Friday, October 28, 2005


Oh come on! Admit it! If you were of age to remember Michael Jackson's Thriller, you know you sang, danced, watched the video, and liked it just as much as I did. It's perfect for Halloween viewing too!

The year: 1983. Yours truly was barely in elementary school, and there he was, M.J. on top of the world, the biggest superstar and idol to millions the world over. I think my brother and I must've rented the Thriller video that also contained The Making of Thriller countless times and watched it over and over again.

I mean it truly was a revolutionary piece of art for its time, directed by An American Werewolf in London director John Landis, with awesome special effects and very cool choreography with dancers made to look like the undead.

To this day, it's still considered the greatest music video of all time. Yeah, even though Jacko eventually went berserk and child molestation charges ruined his image (along with the 345 nose jobs), he sure was cool back in the day, and mine, yours, and everyone else's musical icon.

---See the entire video here:

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I can honestly say the two most powerful horror movies I have ever seen are The Exorcist (1973) and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). By most standards, they are considered among the top ten best of the genre.

Both these films are raw and scary due to very different circumstances.

That there could be spiritual evil invading a person's body and soul is one of the most frightening aspects about The Exorcist, the loss of personal identity and control. I first saw this film about ten years after it was made, at home on TV and I was only about nine years old. To this day I kinda regret having watched it at such a young age, for I think it rather traumatized me for a good while. The acting is phenomenal, the special effects incredibly convincing, and that voice, DEAR GOD, that voice! UGH! Many today will say the film has lost most of its initial impact, which is probably true, but even now, many of the scenes still can be quite unsettling.

When I was much older, I ran into a television airing of
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (the original please, the remake is a joke) and this film is pretty disturbing. Made on a minimal budget with unknown actors and in a very grainy documentary style, this movie is effective on all levels. We are perturbed to see the crazy family that inhabits that house in the middle of nowhere, the cannibalism, Leatherface and his arts and crafts, and probably the scene that will always stay on my mind: the first victim, a cute young whiteboy who goes into the house unsuspectingly and is conked on the head with a mallet, his body convulsing and seizuring on the floor until a second blow kills him for good. YIKES! F**KIN' TWISTED!

Both films have hardly any gore or blood, yet on a psychological level work extremely well. If you can tolerate this kind of trauma, these are excellent masterpieces for this time of year.

Happy Halloween!

Further reading:

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Isn't it shocking and demoralizing sometimes how much hypocrisy, aggression, and just plain bitterness there is in the world? Wherever one goes, it is inevitable that one will run into someone who will give us attitude or try to sour our day.

I notice this, especially at work all the time. The fake smile, the sarcastic comments, dirty looks, phony personalities, and negative demeanor of so many is really astounding. I don't think it's reserved for just my workplace, but really for most of the world out there in general. Why is that?

Have you ever tried to reach out to a co-worker (or someone in general), invite them for lunch, and possibly hang out with them outside of work, and all you've gotten is the attitude and cold shoulder? As if they show absolutely no interest in you as a person no matter how cool you may think you are? Or try to explain to your supervisor your frustrations and all you've gotten is the sarcastic, "I'll take care of it." In other words, "Shut up, you whining complaining buffoon!" Or how about the dirty look and unanswered "Good morning" from someone you walk past by early in the day? And of course, there's always the individual who cuts you off or tailgates you aggressively while driving.

I fail to understand how so many people can be so rude and full of themselves, when in all honesty their shit smells just as bad as anyone else's. And with death being the great equalizer, why are humans so full of pride? WHY??!! To what purpose?! Are the insecurities and depressing lives that some of us hold too great to handle that we take it out on others with these grotesque negative actions?

I'm not asking for a phony individual who's always happy and never gets frustrated or angry. Not at all. But it would be nice if most people were real about who they are and treated each other with as much respect and realism as possible, without all the hidden crap and underlying agendas. What else is truly maddening is the lack of humor in so many; God forbid a joke too raunchy, racist, or sexist for it's enough to get you in trouble and either sued, fired, or even jailed, which is why so many have to literally walk on their tiptoes now when treating someone at work or anywhere else and getting to really know them.

This has only served to stagnate human progress and elevate the level of hypocrisy out there, which is why we are still arguing over gay marriage and other "morality" issues to this day, issues that should've been resolved long ago in our sexually repressed but very active and realistically perverse society. The porn industry doesn't make billions by luck, there's plenty of prudish men and women who present themselves one way to the world, but behind closed doors are really quite the lustful sexually charged beasts.

Humanity has unquestionably made great technological scientific progress in the past few years. But I wonder, how many of us on this overpopulated globe have really moved ahead in terms of bettering our relations with other human beings? Is it our longer lifespan, daily pressures/stress, society at large, or constant frightening terrorist threats that have seemingly made so many detach themselves from their emotions and make them negative? I don't want to hate humanity, because there are good genuine people out there, but haven't you ever told yourself that those gems are really far and few between, that most people are beatches and assholes?

I will readily admit to being guilty of negative behaviour, but alas, I usually refrain from it until attacked or provoked, and even then I feel inferior for having let someone else's negativity invade my positive energy. I think this is why I love animals so much, because of their pure instinctual nature and genuine love towards us, without all the human hangups of life in this crazy "civilized" world.

Alas, we are all human, but isn't the point of life to laugh, enjoy each other, and ultimately love till death due us part?

And yet we continue to waste it so...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This past Sunday, Loren Soth went all out and carved out a Clifford pumpkin and had black Lab Luke and cute mischevious puppy Patrick Beringer pose for a photo op.

Monday, October 24, 2005


I have been a faithful loyal Howard Stern listener now for about ten years, and I gotta say, no other morning radio show even comes close to his comic genius. He is nothing short of astoundingly funny and incredibly smart. Really! I cannot thank him enough for making me laugh all these years, especially having to go to work in the morning. The relief he has provided me has been crucial to my well being.

I love his show, and all the negative press he has received for supposedly being sexist, racist, homophobic, and closed-minded is a load of bunk! The beauty of the Stern show lies in his amazing ability to satirize American society and all the conservative hypocrisy out there! Howard is for gay marriage, pro-woman (especially admiring and lusting after their bodies!), pro-choice, and very accepting and tolerant…something his detractors don’t even realize. His extraordinary cast: Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Artie Lang, Baba Booey, Richard Christy, plus the hilarious Wack Pack, are enough to bring tears to one’s eyes from excruciating laughter.

And yes, he can be and is very disgusting at times. I mean, the farting, queefing, and vomit contests he sometimes airs are beyond listenable, and I do find myself turning the radio off. That’s the beauty of freedom, if I don’t like it, I just turn away from it, which is why I am against censorship. His constant battles with the FCC are by now notorious, and pretty ridiculous; there are so many other blatantly vulgar programs on radio and TV out there, and they hardly come under the scrutiny that Howard does.

He is hated and vilified by the Right, and adored by his legion of loyal fans. By now, most know of his upcoming move to Sirus Satellite Radio, and I am one of the many who will follow him, even though it means having to pay for radio, but no other replacement host or morning radio show comes or will come close; Howard is simply irreplaceable.

Despite all its raunchiness, crudeness, sound effects, and silly anecdotes, Stern’s show can be very serious and informative too when needed; the 9/11 show (<---might take about five minutes to download & fast forward to 2hrs. 18 minutes into audio clip or at 138 minutes), as the terrorist attacks unfolded live, has to be one of the reporting pinnacles of his career. It’s what I and millions out there listened to, to stay informed of what was going on that tragic morning.

If you’ve never listened to him, you don’t know what you’re missing. The time he’ll be on regular commercial radio is short as he starts the new satellite format in January of 2006. Some smaller markets around the country have already started getting rid of the show. More of this unfolding saga to come I'm sure.

As Howard says to his famous sidekick Robin every morning:

"What else is in the news Robin?"

Friday, October 21, 2005


I don't want to sound closed-minded or mocking at all about the whole sex change thang ya know? But I find it a very difficult concept to comprehend!

I was watching
20/20 tonight, and was utterly fascinated and intrigued with the story of this guy who lead a marvelous career as a high-ranking military official and then stunned everyone around him by going through gender reassignment surgery to become a fully active woman! And he was a normal decent-looking guy too, who as a woman quite frankly, is now quite hideous! To top it off, now that he's a she, he will continue to actively pursue other women sexually! In other words, the only thing he wanted all along was to become an active lesbian! Does that make sense?! WOW!!! I'm so happy about being a guy, I wouldn't trade my cock for anything! HELLS NO!

I sound like I'm talking smack and I shouldn't be really, being that I myself am in a very ostracized minority group(which one, Latino or gay? HAHA), but it must be a real powerful thing to wanna invert your schlong and turn it into a fake vagina. Or for some women, who wanna close up their snatch and finally sport a pecker. Weird man. Really weird. I do admire these people as highly courageous though, and the sacrifices they make and endure are nothing short of monumental! And I thought being gay and having to come out was difficult!

I miss my favorite L.A. Karaoke host,
Jackie Enx who is a really cool chick that went through this very exact ordeal.

To each his/her own right?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I was supposed to go to the gym tonight. Yet again. Supposed to. Of course, I came home exhausted after yet another hard day at the office and just plopped my skinny ass down on mee bed and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

I've been a member of my gym since 2002, and thankfully my monthly membership rate has gone down to a now reasonable price after having given them an arm, a leg, and one of my testicles for the last three years! It was definitely worth the investment though; when I started going, I had never set foot in a gym in my entire life, and I went with extreme and intense dedication at least twice to three times week for the next two and half years. I definitely acquired definition and toning on my body I had never had before and even put on some much needed weight on my once puny frame.

Then in late 2004, and most of 2005, I started getting real lazy and sick of the gym! UGH! After working nine hours or so daily, the last thing I wanted was to spend it afterwards surrounded by iron equipment and an environment full of the charming aroma of foot and ass! Now I've relegated myself to going consistently some weeks, dropping out others and then going back again.

Mind you, the only real incentive sometimes, to be honest, was and still is some of the hot boys and men working out there you can kinda catch an eyeful of and flirt with in the jacuzzi, sauna, and showers! WINK! WINK! My gym (as many are) is full of homos! Hard, horny, and ready! To workout of course! AHEM.

The media doesn't help me feel better either about myself when I don't go work out; I feel lazy and like a real loser when I don't go and try to sculpt my body to look like those hot male Hollywood celebrities, models, or porn stars. I know women are made to feel this pressure all the time; it's now happened to us guys, and in the superficial gay world, it's worse!

I know, I shouldn't be so hard on myself, I mean, I really don't have such a bad body, just a lean swimmer's build that's all. Maybe I'm not meant to have that perfect male washboard abbed big biceped hot pecs kinda frame. I at least was blessed with decent looks, a fast efficient metabolism, and a nice big penis!

Not to brag, but I need anything to make me feel better about having just come home tonight again instead of heading straight to Bally's.

I can always go tomorrow, if not, the next day, or maybe the next day after that or perhaps...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


No no no. Uh no. That's nothing at all ye conservative hypocrites to be worried over!

Now this!!! THIS IS TRULY DEGENERATE! Good riddance to all the participants!

And yeah, as gross as this is, I did laugh out loud too:

The Seattle Times

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


2005 is achieving epic status!

Another, yes, ANOTHER hurricane!
Wilma! Florida's in danger yet again; this time the storm's coming from an odd angle. Ah well, what can we do right? Mother Nature does what she pleases, and it seems like she's just flooding, blowing, saturating, and drowning people with a fury this year. Shit man, there's even a dam in danger of breaking in Massachusetts, after all that ridiculous amount of rain up there in the Northeast. SHEEZ!

Now on to one of the world's great icons,
Madonna. I have loved Madonna since day one, when I first saw her at the age of nine, strutting around and not giving a f**k about what anyone said about her slutty controversial ways. She was just so cool back in the day. Who didn't follow and watch Madonna's every shocking move? With an incredible array of different looks, revolutionary mind-blowing videos, and thought-provoking messages, she has always been at the forefront of female pop music. I have always admired how she took her minimal talent and turned it into something interesting, an astute shrewd businesswoman indeed!

But lately, she's been talking some weird crap man! Apparently, Madge is a real
bitch to her kids, acting more like a dictator than mother to them! And then there's this: news article. What tha hell is she talking about?!

I think all the fame, money, and ANGLAND have gone to her head!

I'll still be anxiously awaiting the new
album though!

Monday, October 17, 2005


this is an audio post - click to play
Lots and lots of rain today in Los Angeles, with strong loud thunder to go along with it. The pic above was taken from my kitchen window showing our backyard around 3p.m. You can see the rain pouring down, ti's why the pic is kinda fuzzy and blurry.


I passed on going to see The Fog, which got horrible reviews not just from pretentious movie critics but by friends of mine who saw it, and opted instead to go see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, last night.

What a delightful li'l movie! I felt like a kid all over again, and God knows this kind of positive entertainment is needed during such dramatically dreary times like the ones we live in. Here's a well written
review of the film.

There is an amazing attention to detail and this kind of clay animation must be arduous work; it is remarkable what the creators of this film have done to bring this fun sweet world to life. And it's so witty too, all set in jolly ole' England!

Ironically and sadly, lots of the sets and archives from the previous Wallace & Gromit shorts just burned down in a fire at the studios where this fantastic duo is brought to life: news article.

Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. And oh yeah, since I pay attention to that kind of thing, the musical score is very well done too.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Um, in this news article, Ricky Martin talks about how fame left him bored and quite angry for a while.

I think the poor guy just got tired of all the gay rumours if you ask me.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Is she not adorable? Her name is Laika, a six year-old Dalmation and something else mutt mix. She's very hyper...yet sweet, tender, and most loving. She belongs really to my Cuban neighbors, who don't thoroughly care for her as they should, but since we share the same backyard, my mom and I kinda fill in the gaps by providing "Laikey" with clean water and a doggy biscuit or two.

I just love dogs, and most animals in general. I don't see how anyone could mistreat or abuse them the way they do in some places. They deserve this planet just as much, if not more so than us, since they don't destroy it like we do.

If only I could stop eating meat and become a vegetarian.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I had detached myself from television for a good while, after that God awful influx of "reality" shows that were contaminating the tube.

Looks like most Americans, like myself, have had enough of the genre, and we want our well-written and acted fiction shows back all over again. This season, I've gotten hooked on three new particular programs which I have made time to sit down and watch. Of course, I have to admit, each of these has very good looking men, which is a huge incentive. HEEHEE!

Bones on FOX (left pic above) is pretty good and fairly simple to follow. It's about some forensic chick who works with an FBI agent to solve grisly murders. I like the chemistry between her and handsome as f**k David Boreanaz, whom I loved so much as Angel. Check it out if you can, it's on Tuesdays at 8p.m. , but with baseball right now, it won't be back on till November I think.

That photo to the far right up there is of uber hot Latino stud
Eddie Cibrian, and he makes me super wet every time I watch him on ABC's Invasion. I started watching the show because it looked intriguing, and so far it is fairly interesting, but not as creepy as I thought it would be. Some aliens have made their way into this Florida neighborhood after a massive hurricane, and yada yada yada. This show is on Wednesdays at 10p.m. and I am taping it right now as I write this! ¡Coño, pero qué rico y guapo está Eddie! (Damn, that Eddie is so fine and deelish!), as the Cubans would say.

Last and almost least actually, is the WB's Supernatural (top center pic). This show has two cute boys no doubt, but it is the weaker of the three new programs I've made myself watch. The premise of them hunting down weird occurrences all over the country as unofficial ghosthunters is good and all, but the stories are kinda preposterous and sometimes I find it hard to suspend disbelief. But alas, they're nice guys to look at, so I'll keep my gay ass a'watchin'!


I do miss the truly great unexplainable phenomena shows of the past though:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Roswell.

Those programs were nothing short of masterpieces.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


El descubrimiento de América por Cristobal Colón -Salvador Dalí, 1959Class, today is Columbus Day.

October 12, 1492.

Five hundred and thirteen years ago today,
Christopher Columbus, a supposedly Italian born courageous as hell navigator in service to the Spanish crown landed in our part of the world, and thus began the astonishing transformation, destruction, and upheaval of the Western Hemisphere by European colonists from mainly Spain and other maritime powers for the next three hundred years.

This is truly one of history's most monumental dates! I mean, just think about it. We had native peoples living here, pristine land, water, resources, a bountiful neverending paradise! To this utopia came the white man, in all his smelly horror bringing with him disease, greed, lust, and the Bible!

I always imagine how truly freakin' beautiful and awesome it must've been. Before our now modern fully European way of life. It's weird. We act and live European lifestyles and speak European languages. I sometimes feel as though all these centuries later, we're just programmed robots, with imposed Western Civilization into our brains.

Sadly, our true cultures, that of the
Native Americans, have all but been lost.

The debate about the morality and ethics of conquest continues to this day, but it's way too late, obviously.

Steak's so well done, it's pretty much burnt at this point.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005



That's great it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes and aeroplanes
Lenny Bruce is not afraid
Eye of a hurricane listen to yourself churn
World serves its own needs dummy serve your own needs
Speed it up a notch speed grunt nose street burn
The ladder starts to clatter with dinner fight down height
Wire in a fire room represent the southern gangs
In a government for hire and a combat site
Lefty wasn't coming in a hurry
With the furies breathing down your neck
Team by team reporters grapple trunk tethered crop
Look at that low plane fine then
Uh oh overflow population cornered
But it'll do save yourself serve yourself
World serves its own needs listen to your heartbeat
Tell me that the reds are in the reverend in the right right?
You patriotic patriotic slam fight right might feeling pretty psyched

It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

Six o'clock TV hour don't get caught foreign tower
Slash and burn return listen to yourself churn lock him in uniform
And book-burning blood-letting every motive escalate
Automotive incinerate light a candle light a motive
Step down step down watching heel crush crush
Uh oh this means no fear cavalier renegade steer clear
A tournament a tournament a tournament of lies
Offer me solutions offer me alternatives and I decline

It's the end of the world as we know it(It's time I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it(It's time I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

The other night I drifted nice continental drift to find
Mount Saint Edelite Leonard Bernstein
Leonid Brezhnev Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs
Birthday party cheesecake jellybeans boom
You symbiotic patriotic slam foot neck right right

Lyrics that reflect the chaos and madness of today's world right? And so, with all this crap in mind, I urge you faithful reader to prepare. I am going to get as many preparedness kits as I can afford and be as ready as possible for the next big disaster. I've never seriously taken the time to consider this, but I'm conscientious enough now to understand that the government will not bail us out during a terrorist attack or natural disaster of epic proportions.

We need to get our shit together and empower ourselves. Living in Southern California affords us double the risk: that of terrorism and an earthquake.

This is not pessimism. It's the reality of our times.

So don't say I didn't warn ya.


Monday, October 10, 2005



Not to rub it in, but...


I recall some asshole Islamic leader saying that Hurricane Katrina was a "soldier of Allah" that had been sent to the United States to destroy one of it's major cities of sin.

Well, well, well. The tables are now turned on Pakistan I suppose, an overwhelmingly Muslim country? Their death toll is much worse mind you.

All this destruction doesn't give me any pleasure, despite my words. It does sadden me to know that so many good people have lost their lives.

Alas, Mother Nature does not discriminate, and all of this occurring to us is a justifiable necessary evil.

There's just too damn many of us, too much overwhelming wickedness, and we have debts to pay folks.

300,000 dead in that tsunami last Christmas season was no mere event.

It's a major message. Are we listening?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


A massive quake has purged the Earth of thousands of souls in Pakistan and surrounding areas.

Damn thing was very strong at 7.6!

Guatemala and El Salvador have been dealing with their own death tolls due to heavy rains and they too had a sizable temblor just yesterday!

What does this tell ya folks? Tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes are but the price we humanity are paying for the destruction of Mother Nature and each other.

She's f**kin' pissed and getting even. Big time.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Well, terrorism is back in the news, and in a very big perturbing way.

The weekend bombings in Bali made major headlines the world over as did the frightening threat to the New York City subway system just today.

But there's one story that I think has gotten buried and hardly mentioned that is equally, if not more important and quite disturbing: that of the 21 year-old college student who accidentally blew himself up outside the football stadium at Oklahoma State University just this past weekend! Apparently he failed (thank God) to get into the stadium in time to kill other spectators along with himself. The blast was reportedly huge and enough to kill hundreds!

This is shocking, and excuse the pun, explosive information!!!

These pages have fantastic information on all of this, please check them out:

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Oh yes, listen to this audio clip:

Nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Yeah, those two weeks of vacation were nice and all, but having to come back to work this week has been about as fun as passing a kidney stone. To see the utter nuclear holocaust which was my desk and how everyone decided it was okay to dump tons and tons of paperwork, case files, and other junk there made me wanna cry. How inconsiderate of my co-workers and my supervisor to not order them to keep my area clean and my job going whilst I was away. It was as if Hurricane Katrina had passed through, without all the flooding.

I am no longer in doubt that my current job has reached its limit with me. Like the Ron Livingston character in the brilliant comedy film
Office Space, I've had it. Finito. Done. It's over. I no longer enjoy it nor care for it. Save for a few good brilliant minds there who are also sadly trapped by their financial responsibilities and have to go to work like me, I hate most of the countless jerks and beatches that I work with there.

Not to call myself incredibly competent or master of my domain mind you, but I do feel I work hard and put in my best effort. But I feel constantly underappreciated. Scolded. Depended on to just do it all because I'm young, a guy, bilingual, and supposedly strong. Well EF THAT! I too get tired and stressed. I deserve more and want more out of life. Not this! Four and half years doing this shit is enough to make anyone wanna gouge their eyes out! And no office job, not even the one I recently applied for to promote myself and get more money will solve this. These hideous cubicles with office supplies, that ghastly computer, and the surrounding sea of fecal humanity are nothing but disguised prisons illuminated by the fluorescent lights above! UGH!

It's like being in a foreign country where so many of the idiots I deal with have the English skills of a goat. There's the asshole mail clerk who gets away with screaming at everyone and nothing is done to fire his lame loser oogly ass. My supervisor who really should work for me, in that my brain capacity is ten times more advanced, but since she holds the title, well then I guess she gets to tell me what to do right? EF THAT! Yeah, the benefits are great and all, but this kind of misery is not worth my happiness.

So, my plan is either to :

(a) just vent and blow hot air for tonight and continue in my pain.

(b) take a medical leave for a good long while and exhaust all my extra vacation and sick time and then some.

(c) go to work and start massively rebelling by not doing my job and falling apart with true complete apathy (under the stupidity and overworked guise) and see how far discipline takes me.

(d) masturbate and ejaculate on my keyboard in front of my co-workers.

(e) Simply go to the PA system and utter the words, "F**K YOU ALL, GOOD DAY" and quit.

While (d) and (e) would be great and awesome shocking rebellion tactics, I kinda like (b) and (c). Yeah, maybe it's time to revolt, but in the most subliminal, conniving, and treacherous way. Slowly but surely, I must ease my way out of this job until I can securely just one day: QUIT.

I admit, my choices in life are my sole responsibility and I am where I am at because of them. My fear of taking risks and my complacency have lead to this stage of my life. Hey, no regrets right? We learn as we go along. I've been slow, but it's never too late.

I pray and hope my procrastinating skinny ass takes action.

Because the time has come to change my underwear...

"This job, is an abortion! Placenta and all!" ---my beloved co-worker Lord William of the Earlshire.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The boys above are doing something natural, loving, hot, exciting, and totally cool. To some of us that is, but still, even if you're not into fags getting it on, what's the big deal? They're consenting adults for crying out loud!

Of course President Bush, and all his other conservative jack-offs in government would disagree!

Hence, I'm not surprised he'd nominate this oogly bitch:




I wish people would move on already and concentrate on real issues like animal abuse, environmental damage, and evil religious fundamentalism!

But nah, blame the fags!

Ho hum.

Monday, October 03, 2005



We shall dearly pay for these kinds of misdeeds! More hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and terrorism will continue to happen to us for all the damage and destruction we commit.

Case in point:,,2-2005450117,00.html


Ah night. So peaceful. So full of endless possibility. Most people are asleep. Sure, there's your fair share of assholes, thugs, prostitutes, drunks, junkies, vampires, and weirdos up and about, but there's something about nighttime that I find irresistible.

Freeways are so much nicer to drive on without all dem nasty insane stressed out people! No kids, no angry mothers, no dress shirt wearing closeted frustrated homo married dads, no stupid MTA buses, no traffic jams, no crowded streets, no sunburn.

Yes, night is so much freer! Especially nicer and cooler during summer! And so what if it gets cold in winter...a nice blanket, heater, or fireplace will do!

Night: you can read, concentrate, have sex, food tastes better, sleep, listen to music, or just plain hang with a good buddy or lover and enjoy the peace and quiet night affords. I imagine working graveyard must be more peaceful even, without having to deal with all the daytime scum that most of us have to put up with! Haven't you noticed that even going to the movies at night is much more fun than during the day, regardless of the same darkness the movie theater affords at both times?

Today Monday, is my last full vacation day. I go back to work Tuesday. Alas, I shall enjoy this last full night I have as much as possible.

Before the sun comes out again. Yes, Mr. Sun is nice and dandy, but nah, I think I'll stick to night.

Buenas noches.