Monday, September 29, 2008


There are certain famous people one foolishly believes will never die. Ray Charles and James Brown were supposed to live forever right? We all grew up with them! And now Paul Newman! Gone. So handsome, so generous, so tolerant of others, and so magnetic onscreen! Even the rich and famous die; legends must go too. Amen.

An a
pparent quote from Paul:

"I'm a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being... by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant."

Bravo Paul! A long awesome well-lived life. So many could only wish to achieve what you did.

I went to the fairly new NOKIA Theatre Saturday night in Downtown L.A. It's right in front of the Staples Center where I saw Sir Paul McCartney three years ago! What a beautiful venue this is! Luis Miguel was terrific! What a performer and what a voice! A commanding, charismatic, charming, and handsome iconic crooner he is! A huge superstar in the Spanish-speaking world; Luis Miguel is probably most famous to American audiences for the serious relationship he had with Mariah Carey earlier this decade, which when it failed, left her quite messed up and on the verge of a breakdown. I hadn't seen him in over ten years, but Luis is still fairly young; only 38 years old. He sure brought that crowd to life. They roared! Sadly, no cameras were allowed inside! Security was very very strict! BAH HUMBUG!

Samples of Luis' music:

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hey, my last post was super important, but I only got three comments from you people. What gives?! Give me the attention I need/crave please! LMAO! I know you're all busy with bigger and better things. Trust me, I am too.

My bank went bust! IT WENT BUST! MY PRECIOUS MILLIONS! GONE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! As feared and already predicted, Washington Mutual was seized by the government and is officially finished! We're all under Chase now. WOOPDEEDOO! There was a massive bank run on customer deposits this past week, and they lost billions! The two presidential candidates are debating tonight. I'll listen/watch I suppose, but whatever. The terrible economic damage to the U.S. over the last eight years is complete. 9/11 started the horror, Bush expanded it, and now we're left with a future diet of rice, beans, bread, and water! Get the alcohol and recreational drugs ready baby! We're gonna need them!

Many congratulations to Sir Paul McCartney for his visit/concert in Israel this past week, despite death threats. Looking at the recent pics of Paul, he is looking much much older now. Wow! The haggardness is really starting to show big time! Oh well. Even legends must age I suppose. It will happen to me as well. HA! I also read Paul McCartney is dating some new woman too. I hope he's learned his lesson from his last acrimonious failed marriage, and sticks to just dating this new chick.

You good people have a great weekend. Enjoy it as much as possible. Difficult times lie ahead, but we shall overcome.

I hope.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


People are walking and driving around quite angry these days! It will only get worse as the economy tanks even further. Monday afternoon, I went to my local cable company to get a discount and a new transmitter box, and while waiting in line, a heated argument broke out! An Eastern European dude was accused by others of cutting in line, but apparently the man had staked his place a while before; he had been sitting the whole time, and decided to finally stand in line as he neared one of the service windows. "You sit there while the rest of us have to stand, and now you come in conveniently to take your place in line?", shouted an Asian man to the guy. And then a Latina woman got involved speaking hilarious broken English! And then a gentleman from New York got incensed and he called security, and all hell broke loose! And what did I do? What do you think I did?! I started laughing out loud! Literally laughing my head off at the spectacle! I signed my paperwork, walked out with my new equipment, and was laughing hysterically on my way out, which made others waiting in line laugh out loud with me. I was beet red! People are just funny man! I love witnessing humanity in all its stupid glory!

Comments posted throughout the Net about the proposed bailout(s) are overwhelmingly against it. I do not blame most of us for being pissed off! It's sick that WE the taxpayer should have to bear the burden of all these CEO crooks and losers on Wall St. Downright criminal! Even worse was the list released yesterday I believe, of the richest members of Congress! It's appalling how many millions some of these assholes have! Ya wanna see it? Go here to look at the wealthiest lawmakers in the land. These are the jerks and bitches that are on Capitol Hill screwing us over left and right. Save for a few good men and woman in there, the majority of them have allowed Bush and Co. to royally f**k us good the last eight years. How about they donate some of their wealth to help the financial crisis? What about that?! To his credit, Barack Obama only has a net worth of about one million dollars, but he's still gotten a lot of campaign funding from some of the failed financial agencies. As far as I'm concerned, the more I read about all this corruption and open my eyes to the truth, the more I'm leaning towards voting for a third party candidate or writing in my choice. Republicans and Democrats can sit there and attack each other all day long, but are all ultimately responsible for the financial disaster we now face.

A horrible school shooting in Finland; the killer had previously posted Youtube clips of himself with guns in hand. And another odd stabbing on a Greyhound bus in Canada! Not as bad as this one last time, but still bizarre, and very unnerving. Pray for our species, and for our country. And enjoy your lives fellow brethren as much as you can, despite the madness.

Peter Finch's Academy-Award winning performance, in a brilliant film more relevant today than it was 32 years ago. Listen to this amazing speech:

Monday, September 22, 2008


The plane crash late Friday that very near killed former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker really messed me up! Four others were killed and his good friend DJ AM was badly burned. Travis was also burned, from the waist down. Speedy recoveries to both men; I hope they can not only heal from their physical scars, but the emotional ones as well. This is a true tragedy! You guys remember Blink-182 right? Here's their most famous song.

It doesn't surprise me that the Emmy Awards last night were the lowest-rated ever. God bless Josh Groban, but I found this bit to be a bit retarded. I used to love awards shows, but lately I'm finding them to be a veritable waste of time! It's fun I guess to watch all those people in the biz dressed up and receiving these little golden statuettes and giving their acceptance speeches and stuff, but I think I've come to the point where I look at these humanoids up on stage and think to myself: "Who cares about these overpaid good-looking assholes anyway?" To be honest, I really don't watch television anymore. I used to be a TV junkie, but then the Internet came along, and I grew up and I just don't find most television as interesting. YouTube is where it's at folks! I do watch TV on weekends, and do like certain shows like Smallville, Reaper, Supernatural, SNL, and MADtv, but there seems to be so much of an overload and who really has all that time to watch the hundreds of cable channels and offerings on the boob tube anyway?! And the exorbitant amount of reality shows nowadays is just ridiculous! Hence, why I love The Soup and that adorable Joel McHale (and cute little chihuahua Lou), who summarizes the dumbing down of America very nicely every week!

I sang these three songs at karaoke last night, and the crowd showered me with their approval! It's nice to feel like a star sometimes:

Friday, September 19, 2008


On Saturday, I was using one of those cheap cotton swabs in my right ear and when I pulled it out, I noticed the cotton tip was missing! I looked on the floor and in the surrounding areas and could not find the darn thing, but had this nagging feeling that maybe it had gone into my ear canal. My ear didn't feel funny or anything like that at the moment, so I went about my weekend/week until yesterday Thursday, when I started noticing that my inner right ear was feeling funny. I just knew that damn cotton swab tip was in there! I JUST KNEW! So I read up on the Internet for a remedy to my possible problem and found that if you pour a bottle cap of hydrogen peroxide into the affected ear, it fizzes and helps bubble the cotton right out of your ear! So when I got home, I did just that about two times, and after just ten minutes and a really neat funny brewing sensation in my right ear as I lay in bed, I got up to the bathroom, drained my right ear out, and there it was! Waiting right at the entrance to my ear, the cotton swab tip! WOW! Five days of living in my ear man! And what a terrific remedy! I hear hydrogen peroxide is also good for terrible earwax buildup, but should not be used often, because earwax is very important to keep the ears bacteria-free.

I'm definitely rea
dy for my weekend. Now that I'm officially disgusted with the American government and the handling of the downfall of capitalism, I'm ready to just have fun man! Damnit, the regular working middle class taxpayer like you and I have to foot the bill to bailout all these big bosses and their savage economic mistakes! One guy on NPR said that this was not capitalism but very much akin to socialism! And all this talk about one party being guiltier or better than the other is baloney! They're all in bed together! CRIMINALS, THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM! It saddens me that I have to say these things about our country, but it frustrates me to see how in the past the citizenry mattered at least a tiny bit and we were made to believe that we could get ahead, but what's left now? Is this really the land of the free and opportunity? I very much doubt it. The ones with the power are these rich white men who are only interested in protecting corporations and their interests abroad. The fall of the dollar is just around the corner. The euro will be the world's new reserve currency, and the U.S. government will fight to its last breath to preserve its obvious crumbling empire; wars will be started with Iran and other nations in order to defend "freedom" and keep us safe from "terrorists." But it is the simple reality that the country as we knew it or believed to know is officially over. Beware a militia or guerrilla group out there that may rise up in arms and try to pull off a coup d'état man! Washington D.C. are you listening to me? BEWARE THE REBELS THAT YOU ARE CREATING! I'm just your normal average Joe who tries to live decently and by the rules, but you got some crazy ass people out there that you are pissing off who are going to rise and revolt! EEK! All this debt, bailouts, foreign intervention cannot last forever and is slowly but surely unfolding before our very eyes! Listen to Ron Paul! The only one who is speaking the truth, and the only candidate I believe in at this point, even if his chances of winning are nill.

I end this post and this week with one last look at Madonna and her whorish years. This comes from 1994 I believe? Yes, a very catchy soulful tune with some pretty awesome leather gear:

A great weekend to you, and please do say hello.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey, is the money in my bank account going to be safe?! Washington Mutual isn't going to come tumbling down now is it? EEK! I wholeheartedly believe in being an optimistic person, but the nerve of some people to say that our economy isn't in dire straits is ridiculous! ARGH! WE THE TAXPAYER are ultimately the ones paying for all this mess! And the U.S. debt now stands at $9 trillion. Yes, TRILLION! I tells ya, how the mighty have fallen and continue to fall. I'm afraid not even Obama will be able to repair this. Greed has brought us to the state we're in, and now we are paying dearly. A financial advisor/expert on radio said that the situation was going to get worse, before it got better. Time to get drunk and join an orgy or two. LOL! Howard Stern's henchmen were up to their silly hysterical antics, and were making light of the current economic crisis, live on CNN! I dare you to watch this clip and not laugh yer head off.

Sir Paul McCartney will be playing a historic first-ever concert in Israel next week. The terrorists didn't take long to threaten his life; already they have said that suicide bombers will be sent in to disrupt the show and kill Paul! UGH! Well, Sir Paul is not going to bow down or cower to these ridiculous threats, and will go ahead with his show anyway. I say, YOU GO PAUL! You give those Jews the concert they have been waiting for! LOL! How sick is the world though, that a musician/songwriter would come under this type of danger? A terrorist attack on Paul McCartney would be enough to unleash World War III! I'm serious! Britain and the U.S. would immediately send nukes raining down on the Middle East; the man who gave the world "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be" would not die in vain I tells ya! At least, I hope he wouldn't.

Many congratulations to George Takei (of Star Trek and The Howard Stern Show fame) for his gay marriage to his life partner Brad. Go to this link, and find the usual fag-hating comments below the main article. AHAHAHHAH!

And this disturbing story out of Russia; Satanists and their hideous crimes!

I'll end this post with yet another look back at SLUT Madonna, 1989-1994. This pair of videos caused so much controversy in the early '90s. Banned by MTV, or would only play after hours. They're still kind of racy even by today's standards!


Monday, September 15, 2008


Where did the weekend go?! So much going on, it's overwhelming! WHEW!

Horrible, horrible, horrible train crash very near my office on Friday. It went from being a local, then national, to international tragic news story. Questions as to how/why it happened remain, and it's all so very sad really. I had never seen so many cop cars and other emergency vehicles racing towards an accident scene in my life; on my way home from work Friday just after the incident happened.

Our economy continues its collapse, with more troubles for banks due to the mortgage crisis. Hurricane Ike did not help matters, and is turning out to be much worse as each day goes by. Texas and Louisiana were battered big time by that storm! Wh
at other goodies does the month of September have in store I wonder?

Bizarre story
about John Lennon possibly lusting after his mother?! EW! Lennon was brutally
honest/frank at times. Maybe too much so! LOL! Genius songwriter though. Undoubtedly! Could Madonna be so rude? So cold? So conceited and stand-offish?! That's what this British singer says.

I dedicate this week to the slut/whore that was rude Madonna, 1989-1994. My absolute favorite years of her entire career, when she truly ruled the world with her very provocative

Remember this exciting footage? Those were the days:

Friday, September 12, 2008


And I'm not done just yet ranting about 9/11! Damn that stupid day! DAMN IT TO HELL!

I was watching all that footage again on YouTube yesterday, which only served to depress me further and stir up my emotions yet again. Like I commented on Lewis' blog, it cou
ld've been any one of us normal people going about our day killed or witnessing that crap first hand! If you work in an office cubicle like I do, so many of those in the WTC did as well and either had to run for their lives down those stairwells or were trapped to die. I cannot imagine, even 7 years later how frightening that must've been. Or we could've been passengers on any one of those hijacked flights; the terror of seeing the actual hijackers and the crew they killed and subjugated, only to slam into buildings or a field. If you can stand it, United 93 is a difficult, but effective film. My aunt knew someone aboard Flight 175 (the second plane to smash into the WTC), which makes it a bit more personal and tragic. People do die every day, but in such a dramatic fashion that affects thousands, and ultimately millions is pretty rare.

Where was the Air Force? WHERE?! ARGH! FOUR PLANES HIJACKED! FOUR! Two to three too many! ONE OF THEM HIT THA FREAKIN' PENTAGON!!! HOW?! Why can I not just let it rest and accept everything as it happened? Why these nagging questions?! I was so quick to accept the official story when it all occurred, and ready to
bomb half the Arab world, and now I'm left disgusted and upset at how everything has turned out and run by our current government. To doubt the official story is very sad, because I never thought I'd even reach this point. I accept the whole story, up until the point where NORAD didn't shoot down the second or third planes from crashing. Ugh. Whatever. Who cares what I think? It's over. Done.

Speaking of political nightmares, McCain has gained tremendous momentum with his VP choice, and a radio show host last night said that Obama had lost a lot of his popularity. Recently, Joe Biden went out of his way to praise Hillary Clinton, to the point of even saying she would've been a better choice as VP! WHAT?! The radio show host said that it would be interesting if Biden suddenly resigned and let Hillary in, assuring Obama's victory. It almost seems as though it's Obama vs. Palin the VP; never before had the vice presidential nominee been this important to a race. More dirt has been dished out on Palin and her family; her two oldest children are apparently uncontrollable partying rebels! What an interesting political race indeed, with the clock winding down, and yet seemingly so much time left still.

Happy weekend everybody. I hope to hear from you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was never a big fan of That '70s Show, because I don't really like Ashton Kutcher or that other annoying guy from Venezuela, Wilmer Valderrama, but I did find Topher Grace kind of endearing. As a matter of fact, I am going to announce to the world that HE is the celebrity I most resemble. That's right! In terms of physical characteristics, Topher and I look very much alike. So, does this make me ugly now? LOL! A lot of people in the past said I reminded them a lot of Jim Carrey, but that's because of my zany behavior, but in the looks department, I'm just another goofball like Topher, who I get the feeling will become a very big star in his own right sometime soon, since he's doing lots of movies these days. Go Topher! Who names their child Topher? Well, at least he's the only one we know of, so it does make him an original. Wait, his real name is Christopher, but he hates being called Chris. I see. What a guy! HA!

I believe Howard Stern's philosophy of avoiding all unnecessary risk. Don't go mountain/rock climbing, jet skiing, snow skiing, bungee jumping, race car driving, camping, skydiving, and all those other extreme sports people do jus
t to get their kicks and taste that rush of adventure! WHAT FOR? Getting into your car daily is a big risk enough, but a necessity to get around! Why do people bother with these other activities?! It's inviting death into your life! Just put out a big welcome mat for The Grim Reaper why don'tchoo?! This UFC dude Evan Tanner just had to go out on his own camping or whatever he was up to, and they found his lifeless body! He was only 37 years old! Died of heat exhaustion! NO! DON'T DO THESE THINGS! I know life is worth living, but some dumbass activities you can live without doing and be perfectly happy! Avoid air shows, small planes, and hot air balloons! You can die from this stuff! LOLOL! I guess your time is coming no matter what, but don't speed up its arrival.

Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of 9/11. Remember, not just one or two, but FOUR planes were easily hijacked. Dear God. I hate to even believe in conspiracy theories, but with the way things have unfolded ever since that horrible day, I can't help but smell a big giant set-up here. Remember this idiot's almost inspiring speech? Why did he ruin the chance to become a great leader? He never had it in him I guess, or was part of the whole plot.

Comments please! Oh thank you so very much.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Turns out the dude has a bad bleeding ulcer. Out of the hospital. Strict diet man! No FLAMING HOT CHEETOS for you. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes to him.

Hurricane season is really bad this year. Believe it when I tells ya that McCain and the VP bitch with glasses are up in the polls! UGH! Prepare your exile my friends, to the country where you will most live comfortably, because if McCain wins, we are in for it! If I could just up and leave, I think I'd consider moving to Canada, Australia, or Spain. God, I never even thought I'd be at a point in my life to wanna leave the United States, and I'm sure many Americans feel the exact same way right now. Obama is lately doing all kinds of extra stupid things, like recently admitting the troop surge in Iraq worked very well; he possibly may have also said he was Muslim in a slip of the tongue! Could Barack be in on the scheme to sabotage his own big chance and get old geezer McCain in office?! The next two months will be a serious waiting game. Get out your Pepto and Tums folks! LOLOL! Our economy is in terrible shape and has practically collapsed with a terrible unemployment rate and government bailouts of banks and mortgage companies. Who pays for all this? Yes. We do.

Unlike English, which rules the world with prestige as the language of technology and progress, Spanis
h is often seen (in the U.S. especially) as the language of poor uneducated illegal immigrants. It makes me cringe to think that this beautiful European tongue has such a bad reputation; we have plenty of low class trashy ghetto English speakers too right? Spanish obviously comes from Spain, not Mexico, and is a highly literary and prestigious language that was diffused throughout the planet when the Spaniards went on their greedy conquests back in the day. 10 authors from Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America combined have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. I often hear so many negative comments or erroneous views on español, but this is because most Americans get poor information from school and the media on Hispanic culture. I hate to use the word racism, but it's true. It's there, and now perhaps more than ever due to the tremendous amount of immigration (legal and illegal) and the new generation of bilingual Latinos born in the U.S., including myself. Not to worry America, Spanish will not be taking over the United States and replacing English anytime soon or ever for that matter. English is powerful, and the new generation of Latinos will speak it and prefer it over Spanish. They assimilate quite nicely and eventually subsequent generations will not speak or forget Spanish altogether. I wish more people studied and learned Spanish not just for the advantages it may provide at the workplace, but because of what it is: an amazing language of high honor and tremendous historical significance; not just the language of María who cleans your toilet or Juan who mows your lawn.

Muchas gracias everybody! I can't wait to rack up at least 10 comments on this post alone!

Friday, September 05, 2008


My beloved Loren Soth's best friend W.L. is in the hospital! Please pray/wish him well at this very difficult time. I am genuinely worried about this young man. Severe illness/accidents are terrible events that suddenly befall people and animals, and it often breaks my heart, because I know what it is like to be very sick and feel helpless. Am I empathic? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. I have been through some serious suffering in my darkest anxiety moments, so hearing about stuff like this makes me very sad.

More than anything, I think of good emotional, mental, and physi
cal health as being the greatest gift we can ever receive. Life is only enjoyable and worth living when one is in relatively good health; I am grateful for every day that I can actually get out of my bed and go to work, even if I'm not a morning person and it pisses me off. A cold bug, some muscle pain, or headache once in a while is expected, but nothing beats decent/excellent health! Being unable to do what you want and get out there due to a severe illness or condition is a terrible thing. Relatively good health allows us to feel alive, invincible, and able to achieve whatever we wish. It's good to be/feel as strong as an oak tree!

This is why I cannot understand how some people can be arrogant or selfish. One moment you can be in tip-top shape, and the next, you could find yourself very sic
k or in an accident in serious danger of facing your mortality! We are but minuscule little bugs on this planet, and anyone who thinks they are invincible and above others is deluding themselves! Sometimes, these things occur to those of us who need to suffer and learn lessons the hard way. If having severe anxiety disorder complete with debilitating dizzy spells taught me something, was how humble I have to be in this life. Humility is a key virtue my friends! You can seemingly have it all one moment, only for it to be taken away by very severe unforeseen circumstances! And let's not even get into karma, because she is a bitch as we already know! You are but a mere step away from death, so being nice and careful with how you treat others is KEY!

Sarah Palin is annoying. John McCain is old and frighteningly close to death and we
are seriously facing this woman as president! People are loving her; she looks so much like Tina Fey. Her future son-in-law however, looks miserable. We are being set up my fellow Americans! Obama will not get into office. I smell a conspiracy. Call me a cynic. And if he does get in, they will try to hurt him. And besides, I find all these current politicians repulsive anyway. Liars. Crooks. They're all rich anyway. Do they care? I hope I am crazy and all my thoughts on this are wrong.

A good healthy weekend to you all. I eagerly await all your comments.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Why Vagina Hubbard Giddens! Or is it Regina?! HOOOOO WEEEEEEE! I watched The Little Foxes this past weekend. Yeah yeah, I'm late to the game sometimes okay? Bette Davis, you maniacal evil despicable greedy shrew! This is such a wonderful film. The acting is superb, and how come Richard Carlson never became a huge star? He was sooooo handsome. He's the one doing the bitch-slapping in this scene. Yes, a great great movie that stands the test of time. I love discovering old stuff like this; makes life a bit more interesting for me to see something as fresh that everyone says they've already seen dozens of times before. This was the third and final film Bette Davis and director William Wyler ever worked on; Davis and Wyler argued lots on the set and I think she traumatized the man for life. Sure made for one great movie, and terrific scenes like this classic one. I thought people in the South were nicer than this! LOL!

My father and grandmother have been dead for years, and yet to this day I often have dreams with both of them, especially my father. WHY?! Yeah, it's really quite bizarre. I always seem to ask them, "But how did u fake your death, when we all clearly know that you're dead!?" Yes, they're quite alive and active in my dreams, only to be gone once I wake up. Reality can be kind of sad sometimes, but this makes me wonder if there isn't life after death. I cynically tend to think that death is the true end of it all at times, but then vivid dreams like this of my dead relatives makes me ponder if maybe I'm not seeing them in their new dimension or something. I put up a pic of Al Pacino, because my dad looked a bit like him. Or so I think. Yeah, he kinda did look like him.

There's a coyote in my neighborhood! He's been around here for months! Pretty surprising that he'd be this far down the hills, but my guess is he's made his home in the cemetery nearby which has lots of trees and bushes. I can hear him howling/yelping sometimes and one time saw him up close in my complex. Someone must be feeding him, unless he's dining on rodents, squirrels, and people's cats! I just hope no one ever hurts him, but so far no one has complained about him really.

Here's one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Sir Paul McCartney and his lovely wife Linda in their prime:

Monday, September 01, 2008


Hurricanes are extraordinary events indeed. Various media outlets are reporting that New Orleans might fare better this time through Hurricane Gustav than three years ago with Katrina. We shall see. I hope they'll be okay down there. Fun town. I have fond memories. Gas prices are going to go up again for sure. Any excuse will do, to gouge our pocketbooks.

Who tha hell is this woman McCain picked again?! She's pretty, but I had never heard of her. Whatever. The RNC begins tonight I believe. This should be some silly spectacle.

You wanna see something really creepy? I promise it's not violent or gory, just fascinating. Okay. Ready? Watch this: