Saturday, July 29, 2006


"There's somethin' wrong with the world today
I don't know what it is
Something's wrong with our eyes
We're seein' things in a different way
And God knows it ain't his

It shore ain't no surprise." --Aerosmith


The anger at Israel is great right now. Guy shot up some
Jewish Center yesterday and injured several while killing one.

Not good. I fear for this country. Greatly do I fear. The terrorists just got more incentive to strike at all Jewish/American interests. Lebanon has been ruined and may become the new Al-Qaeda playground just like Iraq has. When does Iran get involved and the nukes go off? God help us.

This WWIII shit is not easy nor pretty huh?

I tells ya what IS easy and pretty though! The good things in life! Sex, music, laughter, sleep, and food. My fellow blogger/reader, enjoy these pleasures as much as possible. These are uncertain odd times to be alive. Our future looks bleak and pessimistic to most of us. I say, FUCK all convention and rules...go out and have fun.

Get laid if ya can! GIT FUCKIN' LAID! It's fun, hot, delicious, and makes ya forget that the world is crashing into a wall. The enjoyment of another's body is the absolute best drug around. And if you're on pot (NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW OF COURSE), the sex just gets hotter. MAMA MIA!

I know many of you struggle with weight issues, but have some good food and snacks once in a while. We only live fuckin' once, and to deny yourself that lemon merengue pie or burger just because you gotta watch the lbs. is really dumb. So go exercise it off then! Take a long walk! OR GIT LAID! All great exercise for that just ingested bag o' potato chips that's making u feel guilty.

And music. How soothing to the soul it is. A great tune, a beautiful voice, and arrangement can lift your spirit when it is truly down. So crank up that IPOD. The nuclear bombs are coming; might as well stick those earphones in way deep and enjoy.

A good joke or twisted sense of humor like mine goes a long way ta ease the pain of this current existence. I can laugh at almost anything really, and nothing seems to be off limits to me, only because it's a great way to cope. SO LAUGH IT UP! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Yeah, like that. Laugh till ya can't hold them farts in.

And when all else fails, sleep will do the trick. To be unconscious, is true bliss...

Okay. I've rambled and ranted long enough. I'm pretty fucking crazy I know; I cannot help but see what is going on and not worry a bit. And even if all were well and LA DEE DA, the grim reaper's still coming to get me and you no matter what.

So I work smart and as little as possible, but party and play hard.

After all, what power do we have to truly control what is already wrong and continues to get worse?

Let the fucking Middle East burn.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well, well, well.

I ain't no, but here I am, probably stating the already obvious fact that N'Sync member Lance Bass finally came out of the closet! And apparently he's with this dude: Leichen Lehmkuhl.

Congrats Lance! It is liberating and removes lots of the stupid pressure don't it? Sucks though that he couldn't do it at the height of the group's amazing popularity. I really find it horrible that so many still have to remain closeted in many respects. Can you imagine how many athletes are still living the lie; many no doubt in baseball or football? Singers, actors, and many others still cannot run the risk of losing fans or their reputation by revealing their sexuality.

I resent heterosexuality at times, and often wish we didn't have to go through this extra struggle. A boy and a girl can hold hands, can make out in public, can express their true love, get married, raise a family and be totally accepted and embraced by all of society without a problem. Well, for the most part that is.

But a gay man?!

Great progress has been made no doubt, but it still fuckin' sucks.

Don't expect Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Ricky Martin, or Tom Cruise to reveal themselves openly anytime soon.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Holy mole!

We had record-breaking temperatures this past weekend here in LOSS ANGLE-EEZ! I mean, it was probably the hottest I've felt it in years! Since I happen to live in the San Fernando Valley, the heat is usually worse than in LA proper ya know? and at one point on Saturday, it got to 109 degrees!

ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE MY GEEKS AND FREAKS! WHEW! My family was sweet enough to take me out to eat Saturday as a belated bday thing, and we went to nearby Burbank where at one point we had to walk two little blocks to get to our restaurant, and that was enough to send us all close to the point of heatstroke. It truly felt like being in Las Vegas; the kinda heat that can really kill you.

And what happens to be rare here in LA is that we usually don't suffer from the horrific humidity that many complain of in other parts of the country, but that has also been a problem lately, especially at nights were there is no relief at all from any breeze or fresh air. The temperature's been staying at an annoying 80 to 90 degrees nightly with nothing but stagnant hot air. It's just hard to breathe man!

This kind of heat is real annoying and the only saving grace is that some hot boys will wander around out there with less and less clothes. YEEHA! Check out those tank tops, shorts, and flip flops baby!

Other than that, we're having the hottest and most uncomfortable summer in this part of the country in years. Fans and air conditioners unite!

Unless we get a blackout, which I hear we're in danger of actually having.


Friday, July 21, 2006


----------------I cannot for the life of me understand how this gorgeous, THIS INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS YOUNG MAN, can walk the face of the Earth and not be mauled by people wanting to jump his bones. Or perhaps, he does have that problem huh? He is jaw-droppingly beautiful!

HOT DIGGITY DAMN! I just saw the trailer for his new movie too, John Tucker Must Die, and in every scene of that preview that he is in, he looks absolutely amazing. AMAZING!

What a fuckin' hottie. No wonder he's got so many websites dedicated to him:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This blog officially turns two years old today!

So, here I am, munching on a bag of pretzels, horny as hell, suffering through this interminable heat wave, and wondering how in tha hell I've been able to maintain this blog for the past two years. I used to bitch and moan about having no readers, now I'm read by millions daily and have become quite the international celebrity!

Thanks to each and every one of you. The goal of this blog is to not only delve into my insane mind, but to also explore and discuss all kinds of topics and issues. I cover it all as much as possible, for it gives me great pleasure (along with a hot blowjob) to inform you with my vast and undeniable genius!

Anyway, enough about my greatness and my giant huge thick penis, it also happens to be my birthday today. Das right dawg. My bloody fuckin' birthday. I have tons of gray hair now! Thank God for Just For Men and my still strong remaining brown hair. I ain't no Anderson Cooper just yet! Chuckle, chuckle!

Feeling pretty silly tonight. I guess I'm trying to forget the tragedy of life. My beloved and only true love's mother passed away yesterday morning. I feel terrible to be honest, but she is better off not suffering anymore. I shall always be grateful I got to meet her and thank her for having given birth to him; he is a true angel and I shall love him till the day I die. Rest in peace mom darling, for it is a place we are all headed to eventually.

So with the world in strange chaos and uncertainty, and George Bush the greatest president in our history (I added that to see if you're paying attention & ready to hurl), till next time faithful reader.

Damn, this heat makes me soooo horny! LOL!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Ya gotta read this article:

Gingrich says it's World War III

In relation to this, I was just speaking to my co-worker John (not his real name) who was born and raised in Iran. I'm paraphrasing here, but this is basically what he just told me:

"I was born in Iran. I left when I was about 27 years old. I had to get out of that shit country when that son of a bitch Satan Khomeini came into power sometime in 1979. Thank goodness I got out of there when I did. Any rational human being with the ability to leave that place would have done the same thing. You have no idea how insane these Muslims are. I don't think Americans realize how deadly and crazy these people are. They are evil! They need to be eliminated, and what Israel is doing currently and what America has been up to in Iraq is a good thing. I don't think many see what a great thing Bush is doing here. They criticize him every chance they get, but have no idea that what he is trying to do here. It's time to clean house, and I am glad that world governments are finally taking action against this evil. You have no idea how insane and fanatic these people truly are! Jimmy Carter is a stupid idiot! Fuck him one million times over! He had the chance then to stop Khomeini and this growing threat of terrorism back in the late 70s and he did nothing! He kept saying it was all about human rights and spewing nothing but peaceloving garbage! The other presidents after him did nothing either, and it's only now that George W. Bush finally has the balls to put an end to this very dangerous and serious threat to world peace and stability. 9/11 could have been prevented had they taken care of this problem years ago, but it's never too late, and I am glad that something is being done now, with Iran especially being the worst most terrorist government there is. They are the sponsors of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorists. This has to be stopped, and what is happening right now with Israel is exactly part of the bigger picture/plan. These crazy Muslims will not stop until the whole world becomes their religion. They boast about how slowly but surely they've immigrated and taken over lots of European countries, they will not cease until they can continue converting the whole world to their religion. This is most certainly a religious war and these bastards must be stopped."

O.k. You read what John said. Please tell us how you REALLY feel.


Friday, July 14, 2006


Ah yes. The beginnings of a terrible war is upon us; perhaps a global conflict.

Ya see what's unfolding in the Middle East kiddies? Nothing new since the creation of Israel frankly, but this time the stakes are higher and the danger is truly frightening. There are nuclear weapons here, not just by Israel, but most likely now owned by Iran itself, which is oh so close to going to war with their mortal enemy.

All of the present leaders in that region (including the current Israeli prime minister) want to use the war option it seems. The relatively peaceful 1990's are but a memory, as the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah and Hamas strongholds continues and their subsequent retaliation only gets worse.

Have the Jews been terrorized and picked on by their terrorist neighbors for decades? Yes. But in turn, have the Jews not committed their own set of atrocities too? Indeed. I cannot dismiss either side and their guilt. Both sides are to blame, but at this point who cares anymore. The current crisis went overboard when the Israelis went for the kill over one of their kidnapped soldiers, which seems drastic to me, but it's too late.

The terrorists in that region are loving this. The leader of Iran is biding his time and anxiously awaiting to commit a real stupid move as in perhaps using a nuclear weapon. Israel has that option as well, so the potential for all of this to only get worse is there.

If you're in America thinking this crap is not going to affect us, kid yourself no longer. This is serious, grave, and extremely dangerous for that region, the United States, and the world. This is how world wars are unleashed.

And of course, the price of gas will only go up.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I was very reluctant to join MySpace for a good while, but was finally convinced by my pretty girl/wifey MJ to get an account, and so I signed up in February. I have my reservations though. Seems like many on on there are looking for their cheap fifteen minutes of fame, to be noticed, to be popular, or at least appear to be. Some really do use it as a popularity contest, almost like high school or something! BLAH!

Mind you, I like MySpace so far for a variety of reasons. It's free, ya get to stay in touch with friends whom you rarely see anymore, and in my case, it actually helped me come out of the closet when some of my family members ran into my page. When used to keep in touch with people you really know and have met in the past, or are still dealing with in your present, the service works well and is quite enjoyable.


I run into so many pages of people who have a set of friends in the hundreds, if not thousands! How in tha hell does one individual know so many people, let alone keep in touch realistically with all of them?! Unless you're a big star with a huge fanbase, I doubt your regular average Joe Smith with a MySpace set of 5,768 friends can truly keep in touch with all those people. Does Joe Smith really even freakin' know so many human beings? I find it lame to just add people for addition's sake, as if you're trying to build up your friends list for the sole purpose of appearing loved or popular.

I won't be an ass and deny anyone who's trying to meet me or add me on as a friend. I've actually met some cool people on there. But one has to be realistic and clean up that friends list from time to time and delete many on there who are just there taking up space. Taking up space on MySpace! HAHA! I got some forty friends or so on my list, and for the most part I'd say the vast majority of them really mean something to me. If anyone is on there just because it makes me appear loved and crap, then out they go! I get a lot of webcam slutty girls and gay dudes that wanna join my list a lot. DELETE THEM I SAY!

Everyone now is a musician, actor, poet, name it! Everybody's talented and special. Or at least wants to be. Hell, I too am probably guilty of it by now. I got this blog and a MySpace page. I TOO WANT TO BE NOTICED DAMNIT! ACKNOWLEDGED! A LITTLE BIT FAMOUS! AND CERTAINLY POPULAR! LOLOL!

For (let's be honest now) why else do we do it right?

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I went to see Superman Returns this past week, and while I liked the film in general, I was a little divided over certain aspects of the picture. I defy anyone who sees this movie to not think of the first two original Superman films and not miss them terribly, for I sure did!

Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen it:

Pros: Brandon Routh is a good choice; adorable, handsome, and eerily reminiscent of the late amazing Chris Reeves. Kevin Spacey is also decent as Lex Luthor. Some of the action scenes are pretty clever and well done too.

Cons: Kate Bosworth makes a terrible Lois Lane. Pretty to look at, but she ain't got much of an attitude or heart in the role. The little boy in the film seemed like an emotional added-on feature which was okay I guess, but left me The CGI effects were way too glossy and noticeable at times, but this is a common complaint I have about many movies nowadays. And the plot holes and story itself left me unconvinced many times over.

Which brings me to
Superman: The Movie and Superman II. The 1978 and 1980 film are now true classics, and when watching the new version, one cannot help but be nostalgic and really miss what the cast and crew of those two original flicks did. Christopher Reeve is forever and undeniably immortalized as Clark Kent and his alter ego. I say, what a legacy this brave and courageous soul left: to actually command a role so thoroughly that subsequent generations cannot actually let go of the character he so brilliantly played! Margot Kidder as Lois Lane? Phenomenal! True heart, soul, and attitude baby! Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor was just plain hilarious and the three super villains led by Terrence Stamp are knockouts. That this new 2006 version tries to connect itself to those first two is to be commended, but at the same time one cannot help but resent it for perhaps trying too hard and falling short. Maybe I'm being too critical, for how can one recapture greatness that is long gone and past right?

Newer generations will probably like this version lots. It's got good looking new actors, expensive special effects, and can keep them entertained just fine for about two and a half hours. They've probably run across the first two films casually on cable or something and could care less about some of the outdated special effects and see them as old relics which desperately needed an update.

But for those of us old enough to remember (like the original Star Wars Trilogy), we cannot forget the magic, the chemistry of those fine actors, the forever embedded images, glorious John Williams score, and overall fun of the first two Superman films.

It makes ya wanna run out and get them on DVD for sure.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I wanna understand how it is freakin' possible for the visionaries in this incredibly capitalistic country/world of ours to make such enormous fortunes! It is staggering to me how much money these people end up making. Isn't all this money just way too much for one person anyway?!

Warren Buffet just donated some $40 billion to charity and will keep a mere $2 billion of his wealth. After all, the old guy figures his life has been very blessed and he doesn't really have that much longer to live realistically. He should be commended for such an honorable and noble decision.

Of course, there's Bill Gates, to whom we owe the Microsoft Empire. Another filthy rich human being with the world's greatest personal fortune of only: $46.6 billion. My God man! At one point, his wealth actually reached $100 billion! That is so jaw-dropping, but it's also nice to see Gates and his wife being active in charity work. One would hope right? It would really suck if they were so greedy as to not help others! Not that they have to, but it is cool that they do.

Kirk Kerkorian practically owns Las Vegas. The guy has a stake in most of the hotels/casinos on the famous Strip such as the Mirage, Excalibur, Bellagio, and New York, New York. What a great freakin' town to make money in huh? Ironic for sure.

The famous and sometimes hated Walton family: owners of that awful shithole Wal-Mart. I would rather go to Target any day, but there's no denying Sam Walton started an empire allright with his God awful cheap discount superstore which now dots the American landscape like an eyesore.

Ya also got that Mark Cuban guy who owns the Dallas Mavericks. Uh huh. An NBA team. What a cool deal. Started as poor nobody and now look at him. Ya may not have heard of Cuban, but he's rich! Filthy rich! And here I am telling you about it, with a bit of envy as I run through all these wealthy heathens!

Gee. You're a poor mother on welfare, so why not come up with a fantasy story about a boy wizard who goes to a school to learn techniques in witchcraft and sell books to children the world over by the millions? That's exactly what J.K. Rowling has done with her Harry Potter series. Then came the films and she's now worth about a billion. Yada, yada, yada...

And there's the late great Aaron Spelling whose widow is now putting up their opulent gorgeous palatial estate up for sale at a cool $150 million. Wow. Donald Trump comes in with a personal fortune of about $2 billion bucks while Paul McCartney, Martha Stewart, and Oprah are all worth about $1 billion each. Nice.

What tha hell am I doing wrong?! Everything apparently! What tha hell do these people have in them to bring such tremendous wealth and success into their lives? I desperately wanna know their secret!

WHAT THA HELL DO I NEED TO DO TO REACH THESE ASTRONOMICAL HEIGHTS? Frankly, I'm sick of my regular job, of doing boring work, and of not really going anywhere.

I need a vision. Oh please God, do I need a vision...

Saturday, July 01, 2006


How cool is this?!

The Mirage Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas officially premiered its Cirque Du Soleil Beatles-themed show last night called Love. Apparently, Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia Harrison were all there last night for the grand opening.

Hope they all got along. Hee hee!

The reviews for the show are phenomenal. A true visual and audio feast from what I've been reading with a completely digitally remastered set of old classic Beatles tunes mixed and blended for a new kind of sound experience.

I can't wait to see this! I'm a true Beatles fan of course, and the ticket is a little pricey, but entertainment is expensive these days. So, time to save up and head to Vegas when it cools down a bit more.

Cause the heat there right now is killer.