Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, the other day my churchgoing old-fashioned mother came at me with something that almost made me laugh out loud.

Mom: "¡Dos muchachos en la iglesia dicen que salieron de sus cuerpos y vieron a John Lennon en el infierno!" --"Two young men at church said they went out of their bodies and saw John Lennon in hell!"

WAT: "¡¿Qué?! Yo no creo eso para nada. John Lennon no hizo nada para merecerse el infierno." --"What? I don't believe that at all. John Lennon did nothing to deserve going to hell."

Mom: "¡No, es cierto! ¡Dicen que lo vieron gritando y llorando quieriendo salir de allí!" --"No, it's true! They said they saw him screaming and crying wanting to get out of there!"

WAT: "No es posible eso. No creo en esas babosadas." --"That's not possible. I don't believe in that crap."

I mean come on! John Lennon in hell!? How dare they?! Mind you, my mother is not as gullible, but sometimes she falls for it--God bless her. She said she thinks his hardcore drug use and his remark back in the day about his band being bigger than Jesus might have sealed his fate, even though she was a huge Beatles fan in her day. Uh huh. O.k. Whatever. I'm sure lots of fire and brimstone Christians out there believe Lennon is partying with Satan, but it's a bunch of baloney! If there is such a place as hell, I would hope asswipes like Hitler, Ted Bundy, and Timothy McVeigh are there roasting away.

Not John Lennon though! He wrote some brilliant songs during his lifetime which brought joy and happiness to millions the world over, and continue to do so to this very day--a body of work unequaled in all of pop/rock music history. I mean, he was an activist for peaceful causes and social justice and was married only twice, having only two children. So he did drugs, BIG WHOOP! So he claimed his band was bigger than Jesus! O.k! Wasn't there a big public backlash, the burning of records, and an apology from John? And poor John got shot to death, which was hell enough--for him, his family, and fans the world over.

However, he did marry Yoko, and that should be reason enough to send anyone to hell for!

O.k. I'm just kidding.


"Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try; no hell below us, above us only sky." - John Lennon

Friday, May 25, 2007


I've noticed this kind of post a lot lately, and I was tagged by Mademoiselle Darci Monet, so here goes darling:

1) I have become addicted to avocado sandwiches. Easy to make too, and delicious. Two slices of bread, some mayo, an avocado slice or two cut and spread out, some salt, and presto! YUMMY!

2) My ultimate vacation destination is Spain. I am obsessed with the country that makes up part of my heritage, and I hear España does not disappoint. Lots of good food, hot people, old castles, churches, and other architectural marvels to behold which is why it is the second most tourist-visited country in the world.

3) I'm not too fond of saying or hearing "Good morning!" or "¡Buenos Días!" to be honest, especially on weekday mornings, when it comes from my fellow co-workers. I'd rather just say hello to someone instead of having to utter such an annoying phrase, when in all honesty I'm rarely happy to have to get up in the morning period. Yeah yeah, I should be grateful for all I have I know, but I just don't feel that damn cheery in the morn ok?!

4) I used to be very patriotic and had lots of pride in the United States. Now, I'm not so freakin' sure anymore; the last few years of Bush have disappointed just about everyone, and that most certainly includes me. I live in a country with terrible racism, homophobia and social inequalities and with a corrupt government that meddles in others' affairs to the point of risking its citizens' lives. It's too bad, for I naively believed in America wholeheartedly at one point, and now I think I'm very cynical and perhaps, jaded.

5) I was given my father's middle name, Arnoldo. It's kindo goofy I suppose, but it's okay. I'm a dork anyway.

6) I was originally fine with getting buried after I die, but now I'm not so sure; decomposing in a box sounds horrifying. I may go the cremation route. UGH! THE CRUEL JOKE THAT I HAVE TO DIE MAKES ME CRINGE! But alas, it's the one true fate of us all. Just burn me to a crisp, then grind the remaining cadaver/bones into powder. How vile!

7) I must be one of the few people in America who does not like peanut butter or pickles. Okay, certain pickles perhaps... My mind and yours are in the gutter again I see!

8) I am really digging this Australian rock group called Jet. They are terrific! HOLY COW! They only have two albums out so far, but damn they're good. Sort of a mix between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Very beautiful melodies/harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. Me likey a whole lot! Some fine songwriting there mates and I love the classic rock sound.

9) I'm into feet--nice feet that is. Purty hot. I wonder if Jakey G. has nice feet. Never really seen 'em. Does anyone have a pic of a barefoot Jakey G. where I can clearly see his stompers? I have nice feet actually; very suckable--among other things...

10) Not to brag but, I have to use magnum-sized or extra large condoms. Yeah, I'm a bit proud of that, what can I say? ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In 1519, one of the great earth-shattering events in all of human history occurred.

Hernán Cortés, along with a few hundred Spaniards and local Native American tribe allies that they'd met along the way, went into the city of Tenochtitlán and encountered one of the most beautiful cities/places they had ever seen. The Europeans were marveled at this sophisticated civilization known as the Aztecs, who had a city that was more beautiful than Rome or Paris back on their continent. Despite such an established, organized, and intelligent group of people as the Aztecs were, the Spaniards were consumed by greed for gold and their fervent belief that Catholicism was the only true religion above all other creeds. Their goal/mission was to impose their ways over whomever they encountered.

The Aztecs, were a warrior like peoples, with a highly developed agricultural system that included crops such as corn, tomatoes, chocolate, and avocados. They had tremendous architectural knowledge and built pyramids and temples to honor their emperor and worship their gods. They established a glorious empire in central Mexico which created many enemies in the surrounding areas who were jealous and resentful of Aztec power. Most notably (and to the horror of the Spaniards), was the common practice of human sacrifice, where prisoners would be offered to the gods by having their hearts cut out in public ceremonies.

The Aztecs had foreseen their destruction/doom. Their religion/mythology had predicted the return of their white-skinned bearded God Quetzalcoatl from the East someday. Was it just sheer luck? A fortuitous coincidence? Regardless, the white-bearded pale men did arrive from the East as had been foretold. Cortés brought with him horses, weapons, Christianity, and a tenacity to conquer. He took in a mistress named La Malinche, a woman considered to be a traitor to the Mexican people, and she became the mother of the "first" mixed race child and his translator with the Aztecs. The moment that Cortés met the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma, was one of the watershed events of all time, a meeting of very alien cultures that would soon mix and influence us to this very day.

The sieges and attacks by the Spaniards took some two years to unfold, but by 1521, all hope was lost for the great Aztec Empire. Both sides lost great numbers of men in battle, but when all was said in done, European technology and their diseases (which the natives had no immunity to) won the day. Spain was beginning to add massive territory to her growing unstoppable empire and altering the face of the modern day world forever. Her language, culture, and religion were to become cemented in these new lands.

The cultural/global impact of this conquest, this meeting, cannot be overstated.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I was watching this real fascinating program on PBS over the weekend about gorillas in the Congo. These are some real amazing animals lemme tells ya, and I can see why Dian Fossey studied them as much as she did. The show was narrated by that old geezer Sir David Attenborough, who has been doing these types of nature programs for eons now, and the old coot is still out there researching and narrating about wildlife. Pretty impressive I'd say.

Gorillas are very social animals and are protected and watched over by the lead male gorilla which is known as the silverback, as you might already know. They are in charge of maintaining social order and peace in the group. They showed two females that were starting to fight and the male silverback came in and stopped it immediately by pouncing on one of them and subduing her until everything was calm again. When another silverback tries to come in and usurp the ruling male's authority, he will fight the challenger to defend his "crown"; very similar to a the male lion watching over his pride I suppose. They also proved (AS IF WE DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW!) that gorillas are very very intelligent and wash their food and use simple tools and stuff in their daily lives. They like to live in peace and harmony around other animals, and it was really quite insightful to see them in their natural habitat. It was quite beautiful really. I love animals, and think they deserve the Earth along with plants and insects of course.

On the other hand, that other most annoying species called humans, was most definitely the subject of a very thought-provoking motion picture I watched called Children of Men. Man, I gotta say, you betta have yourself some Prozac or do something real joyful after viewing this film, because it was very very dreary and depressing. The future is a real bleak place, where women can no longer reproduce, and the planet is caught up in tremendous social and political upheavals. Terrorism is rampant, and hope for humanity is all but lost.

The cinematography is gorgeous as are the remarkable long shots with non-interrupted action sequences. It was technically well done I must say, and actors Clive Owen, Michael Caine, and various others were pretty good--a film directed by the great Mexican-born Alfonso Cuarón. Yeah, it's kind of like Blade Runner meets Minority Report meets 28 Days or something like that.

If this is the future (and it could as well be at the rate we're going), I really hope the gorillas survive and make it out okay.

Friday, May 18, 2007


So, the population of los Estados Unidos de América now stands at about 300 million correct?

And the media is now reporting that 100 million of dem peeps are not White of traditional European descent! Yes, some 45 million are Hispanic, 40 million or so Black, and the rest Asian or whatever. This kind of propaganda seems very divisive and has many very concerned and upset.

Some examples of what people are already commenting and saying on the MSNBC message board:


-Get Over It. The dynamics of the population is changing. Regardless the problems we face in this country is not due to minorities. It's ok to have a strong force of Hispanics in the military. Yet a vast majority of white Americans look at them in a terrible light. Let's look at real focuses...We are spending a billion a week in Iraq. China owns all our trade. These are the two major disasters holding America back not the change in population with minorities... Growth comes from resources. No one is holding whites from going out and having more children.

-i have traveled overseas a lot with the army and as a civilian. i have learned a valuable lesson. anywhere else in the world we are americans black, white, latin, all american and hated equally. our enemies do not discriminate and pry on the fact that we have no united identity to dived us and keep our focus form them. no mater who is behind the uniform over there in island of hate and intolerance we are americans we are brothers no matter the color.

-The U.S. has become a Melting Pot of Trailer Trash. When Immigration goes unchecked everyone loses.

-I will take 10 Canadians over 1 Mexican EVERYDAY

-The fact is that white people need to start having more kids. I am from southern california. Go to any hispanic community and you see cars full of kids. I go to a white community, and all I see is young people walking their dogs. What's wrong with this picture.

-As a white male I hope I live long enough to apply for minority status, then I can scream racist and file lawsuits everytime I dont get my way, just like most minorites do now.........

-We love their food and we can't seem to get enough of it. We also love the fact that a lot of their kids are dying in iraq instead of "real american" rich kids. But when it come to them as a people, we cannot get past seeing illegal's as viruses spreading across this nation and turning it into a 3rd world country.

-White people don't have kids because we are not stupid enough to spit out babies we can't afford. It's called a standard of living. Remember, we have lots of black and hispanic babies to support with our tax dollars.

-What brains do the Mexicans provide...ABSOLUTELY NONE!! In fact they are pretty DUMB people. At least the ones I have had to deal with. It is judicious to claim that on the IQ level, they would score pretty low. Just like the general black population would.

-So, since the English came and "killed" the 'Native Americans' (they're not 'Indians') then that somehow makes it ok for mexicans to come across our border and mooch off of us? Get the hell out! Everybody! Just go! We were doing awesomely before you came along. All this "we build and do jobs no one wants" makes me sick. Who the hell do you think did that stuff before you all came over here and trashed up our neighborhoods? You over-estimate your importance. America for a brief period was the new Rome until, also like Rome, our borders are falling to barbarians.

-YA, thanks to Bush. He might as well invite all in to the US. The whites are the minority now. The illegals get everything anyways, might as well give them more. I think we are are headed for a civil war, and i'm all for it. Bring it on.

-Hey Argentineflower, if you're Argentine, you ARE white!!! Argentine blood is mostly Italian and Spanish!! HAHAHA! What defines you as "Hispanic?" The fact that you speak Spanish?!?!? A WHITE LANGUAGE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! You're white JUST LIKE ME!!!!!

-White men came here in response to land to culture it, something the indians were not doing, white men came here and improved the land, not trashed it, they worked their butts off to make this country what it is, didnt sit around and take siestas all day, get drunk and party constantly !

-I am a white girl, blond hair and blue eyes, they have the nerve to aske me if I speak spanish, I ask do you speak English, they get upset, why should i have to learn spanish when this is america !!!! Its all bull***t

-the native Americans can vouch for what happens when immigration goes unchecked

-most people on welfare are white.

-Would there be the same outrage if these were Irish people, white Australians or Lithuanians? I really doubt's not about people breaking the law. It's about race. At least be honest.

-It's time for the American people to JUST SAY NO TO MEXICO! Don't buy things made in Mexico! Don't eat at Mexican restarurants or buy Mexican food. Give them good old wholesome neglect. Boycott Taco Bell.

-Why is it that everyone blames minorities for the state of our nation when White men are the ones who run it? I am all for personal accountability, but the social and economic systems set up in this country are not geared towards the betterment of minorities. There is partial blame to be placed on white people (those in power) for why blacks specifically are in the state that they are in today. How many of you want to wager that if and when Barack Obama gets into office, things in our country will finally start to get better.

-Oh u were tricked? hey! hop on this boat and put on these chains!! were going to a to a tropical location where there food, houses and girls with a place for a new start! who the hell would be tricked to be put in those conditions to go somewhere of their own free will... Right... come one that's the text books talking. we tricked them into coming here as slaves.. i find it hard to believe any black man or woman would be that naive.

-you are one dumb cracker hater! I hope that someone pale skinned, dressed in blue comes over to your house and chains you up like your great-great granddaddy Kunta then sticks you in a cage with the other dumb animals. You're not fit to walk around freely. Anyone as dumb as you should have to wear a helmet at all times. At the very least, an orange jumpsuit. By the way, you should thank a white guy for taking your stupid ass relatives out of Africa since you don't have to worry about AID's or Ebola or monkey pox or running away from lions and what not. Instead of living in a mud hut, you're free to spend your whole day at home in the ghetto, lying on the couch, drinking grape Kool AID and watching Judge Mathis while waiting for your welfare check.

-Our nation is doomed. With the fatherless welfare thugs sucking us dry, add on to that the 50 million+ illegals, with both groups getting more and more militant...
God help us all.

-AMEN! I don't care what color you are or where you're from, I just don't want uneducated, trashy, criminals living next to me. That's all white people are afraid of. We don't hate as much as people think. One of my bestfriends and certainly the most intelligent person I know is black. It's not about race, get off the whole "Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton" kick. My family came over to this country poor and worked as indentured servants alongside slaves. I'm not better than anyone. My family never owned slaves and I certainly don't so stop being so racist against white people because I don't owe anyone ANYTHING! I'm just the guy next door who wants to live in a nice neighborhood and be safe and mind my own business. I would just rather not trash inherit this country.


My favorite comment of them all and the one person who makes true sense:

-The true deservable inhabitants of this planet are animals. They have been dwelling here for hundreds of millions of years. Man has been on this rock in a technological state for maybe 200,000 years. In that period he has almost destroyed the place. Talk about "there goes the neighborhood". The best solution is for an asteroid to wipe him off and start afresh. Like it or not it is coming and the government is very afraid of that. Man is an utter failure.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So, I'll probably have to get a part-time job or keep looking for a higher paying sole job because finances are not looking too fucking bright right now.

Yeah, I have a real hard time finding any sympathy for rich bitches like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton when I have to struggle on a daily basis going to a job I hate and working with stupid people whose heads I'd like to dunk under water. Alas, this is the daily struggle most of us face unfortunately. I just don't know how people with kids do it. I really don't! I'm having a hard time just keeping myself afloat! It sucks! It royally sucks! I don't want a mortgage no more. I think I was happier paying rent, but fell into the trap of believing that owning my own place would be cooler and give me a stronger financial standing. I guess over time it does, but doing this for only one year has been terribly hard. It's very stressful and ridiculously annoying. Sure, having one's own place is pretty cool and all, but it is so freakin' expensive, and very hard to keep my little empire going. I constantly fear foreclosure and eviction and pushing a cart collecting cans and bottles for a living. EEK!

I really wish I could just run away and get away from it all sometimes; fly off like a bird with wings! Whose stupid cruel joke was this?! NOT ONLY AM I MORTAL AND EXPECTED TO DIE ONE DAY, BUT DURING MY LIFE I HAVE TO STRUGGLE AND WORRY ABOUT MONEY?! WHAT THE EF?! ARGH! DAMN YOU GODS OF OLYMPUS! SO THIS IS CAPITALISM?! And nothing is getting cheaper. Food and gas are getting worse, whilst salaries at work stay stagnant. I'll just continue popping my psychotropic med and looking for that right therapist or support group that will help me cope with these irritating daily financial struggles and other issues. Now I know why alcohol and drugs are so abused and adored! Now I know why people jump off clips or slit their wrists! It all makes perfect delicious morbid sense! UGH!

I suppose making money on the side selling my body to rich old men is not entirely out of the question, although God forbid if I have to even go there. Don't they pay bloggers like me to write useless crap like this very post you're reading? I may need a new roommate, but it is hard to find someone dependable and decent to live with. I gotta play the lottery more often than I do, although the odds of winning the considerable amount of money I need to stop feeling so damn miserable are low. Way low. Don't I have a rich old dying uncle somewhere that has an inheritance of at least one million dollars for me?

Alas, the bills will keep on coming no matter how much I whine or complain. My goal/quest for complete sweet bliss and hedonism will have to wait a while longer while I sort out this financial bump in the road.

Oh sweet beautiful mushroom cloud, where art thou?

P.S. A loving tribute to Jerry Falwell:

Monday, May 14, 2007


Yes, there's something utterly fascinating about nuclear weapons, wouldn't you agree?

I mean, it's pretty horrific to know that one such bomb unleashed on a major population center today would be beyond devastating, but still man! STILL! To think that humanity was able to harness the power of the basic atom and turn it into history's greatest nightmare: nuclear weapons! HOW GENIUS! HOW BEAUTIFUL! HOW RIDICULOUSLY DESTRUCTIVE AND STUPID! OH HUMANITY! I mean, Albert Einstein was one of the brains behind the whole damn thing, but he only did it because he was deathly afraid of Adolf Hitler getting his hands on one of those puppies first, so he urged FDR to act urgently to beat the Nazis, before they dropped one of those things on us.

Alas, the United States did become the first ever country to have the bomb and the Japanese got to suffer the two only known uses of the bomb on civilian populations in recorded history. If ya think the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bad, imagine one of today's even more powerful nukes on a city like New York! EEK! That would be pretty nightmarish; instant vaporization, hanging skin, and severe burns galore! Ya ever seen that movie Trinity and Beyond? You have to get your hands on that DVD, which curiously enough, is narrated by oddball William Shatner. It shows you some
amazing footage of all sorts of nuclear tests. Dem blasts are huge! HUGE! So gorgeous, and yet oh so unnerving!

And now, sixty-two years later after the development and use of nuclear weapons, more countries possess this awesome power than ever before. It used to be only the USA and the Soviets had it, which had everyone freaking out during the Cold War, but now even potential conflicting weirdos like India and Pakistan are known nuclear powers. That is not very comforting, nor is the sad terrible more-than-likely eventuality that terrorists are gonna get a hold of one of those suitcase-sized ones the Russians have carelessly let go, and use it to blow up American/Western interests. I pray and hope that in our lifetimes we do not witness such a catastrophe. The loss of human life and structural damage from one of those things would make 9/11 look like a walk in the park.

Oh, but it is such a beautiful mushroom cloud

Friday, May 11, 2007


Damn man.

I'm a bit fascinated with Oprah. To be honest, I never really watch her show 'cause I'm at work when it airs, but as an entity, icon, and rich ass beatch I do find her utterly compelling. How does she do it?! She's worth one billion plus freakin' dollars man! That is astounding! I admire her humble poor abusive roots, and obvious determination in getting to the top. A most definite astute and powerful businesswoman indeed. A fine role model for many, especially African-American women, and females in general. Yes, Oprah, you are one admirable and influential chick indeed. Just look at the way those women in the audience scream, jump, and go insane for her at the beginning of one of her shows. She is loved and admired by women all over this country, probably even more than Hillary Clinton!


There's something strange with this woman having so much power and wealth! I've watched several of her programs and she comes across as real phony sometimes. She'll laugh joyously with or hug her guests, but I often wonder if she even means it! And everyone on there seems to always kiss her ass. OH GAWD! GIMME A BREAK! Of course, she speaks perfect English with the white people, but getz all Ebonics with her black peeps! Yeah, they all claim she's a humanitarian and gives lots of money, but she strikes me as someone who is really only doing it to give herself more publicity and eventually put more money in her own pocket. She's always hanging out with that annoying best friend of hers Gayle King too! UGH! Shut tha hell up both of you! And OPRAH made Dr. Phil a star, and God only knows why! That guy is irritating beyond belief! She even held that lousy creepy Legends Ball with all those rich/famous female black celebrities and had them all served/waited on specifically by white people! That smells of reverse discrimination/racism to me! I mean, even though I don't think Oprah is truly racist, part of me feels she still has some of that lingering disdain for white people due to the past ills of slavery.

Like Oprah cares what WAT thinks! I'm jealous. Jealous of her giant oogly head/face plastered on billboards everywhere. All that freakin' cash. Man! How in tha hell does she do it? What makes OPRAH SO GOD DAMN SPECIAL?! HMMM??!!

And that creepy way she yells and draws out all her statements: "TODAY'S SHOW IS GOING TO BE FABULOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
And the loser housewives just scream and yell even louder!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Seriously, I wanna thank each and every one of you who takes the time to read my crap and comment! Remember, don't feel obligated to comment if ya don't want to or find my ranting boring, okay? Only comment when you feel the absolute true honest desire to do so! Of course, watch my comments now dwindle back to under the usual five I used to get per post! LOL! Ok, nevermind that dumbass advice I just gave you. Comment to death my pretties! MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL, LOVED, AND FAMOUS!

It is so facking hot in LA right now! Way hotter than normal! Did someone bring on the summer early this year or something?! WHAT THE HELL??!! I mean, it hit 100 here in my part of the city and I could've sworn it was mid-July or August! HOT DAMN MAN! Ya know, we hardly had any rain at all in LA this past winter, which is absolutely terrible because now we're stuck with a bunch of dry brush and drought-like conditions. For the heat to be already here this early on does not bode well. No. This is creepy earthquake weather, and possibly more evidence of that shitty and scary global warming phenomenon.

And worse, the brush fires are probably gonna be real bad, since we have lots and lots of humans living near/on hillsides and other very rustic areas all over the city here. Case in point: as I write this post, we have a terrible fire going on right now at Griffith Park, which is our main city park here in Los Angeles, like Central Park is to NYC. The rumor is some fool was smoking in a restricted area of the park today and threw his cig (now he's badly burned at the hospital perhaps?) and all hell broke loose, and now we got a 600 acre fire burning over there (worst one in 46 years) right now threatening homes, the landmark Greek Theatre, and possibly our city zoo. UGH! It doesn't help we get these extreme heat waves coupled with very strong dry winds either, or that we have psycho pyromaniacs lurking out there.

I have been reading recently about record-breaking temps in China, Canada, and other areas of the world which has scientists quite alarmed. Alas, this very strange hot weather this early on is kind o' troubling. But it sure makes me damn horny! YEEHA! Love what it does for my sex drive, as the polar ice caps sadly melt away...

I hope the current LA heat wave possibly due to global warming causes Paris Hilton to catch on fire and rids us of her whining horrific spoiled brat existence.

Go to jail already and suffer like a real person would u annoying retard!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Without giving any of these movies away, here goes:

Went to see Disturbia last week and it is a definite movie to wait for and watch on DVD. Shia LaBeouf is in most of the film and this is the picture that has now catapulted him to stardom for sure. He is terrific and quite adorable in it! He is so young too, a mere 20 years old! DAMNIT! I hate young successful people in the entertainment business! ARGH! But yeah, Shia is not gorgeous by any means, but is charming and cute to behold in this thriller which is a decent suspense film. Carrie-Ann Moss from The Matrix plays his mom, and she looks good; a definite MILF.

I also watched The Queen on DVD and wasn't all that impressed, but it was okay nonetheless and quite insightful as to how the royals supposedly live their daily lives, especially during the days following the death of Princess Di. Helen Mirren was very convincing as Queen Elizabeth (for which she won an Oscar), and portrayed the old bag with more emotion than most of us are used to seeing; an actually nice and down-to-earth old crow that wrestles constantly with how to please the British people and serve them as best possible. Prince Charles was portrayed as a real wuss and with the most heart out of all the royals; alas he knocked up Diana with two boys and felt horrible for a good while after her demise. Only natural I suppose. The real asshole here is Elizabeth's husband Philip. What a jerk! LOL! Pompous stuck-up uncaring buttwipe! Anyway, The Queen; worth watching but not that special in my humble opinion.

Here's the winner though: Little Children, now on DVD! WOW! What a remarkable motion picture this is! Very similar to American Beauty in observing the problems "normal" people/families face living in modern American suburbs. Patrick Wilson is a bona fide hottie, I couldn't take my eyes off of this dude--he is red hot and has some real steamy erotic hard-on producing scenes with Kate Winslet who is terrific in this picture as always. Kate is a Brit who really knows how to play American women well, and she makes some damn good movies! Love the story and it had me transfixed from beginning to end, full of twists/turns and surprises I really was not expecting. How wasn't this movie not awarded more Oscars I ask? DAMN GOOD FLICK! Ya betta rent and watch this! I'm serious! Worth every freakin' minute!

Did I mention actor Patrick Wilson is a facking hottie?

Yeah, I did.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Well, that manager that harassed me at the gym last time is gone. Ain't seen him for a good while now. Good riddance!


There I was, standing in the sauna last night when a pudgy chubby middle-aged still laughably dyes-his-hair a cheap red brown seated white man who looked a lot like Harry Potter's mean uncle (see pic) starts talking to me about the NBA playoffs. Harmless enough I thought and we seemed to be having a friendly conversation about basketball. Then he guides me towards the gun control topic.

Fuckwad: "Yeah, ya know guns don't kill people, and all these tree huggers and the media wanna take away our guns which is protected by the Second Amendment. Guns are to defend ourselves, not to kill. The police need them and we as citizens have a right to own and have them. Hunters need them to kill animals and eat food."

WAT: "Well, I dunno. Guns are weapons for hurting and killing if ya look at it clearly. And vegetarians would not agree with you on hunting animals. It's not such a clear issue."

Fuckwad: "Well no, you're wrong! You've been brainwashed by the media and you grew up in the city! What do you know about having to hunt your own food and kill animals to eat!? You've never fired a gun, what do you know?! You're just brainwashed and I feel sorry for you. I'd hate to be you."

WAT: "Sir, I could say all of the above to you as well, but we will agree to disagree. You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine."
(at this point, I kinda did wish Idda had a gun, to rid the world of this imposing aggressive ridiculous fuck.)

I could see this dude was seriously mentally ill. One of those dying conservative racist NRA-loving jerks who cannot stand a more open-minded heinous "liberal" like myself disagreeing with him. I went silent and he tried to start a conversation with a new visitor to the sauna, then out of left field comes out with this dumbass statement: "This sauna is like being on Santa Monica Blvd!", which was an offensive allusion to gay West Hollywood here in LA. Yeah, nice try homophobic pig goatfucking Nazi! I didn't say a word, and let the comment go, but at this point I hated his fucking guts and was really wishing a heart attack would strike him then and there so I could laugh at him.

So I goes to the shower area to rinse off and Fucknut Nazi goes to do the same and as he is leaving tries to speak to me; HAS THE UTTER NERVE TO TRY AND SPEAK TO ME YET AGAIN!

Fucknut: "Well, have a nice evening."

WAT ignoring him as he rinses his hair.

Fucknut: "WELL FUCK U!"


Fucknut: "REPORT WHAT?! HUH? REPORT YOUR MOMMA!", as he stands there almost in my face.

WAT: "FUCK OFF!", as I'm ready to defend myself to the death were he to strike me. Fucknut walked away mumbling more bullshit and that was that. Well! Lovely night at the gym huh? How is this happening to me?! This is the second time this year I'm running into anti-gay assholes there!

I'm thinking how to behave/react if he does start talking or even insulting me next time. I swear, I think it's best I walk away from him, for I do honestly feel Imma take one of the sauna rocks and mash it into his already decrepit face, or do just worse and then end up going to jail for assault. I do have these words though for wherever this diarrhea-in-the-sewer certifiable turd may be:


There, I feel better now. I really do. And ironically, these incidents do make for good ass blog posts!