Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I know.  I get it.  Children are the future.  And having kids and raising them must be so satisfying.  UGH!  PLEASE!  Listen, I truly admire and understand people who want to reproduce and raise their kids right with enough money and a good education.  BUT!  We live in such a terribly irresponsible world, full of lowlives and overbreeding maniacs who think having kids is some sort of badge of honour!  WELL NO!  I TELLS YA NO!  STOP THE F*CKING INSANITY ALREADY!  The Earth is disgustingly overpopulated!  And so many people out there are not fit to take care of themselves, let alone a child.  I'm very detached from all this since I am not sexually attracted to women and perhaps do not understand why there is a such a biological sexual need to dump yer load into a warm wet vagina and knock a woman up, but I am glad in the end I don't have to deal with this burden of bringing kids into the world.  Call me bitter or cynical, but as much as life can be uplifting and full of truly great and wonderful moments, most of life is frustrating and irritating and quite boring and mundane.  And don't sit there and pretend like it's all full of charm and happiness because it is not.  I just don't want to bring kids into this cruel fucked up mortal existence.  I can barely tolerate it myself! LOL!  And to see how the world is unfolding and the way things are going makes it an even scarier prospect!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!  Proud of having two, three, or four kids!  UGH!  YUCK! It's like rats or rabbits gone amok!  I keep harping on this overpopulation issue, but we are up to SEVEN BILLION humans on the planet!  THAT IS EGREGIOUS AND RIDICULOUS!  OVERTAXING AND STRAINING AN ALREADY EXASPERATED MOTHER NATURE!  People need to really think twice before having kids, and one child should really be enough in this already polluted world.  At least China has taken steps to stop this madness, but INDIA and AFRICA, and LATIN AMERICA are still churning out more humans for us to contend with.  HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!  WHEN WILL THIS ALL END?!  And what about our beloved UNITED STATES of AMERIKKKA?!  There's no true birth control here!  And people piss and moan about abortion; I say THANK GOD WE HAVE ABORTIONS!  THANK GOD!  We are overpopulated enough already in this country and it just keeps getting worse.  Our economy is in the crapper, people are getting crazier doing more sick insane violent things--this is no time to be having a litter of children!  My ghetto trash neighbors have tons of kids; these people are obviously on welfare and proud of their brats I'm sure.  Bunch of stupid wastes of space.  What future can those kids possibly have?!  The chances are slim to none.  I wish to offend no one who is reading this who believes in breeding and children, but I DON'T CARE!  I JUST DON'T!  Cats and dogs get put to sleep all the time, why are we so much better or f*cking special?!  SHUT UP!  STFU!  ENOUGH!   Thank you.  If my generation has had a hard time coping with life, what will the new generation of computer and gadget-obsessed entitled kids be like?!  YIKES!  My family believes in reproducing and boy have they done a good job, but it's gone too far!  MA GOD MAN!  That's a lot of child support!  LMAO!  Ironically,  I happen to be very nice and quite good with kids since I feel sorry for them and the imperfect existence they have inherited.  If your only legacy is to have children, then something is wrong with you.  Remember, they are NOT YOUR kids.  They are their own independent-thinking individuals, but many parents never see this.  I have heard the rich elite will be doing something about all these people in the near future.  A culling of humans perhaps through war or disease?  Hmmm...

Eric Arthur Blair, better known by his pen name George Orwell, was a brilliant English writer best remembered for his immortal books, 1984 and Animal Farm.  I read both years ago and was amazed at his very dark and REALISTIC view on life and human nature.  1984 is famous for its motto "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" and a bleak look at the future where all our rights are taken away and we are all ruled by an all-seeing and omniscient entity.  What is perhaps most disturbing is that Orwell's fictional book has already begun to happen in the AMERIKKKA and world of today!  FAKEBOOK and GOOGLE wanting all our personal information and storing our data like some sort of evil government databases.  The TSA doing bizarre and invasive body searches at airports.  The Constitution being trampled on and ignored.  The Federal Bank and its minions getting away with crimes that any ordinary citizen would be put in jail for.  Congress being bought off by lobbyists and politicians allowing the average taxpayer to be robbed.  I don't see this country or world heading into the right direction except into some sort of total one world government.  BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.  You better believe it.  We are monitored and watched at every moment.  This blog, your mobile phone, your laptop, your Ipad, your retail purchases, etc. I know many think Ron Paul and Alex Jones are crazy or conspiracy theorists, but many of the things they have been bitching about for years have come to pass!  THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT SCARY!  If you believe NAZI GERMANY can never happen again, you are delusional and need to wake up.  History can always repeat itself.  We have achieved many civil rights and social progress, but that does not mean we are secure.  Things could go awry at any moment and nothing should be taken for granted.  Humans are fallible imperfect and evil creatures once they are dealing with money and power, and all I see is a bunch of crooks in charge of or country right now; the world period has some really crummy leaders!  LOL!  Keep your eyes peeled.  Observe how it all unfolds.  Vote for Romney or Obama, it truly won't matter now.

I like the Scissor Sisters.  Their new album is fun:

Thursday, May 24, 2012


There was an annular solar eclipse this past Sunday right?  NOW 2012 WILL TRULY TAKE OFF! MOOHOOHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

I went to the free public health clinic with my friend last week to get all our complete thorough STD testing done.  Everything looks good so far, although the HIV test is always a bit nerve-racking, regardless of how careful I've been.  I've done this so many times now I've lost count, but as a responsible adult, one has to keep up with this at least once a year.  Lord knows I'm no longer the promiscuous pig of yesteryear, but ya never know, so it's best to get tested to make sure I don't have any bugs in my blood.  

It's amazing how time flies man!  And while I usually like what I see in the mirror these days, I am conscious of the fact I am getting older.  To be pushing my forties thirties here is worrying me just a bit.  Not because of the number, but I want to be able to hold on to my facade as long as possible!  LOLOLOL!  GOOD LAWD MAN!  I see all these celebs and their incredible amount of fame and wealth, and yet none of them can stop the hands of time, regardless of how many cosmetic procedures they pay for.  AND THEY STILL CAN'T STOP DEATH!  Steve Jobs was worth billions and cancer ate him up last year!  Whitney's drug habit was too much and she expired.  And Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, Donnna Summer, and Robin Gibb all succumbed to cancer not long ago!  ALL OF THEM FAMOUS AND SUPER WEALTHY!  What a cruel joke!  If these larger than life people die, WHAT HOPE DO US MERE MORTALS HAVE?!  Oh boy!  I know that life has a meaning and purpose, but our species is quite a sad and conflicted one.  Our mortality should make us do great things and seize the moment, but it also makes us very vulnerable and worthless.  It's quite a dichotomy really.  I guess making a name for yourself or influencing others in a positive manner should be our primary goal.  We must not fear achieving what we want to, because we truly are on borrowed time.  This 74 year-old crazy hysterical German co-worker of mine truly believes she will live another 500 years because she says she is healthy and has a positive attitude.  She says the technology to keep us indefinitely alive will be around in the next decade or two thanks to stem cell research.  Of course I had to interject with, "But what if you're in a terrible car accident? Medicine can't save you from severe trauma to the body!"  She said the chances of that happening to her were low and that she cannot wait to live hundreds of years.  LMAO!  I hope her delusional outlook can sustain her as long as possible.  She just had to say, that because I am constantly depressed, I probably won't live as long as her.  GEE THANKS!!  I'm not depressed, I just know what reality is all about honey.  R-E-A-L-I-T-Y!  Besides, I'm not sure I want to have a long life anyway...

This Facebook going on the stock market.  I mean, hasn't this retarded social network been way overvalued!?  MY GOD!  I almost wish I'd never joined FAKEBOOK, but peer pressure did me in and it is a pretty good way to promote this amazing genius blog of mine.  I look at the design and can't get over the simple white interface with cheap blue and gray trim!  It's stupid!  JUST STUPID!  AND WE'VE ALL FALLEN FOR IT! ARGH!  They claim 900 MILLION USERS WORLDWIDE?!  THAT IS ASTONISHING!  The money they say is made from advertising, but I never really click those side ads and on mobile phones, you don't even see them. WHERE ARE THEY GETTING ALL THESE STAGGERING AMOUNTS OF CASH?!  All of these punks and beatches associated with FAKEBOOK are filthy rich! Mark SUCKERberg is OOGLY as hell but he's worth billions!  HOW?!  WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!  He stole the idea from others didn't he?  I haven't even seen The Social Network, but I've read the story behind the creation of this empire, and it all seems really fishy and dirty.  The twins claim Mark stole their idea, but then there's that Brazilian guy who got a share of it and gave up U.S. citizenship not long ago to avoid taxes; everyone involved in FAKEBOOK seems rather sketchy, corrupt, and super greedy, which is why I am kind of glad its stocks are not doing well!  I'd like to see it come down actually.  I've never used my real name or personal information there; I find it pointless and just another way to keep track of me.  Must be some sort of government database--posting my pics and having this blog is incriminating enough!  Many think FAKEBOOK is the apex of all social networks and that it is here to stay for a very long time, but then again MySpace was really big for a while too and it has come crashing down quick.  Nothing lasts forever, and the next bigger and better social network may be just around the corner.  American fads don't last long, especially in today's globally interconnected and highly mutative world.  I'm not going to join the next social network by the way.  I refuse to fall into these traps again.  I'm already monitored enough and I've divulged way too much already!  AHAHAHAHAHA!  Y'all know the size of my penis for crying out loud!  True friends and those who matter in your life will use the old-fashioned phone to contact you.  Plain and simple.

Miguel Bosé from Spain in the mid 80s.  A good-looking lad he was!  AND VERY GAY! LOL:

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I thank you for reading and most especially for commenting. It motivates me to keep on writing/posting.

Do you have an office cubicle job?  I do.  I work for a government agency.  Been 11 years now!  Well, 9 really if you count all the time I've taken off! LOLOL!  I tells ya what: when I first started there it was really great.  Maybe I was in the honeymoon phase?  The place was managed pretty effectively and the employees really seemed to do their best and get the job done.  But something has happened here.  Forget my mood or work ethic going down.  The hard economic times has been a boom for our office--swamped with plenty of work but everyone is losing it and really trying to do the best they can under the increasing stressful circumstances.  I get that there are decent workers in there fighting the good fight.  But they keep hiring more people and we're running out of space!  And not all the new hires are competent or efficient !  And some of the old employees are still there just taking up space because they have seniority!  GOOD LORD MAN!  Just because someone shows up every day to work and on time does not make them a stellar employee.  I mean, you actually have to work and produce right?! But I often see people sitting at their desks doing absolutely nothing but surfing the web, or reading books, or just plain gossiping the whole day away!  Like me.  WHAT THE HELL?! Is this a problem only government jobs are prone to, or do all white-collar office jobs have this going on?!  IS THIS THE HARDWORKING AMERICA I've always heard of, or is the office now a place for people to come to and get away from their house for a few hours simply to pass the time?! LMAO!  I'm not sure if I am making my point clear here, but something is amiss!  I am grateful however for this job on so many levels!  The pay is decent.  The days off are really nice.  The medical benefits are marvelous compared to what most of America gets nowadays and the security is pretty good unlike the decaying workplaces across our country.  My stupidvisor can be a nice lady and all, but she is highly incompetent on so many levels as are many in charge there!  But she has seniority!  So she gets to keep her job!  No wonder I've slacked off the past few years!  IF SHE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, WHY CAN'T I?  Except she shows up to work daily. And on time.  Oh well.  I'm trying to reform my deviated and irresponsible ways and get back to being a good employee like I used to be; before terrible depression and apathy took over my life and nearly destroyed me some two years ago.  I should've been doing what I love (whatever that may be) years ago, but something has kept me trapped.  It's okay.  I don't beat myself up for it anymore.  I have lots to be proud of and at least have a job!  OMG!  DID I JUST WRITE THAT?!  AHAHHAHAHA!  I feel good about myself this week.  And that's just so rare nowadays!  It may be because we're finally starting to see the collapse of the WESTERN WORLD (Greece and Europe) and my twisted morbid doomsday mind is enjoying it!  I know, I'm evil.  ;-)  Capitalism is unraveling...

Mexican author Carlos Fuentes is dead.  He was one of the world's great writers and intellectuals.  He was 83 years old and succumbed to a sudden stomach hemorrhage.  There are tons and tons of articles on his passing Tuesday afternoon.  I can't even begin to link them all here, but his death has deeply saddened me and many all over the world.  I watched this 5-part series years ago on PBS called The Buried Mirror which Carlos hosted, and he was marvelous.  It is based on a book/essay he wrote originally in Spanish (El espejo enterrado) where he discusses Spain and the conquest of Latin America.  Very very interesting and enlightening stuff.  If you can read the book or watch the series, I urge you to!  It's a great historical account/perspective on why the region is the way it is now.  Carlos was a well-traveled man and was the son of Mexican diplomats.  He grew up and lived everywhere and his English was impeccable!  A true renaissance figure with fascinating insights on his beloved Mexico; his last years alive were spent discussing his fear and concern for the increasing drug violence there.  Carlos was married twice and had a daughter with his first wife who survives him.  He suffered personal tragedy losing his two children from his second wife.  His son died of leukemia and his daughter of a drug overdose I believe--both before the age of 30.  Nevertheless, he kept on writing and traveling, always enriching his mind and us with his fabulous lectures and writings.  His most famous novels are Aura, The Death of Artemio Cruz, and Old Gringo which was made into an American film starring Jane Fonda and Gregory Peck  He never won the Nobel Prize which he so richly deserved, but Hitchcock never got an Oscar either--the world is a dumber place now that he's gone, but better for having given us this incredible man and his immortal words in print. RIP sir.


Monday, May 14, 2012



I was reading old blog posts from a few years back and I used to write some very interesting essays and discuss all kinds of topics--WTF HAPPENED TO ME?!  LOLOLOL!  GOOD LORD!  Has my job and love life embittered me this much?!  I'm kind of shocked at how much I've neglected this blog and been uninspired the last year or so to even write anymore!  This dreadful depression has thwarted my creativity!  I say no more!  NO MORE!  I am still surviving and have lots to be grateful for.  I am aging like fine wine and my brain can still crank out a good post!  I've got lots I could write about.  So lemme begin:
Okay, so Europe is in big economic trouble!  BIG!  THIS IS IT FOLKS!  The Euro is collapsing.  Greece is probably going to go back to its old currency, because they are in shambles.  Spain is f*cked too.  Italy as well.  The whole damn European Union is falling apart.  The leaders don't know what to do, and everyone that has tried to implement cuts and austere measures is getting voted out.  The people have had enough of unemployment and financial woes.  Banks are crumbling and there seems to be no end in sight.  Sound like the United States?  OF COURSE!  Listen, I don't care if Mitt Romney wins, or Obama is re-elected, our country is in big economic trouble too!  Don't for a second believe the lies about unemployment going down or that things will get better, because it's just not true!  I want you to be happy and enjoy life and keep on drinking and screwing, because we are facing some serious dire times ahead!  The middle class is being wiped out and the rich are just gonna get richer.  GREED IS DESTROYING THE WORLD!  The last politician worth voting for who at least pretended to care was Bill Clinton, but something went terribly wrong after 9/11.  America was changed forever, and I think these crooks in Congress and just about anyone in authority has now blatantly shown their true colors: THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US WORKING CLASS PEASANTS!  Okay, so it's nice that Obama supports gay marriage, but how is this really going to change things?  He wants votes; it's all a political move and a very historic one I must say, but the reality is that we are facing much more pressing issues!  Besides the worldwide economic depression (Japan is in bad shape too), we're now 7 billion humans on Planet Earth and the overtaxing of our resources is at an all-time dangerous high.  Mother Nature seems to be getting much more destructive; is she trying to tell us something and kicking our asses for all the abuse we've inflicted on our precious home? And have you noticed how violent and crazy people have become?  To hear of mass shooting sprees and other terrible crimes is not all that uncommon anymore and growing at an alarming rate!  

On Friday May 4th, a little over a week ago, I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see COLDPLAY!  I had been wanting tickets for the past few months, but they were sold out.  I got lucky though, and two days before the show, a friend who has connections got me last-minute tix and very good seats!  YEEHA!  They were not cheap, but so what?!  My crazy and very funny friend Roland went with me and we had a blast!  I had a little bit of pot brownie ok, but it was a very enjoyable and colorful show.  I was very energized, and those two 13 year-old white boys dancing and screaming and singing along next to us were a hoot!  LOVED THOSE KIDS!  We got along fab!  I was wondering if Nick & Nick (best friends I assume), are going to be future gay men, because their behavior was very suspect. LMAO!  They were so funny and full of life and cute as hell.  I loved their energy and I even told the older gentleman there with them (probably Dad), that I acted their age most of the time!  He smiled and appreciated my affection for the boys.  AND NO IT WAS NOT SEXUAL AT ALL, I merely saw them as nephews--they took me back to a time when I was full of life as they are now.  It was wonderful!  There were actually three shows that week, I ended up going to the final one.  My 14 year-old niece saw them earlier that same week and she loved it too.  My friend took lots of pictures, but he still hasn't posted them yet.  I'm bugging him to do so.  It's not easy to get into the Bowl; parking is a bitch and ya either gotta walk a lot uphill to get to the venue or endure a 15-minute ride on a shuttle that made me a little claustrophobic.  Once you're there though, it is a fun and magical place.   

See? Despite the falling apart of our world, I can still have a good time!  Someone here took some good video highlights of our show:

What say you?