Thursday, October 30, 2008


Election Day is almost here! OH MY GOD! The moment where we're made to believe that voting really counts/matters! LOLOL!

Obama wil
l take California for sure, even though I'm not voting for him. I get chewed out all the time for even admitting this, but whatever. Sorry, I'm just not all head over heels in love with your "Jesus" and his consistently annoying message of "CHANGE." UGH! Please! He is the lesser of the two evils however, so if you are voting for him, then good. But this blind messiah-like worship of the man is a bit scary! You'd think he can walk on water! Obama has to really prove himself in his first term, for me to even consider voting for him into a second one. I'm just being cautious. I apologize. I just want my conscience to be clear, just in case Obama has secret ties to evil space alien clowns that he's going to let fly in and blow up America. HAHAHAH! I like him, he's charming, and seems capable, but I can't quite put my finger as to why I am not entirely convinced by him. My intuition just keeps telling me that there's something shady and off balance here. I hope he proves me wrong, and really does "CHANGE" this country for the better.

Just a few hours till Halloween, and I still have no costume! DAMNIT! I k
now I'll come up with something cool though. I just know it. Hopefully I'll have pics of myself to post up on Saturday. There's always something to pick out of my closet, but I think I need to go shopping tonight for a wig or a hat of some sort. The madness of waiting till the last minute I know, but that's my style: PROCRASTINATION. UGH! West Hollywood (which so kindly towed my car and gave me a horrific parking ticket not long ago) will have its annual Halloween carnaval, and it should be extremely packed with humanoids. I mean, the fact it'll be on a Friday and the added energy generated by Tuesday's election with Proposition 8 is sure to have crowds there close to one gazillion people. Parking and traffic will be an utter nightmare of epic proportions. DARN! I WANNA GO! But I will most likely stay away, to avoid being crushed in a stampede or something.

How come I had never heard of this horror film until my co-worker mentioned it to me today? Sounds pretty interesting. I know many of you suffer from coulrophobia, and I guess I do a bit, but I still happen to kinda like these movies dealing with these creeps. A most disturbing horror flick I saw recently was the Australian import called Wolf Creek. I warn you, it is very unsettling.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So much on my mind this Tuesday. I'll keep it as short as possible and save my endless thoughts for future posts. More Halloween-related stuff:

I was thinking about how much I love vampire movies, TV shows, or anything related to the subject. Fascinating stuff really. They hate the light, crosses, holy water, garlic, stakes, and mirrors right? HAHA! And of course, they feed off the li
ving and their blood, and are immortal. Vampires never seem happy though. Kind of a miserable existence really. They're usually portrayed as highly sexual horny beautiful people, but it often masks a grotesque pasty sickly looking face and body. Most vampires are just not very nice. They really hate most of humanity. Can ya blame them? Humans must pay for the sadness of being one of these creatures of the night with lost souls and nothing to look forward to but a bleak immortal life, forever condemned to the darkness. I LOVE IT! Some of my fav modern films and show adaptations: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Lost Boys, 30 Days of Night, Fright Night, Van Helsing, Interview With the Vampire, etc. By far however, the greatest and perhaps the most visually sumptuous and gorgeous of these stories has been director Francis Ford Coppola's astoundingly beautiful and creepy film, Bram Stoker's Dracula. What a marvelous film this is, with top-notch performances by Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins; even those vapid dumbasses Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves are okay in it. Simply masterful.

Tim Burton is one of those rare geniuses that only come once in a lifetime. I love most of his films, because they're always so bizarre; visually stunning and full of rich oddball eccentric characters which make perfect Halloween costumes, as reflected in films such The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Beetl
ejuice, and many others. Huge credit goes to Danny Elfman as well, for composing some fine music to Burton's films. Don't ya just love those songs sung by Jack Skellington and crew? Good stuff indeed! I'd have to say though, that Ed Wood may quite possibly be Burton's finest film. The cast is superb: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bill Murray among the many others who do a fine job in this tribute to the late cheesy cross-dressing B-movie director. Sometimes Oscars go to very undeserving actors/performances, but the fact Martin Landau won as Best Supporting Actor for his hilarious and almost tragic portrayal of Béla Lugosi is more than justified. Landau was simply brilliant in the role and was given some amazing lines in that movie.

I could go on and on. Promise me you'll watch these awesome clips:

Friday, October 24, 2008


One week till Halloween! YAHOOEY! My favorite holiday of all time!

There's tons of stuff I'd like to do this coming week! There's some local haunted houses for free (or a small charge) in my local area that I'd like to see; amateur regular folk who like to decorate their yards every year and let others come by
to see and enjoy! I also may want to go to Knott's Berry Farm, which year in and out puts on the best Halloween-themed mazes in Southern California. It's a bit on the pricey side, but worth going to once in a while. Some of our old vaudeville-type/style movie houses screen some pretty cool old horror flicks for cheap as well. I love this city. As much as people wanna detest Los Angeles, there truly is so much to do in this rich vibrant town. I hope I don't tire myself out in trying to do too much, but I LOVE Halloween! The Christian conservatives say it's a sinful and demonic holiday, but BLAH! I'm into it for the fun! The funny thing is, I don't have any set plans for Halloween night itself, other than to come to work perhaps in a costume and then play it by ear as the sun sets and beyond on October 31st.

Possibly tomorrow Saturday, I can maybe convince one or two buds to come with me to either Santa Monica or San Pedro to experience one of the silliest and most incredibly enduring midnight traditions in American history:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show! What is it about this silly 70s film that has inspired decades of crazy, wacky, and zany people to dress up and act out the film and its musical numbers in movie houses across the coun
try? I don't know man! I just don't know! I think I saw the movie once when it aired on TV years ago, but it's nothing they say compared to the experience of actually going to a midnight showing at a theater and witnessing all the insanity. There she is, a young Susan Sarandon, who is now a fine respected actress, forever immortalized in this campy gender-bending classic! And Tim Curry! WOW! This guy is so underrated! He's really quite brilliant in almost everything I have seen him, but will forever be known as his alter tranny ego Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I tells ya, it would be lots of fun, or at the very least most interesting to see this film on the big screen acted out by the loons! I hope we're not spotted and picked on if we do go; I hear "virgins"/people who have never been to a RHPS screening are teased and possibly hazed! If I'm not mistaken, it's the longest continuously-running motion picture on the big screen in history right? 33 years and counting!

A salute to the New York-born of Lithuanian/Cuban descent horror master movie director
George Romero! Who has done zombie movies better than this guy right?!

A great weekend to ye, and here's to your comments!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm behind on some of your blogs and I apologize. Thanks as always for stopping by, especially to those of you who comment. It means so much to be loved and adored like Obama. LOL!

I don't think of astrology as an exact science, but it is kind of fascinating how much the signs of the Zodiac sometimes do apply and reflect the people born under them. Let's take me for instance: Cancer. Yes, quite possibly the most profoundly emotional of all the signs. And boy do I fit the bill! Being a Cancer has its incredible perks. In my case, I am very empathic, loving, loyal, artistic, creative, and highly sociable at times. I love to go
out and travel, but in moderation. Home is where the heart is for me. I prize these traits and value them highly within myself. The downside? I can be very negative, depressive, overly-sensitive, lazy, procrastinating, moody, and deeply hurtful towards others. Mind you, I won't attack, unless provoked, but sometimes I've caught myself being awfully nasty to someone, when I should've reacted a lot more civilized or disciplined. It's my crab claws man! YIKES! Negative? UGH! Yes, I can fall under this quite easily. I always have to be careful and control my emotions from becoming too morose and overly cynical. I hate injustice, and this can really depress someone like myself, who wishes things were a lot more different in this world. I take people's looks and behavior towards me too personally sometimes, when I need to stop assuming the worst or just let things go. And my God I can be lazy. And boy do I put things off. Tomorrow. Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow. Look, I'm a work-in-progress as we all are and I'm only trying to be the best human being possible. I don't use astrology as a way to live my life, but the more I read on my sign, the more I identify with its traits. Princess Di was a Cancer. She was a nutjob, but a good woman I suppose, despite her emotional torment. Ladies and gentlemen, I may quite possibly be INSANE. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

O.k. The itch to get up and start traveling has hit me once again. Mind you, it is expensive and quite a ha
ssle nowadays to travel, but it's something I would like to do more often than I currently do. Money may be one of the main issues at times, but it's not the ONLY issue. I'm a bit of a hodophobe. No, I'm not afraid of gays, I wrote HODOphobe. Getting away from my hometown and my comfy home or those of good friends can be quite stressful for me. I used to be able to fly on planes and get into any/all kinds of moving vehicles when I was younger, but in the last ten years the idea of being stuck in that flying tube up in the sky with wings really terrifies me at times. Or being a passenger in a car for too long, especially with a crazy driver. Crowded trains or buses get me edgy too. EEK! Yeah, it's a sick twisted control issue that I discussed with my psychotherapist once, and she said I need to take baby steps to conquer this irrational fear. Just gimme some Xanax honey or some good herb to smoke! LOL! I was even considering hynotherapy sometime soon, to help with this problem. Listen, I wanna see New York City, Miami, Chicago, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Spain and all of Europe, but it takes cash and most importantly a life free of hodophobia! LMAO! I've come a long way in dealing with my anxieties and am most proud of my progress. The last frontier, of getting out there like I once did to explore the world is next on the horizon. Even with my phobia, I have been to Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco in the past 8 years, but I'm in the need to get out and see more places, before the economy crashes. HEE!

Wish me luck will ya? I know I will be victorious. Gosh WAT, such a positive outlook today.

It's about time.

Monday, October 20, 2008


A dramatic weekend for me.

I was helping a friend with a bit of a medical emergency on Saturday afternoon, and while he was getting checked/treated, I casually parked in what I thought was a safe parking spot right next to Jerry's Deli. I was a bit hungry too, and decided to stroll on into the place and have myself a nice, but very expensive meal. What seemed to be a pretty nice evening on my own in beautiful West Hollywood turned into a real shitty deal as I walked back out to my car only to find it getting towed! TOWED! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My heart sank, and I ran up to the tow truck dude begging, pleading, and trying to understand why my sweet little simple car was getting taken! The two stupid signs (one on the meter) and the other sky high read: NO PARKING TOW-AWAY THURS-MON 6PM-6AM. I stupidly and dyslexically read it as MON-
THURS! ARGH! My beloved came to rescue me and along with my sick bud who'd been discharged, we went to the towing place to pick up the car. A whopping $184 to get it out. I was livid, depressed, and felt totally defeated. To add insult to injury, the City of West Hollywood had also tacked on a $65 ticket to my windshield. Can you believe these crooks? I cried in anger and disgust not just at my own ridiculous mistake, but more at the exorbitant/egregious amount charged! You'd have thought I axe-murdered 5 people or something. I mean, WALL ST. assholes and bankers have gotten better treatment. Look at the AIG dudes who got to go on a retreat, even as the company they managed was folding and coming apart! Oh well, as long as I'm alive and decently well I suppose. BUT STILL! I've read/heard reports that they deliberately make parking signs confusing to dupe people into getting nailed. And BOY DID THEY NAIL ME. And not in a good way!

Much MUCH more happened this past weekend, but fuggedaboutit. Ya know, as much as I
admire and study Spanish culture, it bothers me that they're so into bullfighting. They had a piece on this last night on 60 Minutes. It's a big tradition in Spain as the world knows, but I don't like what they do to the bulls. The matador's costume is really cool and all, as are his really gay moves, but it bugs me that the poor animal is slayed like that in a ring for others to witness and applaud! It's quite barbaric if you ask me. I almost get pleasure in seeing the matador get gored sometimes, as I do when one of those idiot runners gets messed up in Pamplona. I mean, these animals don't really have a chance most of the time, and when they do dig their horns into someone's thigh, it's almost sweet revenge against these inhumane people. I'm not some crazy PETA person or strict vegetarian, but I believe animals deserve better treatment than this. If I were to ever go to Spain, I'd have to refuse to go to a bullfight. I'm sure it's a fascinating spectacle and all, but I just couldn't watch the poor animals die like that. The debate on this though is not settled.

Anyway, my week starteth off. I'm really liking the new song by The Killers. No official video yet, but here's the track anyway. Enjoy:

Friday, October 17, 2008


With a title like that, ya just can't go wrong with this blog post! OR CAN YOU?!

There he was, proud of his two political bumper stickers on the freeway the other day as I drove on my way home from work. McCain/Palin said one. The other even more offensive sticker was the YES on PROP 8 with the drawing of the he
tero family and the kids. I tried to look at who the driver was, and I could barely make out a white man wearing shades through the slightly tinted car windows. What a putz! He has a right to his opinion I suppose, but STILL! Even worse was me getting home from karaoke Tuesday night only to find that one of my neighbors has put out a stupid ass lawn sign in support of the anti-gay marriage measure. I ask, I ask, may I just yank that shitty thing off and throw it away, or would I be violating private property laws? Can I just walk up to it with a lighter and set it aflame? I'd like to just kick it, and stomp on it like some angry King Kong-type beast! Humans are so divisive, so hurtful, so beyond logical comprehension sometimes. Why must you display such a horrible thing for others to see? Keep that kind of garbage to yourself huh? Vote how you want to in private, but don't rub it into our faces how much you wanna gloat about yer views in that narrow-minded diarrhea-infested cranium of yours.

UPDATE: I did try to pull out the deeply embedded-into-the-soil sign out late Wednesday night, but ended up merely crumpling the plastic sign quite a bit, only to find it fixed up, and displayed again yesterday morning. I hate to even waste my time on something so trivial really. I'll just let it be. Vandalizing a sign is lowering myself really, and does not change how people will truly vote in the end, but as one lesbian on a bulletin board said, that sign is hurtful and makes one feel like a Jew that has just seen a swastika.

Hey, I'm fed up with having to pay bills and other services so damn often! LOL! I know life is not free, but JAYSUS! From the time we are born till death due us part and even thereafter, it seems like we're constantly in debt! We always owe money to someone/somebody. What a trip! The system is set up for us to constantly slave away at something to make ends meet. Well folks, your precious little capitalistic system is falling apart. We work and work and work just to get a measly paycheck, and it's just not cutting it anymore. Remember when one income was enough back in the day to support an entire household? HA! Try that nowadays! Nearly impossible. The country as a whole is witnessing the truth about the whole thing: we can't afford our lives, are in terrible debt, live beyond our means, and have struggled long enough. T'is why the economy is in shambles. Americans for the most part are good honest hard-working people, but the system is increasingly being set up for us to fail. And failing we are...

Madonna must be utter hell to be married to. The fact it even lasted this long is shocking. The British press is loving every minute of her confirmed divorce, down to the very last detail. Remember, there is no negative press for this woman; she'll milk it for what it's worth, despite the pain.

Congrats to the other crazy pop star who just won't go away! Her new song is a big #1 hit:

Happy weekend everybody!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Ringo Starr no longer wants to deal with fan mail? He says he has an awfully busy schedule, and does
not want to be signing or reading anything anymore. I mean, as the least talented of the most legendary musical group the world has ever known, that is awfully presumptuous of him! Say it ain't so Ringo! What gives man? You were supposed to be the most accessible, the friendliest, the most down-to-earth of all of the Beatles. Now in your late 60s, you sound like some bitter, uppity, conceited has-been! I'm a bit disappointed I suppose, but what do I know about being a celebrity and getting fan mail right?! There's more on Ringo retiring from pleasing his fans here. Oh, and here as well. What do you think?

I'm so painfully accustomed to city living, that the idea of having to rough it, even for a weekend of camping is not my idea of fun. Yeah, live a little WAT! I'm spoiled bey
ond repair, and sometimes that makes me feel very inadequate. What would happen were there to be some big earthquake in LA., God forbid! I better get to storing food and water man! I don't know the first thing about growing my own plants or hunting animals! In watching the masterful, tremendous, and enlightening movie called Into The Wild last night, I was reminded of how brave and courageous the main character Christopher McCandless was in giving up his once comfortable civilized life to go and just live out in nature like a Native American. Or was he just plain stupid? A powerful film this is; highly emotional and full of lessons. A must see! Terrific acting here and way ta go director Sean Penn! Would you just walk away from yer comfy home, your friends/family, and stable job to selfishly live out in nature to find yourself? Don't answer that Bill.

And for Halloween, ya gots ta get your hands on the DVD Dead Silence. Effective, creepy, non-gory, and full of twists that keep ya glued to the screen! YEEHA!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Greetings! How's that stock market doing?! YIKES!

I wanna talk about someone who has achieved lots and done much more with his short life than my sorry ass! I've talked about him before; this entrancing, endearing, enthralling actor by the name of BEN FOSTER. Ben used to have a role on Six Feet Under, which I have never watched but everyone swears is the greatest show in history. I first noticed Ben in the last X-Men movie where he played that dude that had wings and could fly I believe. He looked adorable there, but then comes 3:10 to Yuma and WOW! What an evil psychotic sexy cowboy Ben played in that movie! He was equally as insane in Alpha Dog, and really creepy in 30 Days of Night. Ben is just plain sexy! He dates Zoe Kravitz, the very pretty daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. I wish Ben a long and fruitful acting career, and he's already proving himself very nicely thank you.

Here in California, we have the kooky phony Christians fiercely promoting a YES vote on Prop 8, which would overturn
gay marriage as it legally stands in the state right now. They want to "protect" marriage by clearly designating it as a union between one man and one woman in our state constitution. Let's be real people! The damn thing is gonna pass with flying colors! LOL! Gays and lesbians are trying desperately to get a NO vote, but the opposition is strong, and gay marriage will be overturned I'm afraid. Ya know, it is hurtful to be so despised, but I've come to accept it as fact. Sometimes I actually cry over silly shit like this, and wonder how people can be so hateful and send me instantly to hell for something I honestly did not choose to be, but oh well. God said so right? Heterosexuals are truly righteous and will go to heaven; they constantly have broken marriages, domestic violence, perpetrate the majority of child abuse, overpopulate the planet, and are the ones in power bringing down the country and the world with them in an economic collapse of epic proportions! The pearly gates await ye all for such a fine job. Bravo! On top of that, it is because of straight people that gays exist! They're able to reproduce correct? IF U WANT NO MORE FAGS AND DYKES, THEN STOP HAVING CHILDREN. Thank you to Brad Pitt and other heteros though, who do see the light and have donated money to oppose Prop 8. You are good-hearted people.

There. I feel much better. I'm going to have a tremendous weekend now. And so should you. Imma leave ya with these awesome whiteboys and their rad song/video:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My co-worker was thrilled with my movie recommendation through Netflix, of the superb V for Vendetta. He really liked it. What?! Have you not seen it?! I meet lots of people who've still not viewed this movie! What are you waiting for?! Spectacular! Bold! Daring! Truth! Justice! Freedom! Forever! I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen when it was first released some three years ago, and really enjoyed it. Beautiful visuals, an excellent performance from Hugo Weaving, and a story all too familiar in this day and age of Bush and his fascist police state/ fear-based policies. Don't just sit there! Get this movie on DVD now I tells ya! Hollywood is eerily more accurate about life than we tend to think or give it credit for. My original review of the film is here, but do not read it if you haven't seen le film yet, because there are SPOILERS!

God, that debate in Nashville last night between the old man and the beanpole was a BORE! UGH! Look, I'm voting third party, but please, if you're so narrow-minded that you just MUST vote between the two-party system, please just vote for OBAMA ok? McCain and that putrid satanic VP choice of Palin would be the worst thing for this country! I honestly don't know how anyone really, is going to get us out the economic muck we're in, but the last thing we need
is grandpa and the beauty queen running the show! My hatred of her has grown immensely! I don't want her holding the office of vice president! NO! It would be a nightmare! It will make the V for Vendetta scenario look like a walk in the park! She'll infuse the whole charade with more Christian fundamentalist wacko intolerant ideas! They're likely to agree on dropping nukes the first chance they get and plunge the world into yet another horrid world war! Do you not understand? The Constitution separates Church and State! WHY MUST THESE IDIOTS ALWAYS INSIST ON MIXING THE TWO INTO OUR POLITICAL LIVES!?

Of course, the cynic in me says none of this matters. The next leader has already been chosen for you. You are a but a slave to your job, to the banks, to the rich powerful head masters who keep the masses in check. You're an insignificant little ant who better do as told, or else! They slowly but surely are steering us towards their ultimate evil heinous plan.


Monday, October 06, 2008


That's bloody right! It's me! John FACKIN' Lennon! Y'all still remember me of course!? I left this dimension long ago, but have come back in spirit to check up on things around here, and my God they're not looking good at all! What tha hell is wrong with you people?! At least you finally managed to convict O.J. on something! China is a rising superpower I see; all those delicious young Asian girls!

You Americans have one stupid president! Wow! I cannot believe it! I used to butt heads with Richard Nixon back in the 70s, but this prez is ten times worse; as laughable as any song Ringo tried to write for the group during our heyday! HAHA! Sorry Ringo old chum, just teasing ya. I love ya lots. Man, what happened to Paul? He looks like a melting wax figure at Madame Tussauds! YIKES! Aging has not been kind to ya McCartney! I give ya credit though, 'cause you still can write quite a tune, even though the young kids are now more into the hip-hop than your sh*t. Careful marrying another golddigger again you DAFT fool! Linda, George, and Brian say hello! This is a happy carefree place indeed. No worries, just eternal bliss amongst other cool souls that once inhabited Planet Earth. We just don't care about race, sexual orientation, or religion here like you fools below!

I cannot believe how bad the planet is doing; apparently all that breeding, reproducing, and carrying on by humans has created quite a strain on the resources/animals/plant life and now you guys are dealing with some sh*t called global warming? What tha hell is that?! And there's a hole in the ozone layer too? Damn! I missed my chance to write awesome songs about these ills apparently! You guys have new diseases, more greedy politicians, endless wars, terrible natural disasters, increased terrorism, economic woes, and a host of other bizarre crap to contend with! Wow! Madonna sang a version of my song "Imagine", but I hated it! Stick to your own whorish tunes you aging slut! HAHA! Just kidding Madge! I think you put on a great show and are at least doing something for the world, not the very least of which is adopting black African babies! You and that Angelina Voight!

My darling beloved Yoko! You've done well managing my estate/empire, but you look like a man now more than ever before! So I had two sons, and I thought Julian was going to be big, but he gave up so quickly and didn't pursue the music business like I did. What a joke! And my other boy Sean? Don't even get me started on that loser! I love you boys though. I guess you can't repeat the greatness that your father once was! Geniuses like me only come once in a lifetime folks!

Well, I've got to go. I'll pray for ye mortals and yer obvious mishandling of the world. At the rate you're going, it's all going to end in one giant mushroom nuclear cloud bomb blast. I'll chant/pray for you heavily! Take a listen to this obscure but awesome version of "Imagine" I recorded; an unreleased take that is probably cooler than the official version

Bravo WAT for a great amazing blog! Quite possibly the greatest blog that has ever existed! I'll probably stop by to visit/check in on you bloody dumbasses sometime soon.

Peace and love forever,


Friday, October 03, 2008


Big business greed won today! The second version of the criminal bailout passed the House just a few hours ago. Some $800 billion of our tax dollars to "help" keep the U.S. economy "afloat" just a little bit longer. They had the nerve to add even more junk to it, like these ridiculous tax breaks! It's outrageous and horrifying! But you cannot stop the inevitable with this stupid ass plan folks! It will crash! OUR ECONOMY IS GOING TO CRASH! Unless they give we the people the money to help us with our debts, but they're not going to do that of course, so just enjoy it all as much as you can a little longer, because la mierda is not just gonna hit the fan, it's gonna knock the whole damn thing to the floor, electrical chord and all! This kind of sad scenario is going to be more common I'm afraid.

I listened to/watched the ludicrous VP debate last night. That self-righteous "moral" ice sheet inhabiting washed-up beauty queen Sarah Palin started off seemingly well, but quickly deteriorated. She kept blabbing, ranting, and couldn't have been
any phonier. When asked if she supported gay rights, the bitch was literally gritting her teeth and trying to remain composed, but I could see she just hates homosexuals period! Did anyone else notice this? Her belief that she will inherit the keys to the heavenly kingdom, blind this loser at all costs; she's part of that Christian Right group of mean people that helped get George Bush Jr. into office again in 2004. Biden (180 gleaming white teeth and all) was much more composed and classy, but could've attacked and socked the queen a little harder than he did. He was much too nice, and was probably told to keep it cool, and let her make a fool out of herself, which she effectively did. Regardless, I don't believe in any of these people in the end to be honest. The Democrats and Republicans have got us into such a terrible mess, that it doesn't really matter which fiesta you choose. I will vote third party. Call it a wasted vote. Whatever. It's my damn right. The cynic in me is seething. I am a nobody who can only do so much to protest I suppose, and this is my simple way to do it.

There's a lot more to discuss and blab about, but you and I got a weekend to live through and try to enjoy right? I apologize if my blog has all of a sudden become some overly political boring sideshow, but I can't avoid talking about what is going on in this AWESOME COUNTRY right now! LOL!

Watch as this witch Sarah Palin pretends to like gay people, but she doesn't really, and actually doesn't do a very good job of hiding her true utter disgust and hatred of fags. She actually says she is tolerant! HOW LAUGHABLE! Watch:

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


The current economic crisis can be rather scary and demoralizing, but I offer you this bit of hope: The United States recovered from The Civil War and became even more industrious and prosperous at the dawn of the 20th century. Then came The Great Depression of the 1930s, and the monumentally glorious FDR years which took us through WWII, to victory, and to the unparalleled status of superpower. The U.S. has been through difficult times before; there’s no reason to believe we can’t survive this now right? EEK! Yes WAT, but we used to have real leaders back then and not all this rampant political corruption or tremendous debt. I’ll try and not to be a cynic about all this mess, and just pray/hope that this country will recover somehow. So what if we don’t rule the planet as the world’s supreme power after all this is said and done? I mean, the British seem to be doing just fine, even though the sun hath set on their empire long ago. Who would step up to the plate to lead anyway? China? I mean, please! So they recently hosted the Olympics and sent men to space this past week. Big deal! They still have tons of starving people, pollution problems, poisonous toys, and tainted milk! LOL! It’s okay America! We’re just too cool to go down in flames like this! After the entire government is revamped and cleaned out, we shall overcome and rise again! RIGHT?!

I’ve been hating the government all week, but now my wrath moves on to the executives in charge of these failed miserable banks and other financial institutions! How can these assholes walk away with these big fat paychecks after messing up their employees, the stockholders, and the American people in the process?! It’s just wrong I tells ya! To get rewarded so handsomely for doing a poor leadership job is beyond comprehension! Listen kids, capitalism in this form cannot persist. We’ve been fooled into believing that we can do whatever we want and that our dreams are achievable through hard work and determination, but it’s bullshit! There are tons of traps set up to make the common working man/woman fail and for supervisors and bosses to get all the glory and the nice paychecks! It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know, and how good an ASSKISSER you can be to move on towards the top. How well can you blow yer boss' dick basically to get ahead! This has gone far too long, and now look at the mound of caca we find ourselves in! These CEOs need to be reprimanded, investigated, and arrested if need be! GREED is not good! NO!

O.k. Enough of my political socioeconomic ramblings. October is here! Halloween, my fav holiday is just around the corner! 1408 is a good creepy effective horror film! Give it a try! John Cusack is so underrated, but a consistently good actor.