Friday, July 31, 2009


Hello citizens of the world! All your visits to this blog and comments are highly appreciated--I can't stress this enough!

You wanna know how Tuesday's live No Doubt concert was?! I almost did not make the show thanks to a stomach thingy I was fighting! UGH! Had
to sit down in the CityWalk area for a bit so as to not pass out, while my beloved bud ordered up himself a hot dog and fries to scarf down as I sat there trying not to get nauseated at all that greasy food that was hitting my senses. Thank God for the lemonade, as it hit the spot and helped ease my dehydration, so I could continue walking towards the Gibson Amphitheatre to get to my seat. A nice compact venue, and it's close to home so this makes it so much easier to deal with frankly. The crowd was a remarkable mix of Generation X-ers (that would be me) and the new Millennials all together to see three bands: The Sounds, Paramore, and the star attraction, No Doubt. I missed The Sounds completely, but got there in time to catch Paramore. I'm told this is a Christian band that has made it a bit mainstream, but whatever, they were okay. Nothing to write home about, although three of those boys are real hotties. My goodness man! They're all so young and had rabid Generation Y-ers there to cheer them on. Ha, I feel so old saying that, but I cling to my Generation X label in this case, because I often feel the most of the music put out this decade is such sh*t, when in the 90s (when my generation ruled), we had some of the most amazing rock put out ever, and No Doubt is part of that incredible musical legacy/history!

No Doubt took to the stage (t
hey're all pushing their 40s now)--the roar of that crowd is unlike anything I have ever heard of in my life! WOW! They are adored unconditionally, and since their songs are so well-known and have received considerable airplay in the last 13 or so years, it was no surprise to hear everyone singing along, jumping, and enjoying the show in unison. It was quite spectacular to witness this. I did not have a camera this time sorry to say, but so many there did, so actual show highlights are here, and here, and here if you care to take a look. LOL! Gwen Stefani is the obvious superstar now with her own successful solo career, but it is with her band that everyone truly adores her, and to see her again with all the boys was very nostalgic and moving--it's just where she belongs man! And somehow, I think we all knew and felt sad that Gwen and bassist Tony never ended up together as a couple--for so many of those songs were based on the pain of that failed relationship and made the group a hit. Will they ever record an album together again is hard to say, but part of me felt that this was a simple reunion tour, and that they are probably finished as a band for good. A fun and highly nostalgic and sometimes melancholy show this was, and I am so glad to have been there!

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I must report on the reality of it all. I SIMPLY MUST MY FELLOW AMERICANS! For as much as we all want to be happy and delusional going to our No Doubt shows, enjoying our sports on ESPN, intrigued by Michael Jackson's life/death, or distracted by the further inane stupid retarded adventures of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their 16 million children (YUCK), we got an economy here that is tanking, and is going to continue crashing and burning as this once remarkable country pays dearly for years of wasteful spending and horrible government mismanagement! THE EMPIRE IS FALLING RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES FOLKS, and I'm afraid it's gonna take down the whole world with it as well. Are we to believe what this stealth blogger is saying on THIS BLOG of his?! For if it is true, then the latter half of 2009 is going to be anything but boring, and may quite possibly be some of the most crucial dire moments in American history! The American dollar is truly worthless--is it about to collapse and drive inflation through the roof?! Honestly, I can't even begin to comprehend how this once mighty superpower can be in such shambles, but I will gladly blame that nudnick f*ck-up Bush that just left the office for so much of this--for effectively killing the United States and driving the final nail into its coffin.

Have a great weekend anyway everybody. Forward march! Pray and pray and pray...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I think human technology is pretty cool, and I most definitely prefer to be alive now than in 1709, but let's face it folks, we're still a pretty laughable primitive species!

I mean, we've got air travel, the radio, television, antibiotics, iPods, smartphones, the Internet, and we've supposedly gone to the moon some six times and back, but is this really the best we can come up with in 10,000 years of recorde
d human history?! WHAT?! I know, I know, I'm such a demanding ungrateful bastard, but if you remember the Star Wars franchise, the humans in that galaxy were able to travel to all sorts of planets and moons with effortless speed! I mean, look at the Death Star for crying out loud--an amazing space station that could harbor thousands of personnel and destroy planets on command! What do we even have in our own reality that even comes close to this?! ZILCH! The 20th century is historic for introducing more technological advancements than any other, and it truly revolutionized our lives in many ways and even let us live a bit longer, but I dunno man, I'm frankly not that impressed when considering how much more ahead of the game we could AND SHOULD be. I know all this crap takes money, but to still be driving cars/flying jets that burn that nasty fuel further destroying our ozone layer and exacerbating global warming; there really has to be a better way! We're so painfully primitive! We should be living like The Jetsons by now! I'm serious! If we can imagine it, and show it on television or film, why not put it into practice?! It takes almost a day to jet travel to the other side of the world?! That's bloody ridiculous! RIDICULOUS!!!

This is all starting to create a big shift in my perception of reality--I think I am starting to believe in extraterrestrial life! I mean, for years I've thought it a silly and insane idea that there could be other sentient life forms out there as smart as us, but this has been my own egotistical biases at work, for only now do I look at humanity as a whole and realize we are just not as supreme as we think we are. As horrible as it is to admit, Nazi Germany did some good in bringing us revolutionary technology still in use today, but it is probably thanks to that Roswell crash in New Mexico back in 1947 that we got even more advanced knowledge than ever before. These UFOs are real damnit--and so are those aliens maneuvering them. Have I gone mad? Am I stoned as I write this?! NO! The longer I spend in that dead-end job, the longer I just plain live in this boring monotony, the more I think about these endless philosophical questions! And I have come to the startling (for me) conclusion, that we are not alone! We just can't be! We're too darn primitive, and these aliens are watching us, helping us in certain ways, and at other times painfully abducting us perhaps?! EEK! Oh don't mind me, maybe I have lost my marbles or gotten high one too many times, but it's all starting to make sense, even though I feel more confused than ever before. This universe is just too damn big and complex!

I'm going to see this band live in concert tonight near my house! And all four of them are so good-looking too:

Friday, July 24, 2009


Happy Friday!

Abortion! It's one of those topics that's so divisive and controversial, even in 2009. Frankly, I support abortion, although getting those really late term ones is kind of disturbing, 'cause the baby is already pretty recognizable and stuff. Is it murder? No! It's pretty merciful
and keeps the Earth from overpopulating any further, and as much as the pro-lifers wanna harp on the demonic culling of all dem babies, there is usually no outcry from those same Bible-thumpers over those poor doggies and kitties that are put to sleep at the shelter 'cause no one wants to adopt them correct?! Let's face it, it saddens me more to hear of cute Rover and Fluffy being put down, than it does of little mini humans getting vacuumed out of a woman's vagina--for as much as humans wanna tout themselves as the highest form of life on the planet, our terrible record shows that we are a wasteful, malicious, and destructive species--what makes us more special than dogs and cats, who have lives too?! I do not hate my fellow man/womankind (except for the four bitch c*nt supervisors at work), and actually feel sorry for so many of the good people I know who struggle, and try their best on a daily basis, but the fact is that so much of humanity as a whole is repulsive and downright petty/evil! It is a terribly cynical view I suppose, and when they come at me with the "50 million dead babies since Roe vs. Wade" argument, I just roll my eyes and say, "GOOD! At least those 50 million were spared the economic disaster that is unfolding and the planetary degradation that is already showing its ugly colours due to our terrible species!" Frankly, do you even remember being in your mother's womb anyway? I sure don't, and had my mother chosen to abort me, I wouldn't have really known, cared, or felt sh*t really. But here I am, and I guess there's a purpose to my existence, so onward! EEK! LOL! Abortion has spared so many from suffering needlessly, of having to come into a tough world unwanted, of having to face all this mess, and they're lucky anyway 'cause their souls immediately get to go to heaven right?

And way before MJ's highly publicized death, I have been thinking a lot about this fine lady--the immortal legendary divine Dame Elizabeth Taylor! What draws me to this fascinating woman?! Must be a gay dude thing! LMAO! Ya know, I haven't really seen that many of her movies, and quite frankly the ones I have watched are kind of irritating. I hated the one with her ex Richard Burton where all they do is argue. That film sucked donkey penis! And then that silly movie where she recounts the tale of her perverse closeted gay male best friend in Europe and she melodramatically breaks down while Katharine Hepburn and Monty Clift watch Liz go off. DUH! I guess I'm more into Liz' humanitarian side--her loving and endless support for those poor souls who are misunderstood and abandoned emotionally as were Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, and Michael Jackson of course. Hmmm, all closeted fags by the way. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Her tireless raising of money for HIV/AIDS causes--Liz just seems like a fun and genuinely kind woman all-around. And let's face it, the bitch was once stunningly gorgeous! I still have a lot to read/learn about her extraordinary life, but yes there's the eight husbands, White Diamonds, and her poor health. Yet, she is still there, and she even Twitters nowadays I believe! Hail hail to Liz, and if any of you can recommend me one of her really good film roles, please let me know, 'cause so far what I've seen is kind of lame. But I love Liz Taylor!

This clip is gloriously funny! My bud Le Zook got me hooked on it again recently. VIVA LA LIZ:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, another week is upon us!

The heat is tremendous, and I usually am able to tolerate it at home with just a fan, but had to put that AC to work its wonders last night. WHEW! It's summer, so this is only normal right? I watched this movie by Bernardo Bertolucci called The Dreamers, and it had really beautiful cinematography, but the film was quite pornographic at times--I mean, the soundtrack and film clips were cool and all, but some of those hardcore sex scenes were kind of bizarre and out of place for me, but whatever, I enjoyed the film in a sense because it takes place in Paris, and lots of French is spoken so voilà--it has its moments and is worth viewing at least once I suppose, even though it's just a bunch of protesting 18 year-olds with nothing to do all day but hang out, discuss politics/film, and smoke/drink/and f*ck. Hey, I want this life for myself now! LOL! And the original Quarantine movie was made in Spain, and it's called REC and it was pretty good, a bit gory/disturbing/creepy, but very interesting and well-made--seems most people prefer the Spanish original over the mediocre American remake, and I am glad I got to see the one that takes place in Barcelona first.

I have come to realize that there are quite a few people at work I truly appreciate and do enjoy talking to, despite the bitches in authority that I have to answer to. They entertain me, constantly come by my cubicle to visit me, talk to me about all kinds of interesting issues, ask me how I'm doing, and generally seem to enjoy my amazing good looks and neverending sense of humour! LOLOLOL! Okay, now call me an idiot, but does this mean I am an interesting cool guy to talk to/hang out with? I am amazed at how many people gravitate towards my cubicle on a daily basis, and I often wonder why?! I'm a bit of celebrity I suppose? I'm kind of honoured really! And I genuinely do love most of them as my co-workers/people. Wow, I can't believe I'm finding something positive about my job to talk about! LMAO! I guess it helps to have this support group to pass the time and hang out with, because it sure makes life at the office much more tolerable and meaningful to me. Let's face it, with all those hours spent at work, these people basically become family, and it's hard not to form attachments, even though I do have a personal life outside of work mind you. Yeah, work isn't my life, but it is a part of it, and I am grateful I have my other fellow working stiffs to chat it up with while I push paper.

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time. Hysterical:

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very important weekend in the history of humanity! That's right! On Sunday, this blog is officially turning FIVE YEARS OLD! Need I repeat this extraordinary milestone?! FIVE YEARS OLD! Some 900 blog posts mes amis since the official start of this blog on July 19, 2004! HOW I EVER MADE IT THIS LONG I DON'T KNOW, BUT TO EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER COME BY TO ACTUALLY READ AND TO THE OFTEN LOYAL FOLK WHO ALWAYS COMMENT, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Ya know, I sometimes look back at some of my posts and cringe at some of the stupid things I've written about (LOL), but more often than not, I gotta say I am one damn gifted writing genius! Eat your heart out Shakespeare! Not to be outdone, it is also my BIRTHDAY on Sunday as well. Go figure! Yes! To reach my, um...twenties pardon, is really cool! Go ahead, shower me with lots of praise, affection, and love--for I am an egomaniac and narcissist at times and am not afraid to admit it. My little puppy friend has a new blog by the way, and I must mention it, or he will get mad at me.

Hey, my fellow blogger Sebastien who lives in that summer furnace Phoenix, AZ is right on the money when he suggested in my last post that I eventually move to Spain or France and live there for a good while to get out of Los Angeles. Seb, you are CORRECT! DING! How often have I blogged about wanting to visit Europe and more than likely eventually settling in España? Probably only some 4 million times! DUH! And my French is pretty good too I must say, and I am proud to currently grace the very top left side of this blog with a picture of that fine French actress, la grande dame Fanny Ardant! I love you Fanny. You are amazing! Recently however, the French yet again topped the list of world's meanest/rudest tourists. LMAO! Yeah, um, they are a proud people folks, and are a bit sad/resentful to have had the English/American- Anglo culture take over the world so profusely, so please forgive my fellow haute couture French. They truly do have a beautiful language and superbly fascinating culture, so they're okay with me. Je ne parle pas parfaitement le français, mais je sais bien me défendre.

This weekend is also the 40th anniversary of the landing on the moon! Call me some zany conspiracy theorist, but there's something very fishy about this event. This story makes me wonder, why would they have erased such important footage and now claim they will release cleaned up REMASTERED video of this monumental achievement? Hmmm...something does not add up here! Were we really able to go to our one and only natural satellite, or was it all a bogus Hollywood production to fool the Soviets and the world entire of the supremacy of the United States?! Getting to the moon with 1960s technology seems like a huge major task; were we really able to pull that sh*t off?! Is there any way I can see that freakin' American flag up there with some telescope or something to quell my doubts once and for all? LOLOL! Fascinating stuff regardless!

His first ever appearance on David Letterman's show this past Wednesday! Don't wait till he's dead to celebrate him--admire and listen to this man's music like I do now, and realize the genius we are so very lucky to have in this lifetime:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LE 14 JUILLET, 1789.

Thanks to all who stop by this blog and take time to read my insane words! I love my fans! Los quiero mucho.

I have trips to Las Vegas and Palm Springs within my sights this summer, although going to either of these two places at this time of year is madness because it gets sooooooo hot out there! Outside my nice air-conditioned prison (office) near Northridge, it gets to about 105 degrees during the day! This kind of weather is easily tolerable in nice shade or AC, but horrible when having to face it directly. The one thing I do appreciate about summer are the nights--they are obviously much cooler and nicer to go out in, although one time in Phoenix I remember a 90-degree reading around 10p.m. and that just about floored me to feel warm hot air blowing so late into the night. I am trying to play the lottery now more often than ever before, hoping for a financial miracle so that I can quit working and focus more on traveling, which takes money of course. I know money is not the key to happiness, but it would definitely make my life easier and I could just take off to Vegas, Palm Springs, or wherever I wanted to without any considerations or hesitations whatsoever--WHAT A DREAM THIS WOULD BE! I have worked and struggled for money long enough to know its value and appreciate it, so money would be a true blessing for me since I wasn't born rich at all. But anyway, on a more realistic level, I do hope to make it one of my vacation destinations eventually so I can at least take some cool pics and post them on this silly blog. I ain't been to Vegas or PS since earlier this decade, and I feel mighty overdue.

And although I would probably miss Los Angeles terribly, I think I'd like to leave this city within the next five years and try living somewhere else for a good while. L.A. has been my home my entire freakin' life and I am downright sick of it really. Oregon sounds like a nice enough state, although is gay life up there as exciting and tolerable as it is down here? What about TexASS? Yeah, but Texas weather sounds downright horrid, especially with that humidity, although Austin sounds like a really cool place. I dunno, I need suggestions from ye out there who live all over this country to gimme some ideas on where I should move to out of Los Angeles. L.A. has its awesomeness, but it has gotten bloody expensive, too crowded, and there's an earthquake about to hit us here that is going to level this city and f*ck it up real good. And no, I do not want to go to San Francisco, New York, or Boston. LOLOL! Those are awesome places I'm sure but I don't want bitter winters, equal earthquake danger, or more expensive living than what I already deal with. I'm trying to find a place that is less stressful and still fun to be gay in. I have had offers to move just outside of Atlanta, but I dunno...

I had no idea this band was from France! How appropriate then, to introduce them to you on this Bastille Day! Mighty fine catchy tune:

Friday, July 10, 2009


Congratulations to my fellow Cancerian and former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr for his 69th birthday, which just happened this past Tuesday! SIXTY-NINE--everyone's favorite erotic number of course! Wow, the years sure don't go by in vain do they? Ringo still looks pretty darn good, but it could be due to the fact he keeps a full beard now and is always wearing sunglasses, so it's hard to see the passage of time on a highly obscured face, but I like that idea for when/if I make it to 69, so I'll keep a note of it. He was born Richard Starkey, but took on his famous stage name due to the enormous amount of rings he wore on his hands. To make it into the world's most famous musical group of all time with less-than-stellar talent must've felt like a dream to Ringo, and in no way am I putting him down, but let's face it, he was amongst giants such as Lennon, McCartney, and even Harrison who eventually became a genius in his own right. I think what made Ringo so great for the group was his down-to-earth personality, his enormous sense of humour, and his ability to get along with all of the boys in the band without too much ego. His solo career was quite respectable in the 70's too with songs such as this and this. An interesting essay praising his skills as a drummer can be read here.

You know, my niece is getting real big. Girl's stretching out and quite mature-looking and
she's only 11! YIKES! Kids grow up real fast these days! She's a very smart inquisitive little person, and she's always asking me if I have a girlfriend or who my female ex's have been--she'll ask her dad (my brother Charles) or BETTER YET my mother (that's a hoot knowing how much this must turn her fundamentalist Christian stomach) and neither one of them has really yet explained to this beautiful curious child yet that I am gay. HUH?! This makes me a bit uncomfortable, and I wonder if I should talk to my brother Charles and ask him to perhaps explain to his little one the queer birds and the bees--it truly is time don't ya think? Or would it be too early and damaging for my niecey to find out about the homoness of her very handsome uncle who loves/adores men? Yeah, because I don't wanna be too bold the next time she asks and just say out loud, "Hey sweetie, but I like boys!" This would prolly make my mother's head spin in horror! It would actually be funny now that I think about it. But, I'll talk to my brother about it. Any advice? The kid has a right and is old enough to know the truth correct?

Anyway, it's Friday and not a moment too soon. My God man! Speaking of homosexuality, here's Sir Ian McKellen, perhaps the greatest actor alive, whom I adore and admire beyond words! Ian must be some six thousand years old, and yet I think he's such a handsome gentleman, well-spoken, inspiring, and he tears up Bibles?! SAY WHAT?! FIND OUT HERE:

Monday, July 06, 2009


Thanks for your concern everybody. My last post was pretty angry and fed up huh? LOLOL! Just a wee bit. My buddy in San Diego whom I adore and have known since junior high will appreciate this post:

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer or some negative cynical bastard asshole, but I really think that this is it folks. THIS IS IT! No, not the late MJ's return concerts in London, but this is going to be it for human civilization. We don't have more than
100 years to go before we explode ourselves to smithereens; human behavior is getting more radical, sadistic, and cruel too if you read the news--and an economic crisis of epic proportions is unfolding. I give up on the world's governments to solve the greed and truly care for the planet and its inhabitants' well-being. It's not that there aren't good kind people who try to spread love in the world, it's just that the evil bastards in power won't let most of us progress--they like to steal and claim all the cash and resources they can. They will never stop their lying and cheating and continued hording of everything that would make the world a truly better safer well-fed, clothed, and sheltered place. The only reason we have a seemingly better quality of life now is because the powers that be allowed some advancement in order to further their interests and get richer off the work of most of us legal slaves in the industrialized countries--don't even get me started on the world's poor and how they're treated. But ultimately, they can't wait for us to die off with cancer and other ailments which have cures and sh*t--alas they slowly poison us through our food and other environmental pollutions. Am I pulling all of this miserable sh*t out of my ass? LOL! Perhaps, but at the rate we are going, the whole damn system will crumble and fall apart, and as America keeps coming down, the world is going to be much more dangerous.--I think nukes will be used in the near future, or biological warfare or something--population getting too big, much too large than what they had foreseen. Anyway, I better stop with all this, lest you become suicidal reading all this happy fun stuff, but now you get an idea of how my brain/mind works somewhat. I think of awful horrors sometimes, and yet I enjoy life in many little ways. I'm too realistic for my own good. Keep yer eyes peeled to what is coming. Mark my words!

Country singer Tim McGraw is sexy. Right? I saw him in a rerun Saturday night hosting SNL and I think that redneck sonna bitch is hot. I can almost see him eating Faith Hill out nightly-- those two must have a very awesome sex life. LOLOL! I know how perverse of me to even think this, but I look at Tim and that goatee and I start thinking some seriously naughty thoughts about him, even though it's sad that I can't even name one damn song he sings, because I'm not a country music fan at all. But whatever. I know he's a hick and some of you might think my taste in men is strange, but it's what I notice/like thank you very much. My bud says there's YouTube footage of Tim getting his wedding ring taken while on stage saluting fans below and someone even went for his crotch as Faith angrily watched her hubby getting fondled! BLOODY HILARIOUS MATE!

I know celebrities seem to be dying left and right, but it's an illusion. Trust me folks, people are dying all the time, and most of them are not famous. Think of all the valuable human talent we lose daily that we never even knew or met, except for the fact that they touched the lives of those who knew and surrounded them personally.

Okay. Time to stop. I need some sleep since I get to go back to Disney World (work) in a bit. Let me know what you think of this crazy zany post. I'm behind on some blogs too, so I sorry. I really am, and I'll try to catch up...

SNL and their funny MJ skit from a few years ago:

Friday, July 03, 2009


F*CK BEING GRATEFUL TO HAVING A JOB AND F*CK THE NEED FOR A NEW ANTI-DEPRESSANT! These ridiculous lame statments are said by conditioned people to rationalize and continue in the endless vicious cycle/trap of our f*cked up system and boring monotonous lives!

This week at work has been so depressingly hellish. My one extra day off every two weeks has been removed due to my poor attendance (thanks to my continuing anxiety/depression) and I got more paperwork to do now than ever before! I'm sure my enemies are rejoicing at the bitter news! My morale is so low right now that I could care less about my financial responsibilities here to be honest, and I would gladly quit work and fly out to Spain with the money I do have to take an amazing one month vacation to forget L.A. I rue the day I ever had to become part of the working world! I realize I have never been happy having to answer to any of these bogus people in authority, and working for others on their time/schedules is akin to losing my soul! Everything else in my life goes along quite smoothly except my lame choice of making a living! I ask God for guidance, for the way out of this tedious miserable situation, like perhaps giving some of the people I dislike at work a good heart attack or stroke, so I can at least wickedly laugh and enjoy their much deserved pain and suffering. Yes, I can be a real evil cold bastard, but only when pushed to such a demoralized degree--I can only imagine the millions who feel trapped by this shitty slave system of endless bills and taxes. To thee my sympathies, and here's to a better fairer more just system in my next lifetime I suppose, or until I find the job that works with me, instead of against me! UGH!

My poor stomach is shot to hell, and I got the next three days off with no set plans other than to get stoned when I get the chance to maybe alleviate my emotional pain and make my tummy mellow down a bit so I can eat in peace. What a joke! No wonder alcohol and drug abuse are so rampant! People are so trapped by many different circumstances and desperately looking for ways out of this sh*t. And then there are those who snap and go on killing/shooting sprees! BOY DO I GET IT NOW, MY GOD DO I EVER! The media and others are quick to call these dudes cowards for spraying so many with bullets, but what do we really know about the misery these people are feeling and how they were continously pushed by some horrid assholes to the brink?!

I'll try to enjoy the hot dogs, fireworks, and all the other phony American pride bullshit this weekend. I most definitely can't wait till Monday morning once again: