Monday, June 30, 2008


I have added quite a few of you finally to my links! So if you're on there, on the left side as you scroll down my blogroll, and you see your blog on there, it means you are special! If for any reason I missed ya and feel you should be on there, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to add you! I tried adding those people who regularly come here to visit and comment; my most loyal fans/fellow bloggers. It's hard to keep this thing going, with the time constraints we all face, but you must keep on blogging!

Lord knows my life is never DULL and I always have something interesting/scintillating to discuss! Right? Uh huh. You know what? I am seriously considering writing a screenplay/script! I mean, Juno was a cute movie and all, but I didn't think it was that extraordinary you know? And yet, Diablo Cody got an Oscar for it, and she's not even in the business! It was her first attempt, and she had a major hit! I mean, I have enough interesting things going on in my life, that I think I could actually write an interesting screenplay out of it! My hilariously dysfunctional Hispanic background, my eternal gay angst, the "love" of my job, my dealings with the weirdos at the bar, and my hedonistic sex life would make for one really fascinating movie damnit! Who's gonna play me though? Wes Bentley? Tobey Maguire? Jim Sturgess? Steve Buscemi? Oh God. Buscemi is a great actor, but he's so butt ugly and too old to play me. And I just don't think I'm that hideous. I'll stick with Bentley or Maguire I suppose, but I'm not a casting director so what do I know? I just gotta get this thing written first and foremost; insert witty dialogue and dramatic scenes here and there.
I watched my first ever Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie called Babes in Arms. It was entertaining, and I could not believe the high energy Rooney had back in his youth. There was a bit of a racist blackface minstrel show they put on, but those were the times back in 1939 right? Ironically, the British film Beautiful Thing has an English black girl in whiteface singing along to her musical idol Mama Cass! LOLOL! Yeah, this movie about working class Brits and two young men who discover their sexuality, was quite insightful into the daily life of regular people in England. I had a hard time understanding their heavy accents, but enjoyed the movie overall. Funny how one thinks that living somewhere like England will be glamorous, and yet normal people face the same daily struggles that we can all universally identify with.
I've watched/studied enough movies thanks to Netflix, that I honestly think I oughtta give writing my own screenplay a shot.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Madonna's marriage is over. Come on now, try not to lose sleep over this one. I know it's tough, but please keep from shedding those tears. I imagine this divorce will be much more amicable than the one Paul McCartney endured with the greedy pegleg. We'll see how it unfolds, but it certainly is giving the British tabloid press lots to talk about.

As expected, the new Coldplay album was #1 across the country this past week, selling some 700,000 plus units! DAYAM! Those are some strong numbers. The British boys are big superstars indeed. The title of the album is Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, and I was surprised to find out the inspiration for the title. Apparently, they took the Viva la Vida motto from a Frida Kahlo painting. Y'all know that Frida Kahlo was one kickass Mexican painter right? She was one tormented soul, but a masterful artist with some of the most interesting and colorfully morbid works in art history. She was madly in love with the famous muralist Diego Rivera who cheated on her constantly, and Frida would often seek refuge with other lesbian/bisexual women. Frida also suffered a terribly painful back injury that left her suffering for the rest of her life. Although Coldplay uses a work of art depicting the French Revolution on their new album, the title Viva la Vida comes from this painting of watermelons by Kahlo, who ironically painted this while lying in her deathbed! To celebrate life despite all its pain is quite remarkable:
Word is, the late handsome studmuffin Heath Ledger is brilliant as the Joker in the new Batman film. They're talking Oscar-worthy? WOW. I hope this praise isn't all due to his legendary status now that he's died.

I'm so glad the weekend is here. So very glad.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I got the moves put on me earlier this evening by one of my neighbors! He's not my type though sadly. DAMNIT! He looks to be in his 50s, lives alone, thin, kind of looks a bit like Jeff Lynne did back in the Electric Light Orchestra days. I had to go pick up our new pool keys from him and he kept sizing me up and down and handed them to me in the most intimate way possible and says, "Stay out of trouble!" I was very cordial and polite, but definitely felt a bit violated afterwards. Ho hum, y can't the hot ones hit on me like this?

I've been in one of those really bitter/jaded/cynical moods lately. I've had it with the job, the commute, the bills, the responsibilities in general. Don't you just want to get up and run far away sometimes? Get away from it all? Just dump it all and leave? HUH? CAN YOU FEEL MY PAIN?! LOLOLOL! I know, I'm spoiled and I am fortunate to have what I have, but I still feel a certain void and utter disdain for life's daily struggles. I used to be so empathic and caring about others, but it's getting to the point where I look at most of humanity and think of them as nothing but expendable wastes of space! Isn't that horrible?! Yes! All those assholes and beatches driving like maniacs on the freeway! The ones you see at the store! Or at the concert venue! The dumbasses at work! Don't ya just wish an asteroid came and obliterated all of them!? Hell, even if it gets rid of me in the process, I just don't bloody give a damn! Humans are loathsome creatures! We behave worse than animals, and then wonder why Mother Nature is getting her revenge?!

Case in point: Last week's homeowner's association meeting. Most of the people in my complex happen to be white people, so if this sounds a bit racist, against whitey I apologize. Hey, I'm white too okay? White Hispanic. HA! But anyway, the trivial and banal complaints being made were so laughable, so utterly stupid, you just wanted to strangle dem people into oblivion. The one lone black chick there (who is very pretty) got up and left midway into the meeting. You could tell she'd had enough of these whiny annoying crackers and Alicia Keys just had to get up and leave. The rest of the heathens were bitching in the most annoying way possible. I had to contain my laffter several times watching the circus before me. I almost secretly wished at that moment I had magical powers where lasers could zap out of my eyes like Superman and I could burn some of those humans to a crunchy crisp! Americans are annoying despicable self-entitled creatures at times, and now I see why the world hates us. Now I get it.

T'is y George Carlin will be sorely missed. More and more as the days go by and I get older, I can identify with his way of seeing the world and the f**kers/annoyances in it. He just told it like it is:

Monday, June 23, 2008


So much to discuss.
George Carlin, one of the most brilliant stand-up comedians of all time is dead at the age of 71. My hats off to a very funny and witty mind. You will be sorely missed sir. If you need proof of just how amazing this guy was, all you need to do is watch this clip. Or this one. Or this one. What a sharp man this was! Rest in peace oh great one!

In other news, Friday night was pretty damn awesome, albeit very very exhausting! WHEW! My bud and I took the subway from my area to Hollywood to avoid the horrid parking at the Bowl. Lots of walking to do my friends, which is something we rarely do in L.A. and with the heat as bad as it has been, it was quite a trek/workout. Lots and lots of people. The Hollywood Bowl is pretty freakin' cool. The show was nice; Della Reese, Mary Louise Parker, Rainn Wilson, Sir James Galway, B.B. King, and Liza Minelli were there! B.B. King is about a thousand years old and he was terrific! And Liza? LIZA has been through so much shit and she still pulled it off with such enthusiasm. The crowd was roaring! Bravo to Judy Garland Jr! Must be easier to go to the Bowl when it isn't so damn hot, but it was worth it nonetheless. Here's hoping I can get Radiohead tix for their show in August when they play the Bowl.

This movie called Velvet Goldmine is a visual and audio feast! And what a cast: Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, Toni Collette, and Eddie Izzard! So I finally saw it some ten years after its release, but I found it very entertaining, especially the music! WOW! It's like listening to David Bowie or watching his life unfold or something. I must download the soundtrack now! The music is so catchy man! Speaking of catchy, I think I'm officially hooked on the new Coldplay album. It's really good stuff, if given a chance, and will almost surely be the biggest selling album across the U.S. this week.

Here's a quick not-so-extraordinary slideshow of my trip Friday to the Hollywood Bowl:

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello good people! A bit excited today because in all my years in this great plastic cesspool Los Angeles, I ain't ever been to the Hollywood Bowl! Driven past it countless times of course, but never actually sat in there! Until tonight! Opening night of their summer season! Should be fun! I'll hopefully have pics for y'all!

And summer is practically here! It has been so damn hot this week! JESUS MARIMBA MAN! I'm so glad it's Friday though. It'll probably be a 100 degree-plus weekend, but at least I won't have to come to work! HAHA! Maybe I'll sit out by the pool and try and finally get a tan of some sort. HELLS YEAH! Hmmm...maybe not such a good idea though. I see dem white people that live in my complex always tanning on the very hot days trying to get orange and stuff, but that looks mighty unhealthy if you ask me. I guess I'm destined to stay porcelain pasty white for good. LMAO! Hey, my big brother is visiting me from Georgia next month! I mentioned him before right? He's crazy. Insane. A psychopath. I can't wait to take pics with him so y'all can see how different we look together. I'm a thin non-threatening guy whilst he's a giant menacing big beast of a dude! LOLOLOL!

Last night, I got a bit depressed watching YouTube. There's this really cool documentary on Judy Garland and her struggle with drug addiction. Quite sad actually. What an amazing voice/entertainer, and yet she had such a difficult hard road. She died at 47, but looked shockingly much older and drained of life by the time she passed away. The woman worked hard all her life and battled terrible demons, but nonetheless became a legend. So good for you Judy! A superstar of epic proportions! Gave birth to quite a talented daughter too, so not too shabby.

If you have time, watch:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Upon my first ever listen to the entire new Coldplay album, I have to say it is quite an odd piece of work. Not as instantly catchy as their last effort, but I sense this new CD will definitely grow on me. The band claims this new album was inspired by Hispanic culture; I'm excited too, because I was finally able to get tickets last night to their upcoming concert here in L.A. in July! YEEHA! Yes, I'll be really close to the stage and near an aisle, which is always cool in case I need to get out quick for whatever reason. I know, I'm kind of claustrophobic like that, and hopefully my beloved bud Loren Soth will come with me. Should be a pretty good show and fun to sing-a-long to Coldplay's many memorable catchy tunes! Their bass player Guy Berryman is so hot by the way! DAMN!

My co-worker and I were discussing gay icons yesterday: Madonna, Liza, Judy, Barbra, Bette Davis, etc. At the karaoke bar Monday night, I had the nerve to tell three older dudes there that I wasn't that big a fan of Barbra Streisand, and they scoffed at me for even saying such a thing. I mean, I do recognize the Jewess has a nice voice and all, but I'm just not into her musak. It's kind of boring really. They stood there and attempted to put down The Beatles, but whatever! They were just being bitchy little queens who luckily also happen to be decent guys whom I do consider friends when I see them there. Imagine trying to put down The Beatles! HOW??? It's an almost impossible task to put down rock/pop music's greatest most successful geniuses! LOLOLOLOL! Well, infallible they weren't, but STILL!

I've been watching lots of Bette Davis movies lately, but now I'm ready to get into Judy Garland's work. And Barbra's one and only son Jason Gould with actor Elliot has been on my mind lately too. I hope he is doing o.k. Last I heard he had the HIV and had been a bit ill. Poor guy. I have heard many people say he is a very nice guy, and that Barbra adores him, but is very protective of his public image and quite dominating. He rarely takes pictures, but here's a clip of him some 15 years ago or so.

To Jason, wherever you may be...

Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm starting off this week in a better mood/place. I hope. Here's a clip you might enjoy. It's about 8 minutes long though, so I don't know how much time you wanna devote to watching this nonsense, but it's still kind of cool nonetheless. A bit grainy and poor quality, but I gotta get a better handle of the camera and its settings. Eventually. Isn't my little puppy friend adorable?

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I had a shitty week. And an even shittier Friday the 13th. But it's a new day today Saturday. And I feel hopeful again. Yes. I'll be okay. I wish you all a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. God bless. Life is too short and precious. Keep on living and loving:

I really wish this guy was still around to speak out against the crap we're going through:

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Listen friends. I don't mean to bring you down. But I must write this post.

Times are bad, unless you're filthy rich, and even they (Ed McMahon!) are going through economic hell! Gasoline is going up at least ten cents every day! I can't take it anymore! This is bloody ridiculous! Here in L.A., I already seen it practically at $5! WHAT THA F**K?! And the price of food and other things is up too! What is going on with this country? We're in debt, at war, and the general mood out there is very worrisome. My poor bud is getting laid off, and he's such a brilliantly smart irreplaceable employee, yet a threat to the losers in management. And tomatoes have been recalled! And the tornadoes this year are pretty bad! And even though I hate my job at times and the dumbasses in charge, I guess I'm glad I have an income of some sort, because this whole f**king thing is spiraling out of control. Obama or McCain are gonna inherit shitty leftovers from the Bush administration; who would even want that job anyway? And I fear America is racist enough to vote that creep McCain in! OMG! And I got a bad allergy/cold because I feel pretty crummy. Damnit, we struggle to pay our bills and all, and it just keeps getting harder and harder. This sucks. We the middle class are in danger of vanishing. Damn you Paris Hilton! Politicians and the rich just don't care. I feel this will get a lot worse.

My downstairs neighbor is trying to sell her place and has come up to always gently and sweetly (she's a phony) warn us to please keep the walking and noise down when others come to see her place. We have always been courteous to do so, but no more Mr. Nice Guy. If my mom does laundry or my roomie accidentally drops something on the floor, she'll start tapping at them from down below to shut up. God forbid they walk too damn hard as to actually slightly stomp, for she'll start tapping. Last night was the last straw; I never bother her, and had to break my Ramen noodles in order to boil them and she started tapping at me! Five measly seconds of breaking noodles and she starts tapping at me! YOU ROYAL C**T! What are we ghosts that can hover that can't make noise at all?! We're at work most of the day you obnoxious stupid vixen! What tha hell does she do all day?! God forbid someone farts! She'll be ready to tap back! I was livid to hear her complaint banging back at me after breaking the noodles, so I banged that kitchen counter nice and loud right back at her and she answered me, but I had to have the last loud two which in essence said to her: F*CK OFF. We're never home, and when we are, a little noise here and there is not going to kill you YOU JERK! MY GOD! If she wants complete and total silence, she should look into moving to the wilderness. I swear, I was so pissed at her last night, I was ready to go down and tell her off. We're nice neighbors/people and we don't bother anybody, but if she wants to f**k with me, she's in for it. Besides, her now gone boyfriend used to make noise down below all the time! Sawing, hammering, and opening that fackin' garage door just below my room all the damn time! AND WE NEVER COMPLAINED!

I dare her to come up to me next time to be quiet when she's got potential buyers to come and look at her place. I DARE HER. I hate being an asshole but some people won't learn otherwise.

The unreasonable petty stupid bitch. I'm ready for ya.

Monday, June 09, 2008


So many of you are kind to always stop by and say hello, and I love you for it, despite not knowing most of you in person. I shall return the favor as soon as I can. This was a whirlwind of a weekend! So much so that I've been asleep most of the day today Monday! WHEW! I hadn't planned on being passed out, but my body said otherwise, and so hibernating was in order I guess. Good thing I had today off before I get back to work tomorrow.

Friday night I went to the local watering hole and there was this really nice-looking stripper from Texas that was getting everyone's attention. He was loving it of course, and I am not usually into strippers, but was introduced by this other friend that was there. I didn't really make a fuss about this dude, and he noticed I was laying low, so he kept coming up to me wanting my attention! Ain't that kind of flattering? AHAHAHAHAH! Good to know I got the goods somehow to get such a fine man's attention! Yes, he was a nice dude overall, and I got away with some naughty behavior. OOPS! ;) I kept hearing how he's in the current issue of Playgirl. Hmmm... O.k. Look here. I found him. This is him.

I hate clinics and doctors, but had to do the right thing by getting all my STD testing done on Saturday. Yes, they got my urine and blood to make sure. I had never had a rapid HIV test done, and was scared as usual to find out the results; to know in 15 minutes is even more frightening, but was relieved and grateful that everything is okay. I go through all this at least once a year. Got to be a responsible gay man right? Not that I misbehave or anything throughout the year mind you. Ahem.

I have said it before, but I do believe Sir Ian McKellen is the greatest living actor and I got to see him in Richard III, which is a sort of modern pre-WWII adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play and it was quite good/interesting! Funny because the DVD had no English subtitles to follow the sometimes awkward dialogue, so I just used the Spanish ones to get the point! LOL! And my beloved Loren Soth and I had the intention of going to West Hollywood Sunday for all the Gay Pride stuff going on, but decided the crowds would just not be worth it, so we opted to go see Kung Fu Panda instead. A completely unexpected surprise! It was so cute and so funny a film. Beautifully animated with superb vocal performances by Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman.

This song didn't do much for me at first, and now I'm really liking it and can't get it out of my head:

Friday, June 06, 2008


Good comments on the last post my friends! My job is not an entire horrible disaster, so I'll be okay. Besides, it's Friday! How sweet is that?

Thanks to Netflix, I have been exposed to movies I never would have even seen. Remember having to go to the video/DVD store to actually browse and look for films on the shelves? I m
ean, that was ok and all, but it got a little tedious and it was a bit too much to have to look through the entire store for a rare film and difficult to have something even catch your eye that you never even would've considered viewing. Case in point: The Thin Man movies. The ones starring Myrna Loy and William Powell. My God man! These movies are old as time itself, and yet highly entertaining to this day! I have strong negative feelings at times about heterosexuality, but Powell and Loy made an excellent acting team and their onscreen interplay was truly witty and very believable. This my friends, is chemistry! Watching them in these movies makes me celebrate marriage. LOLOL! And how can you not like that adorable funny little dog Asta? I know, I was late to the game, but I'm glad I've discovered the Powell/Loy duo. Better late than never.

Speaking of old movies and stars, there's a tribute to Jimmy Stewart next week at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and I may go. I'm debating it only because (DARE I SAY IT?), I'm not a big Jimmy Stewart fan. WHAT? YOU SAID WHAT WAT?!!! I mean, his movies were pretty cool and all, but I could never get past his voice! THAT VOICE! UGH! It really annoys me to hear him speak in dem old movies. ARGH! LOLOLOL! I know. James Stewart is adored to this day, but like I said, his voice gets me. The tribute will be hosted by Robert Wagner and there will possibly be other cool celebrities there, so I may just swallow me pride about ole' James' voice and go.

My brother from Georgia may be coming this summer to visit L.A! I saw him some two years ago, but it was a sad occasion, 'cause our sister had died. This time it should be better. He is a giant built beast of a man, some three years older than I, good-looking, hetero, and very menacing/scary-looking. He's a good guy with psychotic tendencies. I'd hire him as my bodyguard if I were rich and famous. HA!

Anyway, the weekend is here. I have three days off thanks to my cool work schedule. See? Work isn't that bad. It's just fine. Just fine...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


O.k. I'm bitter. I admit it. I am bitter. I laugh and joke constantly, but I am cynical about life at this point. I am grateful to have a job and an income in these hard times, but also resentful that I have to answer to stupid people in authority. Hurt that I am stuck in a dead-end job due to my retarded choices in life. If I'm such a smart intelligent dude as many claim, what that f*ck am I still doing working at such a job? You complacent inept procrastinating fool!
I've been able to leave one simple hour early before to go and vote, but not this time. This is the way my email was handled by the head cheese clerical supervisor yesterday:

WAT: Are we allowed to leave early today to go vote? I'd like to leave at 5 if possible. Let me know. Thanks!

Satan: An
employee who chooses to exercise his right to vote, and does not have sufficient time beyond the regular work schedule, may use up to two hours of paid time to vote in a statewide election. Time off used by the employee must be at the beginning or end of the regular work schedule, whichever time period allows for a sufficient amount of time off to vote, and is least disruptive to the work location. Employees who anticipate the need to use the two available hours must inform their managers immediately to allow for adequate coverage of operations. Employees may not use this time without prior notice to management.

So my question would be, if your regular work schedule ends at 6:00, is there a reason why you would not be able to make it to the voting polls before they close?

Yes, WAT. She's already refusing to give me one measly hour. I mean, any idiot can read through her diplomatic piece of shit response right? To which I directly and to-the-point replied:

WAT: Which means you're denying my request. Thank you.

BUT NO! She has to add insult to injury! We're done right? I've been denied already! Isn't it obvious? The utter nerve of this presumptuous witch!

Satan: I would need to know your answer to my question before I could approve or deny your request.

Oh really? You need to know my answer? Well honey, I don't have kids and I'm gay and I have an easy life compared to you monthly menstruating females right? SURE! Let's face it. You don't like me, you know I don't like you, and you had to just make this an issue. All over one little hour!

Other than traffic, I have no other reason.

Of course, being the coward that SHE IS, she couldn't reply to that reason, so she sent one of her demon minion supervisors to tell me that the polls closed at 8 and that I had sufficient time to go vote leaving at my normal 6 o'clock hour. The demon minion sup was going to let me go at 5 originally mind you! Until EVIL intervened. It's okay. Life is too short and precious to waste on something so insignificant. But I just thought I'd share the lengths certain people will go to assert their undeserved authority and just plain be mean about such minimal issues.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Of course I'm behind on yer blogs again my precious visitors who always stop by to say hello regardless. Many thanks for yer loyalty!

I'm sooooooo upset! The Universal Studios backlot had a bad fire and the Back to the Future square burned down and so did the awesome King Kong attraction! DAMNIT! ARGH! Not that I really go on that studio tour anymore, but I used to love it as a kid back when it was affordable to go there.

I had a pretty neat weekend. Took Loren Soth with me to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Had not been there in years! Lots of cool stuff to see, and plenty of handsome gay men all over the place! It is right next to the very historic La Brea Tar Pits, which are famous the world over for the amazing prehistoric fossils and bones found there. Made a slideshow! Would ya like ta see it? Here it is: