Monday, March 30, 2009


Okay, so it was only once this past week, but I at least got myself to the gym on Saturday! I'm noticing I have a slight gut/belly though and I don't like it. Where are my abs?! ARGH! It's all diet for the most part, but how can I ever give up french fries? HOW?!

As if cell phone text-messaging, e-mail and instant messenger chatting wasn't bad enough, then came blogging, MySpace, Facebook
, and now there's Twitter, the Blackberry, and the iPhone. Listen, I love all this fabulous technology just as much as the next guy/gal, but some of this is getting ridiculous! I never hesitate to admit that this blog is a bit of me trying to get some attention and notice in my otherwise pitiful boring banal ordinary life, but some of YOU people are taking your narcissism to extreme levels! I see those status updates people leave on MySpace or even worse Facebook, and it just makes me scratch my head at how often people want you to know what's going on in their quite boring lives! Some examples using fictitious names:

-"Clark Kent just had a lovely dinner and is going to watch CSI on TV."

Um, wel
l okay! And I'm supposed to care? Well good for you Clark! Of course, in comes one or two of Clark's close Facebook friends and will leave a comment such as, "Yay! With or without your clothes on Clark?" How witty! NOT! UGH! I MEAN, REALLY! WHO GIVES A F*CK?!

-"Barbie just got off the plane and here I am in lovely Rome."

That's nice dear. Rub it in for us poor people who are not as trendy, VIP, or as special as you to be
in f*cking Italy at this time like your special little self. I hope you get run over by la polizia italiana, or a thousand of those pigeons suddenly attack you for being so haughty and annoying about your worldly travels and adventures.

MySpace was bad enough with this shite, Facebook is much worse, letting you know what everyone connected to your friends is bloody up to when I frankly do not give a rat's ass, and Twitter might just be thee worst yet; probably alerts you to the size of someone's bowel movement at any given time! Listen, I am grateful and most thankful for anyone and all who co
me here to this blog to visit, but at least I (and most bloggers) take some time and thought into what I am going to write in here; there is substantial work undertaken and a real exchange of ideas/info taking place. I guess you could use my arguments against me somehow and call me a narcissist as well, but whatever. WHATEVER! I at least admit to wanting attention, whereas so many out there don't and think that what they are actually doing or status updating us with is actually important! It's just not! I'm just trying to keep it real dawg. LOL!

And while it would be nice to have one of those magical portable Internet access gems such as the Blackberry or iPhone, do I really need one of those things? DO I REALLY NOW? As
if I'm not already suffering from withdrawals when away from my laptop or desktop at home/work, I don't want to burden myself with yet another device that will keep me hooked to the damn Internet more than I already am! And the monthly service for having one of these things is not cheap either, and saving my money as much as I can is another reason not to get one of these portable devices at this or hopefully any time. I already have a cell phone and receive tons of text messages, a laptop, a desktop, and an iPod. I'll be fine with what I have up to this point right?

I just saw The Madness of King George and it was so insightful into royal life in the late 1700s in England! This was George III, who was still very upset at having lost the Thirteen Colonies in America, and he slowly starts losing his mind and behaving like quite a wretched barbarian! The acting is tremendous of course; the cast includes Nigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, Ian Holm, and Rupert Everett, all fine English actors naturally!

I love Miguel Bosé, Spain's finest trendiest artist ever; footage from a 1990 mega concert in Barcelona:

Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm frustrated at myself because I have not been to the gym this week so far. Very behind on that. And I am frustrated I gotta be at work all those damn hours, when I could be using that energy at the gym! Pay me to go to the gym please instead of doing boring office work! Those are called "personal trainers" dude, that's their job! Okay, okay I get it! ARGH! I could use a million lame excuses but I won't...

Hey, I saw Coraline in 3D on Wednesday! WOW! This movie is beautiful to look at. Very meticulously animated. I was lost in a very neat little world I tells ya. I don't even know how these people are able to work on such a project and bring these puppets and stuff to life like this! That looks like toilsome backbreaking slow work man! It is truly astonishing and breathtaking really; I hope the animators and stuff get paid lots and lots for such incredible magnificent handmade/crafted labor. I was surprised at the story and how dark and creepy it was; some kids might be really scared by this! Well, I don't ever like spoiling movies for ye my fans, so I best leave it up to you to go see it while it is still barely in theaters, or on DVD I suppose, but it's well worth seeing it in the third dimension to give it that extra kick ya know? It was well worth the SUPERBLY EXORBITANT TICKET PRICE. I don't know how much a movie admission is costing nowadays in your 'hood, but ova here I almost fainted at having to pay $13.50 for a regular adult admission! I rarely go to the movies, so going back after a three-month hiatus, I discovered the new shocking inflated fee. I'm anything but a cheap Jew (it's a joke okay, I love that hawk-nosed bastard Howard Stern and Mel Brooks is God, LOLOLOL), but DAMN! THAT IS REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE! I'll have to start buying tickets at a discount through our union or wherever else I can, 'cause that is ridiculous! And don't even get me started on the concessions stand! WHAT THA EF?! SIX DOLLAR NACHOS?!! ¡Tu madre cabrón! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

Greedy scuzballs these AIG execs and crew. The common man/folk are pi
ssed, and rightfully so. This current economic depression is hitting so many people really hard, and I don't know one person it has not affected in some way. And to see these guys taking in all these bonuses, rewarding themselves for such a mismanaged company is downright unfair and openly criminal. They're even receiving death threats for crying out loud! A few examples I found in this article:

--"Get the
bonus, we will get your children," someone identified only as "Jacob the Killer" hauntingly writes in an e-mail.

-- "All you motherf***ers should be shot. Thanks for f***ing up our economy then taking our money.

--" We will hunt you down. Every last penny. We will hunt your children and we will hunt your conscience. We will do whatever we can to get those people getting the bonuses. Give back the money or kill yourselves."

YIKES! HOOHOOHAHA! We the taxpayer, we the ones with the boring banal routine low-paying job
s are just sick of this crap! I think death threatening these fools is going too far, but I can't say I blame them either for their anger.

Well, another weekend is upon us, so enjoy it all you can fellow citizens. Do you all remember Menudo? That was the Puerto Rican boy band that hit it big in the early 80s; Ricky Martin got his young gay childhood start here. Well, in the late 70s/early 80s I was into Parchís! They were a kid's band made up of three boys and two girls from Spain! Cheesy as hell, but they were pretty popular. I used to look at the older boy in the middle a lot. Tino was his name, and...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's miércoles! That's español for Wednesday okay?

You know, I grew up with five major world cuisines: Salvadoran, American, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. I suppose most of us grow up with most of these correct? Burgers and hot dogs =American! Tacos and burritos = Mexican! Spaghetti and lasagna = Italian! Chow mein and rice = Chinese! The Salvi food is due to my heritage, but it's not as international as the other f
our. In the last few years though, I've discovered this Thai cuisine, which is kick ass man! OMG! It's like Chinese food, but with an extra twist! I love that stuff, especially their iced tea which is just delicious! I used to order it with the funny gooey boba balls at the bottom (insert gay joke here ye gutter minds), but it gets a bit cumbersome sucking up those things and at times they just go up the thick straw and directly into and down my throat (one last gay joke just for you perverts!), causing a bit of a discomfort. L.A. is now loaded with Thai places, or maybe it's always been this way and I am now barely noticing these awesome establishments of culinary delight, due to my current recognition of such yummy food.

Speaking of yummy food, let's talk about England! LOL! I have the utmost respect for so much of their culture, as I'm sure many across the world do right? England has been at the forefront of technology, science, the arts, law, government,
etc. since the days of old, which all came together during their mighty rule over the Earth, better known in history as the British Empire! OH MIGHTY BRITAIN, THE 19th CENTURY BELONGED TO YE! I mean, what language am I now writing in for crying out loud? English! I know Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and many other former British colonies or current British regions hate England due to their greedy abusive ways, and I guess this is rightfully so, but history has spoken, and the past cannot be broken. What was it about this tiny somewhat isolated area in Europe that has spawned such international greatness? What was in their air or water that has made them so fiercely competitive and influential? The United States overtook the Brits as the most powerful nation in the 20th century, but who founded the original 13 colonies? And what language do Americans speak? English! And who are the best actors? Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Laurence Olivier. And the greatest writers: Shakespeare, James Joyce, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens! And even in the modern era, the English have given the world rock gods: The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, etc. I dare say old chap, I do wanna visit this land some day. As much of a Hispanophile as I am, I can't deny I gots a bit of Anglophilia as well. That sounds nasty doesn't it? HA!

This American author however, has a different, more negative view of the "glorious" English, and is tired of anti-Americanism:

Monday, March 23, 2009


I am behind on some of your awesome blogs good people. I'll get to them, or better yet, remind me and make me visit you! Thanks for always stopping by to say hello regardless! I love you all!

I don't know why it is when a bit stoned that I not only get horny, hungry, and relaxed (like now, LOL!), but I also tend to deal with chores and stuff to do in my room or around the house a lot easier. Getting my clothes ready for work, brushing m
y teeth, or other simple little tasks become almost effortless after a hit or two of Mary Jane. Is that weird/odd? When sober, I tend to get much lazier and find everything more monumentally annoying or overwhelming, whereas now that I am a bit high, I kinda feel more in tune and less irked by the stuff I gotta do before going to bed. Interesting. Speaking of pot, I saw that super retarded movie, Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. This film is all over the place, quite ridiculous in some parts, but overall it had its moments I guess. It would've made more giggly/dumbass sense had I been stoned for it I suppose, but it works. Not as good as last week's hilarious Role Models mind you, but it still delivers a few genuine laffs. I dunno, I definitely think marijuana should and probably will be legalized soon, but I don't condone overdoing the herb either. Some people are constantly stoned off their ass and do nothing but smoke it all day, and that can get a little stupid ya know? And minors should definitely not be indulging in it, although they tend to go for cigs and alcohol at a much worse rate I suppose. Who am I to judge? I was 30 when I tried weed for the first time for crying out loud! To this day, I still don't really like or drink that much alcohol. I guess I'm rare in that I don't get addicted to substances that easy. Sex on the other hand has me totally addicted, but I'm not complaining, nor will I be seeking help for this carnal lust problem of mine anytime soon.

Music too for Christ's sake; I'm addicted to music I think as well, but that's a wonderful thing! Listen, even today there is some fine music still being recorded by artists such as The White Stripes, Of Montreal, The Shins, Radiohead, and Britney Spears (<---AHAHAHHAAHAH!), but there's something truly nostalgic missing nowadays. There are no more real albums anymore to speak of. Back in tha day, ya had th
e giant vinyl album to adore/admire/collect! Yeah, like that awesome scene in the incredible Almost Famous, where the young kid discovers his sister's album collection in a box she leaves for him when she moves out of home, and he sees all these great artists/records in there like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. What a terrific time this used to be! Albums really meant something; effort was put into the whole entire thing, which is something kind of lacking in today's digital download music world. The front and back covers used to be works of art! What do we really get/have now? All I see is small little wee bit thumbnail pic on my iPod here and there, but it's not the same. I guess CDs were kind of okay about maintaining that old vinyl tradition, and they were much more portable, but those days are pretty long gone; I hardly buy CDs anymore really. No more booklet to really browse through. Oh well. Times do change, and this is a great thing, but it certainly makes one think about how music used to be, how it used to be marketed in the past vs. today. Bring back the old medleys and rock opera style albums where songs went on for like 9 minutes or something. :)

And lemme tells ya, when under the effects of 420, I totally understand Pink Floyd. They make perfect sense. HEEHEE! I'm sure they are much more powerful under the influence of more potent substances, but I'm okay as is:

Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to the gym last night! Helps to relieve stress and makes me look better right? Some hot dudes there too. How I want and hate them at the same time. HAHA...

This week marks a glorious anniversary! EIGHT FUN-FILLED AWESOME AMAZING STUPENDOUS SUPER EXTRAORDINARY YEARS AT MY JOB! I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!! Listen, in this economy, everyone is aware of how grateful one has to be just to even have a trabajo and steady paycheck. BUT MY JOB GOES EVEN FURTHER! MY JOB IS RIP-ROARINGLY
BETTER THAN THE BEST HUGE EJACULATING SPURTING ORGASMS I HAVE EVER HAD, AND I HAVE HAD QUITE A FEW GOOD ONES I TELLS YA! I do love some of my co-workers mind you, so not all of this spiel is sarcastic; the real cool ones love me for who I am without being judgmental and engage me in some very fascinating conversations which do help the time to go by much faster. But getting back to the greatness that is my job: I love my two direct supervisors; they write in the English language much better than I do; one's a 130 year-old real Einstein from Taj Majal land, the other is a sultry sensually-voiced self-righteous super punctual middle-aged American black woman who reads her daily Christian affirmations; she always pronounces Hispanic surnames to perfection over our PA system! This fine large black woman never sneaks out of the office earlier than she should, despite what others have said/noticed! The other lovely American-born Ugly Betty lookalike Latina whom I have the utmost privilege of working with is an absolute joy; never condescending towards me and she never BARKS her orders at me. She is truly enlightened, and every day that she is there I am the luckiest young man in the world! The first three years at this job, I was there every day and was extremely punctual. The last five years, I have continued this excellent tradition, never missing a day, and always there on the dot baby! YOU KNOW IT! Thank God for Howard Stern. I know so many who say to me that Howard is overrated, but I dare say that it is Stern's show that makes me laugh out loud with gusto, and it is to him and his zany crew that I owe some of my best joyous laughs, which helps me immensely to get me up in the morning and take me through my drive to Disneyland (my job) and back. There! I could go on and on about all this terrific office cubicle joy, but I will stop now, for fear I may burst from all this gushing happiness! ¡Santo Dios y mi madre!

Listen, life is grand and horrid all rolled up into one, and now comes the hugely tragic news this week tha
t British actress Natasha Richardson went on a simple skiing trip to Canada, somehow fell and hit her head, and within hours gets worse and is dead two days later! ARGH! Ya know, this is one shitty story. Sad. So very f*cking sad. The older I get, the more I think I'm able to cope with all this death, but I never even knew the woman, and my heart felt very heavy over this, so it's obvious I'm still not able to deal with life being robbed, most especially from such a seemingly lovely productive human being such as this. And everyone has nothing but truly nice genuine things to say about Natasha. She was married to one of my favorite quiet and consistently wonderful actors, Liam Neeson! MY GOD MAN! I LOVE LIAM! He was in one of my favorite movies ever, Schindler's List! He was also terrific in Kinsey, and he's had a slew of other great roles. I had no idea Natasha's dad Tony Richardson was a director who later came out of the closet and she nursed him till his last breath when he died of AIDS almost two decades ago. Natasha leaves behind our great Irish actor Liam and her two cute teenage sons with him, plus her thespian giants: mother Vanessa and her aunt Lynn Redgrave, and her acting sis Joely Richardson. This is one big showbiz-style family folks. Regardless, a kind pretty lady has passed away, and most out there are feeling the pain.

My good friend in Pasadena said, "I used to think Liam was hot back before he married Natasha, now she dies, and he looks nothing like he did in the past; she sucked out all his good looks, what do I want him now for?" LOLOLOL! And one very proper person commented on some webpage: "This is so sad, Natasha died way too young at 45. BTW, I hear Liam her husband has a big one." REAL CLASSY MAN! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHH! I guess it doesn't hurt to laugh a little, even with such a crappy story.

Have a great weekend everybody. I leave you with one weird wonderful lyrically-rich old tune by the great genius gender-bending glam rock guru master, the very British and immortal, David Bowie:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was so tired yesterday. Had ZERO energy. I'm overdue back at the gym again this week. Pray for my glorious return okay? No slacking off now soldier! My job helps pay the bills for sure, but I am so annoyed by it at times. What else is new? Let's talk about interesting productive crap now:

I was born in the United States, but
mi familia is all from this small little Central American country named El Salvador. I have been to this beautiful mountainous volcanic country three times back in the 90s, and got to meet tons and tons of family members. Good times, good memories, but I never want to go back! It's a terribly violent horrible place now, overrun by thugs and gang members who keep the people oppressed and in fear. F*CK THAT! And have any of the past three presidents really done anything to cleap up this embarrassing mess? NOOOOOOOO! Historic elections this week however might offer new hope: a former journalist and nice-looking fellow has been elected to the presidency, and he just happens to be a leftist from the opposing socialist political party! That crazy Chávez in Venezuela is a real happy camper. Kind of cool I suppose, although will Funes really do anything to change the status quo and clean up the horrible crime wave this little place is suffering through?! El Salvador went through a terrible civil war throughout most of the 1980s, and the peace accords allowed the guerrillas their own political party, which the new prez Mauricio Funes belongs to. We shall see how it all goes down, but knowing the vicious oppressive cycle that most Latin American nations live in and are historically used to, I doubt any real changes are coming. I hope the new guy proves me wrong, or will El Salvador continue to kiss the U.S.' behind and bend to its every whim?

The drug cartels in Mexico are savagely offing people on a daily basis! YIKES! Hispanic people are so good in bed, and yet can be so violent too! LOLOL! Not long ago, there was a warning issued to crazy young drunk American college kids not to spend spring break 2009 down in Mexico, due to the current wave of violence. WHAT?! No insane partying, binge drinking, and
hardcore sex in Cancún?! WHAT GIVES MAN?! I want those GIRLS GONE WILD and GUYS GONE WILD videos now okay?! AHAHAHAH! Didn't the fool that marketed those loser videos go to jail by the way? What a douche! My mother used to hate the GIRLS GONE WILD infomercials and said the girls in those clips had no morals and were nothing but tramps/sluts! LOLOLOL! My brother Charles and I used to laugh out loud at mom's reaction. Quite a hoot! Oh well, there's always Ft. Lauderdale or Lake Havasu for a raunchy good spring break time right? Ah youth. Sweet naive crazy sexually-charged youth...

Barrett Long was interviewed by Howard Stern Monday, and he claims he is fully hetero but does gay porn only for money. Well fine! So he's got a big schwanz
, but he's not that hot anyway.

Your thoughts? Pretty please!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I hate to even give celebrities, and wannabe famous people any of my precious time, but I guess it's better to focus on them than my own shitty life! Wait a sec. I'm supposed to be having an extraordinary life this year right?! RIGHT! Ahem...

I'm going to complain and whine about that silver-spooned vapid bitch Paris Hilt
on! She's dating male model Doug Reinhardt?! WHAT?! He's so damn sexy! I guess Paris is cute in her own way too, but what does he see in HER?! I MEAN, REALLY! It's my frustrated inner jealous feelings talking; I saw her naughty vid that made her famous a few years back and she is boring as hell in bed. What kind of sex life is Doug getting out of this heiress airhead bore?! He could have a much hotter woman for sure! Unless he's bad in bed as well! LOL! Maybe he's gay! Yeah, that's it! I will rationalize Paris having such a fine man like Doug, by imagining that they're really just good friends, and that Reinhardt is really into other dudes, because there is no way on this blue floating planet that he can be in love with or into that rich spoiled dumbass Hilton. And why don't I look like Doug again?! ARGH! Thanks for all my photo shoot compliments, but I still don't look half as good as Doug Reinhardt! He prolly has a small penis anyway...

This new Star Trek movie is going to be a big deal; the trailer for it looks pretty darn good. The cast is nice-looking too, and I am intrigued, despite the fact that I've never cared for the overhyped space saga at all, but it is so ingrained into our American consciousness that I at least know some of the names/terms affiliated with the damn phenomenon. I'm much more of a Star Wars fan mind you, but now I'm fascinated by the new actor playing the young Dr. Spock. Mr. Zachary Quinto has those really thick awesome eyebrows like myself. He's kinda hot! I like! He's on Heroes like that other hottie Milo Ventimiglia. He's in his early thirties, which is a little older than me (STOP LAFFING), and I have a feeling he's one of our beloved pink triangle rainbow coalition members. In other words ye confused masses, I THINK ZACHARY IS A HOMO. Excellent! Bring it!

It was nice to watch the epic Australia on HDTV, and although the damn movie is longer than it should be, it was still enjoyable. I love Elton John's song in the credits. The Spanish-language film noir Hormigas
en la boca (Ants in the Mouth) is quite good and deeply fascinating, taking place in Cuba just as Castro is about to take charge.

And the extremely hilarious Role Models, starring the incredibly hot/handsome comedic duo of Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott and an equally-as-great supporting cast . Mama mia! This is quite a funny film, with a perfect made-for-WAT reference to Paul McCartney & Wings; this song is not really Paul and his old band, but boy it sure sounds like it could've been them:

Friday, March 13, 2009


Sorry for the cliché, but it truly is an extraordinary time to be alive.

I cannot believe how quickly newspapers are dying in this country! 2009 will go down as the year newspapers got national attention for becoming extinct. Thanks a lot Internet! LOL! I remember subscribing to the L.A.
Times religiously back in the early 90s, and reading it voraciously, especially that thick hefty awesome Sunday edition. Then the Internet came, and like most Americans, I ended up relying on the fast free instant news online; I mean all that paper accumulating in my house and having to store it for recycling just got annoying ya know? Hell, sometimes I have been accused of being an even better news reporter than the professional ones, through this blog! GO FIGURE! I think it's awesome that information is so rapidly disseminated in our times, but it is also kind of sad to see such a fundamental traditional institution like the good ole'-fashioned newspaper come to an end. That classic powerful influential era of the William Randolph Hearsts is pretty much over. What will Peter Parker and Clark Kent do now? They work at newspapers for crying out loud! LOLOLOLOL!!! The Internet revolution of the last decade and change has been nothing short of remarkable. Gone are the old record stores we used to love to browse through. The video/DVD stores are all but toast. Why watch regular TV anymore when you can catch all kinds of programs and movies online? YouTube baby!! The era of brainwashing us is finished! We get to choose now what we wanna view, listen to, read and put into our minds. Amazing stuff really. And all instantly, thanks to the miracle that is this Internet.

That photo shoot Tuesday night, the results of which you can see in the previous post was really cool; many thanks to R for his wonderful photography at his beautiful condo in the heart of Downtown L.A. Best pics I've ever had taken of me right? Wouldn't you agree chicos y chicas? The recent trips to the gym are paying off huh? I think so. Mee legs and arms look meatier, and I look more toned. OH BABY! KISS ME YOU FOOL! I was considering paying a personal trainer for several sessions, but I have rescinded this idea; tall, lean yet built young hottie Adam last night at the gym almost made me pass out from a free 30-minute preview session. Great push-up dumbbell routines sir, but that pace you had me going at made me wanna call the paramedics! YIKES! They say it gets easier, but I am a very patient and slow gym person. This boot camp type mentality of most of these trainers have just gets on my last nerve. I like to take my sweet skinny ass time at the gym. I don't wanna be rushed, and it is when you lift and do things slowly that your body appreciates it more. All that fast-paced push-upping, lifting, and crap just wears me out! I want Adam's body (in more ways than one), but it's exhausting, and the sessions are too expensive anyway.

Joaquin Phoenix' continued insanity is on a roll, and it is hilarious! Whether feigned or not, it's quite the spectacle and I'm finding it most entertaining.

I love comments! Please do say hello or whatever else is on your mind regarding my inane babbling! I got a clip here from Vicky Cristina Barcelona; one of my favorite scenes with Oscar-winning Penélope Cruz acting like a complete and total condescending bitch. I love it:

Monday, March 09, 2009


Busy busy weekend for me. I got the gym into my busy schedule! WOOHOO! And the protein powder shakes are good when I mix them just right, but man I get gassy enough to be considered a weapon of mass destruction! HELP! Too much info I know, but YEESH!

I had so much fun this weekend! Sadly, it's now over...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn this forward time change! Met the gang to celebrate my brother's 40th at a cool bar/dance club/restarant in Studio City. Took some pictures, wanna see them? Here ya go, a petite slideshow:

Friday, March 06, 2009


Hello there my loyal fans! Who's your favorite blogger huh? WHO?! WHO?! WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU! I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR TOP CHOICE?! YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BASTARDS! I'M NEVER BLOGGING AGAIN! Oh, don't mind me, I'm just being silly! HEE!

Last night, I went to meet my brother Charles and his silly drunk friends at this place nearby to celebrate his 40th birthday. Damn, I didn't have a camera! I had never been here, but it's quite the cool little hole in the wall! A very Hispanic crowd, and they had karaoke, so I got to hear my fair share of rancheras, salsa, cumbia, and Mexican polka folk country music sung by normal everyday Latinos in da house. The food was good, a mix of Salvadoran and Mexican I believe, but most of us ordered good old-fashioned greasy Salvadoran pupusas with curtido and red sauce. Deelish man! I have never seen so many green Heineken bottles at one table. These homeboys love their beer man; bunch of lushes my brother and his buds! All of them were drinking, except one of them at the table besides me. You see, I was on my own high, because I had already puffed on some of the herb ya know, but in good moderation, and there was this quite handsome shaved head sober Latino papi in our group there who gave me a strange gay vibe, even though he was acting the fully hetero part well with his buds. At one point, I was a brazen little fag: staring at his crotch, glaring right at him, and making it obvious that I liked what I saw. Either he is clueless, or enjoyed it, because not once did he move from his spot across from me and he was quite receptive to my obvious advances and would look at me often; he was most friendly with me and really admired my singing. None of this was obvious to the other liquored up dumbasses (including my brother) at the table, because we were very subtle in our flirtations, but man I could feel the tension! He has to swing towards my team! He cannot be fully hetero! There's no way, and this isn't just wishful thinking or projection on my part. At least, I don't think it is. I've been invited Saturday night to continue celebrating here; the party continues. Oh boy. It was a long night last night, but I had lots of fun, although I left feeling a bit like an ass hoping I didn't turn homeboy off with my gay bullshit, but I have this nagging feeling he liked it. HE REALLY LIKED IT. He asked me at one point if I had gotten lots of karaoke practice and I told him about my old GAY karaoke bar that just closed, and his next question was, "What has happened now to all the people who used to hang out there? And does West Hollywood have good karaoke?" Uh huh. What an interesting question right?

The four protein powder scoops alone with water shaken vigourously in one of those mixing cups is disgusting, but mix in half water, half milk, half an apple and half a banana in a blender and ya got yourself a much more tasty shake for sure! This is the way to go, and boy is it filling! I can feel myself packing the pounds as we speak kids! I was supposed to go to the gym today, but I was too exhaused, so Saturday I will have a superb workout that will literally kick my ass. That's the goal okay? My new hot bod is coming along! YEEHA! This is my prime folks!

I'm requesting more comments on my posts, especially from those who come to lurk and just read. Don't be lazy! Even if it is a quick hello, comment so I know u read my useless baloney! Thanks a million! I'm just an attention-whore.

Have an awesome weekend everybody! I hope it's not too late to get a ticket to see this awesome Scottish band, coming to L.A. very soon. An old cool song of theirs:

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


So while my car was getting fixed for a brutal amount of money this past Saturday, I was at my brother Charles' place watching TV with his friend and roommate. I know the roomie is gay; I just know it! Heck, now I even doubt my own brother Charles for crying out loud! LOL! He just turned 40 yesterday by the way! WOW! Congrats on that milestone! Anyway, the gay roomie popped Vicky Cristina Barcelona into the DVD player, and we watched it. It was actually not bad at all! Javier Bardem is terrific and this is the role for which Penélope Cruz just won the Oscar last week and she is quite good in the film playing a really crazy ex-wife. I love the film's setting of course, that magical of all places I always dream of going to, but never have: España! Ah yes, glorious Native-American destroying conquistador imperial superpower Spain! Woody Allen is a pretty good writer and director, it's just too bad he is such a creep in his personal life.

Because I spent most of 2008 with low energy levels and hibernating every chance I got, due to depression I suppose, the last two weeks or so have been extraordinary in my life. I have new found energy levels I have not felt in a good while. I mean, I've already hit the gym three times since I went back, I wake up feeling refreshed/ready for the day, I'm eating quite heftily, and I just generally feel very good as of late. This is most remarkable and a true blessing for me, because I can't remember the last time I felt this alive! I mean, just read my dreary blog posts for most of last year, or even before for that matter! AHAHAHHHHA! I attribute all this recent vivaciousness to several factors: sleeping so much last year, taking good vitamins lately, and the apple cider vinegar shots for sure! This is my moment I suppose, and the physical shape I am about to get into is going to be so damn provocative and sensual, I just won't be able to keep all dem females and males off me! The shock on people's faces when I tell them my real age vs. what age I appear to be is quite flattering.

This is my new protein powder. I just had my first "shake" of this stuff, and it tastes like rich creamy disgusting eggnog! UGH! I'll have to find a way to mix it with something else other than water, but as long as I get it into my gut somehow, is all that really matters I suppose, especially after working out. Let's see how much I gain folks! I've already put on 7 lbs. alone from eating and the gym in just the last week! For someone eternally skinny like myself, this is tremendous! Here I come Mikey Phelps!

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is not the greatest movie, but it is cute/sweet in its own special little way and it happens to have a nice musical score. I liked it okay? So there!