or generally do the things they want to do. If they don't get their way, heaven help me and the rest of humanity! They'll whine, complain, and instantly turn into immature bratty 3 year-olds. It's quite irritating and disappointing really. Manipulative jealous people they be! UGH!

It's this selfishness that really turns me off to them. I am not just referring to any particular Scorpio either. At least five of the major friends I've known and loved in my life are Scorpios. And they all seem to have followed the same pattern. What gives?! Why do you always feel like you've been wronged? It's all in yer imagination! It really is! Let go of the bitterness, selfishness, and you'll be a much happier person! Really!

You evil insane bastards. Not all Scorpios of course.

But a good portion of you. Can't ya see that although us Cancers can defend ourselves real well against your onslaughts, we are very sensitive and are hurt by your stupid behavior?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I went to vote after work. Yeah, I voted all Democratic, due to my current disgust with the conservative asshole Republican party that often likes ta make me feel like crap just 'cause I'm gay. Bunch of hypocrites! Thanks Pastor Haggard for proving the point! HEEHEE!

That idiot ex-bodybuilder movie star Arnold won his governor seat here in California again. He's just popular and had no real competition from that other bore he was running against. Oh well. One of my coworkers hilariously admitted to me that he voted for Schwarzenegger only because his signature would look great on his upcoming college diploma. OKAY DUDE!

The House is now in control of the Dems and that Nancy Pelosi chick has now increased her power to ultimately becoming Speaker of the House. Even more of a juggernaut is Hillary Clinton, who now has a real fighting chance to run for the presidency in 2008. Go Hillary! Even though I think she's a phony lying witch, I'd still vote for her. The bitch can get the job done, as was evidenced during the 90's when she ran her husband around like a puppet. So stressed was Bill from dealing with HELLary that the poor guy had to relieve his tension with Monica.

Several states had gay marriage bans, and of course they all passed, except in Arizona! Not surprising really, as most of this country still has issues with homoness. "You're all fine hairdressers, decorators, actors, musicians, singers, dancers, and friends, but please don't tie the knot okay? We don't wanna sanction your perverse lifestyle just yet." Heterosexual marriage works best of course, even though most of them end in divorce now. Uh huh. Bravo to Arizona though! Who knew all that desert could help clear tha mind?

Also voted out of office: Kevin Federline! Yeah yeah! Britney finally woke up and is ready ta throw that fool out! One of my sources tells me Federloser performed on Halloween here in LA at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival last week and was massively booed by the crowd there. How embarrassing! Good luck Federino. You dumbass louse. Now Britney can go back ta making bad, yet catchy records again!

As I write this, the control of the Senate has not yet been decided, but the last few key states look close and may just go to the Dems as well. There has been massive voter turnout today, an estimated 85 million Americans.

I never voted for Bushy, but wanted to support him regardless after 9/11. I really felt he had the power and popularity then to become a true leader. What a letdown he has been however. Maybe I gave him way too much credit? Maybe I was being too patriotic and felt hurt by the terrorists? Alls I know is that I've had it with all this censorship and conservative bullshit. That war in Iraq is just plain embarrassing now and it irks me ta have ta look at the pics of so many hot young soldiers dying there.

The Fox News Channel people look worried and freaked out; a channel that has been traditionally conservative and pro-Republican. Shepard Smith has the worst make-up/plastic surgery I have ever seen!

Well, not as bad as Greta Van Susteren of course!

But close!

Monday, November 06, 2006


In case you've ever wondered what it must've been like the moment Hiroshima suffered the first ever atomic bomb dropped on humans, here's a magnificent re-creation done by the BBC for some program they did on this historic event which took place on August 6, 1945:

Many thanks to
Wolfie for sending me this very interesting clip; nothing like watching people get burned, radiated, and disintegrated instantly!

Can you imagine the power of this most horrifying and awesome of weapons? And to think that the atomic bombs back then were not even as powerful as the nuclear weapons of today. Iran, North Korea, and many other nations and terrorists are now vying to own their own weapons just to prove their might and possibly drop one on the United States someday.

God I hope I'm at ground zero if that were to happen, then I can be vaporized immediately.

Like the Japanese dude in that clip there.

Friday, November 03, 2006


For a country that suffered such a devastating terrorist attack on 9/11/01, I often see that many have still not learned the valuable lesson of loving thy neighbor, nor the fact that life is truly brief. Why must there still be so many people that act stupid and mean to each other? WHY?! This is America damnit! WHY ARE WE STILL FULL OF SO MANY ASSHOLES?!

People in traffic can be so mean and nasty: they cut you off, show ya the finger, or don't allow you to merge. At work: other fellow employees will report you, supervisors will stupidly call you on ridiculous trivialities instead of noticing your good work, and there's constant issues with clients and customers coming off the street. Family can sometimes be your worst enemy too, which is why many people choose their friends as family, due to relatives always meddling or trying to tear ya to pieces. Ya try to say hello to a neighbor, and they don't respond back, even though they clearly heard you, yet they pretend not to have and give you the cold shoulder.

I just want to understand why it is so hard for some people to be kind. What's so hard about a simple smile or hello? Why not try and be nice to other fellow human beings? Why must the human species always feel the need to look down on others? Is it in our nature to be competitive? Dominant? Condescending? Combative? Racist? Selfish? Greedy? Envious? Is it in our genes to always listen to our egos and feel superior, instead of letting go? Must our insecurities translate to hurting others?

I dunno. I'm sure I'm guilty from time to time of being an asshole myself, but I often only use it as a defense mechanism, not as a way of starting out nor maintaining my relations with anyone. I am one of those people who will smile or say hello to a stranger and tries to be as down-to-earth as possible. Yet time and time again, I run into a vast sea of negative humanity, and it truly disappoints me. It makes me quite sad that people have not yet mastered the true meaning of life.

We were put onto this planet to be kind, to serve, and to help and love one another. But yet, we waste so much of it fighting, bickering, insulting, degrading, and demoralizing others, and for what? FOR WHAT?! Does humanity not see that our time on this Earth is limited? That we shall all get sick and die eventually? That at the rate our planet is being destroyed and resources being used up, that our existence as a species is in severe danger? I just don't enjoy conflict whatsoever, nor wasting my time with negativity. I often realize the big picture, which many I feel just don't. It really isn't that hard to be nice people. Ya don't have to act like a fake 1950's perfect housewife, but at least try to show some love and respect to another fellow adult like you would to a puppy or newborn child.

This all probably sounds overly corny and cheesy, but I have written it from the heart. I am severely disappointed in us as a species. For many reasons. God bless those who try and make a difference and treat their fellow human with respect and love as much as possible; they seem to be a rare and precious commodity these days.

It reminds me of a saying I often hear in Spanish:
"Entre más conozco a la humanidad, más quiero a mi perro."

Which means:

"The more I get to know humanity, the more I love my dog."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


There was a little film that came out back in 1986 called Stand By Me, which I got to see on video when it was first released, and it still stands as one of my favorite movies ever.

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen it by now. It's the very simple story of four good friends who live in a quiet rural town in Oregon, who spend the last days of their summer vacation looking for the body of a dead boy in order to get their names in the newspaper. I watched the film at a very crucial time in my life, for just as they main characters in the movie were about to start junior high, so was I as a matter of fact, which is why I have forever held the film in such high esteem.

The four main child stars are nothing short of superb in their roles. Wil Wheaton plays Gordie Lachance: a sensitive, shy, and highly intelligent kid who loves his elementary school loser foul-mouthed friends in order to be cool. The late great River Phoenix plays Chris Chambers, a real tough, yet good-hearted guy who is Gordie's best friend. Corey Feldman plays the insane and hilarious Teddy Duchamp, who can snap at a moment's notice, and there's fat crybaby Vern Tessio, played by the now handsome Jerry O'Connell. All four of them come from dysfunctional homes, smoke, cuss incessantly, and play off each other beautifully. Credit the terrific direction by "meathead" Rob Reiner and script writers Raynold Gideon and Bruce Evans for this astoundingly wonderful film, which is surprisingly based on a short story by horror writer Stephen King.

The film evokes the 1950's in its look and amazing soundtrack and takes the viewer back to a time that must've been pretty great in America, though those living then probably didn't see it that way. A true classic and masterpiece, Stand By Me is one of those films I just never tire of. Full of great lines, dialogue, humor, true drama and a great villainous performance by Kiefer Sutherland, this is a film that will live on for generations; as American as apple pie.

If you haven't yet seen it, please wear a mask in public to hide your shame until you do view the film.