Friday, October 29, 2010


It's HALLOWEEN weekend! As of this posting, I still have no definitive costume, but so what?! Something will materialize...

My good dear friend manages this blog on extraterrestrials and other strange out-of-this-world phenomena here in Los Angeles. He claims he's had close encounters of the third kind. YIKES! Or is it fourth?! Listen, I have never seen or had any direct contact with aliens and sh*t, but I've seen UFOs. Have you ever just gone outside on a regular night and stared up at the stars and the sky in general? Chances are you'll start finding really weird creepy aircraft doing strange things up there that defy normal logic. At my old place one night, I remember vividly seeing ships flying up there that were tiny and could be mistaken for a shooting star, but that definitely did not burn out or behave the way a meteorite should. This is one big vast incredibly complex universe, and who knows what kind of other "intelligent" life may be out there. I doubt they're as nice or friendly as E.T. was to Elliot in the famous film. The many drawings and renditions shown on television and in movies are pretty freaky. This documentary kind of creeps me out and it goes as far as to say that demons are the ones manifesting themselves here in the third dimension trying to effectively fool the masses so they can doubt the existence of God and to confuse minds. Like Howard Stern, I used to dismiss all this, but now am starting to wonder/entertain the idea of just what tha hell is going on here.

Holy cow, speakin
g of creepy, have you ever looked at a normal American dollar bill? Yes DAWG, A NICE OLE'-FASHIONED DEAD PREZIDENT! There's a lot of symbols on there. My oh my, what's this?! Most of us take George Washington on there for granted, but there's some interesting things going on there. Thank you YouTube again, for these videos. Freemasons helped found this country, but where they also part of a much bigger and dark secret society with nefarious intentions? Nothing was put on that bill by mistake, that's for sure. Fascinating interesting stuff indeed!

You won't believe this, but I was just about to end this post, when this news story popped up.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The only time I sincerely watch TV is if I am at friend's house. I can't seem to really enjoy it on my own anymore, and it's such a vast God damn annoying wasteland anyway! LIKE THIS BLOG! HA! If I'm by myself, the first thing I gravitate towards is the Internet and gay por...YOUTUBE! Yes, good ole' YouTube! It really is quite an incredible website that has ridiculously revolutionized my life and that of millions. I do watch silly clips here and there from time to time, but what most fascinates me and what I truly do appreciate about the Tube are some very awesome uploaded documentaries, biographies, and movies. You can learn so much! And lots of cool clips from old TV shows and news events before my time. Then there's those awesome conspiracy theory videos like Loose Change, Zeitgeist, and now I'm in the middle of watching this one which is quite long and a bit repetitive, but very informative nonetheless. I have nothing against wanting to be entertained and getting your mind off life's problems, but I feel American television nowadays is retarded and many of these sick horrible reality shows and lame talk shows are a sign of the true decay of our society. It's the way of keeping the masses dumb and distracted, while the government continues its unprecedented corruption and the economy keeps on tanking; you really believe this is just a recession or that it's over?! NO F*CKING WAY.

I been discussing GOD a bit lately with certain friends and my brother in Georgia even. After the harrowing traumatic experience this past spring and summer with the evil monster who cannot love, I have come to believe in God more than ever only because I can't quite comprehend or understand how I did not jump off a bridge or go insane with the awful grief I just went through. I guess time and perspective eventually heals everybody and it has nothing to do with God, but my particular story has a lot of instances that cannot be explained rationally, scientifically, or logically--at least to me. There was that dream I had after I prayed and prayed for an answer on that psychopath and why I was so hurt, and boom, it was granted! Or dead-on Bible verses that would pop at me randomly reassuring and comforting me that everything was going to be okay. Or the woman who does not know me, whom I've never met that recently during prayer told my aunt about everything that I had been through and how my blessings would return and be multiplied; kind of like the story of Job. There are plenty of atheists these days and rightfully so: religion is terribly corrupt, evil exists, and suffering is endless. Why would there be a God right?! But within me, it's been a feeling, a powerful feeling that I just cannot explain. I just don't think I'm still here and healing nicely just because. Call me crazy, kooky, retarded, or just plain ridiculous. But that's my story. I fully admit, I need this kind of comfort, especially for the kind of horrific crisis I just survived. Others cope differently and that's okay. Leave me with this at least please?

Wes Bentley and I look alike okay? And I love this scene period. And I love the classic "C*NT!" delivery here. Thanks again YouTube:

Friday, October 15, 2010


AYN RAND! Have you ever heard of this woman?! She was a Russian-born Jewish lady that came to America, and ended up loving this country more than even her own husband! HA! Well, communism I'm sure was a drag, so Ayn was probably blown away by American capitalism and all its amazing smoke and mirrors. She was very intelligent and gifted from the time she was little and always felt a step ahead of her classmates and most people in general. She is most famous for her two classic books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, which are usually required reading in high schools and colleges across this country. These novels basically profess Ayn's philosophy of objectivism, which believes in complete rational reasonable thinking and the supreme power of the human mind to achieve whatever it wants. Therefore, there is no God in Ayn's view, because he or SHE cannot be proven logically. The woman was a staunch atheist and made no apologies for it. She was also very much against altruism, which is giving up your own interests and potential to help others through charity; Mother Theresa was probably not high on Ayn's list of admirable people, LOL! And she most certainly did not believe emotions were productive or necessary to the human experience, and get in the way of achieving one's true greatness. I find Ayn's ideas very interesting and fascinating and perhaps sometimes sensible, but the woman was a major narcissist. Humans are not just rational creatures, we have deep profound emotions too, and many who in their youth follow Ayn, eventually become disillusioned and abandon her extreme selfish and egotistical views. She has several riveting interviews on YouTube, but my favorites are her two appearances on Donahue's old talk show here and here. Who knows, you might find yourself agreeing with the bitch. HAHAHHAHAA!

I know this upcoming election is very important, but I just don't feel like voting. I've just about had it with th
e American political system. They all promise change and great things, but in the end, they're in it for themselves. What else is new right? The last politician that I feel actually did something good for this country was that horny womanizing Bill Clinton. Then Bush came into office, and the whole system began to fall apart for me--I find both major parties full of sh*t basically. They're always at each other's throats, but at the end of the day they're having dinner together and getting richer, while the f*cking country continues to crash and burn! The governor's race here in California has this annoying Meg Whitman woman who is already filthy rich and has spent $140 million of her own money already in advertising! GOD DAMN! There's no way an average Joe can even run for public office at all; it's all about how much money you already have! GEEZ! I hope that egomaniacal millionairess Meg loses to that closeted homo Jerry Brown, who has already been governor before in the 70s, although what does he have to offer this time around I'm not even sure, because all I ever see on TV are Meg ads left and right. And there's Prop 19 on the ballot I believe, which is regarding good ole' Mary Jane--WEED! Ugh, my sample ballot has arrived in the mail but I'm too lazy and apathetic to care. Might as well just toss it in the trash already.

I hold the 1976 fim Network in high esteem. The script is incredible, the acting superb, the relevance of the material and ideas as fresh today as they were then:

Friday, October 08, 2010


Good news kids! I have new job functions at work! WOOHOO! Feels like I've started a brand new job actually! A refreshing change! 2010 is starting to pick up for me I believe. KEEP ROOTING FOR ME WILL YA?!

Ya know, sometimes I stop and think about what a strange cultural clash upbringing I've lived through; the first generation son of immigrant parents from El Salvador. EL SALVADOR?! Boy, isn't that the place that is often mocked as backward and dirt poor?! LOL! In reality, it is just that, but from the three major visits I made to that small little country back in the 90s, it really is a very beautiful tropical land and to see the places where my mom and sperm donor came from is really quite humbling. Kind of like that part in The Godfather where Michael Corleone, who has only known America his whole life, goes back to Sicily for temporary exile, to see where his roots are based. Being born and growing up in the U.S. as first generation is very interesting. I was forced to speak only Spanish at home; my mom, late sperm donor and maternal grandma all had little to very broken English. I gotta give credit to my mom though, she has mastered speaking English very nicely with some trouble reading and writing still, but the woman can genuinely communicate in the Anglo world, although all her advice, scolding, and general ideas still come at me en español. So to learn English naturally through TV and school, and Castilian at home, I got to luckily become bilingual! My house was like another country basically, but once I left those doors I was always and still am a light-skinned average tall skinny American dude. My very Anglo friend said once years ago as he visited me, "Your house smells Hispanic." LOLOOOOL! Whatever that means! I guess he was referring to the odors left behind by the food we ate: beans, tortillas, cheese, rice, pupusas, etc. All washed down with a nice cold glass of good ole' Sunny Delight! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH! I saw a lot at my old house. Many good times and bad, and millions of people visited that place; relatives, friends, and strangers! The little Salvi house, 1982-2006. I live much more Anglicized now. I've moved up in the world! HEE!

So tomorrow Saturday would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday, had he lived of course. I love Paul McCartney's upbeat melodic playful enthusiasm in his songs, but I have always existentially identified with Lennon; he wrote from the deepest part of his subconscious that was filled with true angst and pain at the world he was born in. The guy was very much a cultural, social, and political mover and shaker, and wanted a more just and peaceful world, because he knew deep down inside that human society is unfair and rotten, and that we are a confused little species trying to figure out the true meaning of this bizarre yet fascinating existence.

In honor of John, who was without a doubt, a songwriter of immensely epic inspiration; I give you this awesome political/social anger anthem: