Friday, September 24, 2004


Let's face it. I am now at a stagnant job working with an unbelievably heinous aggressive woman from Thailand whom I told off so harshly yesterday, that from now on, she will pray for me to go to hell when she goes to church on Sundays. Yes, she quite literally said that. And oh yeah, then there's the other prick who supplies us with the office material, he not only has a bad attitude, he doesn't like to shower frequently either. AM I IN A GOVERNMENT JOB SURROUNDED BY A BUNCH OF STUPID ASS BEATCHES AND JERKS OR WHAT???!!! UGH! And I blame myself for this, for not continuing to go to school, for not applying to a decent job which would honor and uphold my skills as an educated person. WHAT THE F**K am I still doing here??!! I am better than this! I KNOW I AM. And it irks me that I have let fear, this insidious fear of risk-taking stop me from pursuing and realizing my full potential!! So here I am now, suffering the consequences of underachievement, working in this government job which started out just dandy and has turned into a quagmire, where I have to put up with the multiple personalities, mental disorders, poor English skills, and shitty attitudes of others! IS IT JUST THIS JOB, OR ARE ALL JOBS FULL OF SO MANY PRICKS???! God, I know it can't be me, I can't be the prick, I make people laugh way too often to be a problem. Needless to say, I am disappointed right now. Not because I do not have DSL, but because of something valid! That was an inside joke by the way. This is so discouraging. What am I gonna do to take action? I gotta do something. Or just keep my mouth shut and continue to take it like a man. Thank God it's the weekend...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The horror continues...

We are in a nightmare situation in Iraq. It's devastating to hear two more innocent American civilians were beheaded! I had a co-worker of mine with a stronger disposition view the video of Mr. Armstrong's execution and he said it was horribly gruesome. Watching Nick Berg's video was enough for me, but to hear his description alone was enough to turn my stomach. We all furiously and unequivocally agree, these brutal beheadings have got to stop! ENOUGH ALREADY! What is our government doing now to stop this shit? We need to bomb the hell out of Fallujah and these other rebellious strongholds and send a clear message that this kind of behavior has gotta stop! Bush has no idea how to stop this killing, and what is Kerry going to do if he's elected? I feel as though both candidates now suck! THIS IS REALLY GETTING TO ME NOW FOLKS! We're less than two months away from a major presidential election! This is the BIG TIME! We've got a shitty economy, a shitty war, and a shitty outlook here. BLAH! I'm only 30, and the world has gone mad!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ees Tuesday!

Waiting for lunch right now, so I'm killing time. I bought more CD's through last week. ELO, The Moody Blues, 311 (NICK HEXUM...what a babe man!), Journey, John Lennon, Heart, and Mott the Hoople. I think I bought something else in that eclectic mix of artists, but I can't remember right now. I cannot believe how obsessed with music I am. I only know two or three other people like myself, including my best bud, now San Diego transplant Angie. I live for a good album, or song, no matter what genre, but I usually prefer rock and pop, especially from the British. Most of the music I listen to now was recorded decades ago anyway, since most of the music coming out today is full of mindless forgettable singles. Hard to find a good complete artistic album anymore, which is truly truly sad!

I need to go to the gym today. It is imperative that I do, since I haven't been in about two weeks, and I need to sweat out all the negative stuff. My friend David leaves for Florida this week for his sister's wedding and then it's on to Memphis to say goodbye to an old friend who may be dying from a horrible terminal illness. On top of this, there's a hurricane headed straight for the Floridian panhandle, which is where David's going. I dunno how that's gonna work out and if there's even gonna be a wedding after Ivan comes through. Here's hoping it all works out for the best within the next 48 hours or so. YIKES! I think my lunch hour is here. Iraq still sucks by the way. And we're less than two months from a major presidential election. GOD HELP US.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


The Russian school massacre by those sand people last week was horrible! HORRIBLE! No question. What pisses me off though, is that some of the Armenian community here at work have circulated an email calling for the death of Muslims for their atrocities. Well HELLO!!! It only took this incident last week for y'all to show some disgust or political activity? I've been screaming at the top of my lungs and upset since 9/11/01 when they struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon! It's been three years since those sickos got us good, and I have nothing but contempt for that religion and the people who so fundamentally practice it. Say what you will about President Bush, he does not hesitate when it comes to killing these terrorist pigs! I just pray and hope John Kerry is just as militant, for these sand-dwelling murderers do not understand treaties or agreements, only grenades and shotguns up their bungholes. They must die. Israel has long suffered their killing, the first WTC bombing in '93, the embassies in Africa, the USS Cole, 9/11, the bombing in Bali, terrorism in Iraq, the Russian planes, the school in much more proof do you kids need that we are indeed in a full-scale war against enemies of all that is free and good?

In other news, I went to Santa Barbara on Saturday. Still beautiful, lots of dogs, hotties, and plenty of sun. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh...this is life in the good ole' USA. Here's hoping Florida doesn't get Hurricane #3 soon.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Ugh. I am so sleepy right now. It's almost lunch time and I have lots and lots of work, but absolutely no energy! At least the weekend is almost here thank God. And it's Labor Day weekend too, which is cool. My mom and family wanna go to Santa Barbara on Sunday, I'd prefer to go Saturday, but my mother says she has to work. She doesn't really have to and claims she cannot stop working because I'm not willing to support her, which is just not true! She'll never be satisfied with her kids, alas, these are our Latina mothers. They love their kids, but hate them at the same time. If that even makes any sense. THIS PHONE at work will not stop ringing at all today, it's starting to get on my last NERVE! SHADDUP! SHADDUP! SHUT THE...UP! I was just thinking the other day how much I love music ya know? It's one of the few pleasures in life I relish, along with screwing, sleeping, laughing, and eating. I own tons and tons of CD's and put music on any chance I can. When at home, I gotta have my stereo on, or else I feel naked. In my car, gotta have the stereo on too. At work, I don't have the radio on so much, because everyone here is BLARING LOUD and have their own radios on, so trying to truly enjoy my music is worthless here. Right now someone's got that BORE Norah Jones on. BLAH! I'd much rather be listening to good ole' classic rock, British-style baby! I love singing KARAOKE even though it really is cheesy and for losers who never really amounted to becoming true singers. THE HURRACAYNE'S A'COMIN'! Florida's got another pinwheel-shaped huge ass storm coming its way! As if one two weeks ago or so wasn't enough. AND THOSE REPUBLICANS this past week have been BORING! BORING! I'd rather watch mold grow than that convention. Schwarzenegger was ridiculous and cliché-ridden in his speeach and Dick Cheney's twisted frown and delivery was about as exciting as sharpening a pencil. I guess George Dubyah speaks tonight, so that should be somewhat interesting, even though more and more do I realize how intolerant his party is to so many disenchanted, like us gays. I love that Bush'll kill terrorist bastards, but not his intolerance of gays or Howard Stern or scientific progress. He's very backward in his views and a Bible-thumping nerd really. Which is too bad. I guess I'll have to vote for Kerry and hope he'll drop a nuke or two when necessary and not back down. strange. I'm not that sleepy anymore, must be because I'm doing something I like and have interest for, unlike my job. LOLOLOLOL! I have this really nice man from Iraq who learned French working to my left here who will not shut up the entire day speaking to me in French. I have never spoken this much French in my life and should be truly ready once I visit those frogs someday, but MAN! TAIS-TOI HOMME! He will not shut up for more than three seconds. I'm wondering if he doesn't have some sort of sick obsessive gay crush or something. AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!! He says I speak French very well and loves to practice with me. Well cool DADDY-OH, but just be quiet a little longer okay? MON DIEU! Anyway, I'm signing off for now, soon to report on this mee life ASAP.