Wednesday, November 30, 2005


To say I am in heaven would be an understatement. I, at the very last minute here, was able to get one ticket online to an amazing seat to tonight's final Paul McCartney concert show here in L.A. at the Staples Center! WOW! I CANNOT WAIT! A LIVING BREATHING BEATLE! ON STAGE! OMG! AM I DREAMING??!!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


George Harrison died four years ago today here in Los Angeles. Always in the shadow of the enormous Lennon/McCartney songwriting team, but in the end Harrison proved his worth as an amazing contributor to The Beatles, he is sorely missed, and I certainly thank him for some great f**kin' songs he wrote not just for the group but as a solo artist as well. Wherever you are man, know that your short time on this Earth was incredible and that you will never be forgotten.

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Monday, November 28, 2005


Yes, I have been very sad recently, due to many circumstances--I'm probably suffering from actual clinical depression, but...

Instead of focusing on what is making me down, sad, and feel wretched, I wanna say that there is lots I am grateful for and that all this negativity that permeates me as of late is nothing but a stupid fake veil trying to ruin my usual positive nature. I could sit here and write about what makes me mad, sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, and just plain depressed, but EF IT!

NO NO NO!!! I'll pretend I'm accepting a great glorious award and this is my acceptance speech, because I am overwhelmingly happy:

--I love you mom, you are always nagging me, but you are one beautiful strong amazing survivor. I admire you and thank you for your genuine love.

--My cousin, my brother, my aunt, you guys are there, not as often as I'd like and maybe with your faults (dear brother...AHEM!), but overall I do love thee.

--My friends, who offer me genuine laffs and make me forget my problems.

--La Luna Negra, whom I've known for years and deep down inside cares for my well-being and whom I always hold dear to my heart for being a good soul, despite your filthy little mouth! HEEHEE!

--Loren Soth, you mean so much to me, and am honored to know you now and forever.

--For my humble shelter, car, food, and yeah even that f**kin' job. Yes, even you JOB, for at least you help me pay my bills and provide me with the things I need to survive, something so many out there do not have.

--To music, painting, sculpture, film, and all the artists who bring me joy with such beautiful creations.

--For having decent looks and not being dumb, but actually kinda smart and aware. And I do mean this most humbly.

--To ye fellow bloggers who actually make time to read this thing, your loyalty is very much appreciated and comments are always welcome. I know there are good people in this world, despite all the evil, and we can and do make a difference. Corny, but true!

--To nature/animals, what a joy and privilege to share this planet with doggies, cats, dolphins, plants and all other kinds of neat creatures.

--For being in the greatest country in the world, despite your flaws, you are one great place America.

--Last but never least, to God, yes I do believe in you Lord. I'm sorry I'm not a better Christian, but I hate the crazies who claim to follow you and judge others. But I'm not supposed to focus on the negative so I'll say thanks for upholding me when I am at my most messed up, and I love you because I know you are there, even when I think you're not. I love and cherish your many blessings and pray and hope for nothing but the best for me and the truly kind folk out there.

There! I think I actually do feel better. Really!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Congratulations to Madonna. I don't know how this bitch does it, but she just does. She has just tied Elvis Presley for most top ten hits ever by any artist, and her album Confessions On A Dance Floor has hit #1 on Billboard. At 47 years of age, and 22 years or so of being in showbiz, this is one determined fierce woman. And yes, I've listened to the album, and it is quite good.

Je suis desolée...

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She has her fair share of detractors though. She can be quite the uppity pretentious little witch. Read on:

Friday, November 25, 2005


My cousin and I, November 24, 2005.


Yeah, he's my brother's roommate, they bought a townhouse together a few years back and this little oogly as hell balding sh*t has the nerve to come to my house yesterday evening for Thanksgiving and would not stop with the gay jokes/innuendos directed towards me. They weren't just jokes anymore, but personal attacks. How freakin' disrespectful! I had to tell him, "You need to stop these jokes right now because I'm f**kin' getting pissed off." He laughed it off, thinking I was joking, but I very sternly pulled his chair back, looked him straight in the eyes and fiercely said, "No, I'm serious, stop it, it's not funny anymore." To which he had no choice but to back off seeing me as pissed off as I was. All my brother could do was hold his fork with a chunk of pumpkin pie in surprise shock.

Don't cross me you repressed homo. I know he is...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


42 years ago today, one of the defining tragic events in American history occurred: John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I wasn't alive then to even know what that must have been like, but from what I hear, it was pretty traumatic for most of the country and the world to hear of. The President's brains were blown out by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald during the president's now notorious Dallas motorcade. Director Oliver Stone would have us believe everyone was involved: LBJ, the mob, the CIA, the FBI, Fidel Castro, and a whole slew of others were behind the scenes in order to knock off JFK. So many conspiracy theories
out there, it's hard to really know by now who's telling the truth and who's just full of bunk! I tend to want to believe Oswald acted alone, but the precision of his shots and the way that Zapruder film unfolds lead me to believe otherwise.

Kennedy rose to untouchable iconic stature after his murder, and little was known of how corrupt and messy his personal life truly was. Back then ya just didn't expose the President's dealings with the Mafia or his many affairs with women like you would now! Apparently John Kennedy was also a very sick man, and was on lots of medications just to function normally. Jesus, this must be the very first case of people realizing that even politicians were human after all.

Sad this had to happen really. Whether one likes or dislikes a President (as is the case with the much despised George Dubya), the assassination of such a figure is very drastic and traumatic to a country. It cuts deep at our hearts and souls, and the wounds are very difficult to recover from.

There are many sad moments in our lives that unite us through television, radio, and the Internet, but these pretty much stand out as the most traumatic modern American events of all time, events which smashed our collective innocence and naiveté, and shattered the illusion of how good life was and could be:

a) the assassination of JFK
b) the murder of John Lennon
c) the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
d) WTC-Pentagon 9/11 terrorist attacks

Some people have lived through all four, I can only remember the last two as forever being embedded in my mind. Time stopped when you first heard of these didn't it?

The question we all get is, "Where were you when..."

Monday, November 21, 2005


Not that it ends any of the insurgency nightmare in Iraq just yet or stops other terrorist attacks the world over(God knows there's plenty of kooks waiting to always cause mayhem).

But could it be that the man whom my last blog entry was about and also gives me the heebie-jeebies has been finally killed? A more vile creature like this deserves nothing more than to cease to exist:

It certainly would be a great victory to have this scumbag wiped off the face of the Earth. Not that I am God or anything, but don't you think some people just don't deserve to live? Living is a privilege and is intended for those who bring love, joy, and something constructive to our already tragic cruel existence.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


This man makes Osama Bin Laden look like a harmless sheep:

He has supposedly just recently released an
audiotape where he tries to explain and justify the hotel bombings in Jordan after all the protests from his "Muslim brothers and sisters" who were outraged at the cold-blooded murder of so many normal folk, especially those killed at that wedding reception last week. Even more reprehensible is his new threat towards the Jordanian King!

Al-Zarqawi truly is the devil incarnate. I could post a pic of him, but frankly, he gives me the heebie-jeebies.

And like Bin Laden, we can't seem to catch this guy.


Thursday, November 17, 2005


I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan at all, but I can tolerate the films on DVD I guess. Haven't yet seen any of them on the big screen. The books/films have been quite successful indeed.

There is however, so much negative rhetoric against the books/films that is quite pervasive and ridiculous!

Do people actually believe this sh*t??!! ASTOUNDING! You'd have to be mentally deranged

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They can go out of their way to release DVD's with more special features, cell phones with all kinds of neat functions, amusement parks with bigger/faster rides, the IPOD with newer enhancements, movies with greater eye-popping special effects, and all kinds of stuff to keep humanity entertained.

But can all those great technological marvels hold up to the greatest most entertaining biological urge of all: SEX??!!! Nah, I don't think so. Even great technology is permeated and oversaturated with nothing but sex. The Internet, DVD's, videos, commercials, etc. all make billions thanks to people's fascination and unstoppable enjoyment of good ole'-fashioned porn. People love to get off and watch others go at it. It's a fact. Yours truly included. :)

Let's face it, it just feels too damn good to say no to. Just play safely o.k?

"'s natural, it's chemical (let's do it), it's logical, habitual (can we do it?) it's sensual, but most of is something we should do sex is something for me and you sex is natural -sex is good not everybody does it but everybody should, sex is natural -sex is fun, sex is best when it' on one, one on one..." --George Michael

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Monday, November 14, 2005


Not bad for a 63 year-old geezer to still be making this kind of music! Go Paul McCartney!

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Friday, November 11, 2005


----------------------- Rima and her father Moustapha Akkad, R.I.P.

The Jordanians are livid and indignant over the just occurred hotel bombings, and rightfully so, but is this what it takes for them to finally show their opposition to this kind of violent terrorism? Time to wake up people, and realize that sitting on your hands and doing nothing to these "Muslim brothers" of yours is now coming back to bite you in the ass.

For years, they've hated Israel and the United States, even though they claim to be our ally. Bullshit! The "peaceful" Muslim world has sat idly by, watching as these suicide bombing kooks have wreaked havoc the world over on Christians and Jews. Now it has come home to you, killing your own. Look at the daily killings in Iraq of regular citizens along with our U.S. soldiers. Do you not realize they do not value human life regardless? That using us (the infidels) as the excuse to kill, that you as well, the law-abiding Muslim will be murdered too?


Boy, these suicidal
terrorist guys need some serious porn. It's the repression and lack of a meaningful life that leads them to such desperate moves. Sad. So sad.

One of the personal stories that deeply moves me the most about all of this, is the death of filmmaker
Moustapha Akkad, (who was responsible for working on the Halloween horror films)and his stunningly gorgeous daughter at the Radisson bombing. So tragic.

Good people at the wrong place at the wrong time, murdered by extremist freaks of their own religion.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Someone please explain to me how this Austrian buffoon is the governor of the State of California? Mind you, I did like some of his propositions on yesterday’s ballot, notably the ones that were stricter with teachers and unions, since there are so many lazy freeloading jerks and beatches working in state and county jobs (I should know) that take advantage of the system and don’t pull their own weight---they depend on the hard-working honest employee (I should know) to do their shit---but alas, the messenger is too annoying and heavily-accented to get the word across and convince the populace properly, so they all went down in defeat.

Mercifully, the Australians thwarted a catastrophic terrorist attack just recently, but in Jordan, they weren’t so lucky. Three American hotels were bombed and the news of the horrible carnage is just coming in and developing.

No value for human life. Whatsoever. Terrorism in the 21st century is sadly our new ugly reality.

As they say in Spanish, "Ya ni llorar es bueno." (There’s no point in even crying anymore).

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Mon Dieu et sacre bleu!

1789 again!

The French riots have gotten scary enough, that a state of emergency has been declared, meaning strict curfews are in effect. We'll see if these new measures help, for if anything flares up again tonight, it will be the 13th night in a row I believe of these severe disturbances.

A guy on the radio last night said that this is the begining of a new type of
intifada in Europe; for years they have allowed immigration of poor Muslims from former French colonies where in turn they have bred a new generation of French-born, yet distinct young people who do not identify with France or its culture. They are culturally Arab and follow Islam, and could give a crap about la Tour Eiffel or le Louvre! Add to this, haughty French racism and neglect, and you've got a recipe for true disaster!

And as we already know, what do angry fundamentalist MOOSELIMS like to do? Cause mayhem of course! We're seeing it here folks, right before our very eyes; it is terrorism, disguised as riots! French officials have said it is well-organized and they have targeted many major cities across the country. The angry mobs even went as far as to say they were upset at the government due to some headscarf ban in schools implemented about a year ago.

This is the country that would not go to war with us in Iraq not on the grounds that it was a quagmire, but because they wanted to appease their Muslim population and come out as heroes. Let's face it, the French are f**kin' sellouts and they are characteristically weak and in denial of real dangers. The Nazis overran them quickly during WWII, and the U.S. bailed them out of both major world wars. For years they've hated us (regardless of our president), because they're jealous that Napoleon does not rule the world anymore. They are ungrateful because their pride is too great at times. AMERICA ROCKS and they know it and hate us!

Granted, I do love their cuisine, culture, and language very much, and some of their people must be pretty cool, but the majority of them are so snobbish and uppity, as if their shit smells like eau de cologne or roses. NOW LOOK! LOOK AT THINE GREAT RÉPUBLIQUE MESDAMES ET MESSIEURS! I hope it survives the current chaos long enough so that I (this yucky American) can pay them a visit someday.

The American response to our loyal backstabbing French allies is freakin' hilarious and right on:

United States State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, asked to comment directly on the riots, said it was a French internal issue, and added, "certainly, as anybody would, we mourn the loss of life in these kinds of situations. But, again, these are issues for the French people and the French government to address."

So basically, you're on your own suckas!

THIS ARTICLE HERE has to be read to be believed. A GOOD READ INDEED!

Et le monde continue a regarder...

Sunday, November 06, 2005


So much going on, OH SO MUCH!

I had a spectacularly busy, yet satisfying weekend. Went to a house party on Friday night that my friend Steven invited me to and met some cute gay boys with whom I shared some good conversation and laughter, and we got to admire a hot exhibitionist supposedly straight black dude's body there without the expense of having to pay a stripper!

Saturday night, I went to The Factory in trendy homoplastic West Hollywood and had some fun dancing around with my co-worker/friend Lesly, but the blasting bass on the music got too much for my old ears and we left around 1:30a.m., about a half hour before
Ru Paul finally decided to show up and do his gig. Oh well. Homos do love Madonna, as was evidenced when her new song was played and they all went berserk on the dance floor.

Then today Sunday, Loren Soth took his cute puppy Patrick Beringer to the doggy park near my house, and I myself just got back from West Hollywood again, after a quick visit to
The Abbey to share some time with my friends.

The state of the world though, is much more serious than my petty life. The French are dealing with
serious riots, all due to the deaths of two Muslim teenagers a few days ago after supposedly being chased by the police. The Muslim immigrant community is furious over this, high unemployment, poor housing, and discrimination and have taken to the streets by torching cars and businesses all over the country! Either the French government is ignoring these people and they are rightfully fed up, or we have extremist Muslims at work here, now exhibiting the beginnings of a new form of terrorism on European soil. Whatever the case, the government is finding it a hard situation to get under control, and now the authorities are getting attacked! WOW!

There was a horrific lethal tornado that killed almost two dozen people in Indiana as it struck in the middle of the night, which only serves to show again my tiresome point that Mother Nature is pissed and she hath shown her wrath in 2005 oh so clearly!

We have an important special statewide election in California this Tuesday thanks to our ridiculous governor and I dunno if I'll get my absentee ballot in time, but I'm hoping my mailbox'll have something tomorrow.

Last but not least, this movie, THIS F**KIN' MOVIE, is generating lots and lots of buzz. Oh boy. I cannot wait now!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


After that great incredible renaissance of rock music we had back in the 1990's with all that amazing grunge/alternative scene which exploded with no end in sight it seemed around 1995/1996, then came the tragic downfall and great bands such as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, and Rage Against the Machine dissolved and are only a mere memory now in 2005. We got invaded by Britney Spears, N'Sync, Hip-Hop, and other purely commercial pop music which sometimes is good, but not to the level of what the previous decade was producing in quality.

Well, there's this little rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada called The Killers, and upon listening to their album Hot Fuss, I am excited to hear something new and different all over again. Classified as indie rock by some, The Killers' debut album is actually quite good and catchy. I'm hoping these guys will continue to make better albums with this kind of quality and will survive in the very competitive and shallow music business. So far so good, selling about three million copies and counting of their first CD.

And that lead singer Brandon Flowers is such a hot guy too. Married now I guess, but I'm pretty sure he's smoked some man pole with ease in the past.

Probably still does now.

To watch/listen to some of their music videos, with particular attention to their best song All These Things That I've Done, go here:

Thursday, November 03, 2005


-- -----------------"Grim Death" by William Strand, 1800's -------------

Yesterday was El Día de los Muertos/Difuntos throughout most of Latin America, which kinda coincides with Halloween. It's a day set to honor our loved ones who have passed on and to morbidly remind us of our own eventual demise.

Yes, that's right, every human alive (or just barely) at this very moment is someday gonna take that final crap and kick the bucket. It trips me out to think that at one point we're all animated bodies with emotion, movement, and energy, and then we all ultimately deteriorate into geriatricness or just die young becoming this lifeless decaying rotting putrid corpse; a mere shell of our former living breathing selves.

For thousands of years, cultures have been trying to deal with and understand death, but in this we can all agree: it pretty much is gonna happen to all of us. Regardless of race, creed, religion, finances, sexual orientation, the Grim Reaper will eventually knock on our door and take us out of this dimension. Scientists say that if those us now living in 2005 can just hang on about twenty-five more years and not die (LOL), that maybe by then they'll be able to extend our lives into the hundreds of years, instead of the now common seventies or eighties. Perhaps cloning itself will offer too that "immortality" so many seek.

Of course, we all wanna die sweetly, in our old age, relatively healthy and in our sleep, but alas we do not get to really choose now do we? UGH! That's the crux of the whole issue, how tha hell are we all going to die? As awful as it is to even fathom, there's an innumerable amount of ways to buy the farm, the main ones being: accident, illness, old age itself, suicide, and/or homicide. When and where will it happen? At what age? Perish the thought and excuse the pun. No one really wants to think of this, as tempted as you may be to ask that Ouija board. I would pray and hope that the truly evil and wicked have hideous deaths while the righteous die peacefully, but alas, life can be cruel and unfair and it isn't always so. Anyone up for one of those Final Destination movies?

The question being, just what tha hell comes after? Heaven with St. Peter or Jesus? Hell with Satan and Adolf Hitler? Purgatory? Paradise? Another dimension? Lingering as a ghost here on Earth? Or more dreadfully, maybe there is nothing after; the lights just go out and that's it. It's over. We really only do live once as everyone always says.

This is not an easy subject for me to ponder or even write about. But it's f**kin' reality. I love life despite all the bullshit it puts me, you, and everyone else through, but alas, I cannot selfishly hold on to it, for I do have to admit that I could go at anytime and must lose it so one day regardless. Ain't it funny? As much sadness and tragedy as we all suffer through in this world, we still want to hold on to life no matter what; it is human instinct to want to live forever as long as the quality of one's life is at the very least decent.

And oh yeah, what becomes of this blog were I to suddenly croak??? I better draft up a will and testament huh? LOL!

For now, I'll try as much to enjoy this strange weird f**kin' trip. Even those seemingly sour moments like when some asshole tailgates me while driving. Really man, so many trivial things that bother us now, won't even freakin' matter later.

For one day, we shall be no more...


Famous last words here:

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Pic taken earlier this evening. L to R: cousin Jessica, mom, hot gay man in yellow shirt WAT, brother Carlos, and his daughter (my niece) Adriana.
My niece Adriana (7 years old) and I earlier this evening as I helped her learn some songs to sing for her chorus at school. Her dad (my brother) says we make a cute couple. :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I woke up this morning as my television went on, and there he was, that dumbass turkey George Bush Jr. discussing the potential horror of the bird flu, something he himself might be carrying and spread to us!

Seems as though he's got bigger problems now to worry about than
Foghorn Leghorn sporting a killer virus! Can someone please explain to me the continuing spiraling shocking downfall of the Bush Administration and the Republicans in control?! It's mind-blowingly tragic!

Let's see here: 2,000 "official" Iraq war dead, Tom Delay in trouble, Miers out, Libby indicted, poor response to Hurricane Katrina, Rumsfeld grilled for Abu Gharib torture crimes, no sign of the WMD's, and where tha f**k is Osama?! This has made George Bush Jr.'s approval rating sink to a new low; where's your version of Monica Lewinsky to hide under your desk Mr. President? Maybe a sexual scandal'll make your ratings go up! Among other things! Ahem!

I wonder how far this shit'll go? Will there be impeachment? Read more about this in depth at Brad's Brain. He's got a cool wrap-up about how far it could go, with all the scandals literally making the pot boileth over!

I was just discussing this with my co-worker today. If there's one thing that has infuriated me more about this administration and these asshole intolerant Repulicans is how closed-minded and religiously militant they are towards gays, abortion, and free speech. To impose those archaic Judeo/Christian views upon everyone in the land just because Janet Jackson flashed a boob and such is ridiculous! Their attempt to pack the Supreme Court with right-wing bastards is dangerous! They hate gays enough to deny them marriage, even though most of us are already f**cking, living together, and in the military dying in Iraq and other conflicts! And as Howard Stern so intelligently pointed out this morning on the radio, they are so against abortion and want to burden social services by bringing unwanted little suffering children into this cruel world, without of course contributing a dime! It's all so sick really.

And I was so for Bush's fight against terrorism too! I liked the fact that he was willing to go into these parts of the world and kill all these evil dirty 9/11 causing bastards! His approval rating and confidence was so enormous and in his grasp in the days following 9/11.

Just what the hell happened here?! What in God's good name hath gone wrong?!