Friday, February 29, 2008


Just once, attention whore me would like to have a blog post of mine pass 20 comments. LOLOL!
I'm so excited! I'm going to Miguel Bosé's concert tonight! WHO THA HELL IS MIGUEL YOU ASK?! He's Spain's David Bowie/Morrissey/Sting all combined into one amazing megastar artist! A career spanning thirty years! I LOVE HIM! I've mentioned him before in this post and this one I think. I saw Miguel a little over ten years ago at this same venue, and the audience was so fiercely loyal; we asked him for some ten encores and he came back each and every time to deliver; now that was one hell of a concert. I wonder how much energy he has now that he's in his 50s. LOLOL! Oh he'll be fine I'm sure.

Oh Billary, it's practically over my dear, unless there's a miracle. I haven't yet seen the last debate, but many told me she seemed desperate and trying to hold onto her dying campaign, while Obamu was pretty poised, calm, cool, and collected. Texas and Ohio, which were earlier predicted to easily go to her are seriously being doubted and may be taken by Obammy on Tuesday. I even got to listen to Roseanne on progressive talk radio Wednesday night, and her political viewpoints are pretty darn refreshing. She's a Hillary supporter all the way and was upset at how sexism is still alive and well in the United States. Roseanne said she'd vote for Obamer if Hillary loses the candidacy, but expects the racism to begin against Obamz once he becomes the obvious and lone frontrunner. In other words, they're weeding out the bitch now and then going for the dark man's skin color and background next. This was a very good point I had not even considered, and the fear was that old psycho war-scarred McCain could get into office as a result. EEK! A divided Democratic party may just work to the Republican's favor in the end, as divided as they now seem too. A leading black British gentleman has some controversial things to say about Obama here.

The euro has set a new exchange rate record against the shitty embarrassing U.S. dollar! EEK! Make way for the world's leading currency folks: the euro! HOW SAD! How is one supposed to go to Europe now and enjoy it without shelling out a bunch of cash? And gas is also getting expensive again, with the horrid possibility that it may go to $4 a gallon. Get yer bikes kids, 'cause it's getting bad!

The new pic of that gorgeous lady gracing my blog on the very top left corner is none other than one of my fav actresses. Of course, when I show people the pic, they have no idea who she is, but it's none other than this gal. She is terrific and sure chooses amazing movie roles. She's a Brit, but does those American accents so well!

I leave you with this cool song/video by Scottish band Travis; the supermarket was never this much fun, and watch closely for a cool cameo by one of our big comedic actors:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My job has been pretty laidback lately. I'm loving it, to quote the current McDonald's catchphrase. Damn, just writing that made me crave some of those french fries. Mmmmmmmm...grease!

Went to CLUB FUEL in Studio City as I usually do on Monday nights for karaoke. They have a new KJ with a much better amazing vast song selection! A DREAM COME TRUE! The host and his assistant are pretty nice, except they need to be more animated when announcing our names, 'cause it was a bit too monotonous. Put on a radio broadcasting voice or something man! Hell, maybe I should host my own karaoke show some day; I'd be really zany, silly, and fun doing it I think. I met a fine Southern gentleman last night too, who was not only quite handsome, but very smart and well-spoken. Yeah, I was a bit smitten, but I couldn't help it. He admitted that lots of his look is fake like his tan and very pearly whites and I found that pretty refreshing. But he did look damn good regardless, and I like someone who does care about their appearance/hygiene.

O.k. Because the world entire could not wait any longer and due to overwhelming popular demand, here are pics of my cubicle; my little office space where I rot endless hours Monday through Friday! Eat your heart out Britney, the paparazzi chases me too and could not wait to post these pictures: Yeah, pretty eclectic ain't it? Among the items: you can see Phyllis Diller's autographed pic in there somewhere, a little mugshot of my radio icon hero Howard Stern and his sidekick Robin, a pic of my niece when she was smaller, Kermit the Frog, and a few shots here and there of the little band from Liverpool that once ruled the 1960s, whoever those guys were! HA!

Monday, February 25, 2008


My front tires are new since last week, and I had the alignment done this past Saturday in an auto shop with hot Hispanic dude customers in Spanish mission-style San Fernando, CA just a bit northwest from where I live here in the Valley. Nice little town I must say and not at all as ghetto as I was expecting it to be. I guess the gangbangers must be in nearby Pacoima or Arleta I suppose? I'm still driving around nice and slowly, and I gotta say it makes a world of difference in my overall mood to not speed and have to beat the other stupid L.A. drivers that like to whizz past me now like I'm some old man or something. As if I care!

I was really out of it watching the Oscars this year, since I haven't seen any of the big nominated films yet, but I was certainly most pleased with two specific winners/moments at last night's show. As a proud Latino/Hispanic, I was certainly happy to see Javier Bardem take the Best Supporting Actor trophy, as I have seen him in many risk-taking provocative roles before, especially in his earlier days as an actor in Spain. Man, his Castilian is very fast and mumbled; I always did find it hard to understand him, the marble mouth that he is. Oh look who just became really big Antonio Banderas! ¡Felicidades a Javier! And though I haven't seen La Vie En Rose, I could certainly tell from little snippets shown of that movie that French actress Marion Cotillard really performed her heart out playing singer Édith Piaf, and she surprised everyone by winning the Best Actress statuette. Congrats to her as well, and her shock/acceptance speech at having won was most moving and awesome. C'est comme un rêve ma petite!

I finally saw Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote and this dark, dreary, creepy movie was decent. Some fine acting here and I learned lots about a very terrible crime I really knew nothing about before. Truman Capote it seems, was very well-liked and funny whilst drinking and smoking at trendy parties with his literary friends and colleagues, yet I just can't get over that annoying voice he had! LOL! A small, but very effective realistic portrayal of the Latino/Mexican experience in L.A., was the little gem Quinceañera with some pretty good unknown actors including a very studly Jesse García playing a very straight-acting cholo gay dude. I liked the movie a lot; good job to all!

Okay, way past mee bedtime now. Hasta pronto.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Those of us cursed/blessed with oily skin are more prone to getting the stye/cyst I've been dealing with on my upper right eyelid. The swelling is now going down a bit, and the itchy watery discomfort is subsiding as well, which is a blessing because driving to and from work yesterday was pretty scary as I could feel my right eye not focusing and feeling very weak from all the trauma it's been through. All the horror you ever wanted to know on this is here.

There are two fascinating world leaders of the past I have been thinking a lot about lately: Evita and Abraham Lincoln. Evita has been analyzed, hated, and revered to death and in a strange way the current Hillary campaign reminds me of this woman. Both of them females/first ladies, both of them admired/despised, both married to powerful men, and both with an insatiable ambitious desire for power. Maybe someday we'll have the Hillary musical, HILLARITA? And then there's good ole' Abe Lincoln. A homely strange-looking giant man, reportedly tormented by depression and insecurity yet able to achieve the highest office in the land and stand as one of history's most admired U.S. presidents in the midst of a brutal civil war that almost tore the country apart in the 1860s. I think Spielberg is gonna make a movie on his life with Liam Neeson in the title role. And the circumstances/events of Lincoln's tragic assassination are equally as fascinating, but more on this I hope at a later post.

Earlier this week, I got to watch this fascinating program rerun on PBS on Windsor Castle and all that goes into keeping the place running throughout a regular year for the British royals. MY GOD MAN! A really interesting view of all the pomp and circumstance and detailed meticulousness to keep the high and mighty on their thrones! SHEESH! There's an army of people cleaning, organizing, cooking, and doing all they can to keep the joint in top shape; us mere mortals shall never know how the rich truly live I suppose. The Queen is gonna live at least another twenty years man, for the women in her genepool really seem to live a long long time.

This shooting just outside of L.A. recently is really stirring people's emotions. A gay teenager was shot by his hateful classmate. Truly terrible.

My eye is healing nicely, and thanks again for all the sympathy/shock/awe comments in the previous post.

I dig this picture taken at the Obama/Hillary debate last night, which was pretty good. Talk about completely different body types! LOLOLOL!

P.S. The Oscars are this Sunday! WOOHOO!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I feel like a soldier who has gone through a hellish war. Excuse any typos if any, as I am typing with one giant gauze patch over my right eye and my one good left eye doing all the seeing here, but the right upper eyelid stye turned into a clogged heavy painful itchy cyst that was not going away with my home treatment which made for a pretty miserable weekend and so yesterday afternoon the eye specialist injected, cut, pulled, prodded, and drained my poor upper right eyelid accompanied by such PAIN (even after numbing) which I have never felt in my entire life and would not wish on any of my enemies. Going to the dentist is a joke compared to what I had to go through. I don't think I've ever grunted in such painful fashion nor gripped the armrests so fiercely as I did yesterday afternoon. Yes, blood was running down my right cheek.

My eyelid shall now heal as it should, and I'm praying the worst is truly over. I'm behind on so many of your blogs, and I apologize.

I've been to hell and back it seems...

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have a stye (zit) under my upper right eyelid and it hurts, itches, throbs, and has swollen my poor eye to epic proportions! I look like I was in a bar fight or something. I'm doing warm compresses, drops, and just waiting it out, but man is this annoying! I look like Quasimodo, lazy eye and all.

But my ailment is nothing in comparison to yet another freakin' mass shooting in our beloved United States of America! MY GOD MAN! MY DEAR GOD! Hearing the news just made me shake my head, and it happened in yet another university with five students dead and many injured before the murderer killed himself. This is mad I tell ya. My co-worker says this is due to legislation Reagan was soft on back in the 80s which allowed many mentally ill people to walk the streets without being monitored or regulated. So now she says we have way too many screwy citizens not taking their meds and out and about when they should really be in mental hospitals even though they appear functional on a daily basis. Turns out the killer this time was off his necessary meds apparently. This is becoming as commonplace here as suicide attacks in other nations; our own form of terrorism.
It's hard to read Don Quijote with my bad eye and all, but I'm trying to continue getting on with this 1000 page-plus masterpiece...

While the second of the Indiana Jones movies was okay, the original trilogy as a whole is quite a blast, and to have the new trailer out for the new film coming out in May is pretty exciting. 19 years have passed since the last sequel, and here we are again. Amazing:

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yes, all my love to my close friends and cherished ones on this Cupid Day. In Spanish, they also call it El Día del Amor y la Amistad which translates to Love and Friendship Day, so if you're single and without a true lover this year, don't fret okay? Somebody out there truly loves and cares for you regardless! I'm gonna jump off a bridge now...

This past week, I've been driving much slower on the freeway to and from work or anywhere in general I go, due to concern over a somewhat worn out tire I gotta get changed later this week. And ya know what? I've been so much calmer and tranquil driving at this lower more legal speed! AHAHAHAHA! WHO KNEW?! The legal speed on our roads here in L.A. is usually 65 m.p.h. but yours truly has been known to stupidly go up to 80 and that's not good! My newfound respect of the law has made driving quite comfortable and rid me of lots of my recent road rage! So what if ya wanna pass me or make me eat yer dust? I seem to be getting to my usual places in about the same time regardless with my now lower legal speeds; more effortless driving time to enjoy my Sirius Satellite Radio and the zany wacky hilarious Howard Stern Show. This all translates to less wear and tear on my car, no risk of a speeding ticket, and a better mood for me the driver. I hope I stick to it.

Oh boy. Hillary Clinton is in deep DEEP trouble. Obama is a bona fide rock star. He's unstoppable. He's charismatic. Speaks well. Is kinda handsome. And America seems to adore him! I've been resisting Obamee all this time, supporting tha Hillard I suppose till the very end, but if she doesn't get the next primaries in Texas or Ohio, she is toast. Would be very interesting to see the first human without a penis elected to the presidency, but I guess America may be more ready for the half black man than the full-on white woman which is contrary to what many thought before! LOLOLOLOL! That Oprah sure has had tremendous influence as always.

Quick Beatles-related news: Yoko Ono is stupidly fighting over her genius deceased hubby's name as exclusive with some truly non-threatening female recording artist named Lennon Murphy who has called her band by her true first name, Lennon. And Heather Mills has been representing herself in court this week against her former husband, living genius Paul McCartney trying to get the millions she sooooooooo does not deserve. Just when will this saga end?! And Ringo was all over the Grammy Awards this past Sunday and he looks good, although lately I hear he's been a bit snotty/arrogant with people in general.

Fellow readers/bloggers, a million thanks again for your continued support and comments, which I do read and enjoy tremendously. Some of you like to comment on your reader's comments which is something I rarely do on my blog...
Should I be commenting more on your comments?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Roy Scheider is dead and a most wonderful actor he was. Forever Chief Brody in one of my fav movies of all time, Jaws. R.I.P. sir.
The Oscars have been saved! Oh THANK GOODNESS! The gay Super Bowl will air on February 24th as it always has, with all the stars decked out in their expensive gowns/tuxes thanks to a deal reached with the writers and this most annoying strike which has crippled the L.A. entertainment industry. Yes, the show will go on as it should! YEEHA! A trivial awards show to divert my attention from all of life's troubles!

Saturday, I joined my buds Scarlet, Uncle "R", and another gentleman on an amazing strenuous hike through Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. I had never been, and it was quite the ass-kicking experience, but well worth it. Spectacular views of Los Angeles; absolutely beautiful panoramic views of Hollywood, Downtown, Long Beach (I believe), Santa Monica and the ocean, Griffith Observatory, and the San Gabriel Mountains! I did not have my digital camera or binoculars, but I will next time I suppose. Some of those hills knocked the wind out of me, but I'm glad my heart is strong enough and that I didn't pass out or anything. Plenty of adorable doggies hiking with their owners, and lots of hot straight and gay men to oogle at. I've lived here my whole life, and I had never been there! For the first time I saw L.A. as beautiful, which is an adjective bestowed automatically on a city like San Francisco. Yes, plastic phony Los Angeles is a pretty city after all.
Some quick reviews of some terrific films I've recently watched on DVD. Tim Burton's Big Fish is a wonderful fantasy-type uplifting film; a true celebration of life. I had it in mind a while back, but Rick Rockhill persuaded me even further to watch Mildred Pierce starring Joan Crawford and this movie was chock full of riveting drama! Really good flick starring Joan as a very sweet hard-working woman; I can see why she won an Oscar for the role. Definitely not the bitch portrayed in Mommie Dearest! LOLOLOL! Last but not least, the French have made a really good contemporary film about gay issues called Le Placard (The Closet); very funny witty zany fun and full of some good lessons with some of France's finest veteran actors including Gérard Depardieu. Check this one out please!
Merci beaucoup, et à bientôt!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ann Cun, Er...I mean, Coulter says she'd rather vote for Billary than John McCain and many other conservative right-wing asswipe Republicans have said the same thing or that they're not going to vote at all because of the terrible choices they have this time around! I say: AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAH! YES YES YES! What? No George W. Bush to stand by this time around kids like y'all stupidly did in 2004? Is your Republican party that tarnished that you can't come to an agreement on a viable worthy candidate? The Republicans have dug their own hole, made their own bed, and now must pay the price. America has had it with zealot religious lying fiends like Bush and Co. who confess Jesus as their Savior but yet cause war and lie about it in the process.

And while we Democrats try and sort out our little Billary vs. Obamee main candidate issue, it looks as though one of them will pull through and get good support/votes regardless, although as of late I am honestly shocked and impressed by how well Obamers is doing. I am really quite amazed, because I honestly did not expect him to do so damn well. Billary just might be beat and that would be quite something. Last I read, Billary just may be running out of money and Obamz has a bit more delegates at the moment. I still stand by Billary due to her overwhelming experience, but we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out in the next few...

I'm very perturbed by recent shootings and acts of violence that have made national headlines. Just last weekend, some guy
shot up a store and killed five women and ran off. A teenager shot up his whole entire family in Maryland. We had a terrible tragic incident here in L.A. on Thursday where some young Latino dude shot his two brothers, father, and two cops in the SWAT team, killing one of them. They had a council meeting shooting too in Missouri where several were killed by an angry citizen and he managed to even critically injure the mayor. And just yesterday, a woman shot two other students, then herself at a school in Louisiana. This recent pattern of gun violence is very troubling and continues to point to the alarming violent and screwed up society we live in. Something has gone wrong, and continues to go wrong in America. Why all this terrible violence? WHY?! I guess anyone can snap at any moment, but it is very disheartening and a bit scary to think someone else's mental misery/anguish can put your life in such terrible danger.

Latest pics of Madonna and her daughter Lola who is growing up fast, plus other celebs here:

This is London


Ann Coulter will vote for Billary over McCain Clip 1

Ann prefers Clintoon over McCain Clip 2

And yet another f**king phony Bush picture, this time caring for tornado victims:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Regardless of your political position, party affiliation, or personal beliefs, is it not amazing friends to be alive in these extraordinary remarkable times? Did you ever think we'd live to see the day that a biracial man and a middle-aged woman would be competing so fiercely and have such strong support each in these United States of America? My oh my, what a fascinating moment in history this truly is. My equal admiration for both Billary and Obamerz, for running good strong campaigns. May the best "man" win. Just what would the Founding Fathers think about all this, besides rolling over in their graves at this very moment? LOL!

Monday, February 04, 2008


Saturday night's fantastic Groundhog Day party hosted by Scot Not Scott! He had some killer snacks/food to munch on! He made me an awesome mixed drink that had me buzzed in no time and I ate like a pig! Thank you sir for all the fun.
Clockwise above: Me, my bud of 20 yrs., Scarlet the Southern Belle, and "Uncle" R.In the above photo: The nicest guys you'll ever meet, fellow bloggers Chris from Clever Fool, and Paul from Projekt R3volution. And I'm already looking a bit buzzed and kooky in this pic. Oh, and el muchacho who runs durante vita was there too. A good time had by all; HELL I KNOW I ENJOYED MYSELF SO THERE!

Congratulations to the underdog NY Giants for their amazing Super Bowl win! Of course, the incredibly adorable Puppy Bowl IV highlights cannot be missed!

Late Saturday night, I caught Ron Paul's campaign rally held in Washington state just a few days ago on C-SPAN and he was terrific! This guy makes so much sense (as my bud has been telling me), and I must agree. I was riveted to his speech about personal individualism and following the Constitution, which is something this country has lost touch of years ago.
Oh well, our California primary is tomorrow! WOOHOO! GO RON PA...ER, I MEAN, BILLARY!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


The f**king Super Bowl is tomorrow with super stud womanizing star quarterback Tom Brady and yer average homegrown underdog Eli Manning. Probably the biggest non-official American holiday after Thanksgiving folks. Good luck teams and please don't beat up/smack around yer wife if you're a hetero married man watching the game at home; I've heard domestic violence goes up sharply on this day due to wifey interrupting the big game or something to that effect.

Two tremendous articles to share with you on two always fascinating and now fallen pop stars:

Ya wanna see some of the first ever pics of Michael Jackson's elementary school kids? I just don't see the resemblance to their father to be honest, since they lack most of his original childhood African-American traits, but he claims them as his own so:

And if you've had it with Britney Spears, don't even bother and skip ahead, but this has to be the best article yet that clearly summarizes what has been going on with the troubled pop star as of late, complete with some disturbing and almost hilarious photos to go along with it. There's so much info on her current stay at the psychiatric hospital and the details are so astonishingly horrid, that I found myself laughing at times in order not to feel terribly sad. Please pray for this girl, as I'm sure many already are:

But of course, I can't leave ya with such depressing news, so I thought I'd lighten it up and finish with this clip of a very adorable funny gay boy making "Spanish Cookies." Yes, I think I'd do him/hit it: