Friday, August 29, 2008


Jesus! I was so exhausted yesterday! I think I hibernated a record 20 hours or so!

So much
going on, I can't keep up. The Clintons were brilliant this week at the DNC. Made me really wish Hillary were the main Democratic nominee, but there's no stopping Barack apparently. I can't stand Michelle Obama. Her speech was full of crap and she strikes me as a very angry entitled SISTA. Ted Kennedy was soooo moving; definitely a highlight of the whole show. God bless ya Ted and your family. The Kennedys have been through so much. I like Barack a lot. My God he looks so much like his white mama. He's tall and lanky like me. And yet, and YET despite talking about party unity and shit, I just don't know if I'm going to vote for him or AT ALL in November period! Politicians are ultimately full of crap! One minute Hillary, Bill, and Joe Biden (167 gleaming white teeth and all) are attacking Barack, and now they are endorsing him, kissing his half white/black ass?! Hypocrites! Even worse, will be having to stomach the Republicans next week!

Madonna pissed of that old fart John McCain for comparing h
im to Hitler at her recent tour. Seems like grandma still knows how to push buttons; even those that claim she's an irrelevant pop star had to comment, so apparently she's still got what it takes to make headlines, stir up controversy, and piss people off! I hate the wardrobe for her new tour by the way! She looks horrible! UGH! She looked amazing for her Confessions Tour, but for this one she looks like some drunken homeless white trash S&M hooker! Can't wait to get tickets anyway! LOL! Michael Jackson is now 50 years old as well, but his career and his face are pretty much over. It's too bad, because Michael was my childhood idol when I was 10.

There's this powerful hurricane on its way to the Gulf Coast, and possibly aiming at New Orleans again, exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina! Say it ain't so man! EEK!

Y'all have a terrific Labor Day weekend. I thank you for visiting and commenting. I will get to all your blogs ASAP.

Check out the crying wacko black woman at the convention this past week. It's sad, and yet funny to watch her at the same time:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Wow. What a show! I love Coldplay, but they have a lot to learn. Radiohead was amazing! They have honed their craft to near perfection. Almost evey song they performed sounded like the recorded album versions, and at times better! Two and a half hours long! It went by much too quickly. Damnit. Here's my silly slideshow:

Up to this point in my life, quite possibly the best concert I have ever been to. Those who decided to take video of Monday's show:

Whew! What an experience! I am most fortunate to have gone. And thank you so much Loren for helping me get there and back.

As always, your comments are welcome!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Look at what I was able to get at almost the last minute from the nicest girl at a very reasonable price and pretty close to the stage:Ain't it beautiful?! I got my camera ready, my binoculars (to see more detail like nose hairs on any of the band members), and my portable ice box with food and drink. Tonight should be an amazing show from the world's greatest band of the modern era!

I know, I know. You're sick of all this Radiohead shit, but I'm gushing. I have never worked so hard for a concert ticket in my life. I pray and hope the boys from Britain deliver! Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment. I am a very happy man today. Finally! LOL!

Todd, my fellow Radioheader, this post is for you.


Friday, August 22, 2008


¡Hola chicos y chicas! EES FRIDAY! Thank God. Week has felt long and a bit exhausting for me.
At work as I write this. A nice quiet type day I suppose. Don't know for sure what I am doing for the weekend, except I am going to try and enjoy it as much as I can. Still holding out hope here that I can attend one of the two big awesome concerts at the Bowl, but I guess I'm okay if it doesn't come to pass. If it is meant to be, then it will happen, right? I have never been part of such a rush to see a band. Imagine if this was a modern-day Beatles show? GOOD GOD! I was supposed to be caller 20 on our local rock station yesterday to get two free tix, but got as close as caller 14. ARGH! I've tried it all, and I'm so tired.

I should be devoting my time to more important things, like saving the planet and helping the homeless or something. After all, this is just a concert show. GOD DAMN IT WILL BE AMAZING THOUGH. LOL! Ya know, the greed displayed by some of these ordinary folk selling their tickets is astounding. It's human nature man. Get with it WAT. You're so idealistic at times, like that dumbass Don Quixote, without realizing or admitting how the real world truly functions. I think that's why I am depressed a lot of times. We humans are instinctively greedy, selfish, envious, and violent. Shoot, I should just list all the Seven Deadly Sins while I'm at it.

I' m just your typical moody depressive Cancer on a roll today, but this will all pass once my weekend officially begins. I bid you farewell, and leave a comment please, even if it is just to say hello or to shut up and die.

Have a great one!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I want to thank Kimy and Junky for inviting me to the upcoming blogger "convention" in NYC in late September, but it doesn't look like I'll be attending. THIS TIME. But many thanks again for thinking of me, and too bad for you that I won't be around to make the event truly great. HA! I've never been to New York City, and am overdue to visit a place that has been ingrained into my consciousness thanks to countless TV shows and movies.

My last hope for Radiohead tickets at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday or Monday is eBay, but it shocks me how greedy people are! BLOODY MONEY-SUCKING SCALPER FIENDS! The closest seats to the stage were 75 bucks originally, and yet some of these people auctioning them off want double, triple, or even more than what they paid for. Shit, I know this is how capitalism works, but DAMN! Profit is the name of the game, but I'm really just a loyal fan of the band who wants to go to appreciate them live and in person. I'll try I guess for a few hours more, but it's hard not to be outbid; these are hot in-demand tickets to what promises to be an amazing concert for sure. If it is meant to be, I will get my hands on a ticket or two. If not, so be it.

A thoroughly enjoyable and strange film is Black Snake Moan. Christina Ricci looks terrific and is awesome in her role, as well as Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the supporting cast, including a nice tormented performance by Justin Timberlake. Do check this movie out. I'm surprised it wasn't nominated for major film awards and didn't get more attention, because it is a good film, and quite different than what I expected.

I'm behind on some of your blogs, and my Internet access at home is currently down, so I'm using it at work as much as possible, but then again what else is new?


Monday, August 18, 2008


Everything in life requires money, and I (like most of us) do not have enough of it. Makes me a bit depressed really, for there is so much I’d like to do/accomplish, but it all takes cash. As long as I have food and shelter I am blessed I suppose, but there will be no awesome European vacations for me anytime soon.

Did you know that at one point, the Mountain Gorilla was once considered an unconfirmed mythological animal? Kind of like what happens nowadays with Bigfoot or the Chupacabra(s), which fall into the realm of cryptozoology. There is strong recent evidence however, and I am starting to believe these two creatures are real. A very well-preserved cadaver of a Bigfoot has been presented as undeniable proof that the howling tall bipedal forest-dwelling primates really do exist. The very fascinating article and pictures are here. And not to be overshadowed, the infamous vampire-like blood-draining creature known by its Spanish name, the Chupacabra(s) (Goatsucker) also may be closer to revealing itself to the world; strong bizarre video evidence is here. Notice its strange Rhino-like backside and that drastically long snout! WOW! Exciting, and yet dangerous if these two animals are ever truly found, for humankind has a way of destroying habitats and threatening species to extinction.

Since I can’t go to Europe just yet, I’ll have to settle for going back to Las Vegas later this year. I hope. Damn those Madonna concert tickets are expensive. SHEESH! Last time I was in Vegas was 2002 and the place has always been fascinating to me on so many levels; I love reading about its history and folklore. At the north end of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, is the now iconic Stratosphere hotel with its 1,149 ft. (some 300 meters and change) tower. The Golden Gate Bridge is very famous as a place where many have bid farewell to a cruel world, but did you know the Stratosphere tower has had 5 people voluntarily jump off it, since it opened back in 1996? YIKES! Yes, I’m a sick morbid man to even mention this, but 5 sad lonely souls have committed suicide by leaping off this thing.


Friday, August 15, 2008


Thanks for commenting so voraciously lately! I'm truly honored.

A rare night of open mic karaoke at my local bar tonight! It should be fun! It'd be nice if I could sing a Madonna song, but the only one I can pull off nicely without sounding like a big homo is "Drowned World/Substitute For Love." The vocal range is just right for a dude like me, without having to go into the ridiculous faggy upper registers that her other songs require.

Speaking of Madonnee, she turns 50 tomorrow! FIFTY! Half a century old! DAMN! Congratulations! I found a very good article about LA REINA DEL POP, but unfortunately it's in Spanish, although I guess you can translate it using one of those web services or at least look at the purty pictures. Even more fascinating was her brother's appearance on Howard Stern's show yesterday morning! THAT had me riveted fer sure. Fat gay balding Christopher Ciccone, who used to be very handsome and still has that booming sexy voice, was there to promote his tell-all book on his big sister. He said Madonna is very cheap despite the fact she is worth at least half a billion, and that she has made family members pay their way for stuff she could've paid for easily. He said that his favorite moment was working with her to design her 1993 Girlie Show Tour, and that he made some $200,000 for it, but that he hated Madonna at times because she would treat him like shit and go off with her annoying tantrums. He said Madonna takes herself very seriously, and rarely laughs at herself. Surprisingly, he also had a lot of very nice things to say about her; he loves her and feels they will get close again one day, as soon as she dumps that homophobic asshole husband of hers, Guy Ritchie. He said Guy is THEE main reason they've drifted apart. He had a lot of other petty things to say about his sister, but it didn't sound like anything too bad really. He said Warren Beatty might've been bi, JFK Jr. was bad in bed according to Madonna (and prolly gay according to Chris), and Sean Penn was the best lover Madge probably ever had. Oh! And Chris said his niece Lourdes was gonna rebel big time due to mama Madonna's very strict ways. You can hear a quick snippet of the interview here.

Loren Soth's last two posts are pretty interesting, particularly his Thursday post, where he talks about racism and how sensitive we've become that we can't make witty satiric racial jokes as openly anymore without stirring up people. This is the case with the new film Tropic Thunder which is getting some people all bent out of shape, due to Robert Downey Jr. playing a black man, and jokes in the film about the mentally disabled or something. Lighten up people! Have we become this politically correct now? Did the Olympic basketball team from España go too far? LOLOLOLOL!

A possible trip to Las Vegas for Veteran's Day weekend in the works! And Madonna would be at the MGM Grand that Sunday night too! I hope I can work it all out! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hey, how come my blog posts are not racking up 10,000 comments as of late? Come on people, show me some love! I desperately need it.

I'm moody this week. Cranky even. I'm having the office cubicle blues again. W
hilst Mikey Phelps is in China becoming an Olympic legend, stuffing his face, and amassing legions of drooling fans who want to marry the goofy sexy MoFo, what is WAT doing? Working in a pretty ordinary routine job! Now I know I'm not supposed to be comparing my life to others, but this is how I often feel, and what I fatally always do. Yes, I keep hearing how grateful and thankful I should be that at least I have an income and steady work unlike so many out there who are struggling in this crappy economy, but the fact that I am not doing something amazingly astoundingly extraordinary is really making me cringe. It's the media's fault right? That we can do whatever we want, that our dreams are always within our reach, that nothing can nor should stop us from becoming truly great! OH BALONEY! PHOOEY FOO FOO! It's such a crock! A LOAD MAN! Why wasn't I taught in school, that most of us are going to have pretty routine uneventful ordinary lives and that only a select few are destined for superstardom greatness?! You gotta work hard for it WAT, and frankly my friend, I think you're a bit too lazy and not motivated enough!

Hey, I have b
een accused of regurgitating the news that everybody already knows, so I guess I'll continue with that tradition! That scientist that killed himself last week; the FBI wants to call him the lone Anthrax attacks suspect. This is one very suspicious story! Are we expected to believe this guy acted alone and that he killed himself by overdosing on Tylenol and codeine? Man, the official story stinks worse than my elementary school cafeteria trash bins! That guy was murdered or scapegoated just to "close the case" and move on. And Russia invaded its former Soviet province and all these people are dead now and shit and China will eventually take over Taiwan probably and no one will be able to stop these powers from taking over territory that they claim as theirs and Bush and company can blow all the hot air they want, but do absolutely nothing about it because our military is already stretched thin and frankly it's best we don't intervene anyway because we got a shitload of problems as it is and we need to clean our house first before we meddle into other people's affairs anyway.

Paul Newman was a handsome man, and I'm afraid to say he might be at the end of his illustrious life. That was some good salad dressing he made too.

Monday, August 11, 2008


O.k. kids. I saw it. I SAW IT. I saw The Dark Knight. We were originally planning to see it on the huge IMAX screen, but it had sold out, so we had to settle for watching it in regular mode. This is the theater I saw it in, and there were still lots of people, even though the movie has been out for about a month! I mean, this film is just an unstoppable money-making machine! Anyway, back to my thoughts on the movie. It was good. Tense. Rather enjoyable. Very dark. Heath Ledger is quite good; he creates his own demented Joker character that holds up well and apart from Jack Nicholson's more hilarious and insane version. Don't ask me to choose the better Joker, because I like them both for different reasons. The cast as a whole is purty good, although someone should've told Christian Bale to suck on a cough drop or two, because his hoarse Batman voice got on my nerves! Anyway, I'm not one for spoiling the plot to movies, so just to say that out of four stars, I give this film three stars. It is a good film, but not GREAT. This is not The Godfather, American Beauty, Little Children, Jaws, or Stand By Me folks. It just isn't, but it certainly is worth the price of admission.

The more I see, hear, or read about Michael Phelps, U.S. swimmer extraordinaire, the stronger my obsession with this young 23-year old goofy dude becomes. I'm officially smitten. 6ft. 3 and some 200 l
bs! He's a big dork, and yet so mothaf**kin' sexy! Please bend me over now! Rumors abound about Michael being kind of cocky (in size and conceit), and about his true sexual orientation. Whatever. It's not like us mere mortals would ever get a chance with him anyway. DAMNIT. I just hate being ordinary me sometimes...

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Did y'all catch a glimpse of the opening ceremony of the Olympics? MY GOD MAN! HAVE U EVER SEEN A MORE GORGEOUS COLORFUL SEAMLESS PERFECT ASTOUNDING AWESOME SPECTACLE?! China wanted to impress the world, and did more than just that; she effectively proclaimed, "I AM A WORLD POWER, HEAR ME ROAR YE WESTERN BASTARDS!" Look at these pictures! That dorky Michael Phelps is looking quite handsome to me lately; go Team U.S.A!

I almost went to Las Vegas this weekend, but decided against it due to financial and time reasons. I still look forward to going though, when it gets cheaper later this year, so I can go check out the high-class ritzy Wynn hotel/casino and to go see the Love show at The Mirage of course! Speaking of The Beatles, I caught this amazing tribute band called Rain on PBS last night, and they eerily did sound and play just like the group; perhaps even better than the originals! LOL!

Don't mean to end the post on a downer note, but a frequent lush who
m I often saw at local bars here and there died this past week of melanoma, which sounds like a most unpleasant terrible disease. I also found out another bar employee whom I genuinely like is dying of cancer, but he has told only a few people close to him. That just makes me sad really. And Bernie Mac, who was truly genuinely funny is gone:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I have been clicking on Ticketmaster forever trying to get Radiohead tix for their concert later this month, but it's just not gonna happen is it? The show must be sold out, and the only way I'll get in is if I pay a private ticket broker that has jacked up the original relatively cheap price. ARGH! Radiohead is like the coolest raddest most innovative band of the last 20 years! The sophistication of their songwriting and recordings is simply amazing! They're weird ethereal out-of-this-world British geniuses! Some samples of their work:

I went to my head doctor on Monday to get a new prescription of the same happy pill I've been on and off the last seven years or so. At one point, I asked Dr. Jewberg (LOL) what his opinion of medical marijuana was, and he said he was not in favor of it and that it caused more problems than it solved. Oh really now? Yeah, like my anti-anxiety medication hasn't caused me problems? Don't get me wrong, the drug saved my life, but trying to get off it is a bitch! At one point I was able to not take it for 4 months some years ago, but had a horrible anxiety relapse and had to deal with disturbing withdrawals. I'm on it now every other day and do pretty well, but the goal would be to come off it completely, although at times I wonder if that will ever happen or if I should even worry about it anymore.

Mind you, just because this drug and countless others are legally approved by the FDA
and crap doesn't mean they aren't addictive or destructive! Marijuana gets such a bad rap, and yet I find it such a harmless drug in comparison to some of these powerful pharmaceuticals, but even good ole' pot has its consequences when abused I suppose, but discovering its joys at the late age of 30 made me appreciate it more and up to this point I indulge in it lightly. I dunno, nature's herb is something I have considered to possibly help me wean myself off of my current prescribed med, and I could get it legally under our medical marijuana law in California, but I dunno. So many questions/doubts I have. I mean, I used to live my life without the need of any drug, but then again I was an anxious sober mess throughout most of my 20s, so I had to get on something to help me cope with this amazing fabulous perfect world! LOL! I don't like alcohol or any drugs other than Mary Jane, so I'm not too much of a Judy Garland wreck at this stage I suppose.

I'm still trying to get through Don Quixote which I began to read at the very beginning of this year! I'm on page 640 out of 1100 or so. ARGH! This book is so wordy; Cervantes sure had lots of free time and lots to say apparently. It's such an integral part of the Spanish-speaking world; a marveous book full of so many anecdotes, sayings, and concepts passed down through generations of Hispanic peoples. Did you know it is the fourth best-selling book of all time? Some 500 million copies! WOW! La primera novela, y posiblemente la mejor obra de toda la historia...

Babel Fish translate that last phrase if ya want to. ;)

Monday, August 04, 2008


I'm behind on your blogs. I promise to catch up. This year is just zooming past by, and 2009 will be here in no time suckas!

This HBO movie made not too many years ago called Normal is pretty damn good; about a man who finally decides to become a woman after 25 years of marriage! OH MY GOD! It's hard enough being a gay dude, let alone one who wants to have a sex change! Jessica Lange still looks terrific, and Tom Wilkinson both perform beautifully in this almost shocking, comical, and interesting movie. I'm also in the middle of watching Batman Begins again. I wasn't too thrilled with it when I first saw it in theaters, but I think I'm liking it more this time around, since my awesome comic book expert Loren Soth is very good at explaining it all to me, and boy do I have lots of questions! By the way, do check out Loren's recent new blog will ya? He appreciates comments just as much as I do!

Thankfully there's no footage (that I know of) of this astoundingly horrifying incident that occurred on a Greyhound bus in Canada; a man went crazy on the young guy that was sitting/sleeping next to him and started stabbing him senselessly, then cut his head off for no apparent reason! Passengers were obviously in shock and disgusted by what they saw; the killer took the head off and was holding it/dangling it for everyone to horribly witness! I mean, MY GOD MAN! How does something like this even happen!? The gory surreal psychopathic details are all here in this article. The guy was even dangling the poor victim's head while authorities tried to subdue him! The world is sadly full of some seriously mentally ill people...

If 2012 doesn't obliterate human civilization, some 8 years from now we are having a total eclipse of the sun in the United States in 2017! WOOHOO! Get your special glasses and cameras ready! It will only last about two minutes and change, but it should be quite a sight, and will happen from Oregon through Georgia I believe. The cool details are here! Aren't ya excited!? I'm giving you ample time to prepare, so don't say I didn't tell ya so, and some of you lucky bastards may already live in or near the areas that this eclipse will occur in. I almost saw one while in Mexico back in 1991, but missed it.

A picture of me in action, as I was typing this blog post: