Wednesday, June 08, 2011


What do I write about when quite frankly, I don't feel inspired to write about anything at all anymore! I may just have to shut down my awesome little blog here after seven years of philosophical, existential, and journalistic awesomeness! Unless I have a sudden burst/surge of writing creativity in the near future? Well, my life is rather bland I suppose. Routine. Monotonous. I mean, I have been trying to have fun and enjoy the good times when they arrive and stuff, but as of late I feel kind of detached from it all. I guess this is a good thing in a way, but at the same time I feel kind of robotic. On automatic pilot. I have a decent job and entertaining co-workers who at least like to be silly and laugh at the stupidities I find funny as well, but I dunno why I feel so blah now. I was feeling massive depression and sadness for a good while there, only to be replaced now with a kind of lost and apathetic feeling! Ok, so I'll count my blessings. I'd rather feel the way I do now, than to break down and cry! I'LL TAKE IT! MY GOD MAN! THAT WAS SOME HORRIBLE MOURNING THERE! UGH! Tears have to be shed in order to become stronger?! CHRIST ALMIGHTY! NOOOOOOOOO!!! I've been quite spiritual lately, praying a lot (in a Christian sense) and it seems to be yielding results. Atheism seems to be growing a lot lately and is the current fad among many people I know, which is fine and all, but I feel a spiritual connection right now with a higher power that I do not with any human being here in this f*cked up world.

Speaking of this f*cked up world, I was looking at blogs and other sites online recently about the drug trafficking war in Mexico and this is a NIGHTMARE! The daily killings of civilians and authority figures is downright shocking and horrific! These criminals are no joke, and do not mess or get in their way; rival cartels battle each other and are massacring whomever they can to send a message that they are in charge of these towns and that the money coming in is good enough to commit all kinds of atrocious murders. Frankly, if the United States were not so addicted to drugs, this problem would not exist, but we have a culture that loves to get high. Common graves are found with corpses all the time in border towns, people get decapitated frequently, and two dudes were found lifeless and hanging from an overpass bridge this past week. Gruesome and gory man! EEK! What is gonna be done to stop this mess?! The police in Mexico are accused to be in on it due to bribing and the U.S. and Mexican federal governments have no real solution to this growing terrible problem, nor do I think they care. In the past five years or so of this disturbing upsurge in violence, more than 35,000 people have been killed. The cartels are organized and heavily armed, with most of the weapons manufactured here in the good ole' U.S.A. They send our troops into Iraq or Afghanistan, when we've got this kind of serious trouble right in our back yard?! YIKES MAN! This kind of crime is already spilling into our country and if economic conditions continue to deteriorate here, GOD HELP US. It's really sad to see all of this happening, especially when I actually find certain Mexicans quite sexually attractive at times. LOL!