Monday, March 31, 2008


This was a very atypical weekend. Excuse me if my writing is all over the place, but it's what's going through my mind at this dreadfully late hour when I should be asleep!

I've been a bit depressed and upset at life. It sucks to be gay at times. Heteros can hold hands in public, make out, and get married and have children. I suppose we gays can all do the same exact things in a way, but not without facing mocking comments or general disdain from the overwhelmingly hetero populace. Little things such as this issue were bringing me down. I'm also kinda mad at my neighbor for being so provocative the other n
ight and teasing me, so I had to get him back by giving him my phone number written on a note pasted to his driver's side mirror. Yeah, of course I'm flirting with him, but also getting my revenge, as in "You bastard, you have the nerve to show off and get me all worked up, well here's my number, let's see what a real man you truly are." Of course, I don't expect him to ever call, although I have seen him as of late and he does still say hi. But I prolly scared him off. Well he started it, if you read my last post!

Went to the doggy park with my beloved ex yesterday afternoon. I love me that puppy of his. So cute, so sweet, so adorable. There were other nice funny puppies at the park today, but I adore Mr. Patrick Berrenger. Amazing how one comes to truly love dogs, especially the ones one lives with or sees often. Yeah, I'm a sucker for dogs what can I say? I like cats too I suppose, but there's something about canines that melts my heart. They really are intelligent emotional creatures and they're quite funny looking. Deformed really, but that's what makes 'em so lovable!

I just got home not too long ago from a night out in rainbow-friendly West Hollywood and had a blast hanging out with my two friends, although it ended a bit odd in that I saw one of them snorting coke and the other one revealing to me that he's been doing it here and there. Who am I to fucking judge, as I love my buds and all and I got my own issues trying to quit my psychotropic med, but to realize so many gay men are doing these hardcore drugs is very sad to me and I almost wanna hold/cuddle with them and tell 'em it's gonna be o.k., that life is not that terrible that one needs to do all these drugs and alcohol. Yeah, tell that to moi who depends on his prescribed med to keep the anxiety in check. We all have issues right? We all have pain, angst, fears, and baggage. People leaving WeHo tonight looked pretty fucked up/plastered.

I feel pretty good right now actually. It helps to write coming from the heart. I was talking to one of my good buds on the way home with my cell phone stuck to my left ear and then I come home to read this article. That's just swell ain't it?!

Comment all ye can friends. I love you all for taking the time to even read my bullshit.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Thanks to my website traffic tracker, I can tell that someone from NASA always checks in on my blog and I wonder who the mysterious rocket scientist is! If you make good money, are handsome, and in need of some good hot loving from yours truly, please identify yourself via email! THANKS!

You talk about one of the hottest most intense moments in recent memory for me, and it probably lasted less than five minutes! We share our garage with the neighbor below, and I've maybe seen him passing by or his girlfriend a few times here and there. Last night though, I had to go talk to him about the garage because it's messed up and all, and he opens the door wearing nothing but these very sexy red sweats, barefoot and shirtless! Needless to say, I could feel a frog in my throat and was mesmerized by how damn attractive the lad looked right before me, sultrily standing there, leaning the right side of his body, casually grasping to the door frame with his right hand, showing off his right armpit whilst his left hand was almost femininely placed against his hip. The sight it was my dear friends! I kept my cool I believe, even though my heart was racing and my groin was tingling. I tried to avert from looking at his chest and his stare was so intense and full of aroused wonderment I could barely stand it. I almost came off as wooden I think, but polite and calm I believe. Wooden with an increasing woody in my shorts. I had no idea the bloke was that nice looking; damn you whiteboys! LOLOLOL! It'd be tacky to leave him a note with my phone number on his car wouldn't it? I really don't think I'm projecting or imagining all of this either, as I have as honestly and frankly as possible described last night's very arousing events! The girlfriend is no longer there I think, and he's trying to sell his place. Hmmm...
That horrible human being Heather Mills, is trying to appeal her close to 50 million dollar deal and is now claiming Sir Paul's fortune is much higher than previously stated and that she is entitled to more! OMFG! HOW GREEDY CAN ONE PERSON BE?! THAT WRETCHED WICKED WENCHY WANTON WITCH! How can she complain and not be satisfied with the amount already awarded? Must she lose her other limb as well, or face a worse crisis to be humbled and stop all her stupid nonsense?! How happy and grateful she should be for even getting that exaggerated overblown hyperbolic amount! ARGH!

The buzz is growing for the new Batman film, and not just because it's a big popular franchise already, but due to it being Heath Ledger's second to last performance on film. So far the praise is good for his role as the Joker, but I dunno, is it biased now that poor Heathy is dead? I'm old, and I remember Jack Nicholson fondly; who else can play a better maniac than that old coot, as the role of the Clown Prince of Crime seems like it was made for him! But we'll just see have to wait and see just how great the late Ledger is, and it goes without saying that he was a fantastic actor in his short varied career.

A good weekend to all! Beware your hot attractive and tempting neighbors! They are the road to lust-filled perdition!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The American Idol-type karaoke contest at my local gay bar FUEL last night was pretty cool. It was the finals of the fifth competition of this sort they've held so far; I was in the original one sometime last year when I was unfairly eliminated way too early. It's an unjust popularity contest at times, because there can be a mediocre singer with lots of friends voting for them, and a really good one that loses just because they didn't have enough audience support. The indisputably superb of all the singers last night was a young man I've known of for years, but only really have gotten to "know" just recently. When I knew of him back then, he was a bit overweight and seemed a bit aloof. His singing was okay I suppose, but never really that spectacular to me.

But what a difference years of training and practice can make! I'm not sure how old this young man is now, but years later, he is much more confident, has lost considerable weight, and is quite a handsome lad after all. His presence on stage last night was so amazing, so moving, that it literally almost brought me to tears listening to him perform some Josh Groban song. I rarely get that excited about an independent artist or any singer for that matter, but this kid has some terrific gorgeous voice. I almost wish I sang that amazingly, although I'm not too shabby I must say, but I don't think I've ever brought anyone to tears, unless it was from cringing at some of my renditions. HAHA! Yes, kudos to him and I have no idea as of this time who won the $1,000 grand prize, since I had to leave a bit early last night and get to bed. I'm hoping it was him for sure, but I have yet to find out. Do check out his website though and stuff. I tells ya, the boy has got talent, and I rarely go out of my way to acknowledge anybody like this because I tend to be very jealous that I wasn't graced with an amazing gift like that; I'll just have to conform with having a giant penis I guess. LOL! And the best of the three judges of the night was this girl, who won the original contest; her comments were dead-on and most entertaining! I told the bar owner to let me be a judge next time, and I'll gladly fake a Simon Cowell British accent.

Violence in Iraq has increased, we got 4,000 dead American soldiers now, the cost of the war is beyond comprehension, and China's handling of the Tibetan rioters is a bitter reminder of how horrible that government is in dealing with human rights, let alone what poor animals go through in that country. As hypocritical as Western governments can be, I do hope the EU, the French, and anyone else for that matter boycott the upcoming Olympics to be honest. The Chinese are very very proud of hosting the Olympic Games this year, and to have Tibet go into such unrest is pissing tha hell out of them for sure, because they are seriously counting on this event to show the world the "economic miracle" they have become. The last thing they want is for countries not to show up, for it would be a very big slap in the face, but the way things are going, they may be facing a big protest of competing nations! This will be interesting to see unfold...

Back to work now. And please comment voraciously to make up for my less than stellar voice.

UPDATE: Yes, the boy with the golden voice won after all, and deservedly so.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Lemme tells ya, these prunes really work. I'd been a bit constipated for a while there, but eating at least five prunes or so a day as of late keeps me nice and regular. That almost sounds like a Metamucil commercial or something.

I'm not religious at all, due to the constant hatred and damnation to hell going to Protestant Christian church brings forth regarding homosexuality, so I try and avoid it at all costs, no matter how much my mother insists I should go. My brother's ex and her family are strictly Catholic, and his daughter (my niece) was baptized and stuff this past Saturday at the local church nearby. My mother, girl cousin, and myself agreed to go in order to show our support, even though none of us are Roman Catholics, but one must keep an open mind and it was all done for our precious little 10 year-old.

Little did we know unfortunately, what was in store. Not only were they going to be baptizing people, but it was also a big time Easter Saturday kind of service, so the mass was going to be pretty long. Outside of the church, they lit a bonfire and handed out candles to everyone, but my mother politely declined and caused two young women in front of us to give her dirty looks. Of course, mom made it worse by saying, "Ya conozco la verdad" which translates to "I already know the truth anyway." Yeah, that didn't go over too well, and the women gave her worse looks which spread to my cousin and me. My cousin was mortally embarrassed, and my mouth went off with, "Who cares what those beatches think!" Oh my God. Needless to say, the looks by then were pretty harsh and could've killed.

As for the service? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. We only made it an hour into the ceremony and had to leave. Thank God I'd taken my car, or else my brother would've had us trapped there for the next two hours that it still went on. My mom and cousin were very happy to leave and we went to Denny's nearby to restore our drained energies. My brother was upset the next day we left so early, but we at least made some effort right? SHEESH! WHATEVER! Yes, Pope Benedict's pic was in the church lobby, and he's got these very psycho demonic creepy eyes that unsettle me. No offense to any Catholics out there, but MASS is a BORE!

Speaking of the Pope, he baptized a leading Italian journalist who used to be a Muslim on Easter Sunday and it got lots of publicity, which will now put his life in serious danger with the terrorists! As is, Bin Laden threatened the Pope just last week, and now we have a lifelong follower of Islam converting to Catholicism calling his former religion violent and dangerous? EEK!
Religion is so lame and exhausting. I mean, truly.

Friday, March 21, 2008


So back in December one of our co-workers passed away in her early sixties from cancer. And about a month ago, one of our other co-workers lost her son to a sudden random heart attack. The guy was only 33! Just yesterday, our latest co-worker passed away in her early sixties from diabetes. Yeah, so we've had some rough losses here at the job in a short while. It's sad, but this is life man, often followed by death. LOLOL! Yes, I'm so profound today. There is a supervisor lady here who has to be at least 3,000 years old; I'm almost sure she saw the pyramids of Egypt being built and that her high school yearbook is on stone tablets. Anyway, this old antique relic (God bless her) is still going strong after all this time, and she was tearing up/crying yesterday when she heard of the latest sad news. I spoke to her and she says, "God, this only reminds me and all of us of our own eventual mortality. This is one of the main reasons I come to work, to keep my mind busy and off such a depressing reality." I found her comment to be most true and honest; almost as good as Obama's race speech. AHAHAHAHAHAH!

I tell ya what. This controversy about Obamerz dealing with that racist black pastor is nothing compared to this other pastor who says some pretty controversial and funny ass things. You have to watch these clips! I MEAN IT! THEY ARE RIP ROARINGLY HILARIOUS AND DOWNRIGHT PUZZLING!? I guess I kinda see/understand what Pastor Manning is trying to say in scolding the black community with certain issues, but then he veers into these odd tangents and starts shouting and screaming for no apparent reason! He doesn't seem to really like Barack Obama or young black men in general. I PROVIDE YOU WITH JUST SOME OF PASTOR MANNING'S GREAT AND SHOCKING DIATRIBES:

It's Good Friday and Easter weekend is here. Remember Jesus' message/teachings and good will and love towards all humankind. And make no mistake, the man did exist and he was excruciatingly crucified.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


IT MAKES MOST OF THE WORLD CRINGE TO HEAR THAT HEATHER MILLS HAS WALKED AWAY WITH CLOSE TO $50,000,000 FROM HER DIVORCE SETTLEMENT WITH ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGWRITING GENIUSES TO EVER LIVE! He's not a genius when it comes to divorce however, and not signing a pre-nup has hopefully shown Sir Paul McCartney how costly one of these money grubbing beatches can truly be; the poor naive man married this Mills bitch trying to rekindle his wonderful marriage to Linda, and ignorantly fell in love with that ideal. Like many in the working world, I go to an office and spend hours each week wading in a cubicle trying to get a simple decent measly paycheck and Mills got to screw an old wealthy singer/songwriter for less than five years, plopped out a daughter, and has come out with this whopping amount of money?! OH IS LIFE UNFAIR PEOPLE?! OH YES IT IS! EEK! I've bought plenty of Beatles merchandise, and to think I've helped fund Heather Mills greed is so depressing! May the British tabloid press continue demonizing this woman, for she richly deserves all the negative coverage she has been getting! Even the judge said Mills was nothing but a lying vixen; not in those words, but in the most diplomatic way possible. Plenty of articles on this story like this one here and here. And video footage of the gold digger going off after court, because Lord knows she just can't keep her damn mouth ever shut. So yes, can she just disappear for good, now that this annoying Beatles-related saga is officially over?! -
I have never been a big fan of Mariah Carey, but I do recognize the woman's amazing potential to generate hit catchy songs, and it looks as though her new album might be full of more #1 singles for her! She's very close to tying The Beatles for most hit #1 singles in America at this point; the Fab Four have 20 #1 singles total and she's at 17 right now. I just saw her on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and her new stuff seemed simple, but good enough to continue her record going strong as the masses buy her drab act up. Part of me cannot understand how her body of work can even compare to the greatness of the Liverpudlians, but there you have it. Somehow she has sneakily managed to make her songs big big hits, thanks to her very whorish sluttish appearance and her ability to make her voice go into those crazy annoying octaves, even though she can't dance worth shit.
And speaking of a hit maker, Madonna is just about ready to release her latest CD, and although I'm not too crazy about her collaboration with Justin "Hawk Nose" Timberlake, I have already had the chance to preview her new upcoming single thanks to other fellow bloggers like the rad girl who runs this page where u can hear this new NOT SO IMPRESSIVE tune. I know Madonna is one big giant narcissistic attention-whore, and she's just aching to have a #1 hit single in America again, after an eight-year drought since last topping the charts back in 2000 with "Music". We'll see how she fares in her collaboration with Timberlake, but she better be prepared to watch Mariah kick ass on the charts. By the way, I keep hearing Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie may be in trouble and that she may be moving back to New York?! How much will she have to pay him if there were a divorce settlement? HAHA!
And Howard Stern said the following witty funny remark yesterday on the air, "If John Lennon were still alive, I wonder how many friends he'd have on his MySpace page."

Howard also said, "I HATE HEATHER MILLS."


Monday, March 17, 2008


It's Saint Paddy's Day! I wonder how crowded our karaoke bar will be tonight?

Look! Ain't Éire just beautiful from space? This is the Emerald Isle:

Oh man. I thought Alpha Dog was going to be a violent bloody gorefest, but instead it was one giant flick about partying young white kids, which is sadly based on a true story. I dunno how director Nick Cassavetes kept my attention, but I was riveted to the film; I gotta say I was fixated by most of the performances! Justin Timberlake is superb and we got a maniacal awesome role by my newfound crush, Mr. Ben Foster of X-Men 3 and 3:10 to Yuma fame. Damn, Ben has got one awesome body and those eyes! I just can't get enough of that boy's eyes! JESUS! WHAT A PSYCHO! LOLOLOLOL! He's so criminally insane, but I can't help to be attracted to him! I can only hope now that Ben will team up with Jakey G. in some crime drama picture where Foster plays the serial killer or something and Gyllenhaal the cop. Can u imagine? I'd blow my wad just buying a ticket at the box office and waiting in line! Yeah, Alpha Dog man. A good movie, but terribly heartbreaking and devastating. Yeah, I almost fucking cried.

And call me one giant big kid, but I also watched the Walt Disney 1961 animated classic, 101 Dalmatians, and I think it'd been over 25 years since I last saw this picture as a mere child. It is just too cute/adorable and the British accent voiceover work is first-rate. A fine witty little story indeed; some villain too, that Cruella de Vil! Did you know the movie/story is based on an actual 1956 novel by author Dodie Smith?

Okay now, wear green today or risk a pinch.

Friday, March 14, 2008


This time, my left eye looks like it will pull through and heal much easier and faster than my horrid experience with my right one.

Why does the hooker in that Spitzer sex scandal story look like a dude in drag?! LOLOLOL! I honestly think I can see a moustache:It can no longer be denied that our economy is in terrible shape and very weak to say the least. Gasoline for the car and food at the market is getting terribly expensive, and the housing market is quite a disaster. The stock market is very shaky and the U.S. dollar is almost as worthless as a roll of toilet paper; but even then you can still wipe yer ass with toilet paper! And it just irks tha hell out of me that we are spending 12 billion dollars a month to fund that war in Iraq! OH MY GOD! HOW COULD THAT BE?! ALL THAT PRECIOUS MONEY BEING WASTED OVER THERE AND WHAT ABOUT US? ARGH! Ya know, there were thousands of layoffs in February, and last I heard, the city of L.A. was going to layoff tons of people too, including many many teachers! Oh, it makes ya shake yer head and get a bit depressed really at the mess our politicians have gotten us in. Mortgage lenders irresponsibly approving people for home loans, and dumbasses like Bush, Cheney, Schwarzenegger, and others directly responsible for screwing up our federal and state budgets! Why do the idiots in Congress get pay raises and all of them seem to be filthy rich in some way? We are becoming a country of the few rich and many poor. Shit, if lower middle class me is struggling, I can't imagine the ones that are poorer.

But on a much lighter note! Y'all know what Queen's English sounds like by now of course. You hear it all the time on the BBC, on PBS, or in period piece films. Seems like everyone back in ancient times spoke perfect British English right? HAHA! Well, there's also that high and haughty Spanish which they officially call Castilian from Spain (the raping pillaging whore herself), which I've been heavily dealing with the past three months or so trying to read Don Quijote, a novel published in the early 1600s. It's like reading Shakespeare in English, and I found a webpage that has the entire book on audio! AHAHAHAHAH! It's read in such precise and clear Spanish by this Spaniard of course, and it most certainly is not the basic Spanish you might have learned in high school. Even for a native speaker like myself, it can be quite the daunting task to try and understand this dude or read the novel itself, but this is the way Spaniards really do speak, even today, albeit less poetically of course!

An audio sample if you care to listen to this "gibberish" from Don Quijote (Chapter 1), of 17th century King's Spanish. Definitely not the Spanish you hear on Telemundo these days:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Can the Gods be so cruel?! A new stye to contend with, this time in my opposite eye! ARGH! Very upsetting! This one was nicer than the last one in that I was able to lance it and drain it myself because it was within easier reach. It's been a painful two days though, and it has messed up my poor left eye regardless. I guess I am now more prone to these than ever before in my life and very hygienic steps will have to be taken in order to prevent these from ever happening to me again; antibiotic ointment nightly for each eye will be a must, among other measures to be taken.

So much awful backlash against Madonna for having been inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night! I am actually shocked and a bit puzzled as to why so many were opposed and pissed about Madge getting the honor; she did start off in a small rock band in case you didn't know! Hundreds upon hundreds of nasty comments on the Net about her not being deserving, that she's not talented, that she's an empty pop star, etc. Say what you will about the whore she once was/portrayed, there is true substance to this woman's music and she has always been a consistently enjoyable entertainer! These people are just terribly jealous I feel and grossly unfair! Madonna revolutionized the music business and I dare anyone to not acknowledge the many hit singles she's had and admit to not liking quite a few of them as being pretty damn good. I hated the fact "Hawk Nose" Timberlake was the one presenting her with the award though; quite boring if you ask me, but whatever. You can diss all the other Madonna wannabes if you like, but not the actual M herself. She has put out great material, NO QUESTION. SO THERE! And I'm not some crazy obsessed-with-Madonna gay dude either saying this; I really mean it as objectively as possible, because I do tend to have issues with her at times, but not enough to cloud my judgment on her remarkable body of work or value as a terrific performer.

American Idol this week was pretty cool. The final 12 all had to sing Beatles songs! WOOHOO! They've done this before in past seasons I believe, but it's always nice to give the Liverpudlians the music recognition they highly deserve! Those two Latino David dudes, Hernández and Archuleta are quite nice-looking in their own way, even though this week they performed kind of badly. The Beatles are obviously in the Rock Hall of Fame, I wonder if future American Idol contestants will ever get the chance to sing Madonna songs, or have they already? Can ya hear the jealous opposition now?! Congrats also, to most deserving inductees John Mellencamp and the Dave Clark Five!

Madonna's full induction ceremony (hopefully it won't be yanked off YouTube):

Monday, March 10, 2008


Those were some interesting responses to my last post! Thanks again kids for indulging me with yer thoughts/view on the meaning of life. The point as always of course, is to enjoy it as much as possible right?

My beloved bud has this DVD set called
Bizarre Foods hosted by Andrew Zimmern; this bald pudgy chef dude who has the enviable (or maybe not so) position of traveling all over the world trying out/eating some of the most disgusting meals you could ever imagine! I could barely stand watching him in Spain where he ate roasted suckling baby pigs, seafood galore, bull testicles, and anything else most Americans would not dare ingest! I also caught a bit of the U.K. episode, but I tells ya, most of the time I spent covering my eyes or looking away because the stuff he shoves into his piehole is downright gross! He will try/eat anything and if it's too normal like the Spanish drink horchata, he doesn't seem to like it! His taste buds are used to the insanely grotesque! I can't stand the way this man gorges and eats his food! HE IS VILE! But what an amazing life he leads I suppose! He'd do well on that Fear Factor for sure.

I watched Mr. Skeffington, this 1944 movie starring Bette Davis who overacts at times and does this annoying high-pitch voice for her character; my co-worker R.B. had warned me the shrilly voice could be a bit irritating. A good film overall about the futility of vanity and selfishness, but a bit too long, although the rest of the cast is pretty darn good, especially Claude Rains. Then there's this 90s British picture simply called Priest, and this little film was wonderfully acted! They chose a fine handsome lad as the main character played by actor Linus Roache; about his moral conflicts with homosexuality and child abuse. A very dramatic, sometimes erotic, and very moving movie! Me likey lots!

Madonna's 2003 American Life album was so panned and hated by the critics, but this CD has some of her most amazing underrated songs! TRULY WORTH A SECOND LISTEN TO AND BEYOND! And it was over the weekend that "X-Static Process" popped up randomly on my i-Tunes and I couldn't help but enjoy the beauty of this song. It's a great tune and if ya want some cool Madge images along with the track itself, just click here.

Last but not least, I've been listening to a lot of Camilo Sesto's terrific hit songs from the 70s and 80s. He was an enormous music star from Spain who sold millions, with a tremendous voice and some awesomely written ballads and pop songs; my older brother Charles' childhood singing idol. Quite the nice-looking singer/songwriter, a sort of Neil Diamond I guess. Here's a clip of one of his great tunes if you're interested.

And that's all for now! ¡Viva la vida!

Friday, March 07, 2008


I am blessed in many ways, and yet I still feel disillusioned. Things are very odd and quite disturbing at the moment.

My cousin has a serious stomach condition back in the old country and I am genuinely worried about her. Patrick Swayze has that shitty pancreatic cancer, and last I heard, Farrah Fawcett
was being treated in Europe for her ailment. Money nor fame can guarantee good health nor immortality. We're in a deep recession here with the cost of living continuing to spiral out of control. I sometimes wonder just what the God damn point of all of this really is? Most of humanity is simply struggling to survive! It seems like such a constant neverending daily battle; they drive like maniacs on the freeway, our technology gets better, yet our health and moods have only gotten worse. I'm puzzled to be honest. Scratching my head at all of life's unfair and annoying circumstances. Were it not for my hedonistic pleasures such as sex, food, music, laughter, animals, love, friends, some family, and good sleep, I think I would have hung myself already. It's a wonder more of us are not crazy with all we have to put up with really. And yet, more people seem to be snapping than ever before, going on senseless mass shootings! I feel the world is truly mad. I'm crazy and have my issues, but it's so much worse out there. There are good humans, but the mad and truly insane are in a race to take us all with them down the drain!

Are all men truly created equal? No. Apparently not. Some of us struggle more than others, some of us die younger than we should, etc. There's still plenty of racism, misogyny, homophobia, greed, hunger, and malice towards others. We no longer accept what we were brainwashed with for centuries as truth. Marriage, religion, and government are no longer sacred nor held in the high esteem as they once were. We have the choice to change our lives and do with them what we wish, but DO WE TRULY? DO WE TRULY HAVE THE POWER? DON'T U FEEL MORE AND MORE LIKE A CHESS PIECE ON A BOARD BEING CONTROLLED BY THE POWERS THAT BE?! The daily job, the daily commute, the daily fucking routine! More people are thinking twice about having children in this very frightening world and upset at seeing where it is headed. Humanity has faced all these issues before, and there is nothing new here nor truly revolutionary to really be surprised or shocked about, except that it's on a much larger pervasive scale now than at any other time in our history/existence. Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant; who's really happy amidst the angst of just simply being? Maybe it's just this shitty Bush Administration! LOLOL! Save us Hillary or Obama please!

Why am I here? What is the point? I'm surviving alright. Trying to be a better person and show kindness where I can, but not letting all of this make me jaded or cynical in the process although it is very hard and it may be too late. I find humor in some of life's most God awful tragedies, only because it is the only way I can cope without breaking down and being sent to the institution like Britney. I'm sleeping fine, I eat well, I enjoy living, but not without the constant reminder that something is missing, something is out of balance, and that I feel helpless in not being to do a damn thing about it. Life is grand, but life is pain. Pain. Just keep living folks as best as ye can. I'll be okay I suppose. I'm not in any way suicidal or devastated. Just pondering really; all ridiculous absurd distractions to keep our minds busy till we croak/drop dead one day for good. There is a God right? I often feel there is, but then I doubt and feel guilty for it. Life on other planets? Or are we the only losers around?

Is this the way it really is all supposed to be?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Hillary has done it! Hillary has done it! OH HILLARY U TENACIOUS BITCH! HOOHOOHAHAHAAHAHAH!
O.k. Lemme summarize this very important crisis situation going on in South America so it's easy to understand. There's this Marxist/leftist guerrilla group in Colombia called FARC, and they have been fighting for decades. The Colombian government, along with the U.S. of course, considers them a terrorist group and a threat to capitalism. Bring in Venezuelan loudmouth psycho Hugo Chávez into the mix and now he's saying that the Colombian military having gone into Ecuador to kill a high-ranking rebel FARC leader over the weekend was an act of war, and that Colombia's president is a puppet bootlicker of the United States. The Ecuadorian president is now threatening Colombia too, and says they had no right to go into his territory to kill that rebel leader and other members of the group, which currently is holding civilian hostages in exchange for some of their members who are in Colombian prisons rotting away. Who's right, who's wrong? The point is, diplomatic relations have been severed, and now Ecuador and Venezuela are really pissed off at Colombia threatening war and shit. Oh brother! You'd think that cultural ties and similar history would prevent these things, but alas, it's human nature to pursue conflict no matter what similarities we may have right? I smell a plan to ouster Chávez now. He is being called a terrorist by the Colombian government for aiding and abetting the rebels! THE PLOT THICKENS! Here comes the U.S. to the rescue; just remember that Venezuela has lots of petroleum! UGH!

Yes Junk Thief, I do have some pictures of the Miguel Bosé concert Friday night, courtesy of my co-worker who was also there a few rows ahead of me. A slideshow with witty captions by me! Here it is for you or anyone else to enjoy:

Monday night karaoke at FUEL was amazingly fun, even though it took forever to get up and sing due to the very long rotation. We had it all: ballads, country, Hip hop, rock, pop, and every other genre you can think of. Everyone wants me to sing songs in Spanish, which I am doing now thanks to the better song selection we have, so I'm very much looking forward to eventually tackling songs by Luis Miguel, Cristian Castro, Miguel Bosé, Mecano, Camilo Sesto, and other Latin artists that you're probably scratching your head wondering who the hell I'm talking about. How fun! All this as part of Spanish-speaking South America is on the brink of war! LOLOLOLOL!

Monday, March 03, 2008


I am proud of Prince Harry. I think he is a wonderful young man who is brave, courageous, and down-to-earth to have gone over to Afghanistan to fight crazy fanatic terrorists. Princess Di had two wonderful sons indeed, although William is starting to age prematurely and grossly beginning to resemble that oogly father of his. Now Al-Qaeda can't wait to attack Britain again. Oh bloody hell!

The Miguel Bos
é 2-hour concert this past Friday night was terrific! He sang a good array of his many diverse songs from the past 30 years, but really focused on tracks from his very good 2002 album Sereno. That was very enjoyable as that CD is heavy on the electric guitar/progressive sound in a way. Speaking of electric guitar, the guy playing it was kinda hot; bald and shirtless throughout the show! Miguel looks good for someone in his early 50s, but I could see a bit of a gut; Madonna would never allow this to happen! LOLOL! The medley of 70s hits was way cool. AW! Packed house of loyal rabid fans, and the amount of very queeny gay Latino men was FABULUTH! LMAO!

And now my two cents on this American Idol. I like the show and watch it here and there every season. I'm not a loyal rabid fan, but I do check it out a bit and I gotta say I am most pleased with the amount of Latinos representing this season. THAT BEING SAID HOWEVER, there is this one performance that stood out just last week, apparently by that young gayish Hispanic kid, David Archuleta when he sang Lennon's "Imagine", and while I must say it was quite good, I wasn't on the verge of tears like that nutjob Paula Abdul was. Why must every new singer, especially the ones on that show now sing in that gospel kind-of-way? WHAT GIVES MAN?! Is that the only way people have to sing now to be considered good? WHOA OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEEAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! GOD PLEASE NO MORE! I've had it with new talent overdoing this! Many of my close friends agree mind you. This sounding black thang is getting on my nerves. Leave it to Alicia Keys or the R&B professionals, and stop it with this incessant gospel sound! It's making my ears bleed! Besides, John Lennon never sang like that, and he stands as one of the most gifted haunting original voices ever! And a damn fine genius songwriter too! SO THERE! You don't have to sing gospely to be good I say! Sing and be an original! Thanks!

Two good movies on DVD to recommend! First, a French WWII Nazi film not just on the plight of the Jews, but gays as well called Un amour à taire (A Love To Hi
de). Yes, this topic has been done to death and is a bit too depressing, but it was a well-made and very engrossing picture! I SAY DAMN! And I rarely watch dem Westerns, but sometimes ya can't resist stories about the 1860s Wild West, and yoichi had mentioned how good 3:10 to Yuma was and I did enjoy it. The cast is real good: Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Peter Fonda, etc. are as always competent actors, but watch for Ben Foster, in a powerful role as Charlie! WOW! This is an actor that will certainly give us something to talk about in the future, and whom has already done quite a few cool roles. He is terrific; one mean, cruel, almost androgynous, sexy son-of-a-bitch! He's got such piercing powerful eyes! BEN FOSTER! GOT IT?! How did they not nominate this guy for Best Supporting Actor? He nearly steals the movie in my opinion.

And in my opinion, I need to get some shuteye