Monday, October 30, 2006


Yes kiddies!


I've got some creepy frightful footage for you. Here goes:

--The Queen Mary, now docked in Long Beach, CA is very very haunted:

--Mexican kids playing ball run into an extraterrestrial:

--A supposed UFO flying above family in car in Australia:

--A small bio on real life serial killer Ed Gein:

Enjoy these treats! And have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I dunno man. I don't necessarily fear clowns, but they are rather creepy and diabolical.

Y'all remember serial killer John Wayne Gacy right? He used to dress up as Pogo the Clown at kid's parties and had several murder victims in the crawl space under his house back in the 1970's! There's that scene in Poltergeist where that boy's toy clown attacks him. I read Stephen King's massive crate novel IT back in the early nineties, and the main evil character in that book was Pennywise the Dancing Clown. And who could forget Killer Klowns from Outer Space? Now there's a film that should scare you of clowns forever! These really disturbing alien clowns find all kinds of shocking ways to dispose of human beings, like dissolving you with acid cream pies.

They're supposed to delight and amuse children, lighten up the circus, but sheesh! Clowns are deceiving maniacs with a negative side just waiting to be revealed! Ronald McDonald must be a pedophile or something worse. The Joker is insane and always wreaking havoc in Gotham City as you already know. Krusty the Clown on The Simpsons is a chainsmoking foul-mouthed dude with tons of issues.

I tells ya, there is way too much negativity associated with clowns. Popular culture has run away with the idea that clowns possess an evil strange dark twisted side.

Pop culture just may be right.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, it's distressing ain't it? We got an even bigger hole in the ozone layer now than ever before. I guess for all the effort made in trying to curb sprays/CFC use, we have failed miserably. There's still too much car exhaust and people burning up fossil fuels and crap, hence the growing hole over Antarctica.

In fact, practically all of the South Pole is now exposed to harmful sunshine rays. I guess this means the penguins down there are gonna start showing signs of sunburn and cancer? This does not bode well at all. We have and are continuing to destroy our planet at a record rate. It's very worrisome, for this is the only known place that can sustain us!

Add to this the other study that claims we are also going to
run out of resources, if the rich countries of the world keep offering convenience to its citizens and other nations continue to grow as economic powers, such as China with its amazing number of people. I'd have to say that we here in the United States are most to blame. We use the most energy, generate the most trash, and have a standard of living envied by the world and that is now being copied by everyone it seems.

Mother Nature is catching up now. The end is near.

Party on!

Monday, October 23, 2006


I had to write up and report a co-worker today for going off on me for no reason. Imma put him in the Z category thank you very much.

Here's the email I wrote to the higher ups, who probably won't do much to this specimen, but at least he'll get some sort of warning I guess:

I covered the main reception area today from 10-12p.m. and left John Chowder in charge at noon when I left. At about 12:40p.m. I received a call from a gentleman who needed the phone number for Headquarters, but I did not have it on hand so transferred his call down to reception.

Mr Chowder, who was already covering reception called me very upset and aggressively, "Why did you transfer that call back to me, I don't have computer access, that's why I gave it to you to help me, man hung up on me all upset! JESUS!"

WAT: "Okay, no problem, give him to me if he calls again, and I will help him."

I hung up on him as quickly as possible in order to get another incoming call here at my desk, then my secondary line rang and Mr Chowder proceeds to insult me for no reason:


I gave him no answer and let him hang up on me.

So this is the way to deal professionally with an employee at work? I have done nothing but react calmly to this and other situations. I find Mr. Chowder's behavior to be very rude, disrespectful, and uncalled for and feel I am owed an apology, for it is not my fault that he is stressed or under pressure from having to man reception.

I do not appreciate this and demand action as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.


This is the same exact thing another fool named Karl here did to me some three years ago. Turns out Karl and John are good friends here. Karl is black and John is Asian. Under no circumstances am I racist, but I must go off now and vent for I haven't had the chance.


O.k. I think I feel better now. I commend myself though for remaining very calm throughout the incident, even though I'm disappointed. Seriously, this dude does have a decent worked out body, but his head is quite a train wreck. He's got serious issues regarding his homosexuality too, because one time I was telling him how Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam) looked better with a haircut, and he instantly retorted, "I don't notice those things about other guys."

O.k. Repressing something John sir? I think so.


Friday, October 20, 2006


This divorce is getting real real nasty.

I don't even wanna believe what Heather Mills-McCartney is saying about Paul and his supposed abusive behavior towards her. I just don't see him doing this kind of shit. These are explosive and damaging allegations:

In papers lodged by her lawyers, Miss Mills, 38, accused 64-year-old Sir Paul of pushing her over a coffee table, shoving her into a bath when she was pregnant and stabbing her in the arm with a broken wine glass.

And that's just a bit of what Mills claims Paul did to her. Am I biased? Sure. In favor of Paul McCartney because he was a member of the band I consider my musical idols? Yes. But do ya really honestly believe Paul would do such horrid things to this woman after successfully handling a marriage with Linda for 29 years?! I just don't buy it. I don't.

In footage from the 1960's when Paul and his bandmates ruled the world, I often notice McCartney's very pompous and presumptuous attitude and behavior in interviews. Yes, he was a cocky egocentric bastard for sure. A brilliant songwriter/musician who I guess could afford to behave this way, due to the tremendous adulation, fame, and importance thrust upon him. That the man is talented is not in doubt. That he was a bit of an ass in those days isn't either. Then comes Linda Eastman, and McCartney's world is forever changed. He mellows out considerably, becomes a loving family man, and stays with his wife till the bitter tragic end as cancer claims her life and his one and only true love.

McCartney's kids never liked Heather. I often thought it was normal jealousy due to their father marrying someone new and in a sense replacing their lost mother. But alas, they may have been right. She has some past herself as I'm starting to find out.

All the juicy disturbing details, links, and crap are here:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Madonna goes to Malawi and has created worldwide headlines for wanting to adopt a little African boy and perhaps even adding a girl to the picture! Eat your heart out Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! You never had this much media attention, but then again, this is facking Madonna!

I think this is wonderful. How much is Madonna worth anyway? Half a billion dollars at least! Yeah sure, let her have this kid already. Some groups are protesting this saying she's getting special treatment for her fame and crap, but so what?! She's saving this little bundle of joy from a miserable existence and bringing him to a life most of us can only dream of! Can you imagine winning the lottery by having Madonna come out of nowhere to save you from Third World horror and whisk you off to an opulent existence? This little boy is lucky indeed, and if it all goes through will definitely be someone to watch as he grows up through the years. I can just see it now: growing up in a sea of white people, yet confident and perhaps inspired to become an entertainer like his white adopted superstar mama. LOL! That would be a trip, and a wonderful uplifting story of humanity if all of this could come through.

Sure Madonna loves media attention. She's based her career on it and it has worked very well for her. But I also think with age and maturity she has become much more spiritual and understands that her place in the world will depend on much more than just the millions of albums she's sold. A superstar like her knows that they too are mortal, and that the most important thing one can do in this life is to give and serve our fellow humans and animals. For all the fame and success Madge has achieved, she could easily just sit back, relax, and live her life as comfortably as possible. The fact that she has gone out of her way to show a giving and humane side is quite commendable. Howard Stern himself has praised the entertainer for this, when he's usually quite an ass regarding her. Heehee!

Frankly I'm jealous. I wish Madonna would've adopted me.


Monday, October 16, 2006


In 100 years, will any of us really be alive? Barring any major life extension breakthroughs in science, I think it's safe to say that we'll all be fucking dead. Yes. DEAD. Either buried to rot inside our coffins six feet under, or cremated in some shitty tightly-sealed urn. HOW FUCKING CHARMING! WHY DO WE EVEN BOTHER WITH OUR MISERABLE LITTLE EXISTENCES ANYWAY, WHEN WE'RE ALL HEADED INTO THE ARMS OF THE GRIM REAPER HIMSELF? UGH!!!

I also noticed this past Friday on a little excursion I took to Arizona and Laughlin, NV just how amazingly huge this freakin' country is. I mean, it's big folks. America is BIG! HUNG! Just the drive from LA to Laughlin took some four and half hours or so through nothing but vast desert. A sea of sand, rock, reptiles, coyotes, and awesome landscapes as far as the naked eye could see. We gots plenty of land which may help since the population of the United States is going to hit a record 300 million souls sometime this week. Yeah yeah, probably some illegal woman giving birth, but the point being, we are getting overcrowded here. There's a shitload of land alright, but the big cities and towns are obviously cluttered. We also seem to be the biggest energy consumers and trash makers on the planet. Can we continue being so spoiled by abusing the Earth this way and growing in population so uncontrollably?

I finally went to see this film I've been wanting to on Thursday night called The Illusionist, and it was most interesting and marvelously acted. Way ta go Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti! Kudos to the gorgeous Jessica Biel and Rufus Sewell as well. It's a long film, and one that requires a bit more thought and concentration than one of the Jackass films, but it was worth it nonetheless. The music is eerily reminiscent of the score for The Hours, but this is most likely due to having the same composer: Philip Glass. Uh huh. I hope to see some nominations for this come Oscar time.

And yeah, today Monday marks my final day of vacation after two long glorious weeks off from work. It felt nice to get up at whatever time I wanted to, and spend my free time doing practically whatever the hell I felt like. I felt rich and powerful! And now I must go back to the office to see the very few whom I do like there and surround myself once again with the many that can kiss my butt. "Oh did ya have a nice vacation? Where did ya go? Oh how nice! We missed you!" I CAN HEAR THEM ALREADY! SHADDUP SEA OF HYPOCRITICAL HEATHENS! I'm trying to be optimistic and see my return to work as something good. TRYING. I am very fortunate to have had these past two weeks off right? Fully paid, and helpful in recovering my remaining bit of sanity. Yes, I shall return to work with a happy face and most pleasant demeanor.

That is, until I have to get up in the morning once again come Tuesday.

God help me.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Had John Lennon not been killed in 1980 and kept on going, he would have turned 66 years old this past Monday.

It's a shame really. A rock/pop icon to millions of baby boomers and new fans to this day , Lennon was known for his activism in politics and for speaking his mind on issues such as war, poverty, and racism. He was even a threat at one point to the U.S. government for his radical behavior and outlook on key issues. As much as many of us hate to admit it, he loved Yoko; theirs was a true and unconditional romance that truly lasted till death did them part. And Yoko has seemingly kept her end of the bargain, for she herself has never remarried.

What would Lennon say today? About our involvement in Iraq? About the frightening proliferation of nuclear weapons? About continued poverty and racism? About terrorism? Seems as though the more things change, the more they stay the same. Lennon dealt with Vietnam, the Cold War, and many other pertinent issues still alive and well in 2006. Yes Madonna, history does have a terrible way of repeating itself.

It is not politics, nor social issues for which we remember Lennon the most however. It is undoubtedly for his art; his enormous gift of songcraft. The man was a genius songwriter, helping to lead the way and establish the world's greatest pop/rock group in modern music history. We know he penned glorious classics such as Ticket To Ride, Strawberry Fields Forever, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and I Am The Walrus, while with the group and that the albums Lennon helped to created while with The Beatles, stand as sixties recording pieces that were and still are ahead of their time.

As a solo artist too, Lennon branched out and did his thing in the seventies, writing out some amazing songs as well, that only seem lackluster because the other Beatles were not with him recording them. Somehow, everyone held onto the hope that the boys would one day eventually reunite. And they probably would have, were it not for that horrible tragic instant when that gunman fired and killed John, ending the dream forever. Yes, the man was mortal. No amount of genius, money, nor fame could save him. It was done, over, finished. We were all robbed of upcoming great Lennon songs and the Beatles reunion which should have been, but was never to be.

We are left with Lennon's legacy, which has only gotten better like fine wine. Who doesn't still listen to or play this man's music? Everyone with even a bit of musical taste has to like a Beatles record or two, or perhaps a solo Lennon song here and there.

Though no longer alive, we say Happy Birthday John. Happy 66th Birthday. You were and still are considered the greatest songwriter ever.

Well, you and that other dude: Sir Paul McCartney.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Tomorrow marks the 514th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to this part of the world. An Italian working in the service of Spain, the navigator died not really knowing nor fully comprehending the enormity of his discovery; a vast pristine swath of land that was quickly conquered and settled by Europeans, causing the death of millions of Native Americans. The so-called "New World" would forever be changed into a strange mix of native culture and overwhelming European tradition, one whose repercussions we are still living with to this very day.

After Jesus Christ, Columbus is probably the second most influential human being to have ever lived. Perhaps Leif Ericson was the first European to reach America way before Columbus, but it was Columbus' arrival that really started the ball rolling. The Spaniards, with overwhelming military might came and began setting up their empire, bringing with them disease and greed that was no match for the native peoples. The Aztecs and Inca fell, the Portuguese carved up Brazil, the French and English took their share, and the Western Hemisphere would never be the same ever again. The Native Americans died, in came the African slaves, and hundreds of years of oppression began. All under the guise of converting the "heathens" here to Christianity. Go figure.

We still have pure-blooded Native Americans to this day. They are often poor, neglected, and forgotten for the much more progressive European way of life. We all speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French to get ahead now. Their native languages, their way of life are but a curiosity of a glorious past that was. No more buffalo roaming the plains, dreamcatchers, or worship of nature as it once was. The world their ancestors once knew, has been irrevocably transformed into an extension of the Western world. Thousands of native languages have died forever, becoming as extinct as the people who once spoke them.

I often have mixed feelings about all of this. At times I feel very proud of my Hispanic heritage, at others, ashamed of all this conquest. Powerless. Incapable of turning back time. Highly westernized. Speaking European languages. Wondering what my true identity is at times, when I am such a mutt at this point. We all are really. It is too late. The natives were just not strong enough were they? Survival of the fittest they say, but a Holocaust was committed here.

Alas, the legacy of Columbus is one wrought with intense contradictions. I honestly don't think we should "celebrate" it at all, but it has to be acknowledged nonetheless. History was most definitely made when those three ships: La Niña, La Pinta, and La Santa Marí­a made it here.

The "Gods" had landed.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Alrighty Sebastien. Just because you asked me to. Here goes:


1). Only two things will and can distract me while driving my car. One is a hot good-looking dude. And the other is a dog. I love dogs and melt at the sight of them. They are just too adorable and sweet not to contemplate. Add a hot dude and a dog? ACCIDENT!

2). My mother is from a high mountain town in El Salvador called Cojutepeque. Try pronouncing that! And Dad (RIP) was from a humble little town in the same country as well, called Soyapango. I have visited both. Surreal!

3). I often read the Bible, but in Spanish only. It is so much more beautiful and powerful when God scolds me in the language of my parents. LOL! The Reina-Valera version I believe corresponds to the English King James version.

4). I believe in abortion. I mean, they say millions of children have been murdered and crap, but they were probably spared a miserable existence anyway by parents who would've been irresponsible anyway. And if you were meant to be born and be here, then you already are! SO THERE! Of course, I always say that the best thing is for women to just prevent pregnancy period.

5). I am root beer float fanatic. Or Coke/Pepsi floats. Vanilla ice cream only of course! I learned as a kid from my grandmother that they call it vaca negra in Spanish. Years later, at a diner in West Hollywood, I came to find out on the menu that they also call this in English, a black cow. WHO KNEW?!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Earlier this week, I went to the local watering hole near my house, which I usually visit to say hello to friends who hang out there often. I ran into an older gentleman who was nice looking and was alone. I'll call him Dean for the purposes of this story.

We struck up a conversation about good ole'-fashioned classic rock from the 60's and 70's and had a very nice talk regarding all kinds of music. The bartender even had a really cool bootleg of Madonna's entire concert tour that she just completed. WHOA!

Anyway, as the night wore on, Dean went outside for a smoke and I followed him to get some fresh air. He revealed to me that he was a little distraught from having recently split up with his lover of ten years and that he'd been thrown out of the place he'd been living, with that rather mean boyfriend. Dean says he met the love of his life when he was 29 and his lover was a mere 19. Ten years later, the boyfriend decides to act like Satan, and cheats on Dean and treats him like utter shit by saying to him, "I do not want you anymore." If what Dean told me is true about all of this, that makes this boyfriend quite an ass and real evil bastard. I do not know how someone you've shared so many years with can be so cold and conniving as to do this to another person they were with, regardless of the circumstances.

Dean is to blame too, for putting all his eggs in one basket and loving this fool too much too I guess. He should've built his own independent life and not fallen hard for someone so young and potentially wicked as to throw him out like that. But love is blind I guess. I GUESS!

So here's Dean now at 41 years of age, virtually in tears telling me his story, low on cash, sometimes sleeping at a friend's house or in his car and working a semi-decent job. I felt terrible to be honest and could offer nothing but 20 bucks at the time and a hug telling him that his present depressive hole was only temporary. And I scolded him a bit for the cigs and heavy drinking of beer, but I understand it's the way to escape his problems. He also needs to eat, for he looked rather gangly and underfed, but alas, it's all due to his very sad emotional state.

Yeah, I let him feel me up a bit, and he smiled and giggled like a kid in a candy store at the enormity of my unit. I'm such a slut! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! But the moral of the story is, Dean confided in me that I had been really nice to him that night and that because of the time I lent him that he had decided not to kill himself. That really left me almost in tears and I was shocked to say the least. I scolded him and hugged him repeatedly: "You better not kill yourself fucker! You're young and good looking still, why end it all over a current low and a shitty lover?" We parted ways finally, but I left him a more hopeful man, and I'm praying I'll see him at the bar every so often like he promised me he'd show to prove he was still alive.

Alas, I never realized the impact I or anyone really can truly have on another person till that night this past week.

And thank you penis.


A little Elton John, shall we? This is for Dean:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


David Lynch is weird. Bizarre. And pure genius.

I have tremendous fond memories of his quirky television show creation Twin Peaks, which took the country by mini-storm back in 1990 when I was still a teenager. Along with co-creator Mark Frost, their groundbreaking and still incredibly watchable show was nothing short of amazing. I have never seen such a fine ensemble cast put together, a storyline more engrossing, or visuals so odd to leave me guessing week after week. Although sadly Twin Peaks only lasted two short seasons and some 30 episodes, it was incredible television to say the least. Recently, I watched some old videotapes I have of season two (still not on DVD) which aired on Bravo a few years back after its original run on ABC, and was amazed at how well the show still holds up some sixteen years later.

Taking place in a small fictional town near the Canadian border, Twin Peaks originally focused on the devastating murder of a popular high school girl which rocked the town and made everyone a possible suspect. Who killed Laura Palmer? became the nagging question as the show took off and became a huge cult hit at the time. Everyone in the town was bizarre, had something to hide, was having an affair, using drugs, or was just plain weird as to be possible suspects. In comes eccentric and lovable FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper played by the incomparable Kyle MacLachlan to help investigate just what happened here, and he slowly but surely begins to discover the strange supernatural underbelly of this very evil small town.

The show was truly strange, full of an array of odd people: The Log Lady--a woman who dispenses coded advice by consulting her portable piece of wood and always chews on tree sap, The Curtain Lady--who wore an eye patch and was always looking for the perfect quiet curtains and was married to a rather sane and nice gas station owner, Ben Horne--owner of lots of real estate in the town and a real mafioso, Leland Palmer--father of Laura the murder victim who goes freakishly insane after the tragedy, and a whole slew of other marvelous well-developed characters. That Lynch and Frost were able to focus so well on the personalities of the many characters as the show went along is extraordinary, especially as evidenced in the first seven episodes which are considered the finest in the series itself, plus the original premiere movie (which should be watched first but is for some reason hard to find on DVD) that started it all.

The cinematography for the show was excellent using lots of natural settings in Washington State to capture the essence of this small town, plus the use of lots of wood and red backdrops made for a truly weird surreal & dark visual experience. Lynch and crew used all kinds of supernatural phenomena to permeate the place giving the show a very creepy and freakish feel. Sometimes the show would end with a simple shot of trees blowing in the night wind, and it was quite unnerving. Or perhaps they'd show a lone swinging streetlight in the night or maybe just an owl perched on a tree branch. Add the incredible jazzy and often creepy score by Angelo Badalamenti (who frequently works with Lynch on his films), and the show was nothing short of perfect: a fine mix of drama, comedy, quirkiness, neverending puns, and real fright.

The show was also the springboard of sorts for many well-known actors today such as David Duchovny, Heather Graham, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Billy Zane. Veteran actors such as Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Piper Laurie, and Peggy Lipton also appeared. Truly wonderful actors all-around.

Who killed Laura Palmer? She was found wrapped in plastic by the lakeside and the show takes off from there. It was trying to figure out week in and week out who did it that kept the show so fascinating. Once we discovered who killed her in the middle of the second season, the show went into another plotline and died a certain death as its ratings began to crumble, till it was no more. It inspired a prequel film about a year later, but it was no match for the fine television that was the original series.

I've watched many shows throughout the years, even the amazing ones put on Showtime and HBO to this day, but I can most certainly say that no other show even comes close to what Twin Peaks achieved on regular network television. It has influenced many programs and continues to till this very day. Many really young people will probably not remember the show, and I would hope they'd check it out or perhaps even if you do remember, and missed it the first time around.

It was nominated for many Emmys that year, but sadly did not win any and was #45 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time list, which is much lower than my ranking.

For it is in this writer's most humble opinion that Twin Peaks is the greatest TV show ever.

*Note: Twin Peaks' first season is available on DVD, but pilot episode film is only on import DVD or videotape. The second season is not on DVD yet, but is available on VHS. One can hope these people can get their act together (word is perhaps release in 2007) and honor this most deserving show with complete DVD editions already!

Complete pilot episode plus other following ones are, I believe, available here:, below video screen on page under Playlist (100) scroll.

Monday, October 02, 2006



It's the latest scandal to take off. Just what we didn't need. A congressman who happens to be an openly closeted homo gets caught sexually instant messaging young underage teenage boys. Shit man. Gay Guru actually sums it up well in his post about this. Thank God he's Republican, or else the GOP would be jumping on a Democrat for immoral behavior quick! Remember Bill Clinton!? Perhaps the only good thing is that this helps the Democrats in taking over Congress come November. The Republicans got some serious damage control to work on here. They'll probably say that he was behaving this way because all gays do. We're just so immoral right? Fucking jerks. UGH! Ah Foley. You're actually not a bad looking dude. You should've stuck with consenting adults. How hard is it really? Excuse the pun, but apparently it's very hard.

There was yet another horrible tragedy at a school today. What's with all these freakin' school shootings as of late? Three major fatal shootings across America in the span of one week!? WHAT GIVES?! Grown men going into centers of learning to molest/shoot up girls and a teen who kills his principal in one case? This is really creepy. Then there was that other fool up in Montreal, Canada who went on his rampage recently as well. Pretty scary stuff. We have some seriously mentally ill people out there not taking their meds, whom are real bitter at life and decidedly taking others with them to the grave. Ya go to school to learn, take notes, and act silly; not to have deranged fuckers come in and pump you with bullets.

And then my mom wonders why I cringe at the thought of having children in this day and age.