Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Nada más pasándola

A few words to share. I’ve missed three concerts as of late, Morrissey, Café Tacuba, and Green Day, only three of my favorite music artists. BUMMER! I’ve been caught up with work, gym, and my own chores and crap that I totally let time go by on me. It has just flown right on by without stopping for li’l ole’ me. It’s true! Time waits or stops for no one!

I saw House of Sand and Fog, Don’t Tempt Me and Full Metal Jacket this past weekend. House of…is very depressing and frustrating to sit through, Don’t Tempt Me is a witty charming movie from Spain with Penélope Cruz, Gael García Bernal, and Victoria Abril in a very witty comedy about Heaven vs. Hell. And of course, there’s Full Metal…with the most captivating boot camp set of scenes ever put on film. I still have Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Amélie to watch on DVD. So hopefully I can do that during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

And it looks as though we’re buying our airline tickets to New Orleans soon, hopefully the price starts to come down as it has been royally expensive! The boy I like is ignoring me, but my sex partners only seem to get steamier and better. Thank God for giving me some looks.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Let's see, Yasser Arafat has kicked the bucket, and Scott Peterson has been convicted of cold-blooded murder! Can it get any better? WOOHOO! I get so happy when scum finally dies or is removed from society. Although to be quite honest, I feel so bad for Laci Peterson's family. That is so sad. So sad...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The world is yours...

That's a line right out of "Scarface" I believe, where Al Pacino stares intently at a blimp with those very words going across it. I do feel I have the power to do anything and achieve so much, and yet, all I want to do once I leave work today is lay down and take a long nap! GO FIGURE! I don't think it's because I'm lazy, it's only because it's hard to stare into a computer screen, type away, and answer phones for 8 hours a day! It's mentally tiring I should say.

I am excited at the possibility of having found a new cool guy to hang out with and perhaps discuss Shakespeare with! AHEM! Yes, that's it. SHAKESPEARE! Now if only I can get rid of this allergy/cold, my upcoming days off will be a treat! Wish I were going somewhere to speak of, but there is always New Orleans for New Year's Eve. Hopefully.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Um, he's still president?!

Alright. I know there's lots of disappointed people out there. We're just gonna have to deal with Bushy four more years. He is our president after all, and we gotta stand behind him and support him as much as possible...until free speech, abortion, and gay rights are eliminated. GULP!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day Hath Arrived

Well, it's here kids! The day that "we the people" choose our leader! Or so we've been lead to believe! AHEM! I had to vote for John Kerry, my conscience would not allow me to vote for George Bush who is a Bible-thumping freak and hates gays. I do like the fact he'll kill terrorists, but I'm sure Kerry will do the same when push comes to shove. The whole world is watching this, after all, what happens here affects everybody everywhere. We're the modern day Roman Empire folks! Plan and simple.

Halloween was cool, went to a club that featured predominantly shirtless gay men on ecstasy! I was hoping my co-worker Lord William would join Leslie and myself, but he flaked out last minute to go pursue other adventures. Whatever those may be! QUACK QUACK QUACK as the Howard Stern Show sound effect goes.

We're on pins and needles here, waiting for this election night to be done with. Sure hope enough people get laid while waiting for the returns, which reminds me, what did I do for lunch today hmmm? HEEHEEHEE!