Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm going to try and keep this post as short as possible, because I really need to get to bed, so I can be refreshed and happy at my job later this morning. COUGH!

My beloved bud got The Beatles: Rock Band game! YEEHA! It's purty freakin' cool, but so far we only got the microphone so I can sing to my heart's content, and I did pretty good in expert mode, although some of the songs like Helter Skelter I failed miserably, and I don't understand why, but whatever. Demanding/challenging little game it can be. Speaking of The Beatles, that once murderous Manson follower Susan Atkins died in prison last week of brain cancer. Yeah, some pretty gruesome crimes this woman and the Manson clan committed back in 1969, inspired by Manson's bizarre obsession with an upcoming race war and The Beatles' White Album. And that pretty actress Sharon Tate and her baby and all her friends there were savagely killed and director Roman Polanski was Sharon's husband at the time, but now he's been in exile in Europe over sleeping with some underage teen back in '78, but has now been arrested in Switzerland to be possibly extradited to the United States to face his crime? WHOA MAN! Talk about all these strange links huh? All roads lead to The Beatles, or six degrees of separation I suppose, like that Kevin Bacon game.

My favorite time of year is here! Oh, nothing beats the autumn season jus
t before Halloween man! And I still have no costume planned or anything, yet every year I tell myself I'm going to plan ahead and shit, but I never f*cking do. I wanna get a good group together so we can all go to Knott's Berry Farm for their annual Halloween Haunt event, which is like the best haunted theme park in the country with tons of cool mazes and stuff. I'm aiming to go the day before Columbus Day, because it will still be relatively cheap and I'll have a three-day weekend, so it will be lots of fun and all work out I hope. I have lots of interesting things going on in my social life, despite some of the criticism I have received for having friends who drink or do too many drugs. There are good people out there, and we all have issues, so as long as it doesn't make them treat me bad, it's okay to accept them warts and all correct? Look at me for crying out loud, I'm ridden with issues!

Anyway, I'm out of here. Oh wow, the girl who inspired Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died! It was not based on LSD mind you, but Julian Lennon's little girl classmate whom inspired him to bring dad a colorful drawing about her, which in turn gave John the idea for the now classic song. I told you all roads eventually lead to The Beatles:

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello and happy Friday. Work sucks. Yeah yeah...

The greatest TV s
how ever was Twin Peaks, because David Lynch is a genius and it influenced every other show I am about to mention here, but I digress...

Okay, maybe I've ranted about this before, but how do you
people find tha freakin' time to watch so much television?! This is the kind of thing I used to do when I was a teenager--I don't got that kind of time no more you bastards! I'm either at work and on the Internet, or at home sleeping or on the Internet! LOL! But there's all these shows friends and people I chat with online tell me that I should watch: Entourage, Dexter, Weeds, Mad Men, House, 30 Rock, Lost, and I still have yet to see Six Feet Under, which everyone raves about. I did watch some of The Sopranos, but I wasn't all that impressed really. Seen that before in The Godfather movies already quite honestly, or any other gangster movie ever made. Mind you, I have watched some of those shows I've just mentioned, but to make time for every week or whole entire seasons on DVD?! No tengo el tiempo. I'm more of a movie person anyway, since those can be digested in about two hours, whereas a show has to be followed weekly and shit. I love shows that deal with supernatural horror though like Supernatural of course, or the really great Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel of television past. I will most likely make time for True Blood, because that show I hear is phenomenal, and it's about vampires, and I love blood-sucking creatures of the night! Well, any kind of sucking at night period! HEE!

It's so late already as I write this, but what else is new? I'm an incorrigible night owl I'm afraid, and this is why having a morning job doesn't work for me anymore. It just f*c
king doesn't! So I desperately need to find work or whatever other nice-paying task out there to start around 11am and beyond. I mean, seriously! My current job cramps my night owl partying-style baby. So many times I hear co-workers criticize me for being so rebellious in my mid-thirties and not acting my age or settling down, but it's all due to me being such a well-behaved and homebodyish person once before--I never went out or did any sort of wild things in my teens or early 20s. It's only now that I have the car to take me everywhere, the age to do what I want, and the confidence/self-esteem to see L.A. in all its full nighttime glory! Only to be ruined by having to worry about going to bed early enuff to make it to f*cking work at 9am! UGH! YUCK! LOLOLOL! I know, I know, I need to take stock of what is important, and my job comes first right? Because it does after all provide me with the money to pay for my survival and I should make an effort to improve my attendance and be there at a reasonable time but NOOOOOOOOOOO WAT, NOOOOOOOOOOO, you just have to always be out late on weeknights at some karaoke bar, or on someone's couch getting high laughing at 30 Rock episodes, or just having sex with the entire city of Los Angeles, and then you wonder why you hate your job and feel so sleepy at it most of the time! GROW UP ALREADY MAN! Time to get serious here!

Nah, go to hell. Go to hell ye retarded responsibilities. Imma be dead some day anyway. I want to live. And milk the youth (or be milked hoohoohaha), I still have left for all its worth.

One of the best moments in awards show history:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"There must be some way out of here," said the joker to the thief,
"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth."

"No reason to get excited," the thief, he kindly spoke,
"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late." --Bob Dylan

Ho hum.

Why couldn't I be some vapid airheaded dumbass? NOOOOOOOO! Instead I had to be given this highly intellectual brain to think of all these lovely pretty thoughts with! BOOOOOOOO! I tells ya, the human species is the saddest one there ever was. For all the greatness achieved in arts and creativity, we're still the most unhappy, unsatisfied, and lonely of all of God's creatures. The fact that we possess such a complex brain, makes for a very delicate existence prone to terrible sadness and longing. We're on this tiny floating rock in the middle of nowhere in the vastness that is space, and yet we have no idea why. Where tha hell do we come from anyway? Religion has all those incredible stories of how we got here and the wonders of a higher power, yet who's to say if all that stuff is even true? I want to believe in God more often than not, but then I think about all the injustice, pain, suffering, and wonder if we are truly alone in this dimension. Well, alone perhaps not entirely, because then there's the extraterrestrials somewhere out there, but for now it seems we're pretty much on our own. We can be so kind and loving towards each other, yet more often than not, humanity is greedy, envious, selfish, and destructive. We live in complete delusion/distraction most of our lives--going to school, going to work, making friends, traveling, entertaining ourselves with various outlets, and overbreeding a new generation time and time again of more inadequate people. Why?! Why do we even f*cking bother?! It's all gonna end the same for us all anyway correct?! That's right, we're all gonna just kick the bucket someday and that'll be it. Done. Over. Finito. I suppose it's nice to dream of an afterlife or lovely flowery other dimension, but I dunno man. The way things seem to be panning out in my mind, this may be our one and only chance! They always do say, "You only live once", is that not right?

I suppose we must make of life what we want it to be, and that we all have a different purpose, so it's not a complete waste of time I guess. LOLOL! It's no wonder I named my blog what I did, for the existentialist in me is always festering under the surface of my usually pleasant and goofball demeanor. I don't entirely hate life, nor do I wish to end my life at this time, but I do think so much of it is painfully absurd. It really is. I have to laugh more often than not at the amazing confusion of it all. We're just never going to get it--not with so many opinions or so many viewpoints on what the truth really is. This is what ultimately dooms our species to eternal dissatisfaction and solitude. True, there are scientific logical facts, but how do those help clear up our neverending quest for the meaning of it all? I pray and hope that you have found your calling in this life--for it's definitely not the car, the house, the job, or any of the other silly material possessions we like to accumulate. I suppose it may just be, as The Beatles once so cheesily sang it, "The love you take is equal to the love you make." People like Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy however, didn't quite own up to this thought, so their purposes were completely different I'm guessing. So what tha hell am I here for anyway?! What major contributions am I making with my time here?

Oh well, might as well laugh at the absurdity that follows--this brilliant Emmy moment brought to you by the very zany Jimmy Fallon, which that stick-up-his-arse Kevin Kline did not find funny at all:

Friday, September 18, 2009


Is it love?
Is it fate?
This feeling I'm feeling

has come so late

Is it love?
Is it fate?

For all I want from you

is a simple date

Is it love?

Is it fate?

The moments I am with you

are terrifically great

Is it love?

Is it fate?

That my heart be broken

like I once did my mate

Is it love?
Is it fate?
This vulnerability
that I so hate

Is it love?

Is it fate?

How much longer

will I have
to wait...

--by WAT

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm very sorry to hear of Patrick Swayze's death, but pancreatic cancer is pretty f*cking fatal most of the time. Like Farrah before, I guess somehow we all knew he wouldn't make it, but humans always cling to the hope of life and survival--it's a basic instinct. Patrick was adorable! My God man! As I ranted to my beloved friend earlier, I just can't get over how much cancer still kills people--seems like everyone gets it and dies from that shitty disease! UGH! All this money for research and still no kick-ass cure?! WHAT?! Must be all about making money off those horrid chemo treatments or something. It's just downright pathetic, and I'm just incensed I tells ya. I really hope I never get cancer, and would much rather prefer to die while sucking on a penis or something more pleasurable. JESUS MARIMBA! A jolting reminder once again of our inevitable mortalities...

I really wasn't in the mood to go out Saturday night, but I force
d myself to go to my co-worker's/bud's place in Woodland Hills (a bit of a drive but not too bad) for a very worthy cause--not only was it a fundraiser, but it also turned out to be a great excuse to party! Here's is the crux of the matter:

Come out and support the LGBT community as we raise awareness towards marriage equality. It is not only time for our voices to be heard, and for barriers to be broken across all stereotypes, now is the time for change.

Yeah, so the event was actually quite fun and there was lots of good food there and I ate like a pig, but thankfully I did not get major indigestion or anything, which is like totally awesome ya know?!

Anyway, I got a little slideshow to share with ya of me and other guests at the fundraiser. Hope ya like:

Friday, September 11, 2009


Happy 9/11 everybody! LOL! The day we got our balls handed to us...

UGH! Eight years since the Hollywood blockbuster-style terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and where's Osama Bin Laden?! WHERE THA HELL IS HE?! Wasn't he the evil mastermind behind the whole damn thing? And here we are all these years later and nothing. Bush left the country in shambles thanks to that event, so I guess Bin Laden did good in bringing America down quite a bit. Oh whatever. Seems like all that horrible stuff happened so long ago. I think most of the country has moved on and has become more cynical to it all, because we haven't had anything major happen anymore, and because we just don't wanna live in fear. I mean, who cares right? We all gotta die sometime anyway, so might as well just LIVE! It's obvious we're are at each other's throats again politically and all that singing and holding hands on the Capitol steps was a bunch of baloney!

Which brings me to Wednesday night's speech to Congress by President Obamee. Okay, what the hell was the point of this outburst?! I'm most sure you all know of the incident by now. Obama had to deny all the silly claims about his health plan, and it took the mention of the illegals to get this guy and the Republicans all worked up. It's always the illegals! LMAO! My God man, I ain't no Obama worshipper and did not even vote for the dude, but doesn't he deserve some respect?! STFU! Right-wingers who have the nerve to conveniently forget all the damage their beloved Bush did make my head spin! Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Beck spewing their utter bullshit on the airwaves and in print is downright irresponsible journalism--Obama is not perfect and not the savior of the country, but he has only been in office eight months and you morons want to blame the entire Bush-Cheney diarrhea years on our half-breed new guy? THAT IS COMPLETELY UNFAIR! YES! STOP IT ALREADY AND GROW UP YOU CHILDISH IMMATURE BRATS FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL! By the way, Pelosi's reaction to the guy shouting out that Obama is a liar was priceless. She seemed really incensed and was almost scoffing. HAHA! And check out the bitch's expensive pearl necklace! Yeah, other presidents have gotten booed I hear, but whatever. "I don't want the president indoctrinating my children!" UGH! WHY DID YOU PEOPLE EVEN BREED AND HAVE CHILDREN?! LOSERS! And I am no liberal talking here so shut up. I'm a moderate thank you very much...

I'm going to make it a fine fine weekend. I'm in a very frustrated and in an almost apathetic mood lately, as if I just wanna let my hair down and be in the middle of a 30-man orgy or something to that effect. HEE! Always use protection of cours
e. Ahem.

Antonio Banderas and his blond bimbo wife doing an interview in his native Spain back in 2005 I believe. Melanie's Spanish is fantastic! NOT! Entertaining to behold this spectacle--I actually like Melanie in all her airheaded drug-addicted broken Spanish glory:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


WHAT?! LABOR DAY WEEKEND IS OVER?! WHAT GIVES?! I was having such a nice time too. I did not go anywhere special or out of town, but I did spend quality time with all kinds of good friends and stuff. Yes, it was pleasant all-around. The only problem being that in a couple of hours, it's back to the wonderful office which I adore! I completely forgot about looking into my next career move over the weekend too--I don't wanna give it away just yet for fear I may jinx it, but I got a plan of sorts. Crossing my fingers I don't procrastinate it like I do everything in my life. Hey, I watched this remake called, The Last House on the Left. I have never seen the Wes Craven original, but this 2009 version was pretty damn good. Excellent horror film for the upcoming Halloween season and stuff, but I must warn you that the brutality and violence is quite disturbing, and yet somehow it works for this movie, because it kind of validates the whole entire plot, especially towards the end. You'll see what I mean if you decide to sit through this, but the suspense is almost unbearable at times--very well-executed and almost perfectly acted. So there! WHEW! What a ride! I watched the unrated version by the way, so I guess it's more graphic.

Oh, I sure hope I don't bore you with more Beatles-related news, but I'm going to bore you with Beatles-related news! It's a big week, because we got two huge releases: The Beatles: Rock Band and the co
mplete re-release of their original albums super duperly remastered in the best quality sound ever available! The box set alone I was told is $200 and change, but well-worth it because so many of those albums on CD as I own them right now have poor sound quality using 1988 technology, when they were first released onto digital discs from vinyl records. So many of those songs will sound more amazing now I'm sure, so I can't wait, even though I'll have to spend my entire upper torso! I won't bother with the video game, because I don't even own a Playstation or Wii, but I'm sure a good friend somewhere out there will get it/have it or whatever. Plus, there's plenty of footage already on YouTube, so it's cool. It's the audio stuff that I'm pining over ladies and gentleman! YEEHA! I can't wait, although from what my dear beloved bud P.V. told me, the box sets are kind of sold-out as the demand has been tremendous. Can you even believe that a band that has been broken-up and dead for close to 40 years can still generate this kind of excitement and money?! That is astonishing and a testament to the enduring legacy of these four Englishmen, who quite literally changed the world--they are just endlessly fascinating really.

VH-1 Classic has got a whole nine days dedicated to The Beatles, as the two big releases (the video game and remastered albums) go on sale on 9/09/09, which is tomorrow. Hmmm, just flip that date upside down will ya? OOOOOOOOOOO! Eerie:

Friday, September 04, 2009


The cantaloupe I'm eating as I write this is as sweet as honey. Delicious!

When el pendejo idiota Bush was in office (and what a shitty 8 years those were), people were complaining. Obama is now the leader of the land, and people are still complaining!!! Every day and night with these liberals and conservatives fighting each other! ARGH! ENOUGH!!! Can't we all just work together to move this country forward and into progress?! The United States is so divided! Ironic, but true. Now all this brouhaha over the health plan and that Obamerz is gonna give a speech to the schools and talk to the kiddies about their education next week and that it's just an excuse for him to indoctrinate them with Marxist or fascist ideas. WHAT?! I'm no big Obama fan myself, but since when is a president addressing kids at school a bad thing?! They got teachers and schoolmates that influence them more on a daily basis than the president talking to them for one measly day! He's not even personally going to any schools, he's doing it through the Internet anyway--CHILL OUT PEOPLE! Sometimes I think this country is full of whiners and haters who love to stir shit up just because they enjoy the f*cking drama, like the assholes at our homeowner's association meetings. Stay away from me ye evildoers! LOL! People need to get laid or something.

Of course, I have no set plans for this Labor Day weekend. I never have any set plans period other than to go to work, and one of my co-workers/buds absolutely hates this about me. "Why don't you ever commit to something and give definite answers to people?" YEAH YEAH YEAH, get off my back will ya? Okay, I admit that maybe my life could use a little more planning ahead and organization, but I'm surviving am I not? I look pretty good don't I? What more do you agenda-carrying weirdos want from me?! Mind you, I agree that a massive trip to Europe or party should be planned, but for the most part I like to be kind of spontaneous with my "free" time--play it by ear to see what comes up. What I really need to look ahead to is heading out more and enjoying the outdoors. I definitely don't do enough of that, which is why I have seen at least 3 billion movies via Netflix in the past three years or so. LOL! I'm moderate in my outlook on things. I love being a homebody, but I also love going out to eat, movies, or whatever when it feels right. And I'm more of a night owl anyway! The sun is pretty and essential and all that but the rays will damage my skin and make me look old, and so far I am vainly defying my true age. So yeah, I am Madonna pasty/pale, but I've been considering going to the beach sometime this weekend perhaps to work on a tan and pick up some hot men. HA! My scheduling precise bud would cringe at this answer, but as I like to say, "We'll see or maybe I'll go the beach this weekend?" And a maybe from me does not always mean "no" so don't even go there.

I love this commercial and so do you:

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Drama in our back yard here all over Los Angeles. As you all may have already heard on the news, we got a bad fire that is out of control in the northern mountainous regions of the city. People with homes in those hilly areas have been evacuated, some of them refused and are now trapped, two firefighters were sadly killed when their car overturned or something trying to escape the flames, TV/radio towers and the observatory on Mt. Wilson there are in danger, and the plume of smoke that has risen above the area looks like a nuclear bomb went off. The acrid scent of smoke is everywhere now, and it's really aggravating people's allergies. I can see the flames at night from my pad; when I look towards those mountains and the unmistakable orange glow. Just when I thought there was nothing left to burn in this state, we have to deal every year now with these massive destructive and very polluting fires. It's becoming all too common--the temps the last three days or so have been out-of-this-world HOT. The joys of living in Southern California! LOLOLOLOL! Trust me people, Hollywood makes it all look great and glossy, but life is very tough out here. Sad for the people who own homes in these areas, and as my beloved bud pointed out, scary for all the wild and domesticated animals too.

I have met so many people throughout the past decade or so by going to the same general local bars for karaoke or through chat rooms online, and what I have come to realize is that even though there are lots of folks who are shallow and lame, there are truly some nice good kind people out there as well with the same problems and issues that I have. Yes, even in a town as vapid as Los Angeles, I have had the fortune of meeting some really awesome people here--they've graciously invited/taken me into their homes and given me insight into their private lives. I had never taken time to put this all into perspective, but it's hit me all of sudden tonight, that I've actually made some cool friends! I don't always get the chance to see them all as often as I would like, but when I do see them, I realize how much I appreciate them for who they are, warts and all. I've met countless people born and raised in L.A. like myself who are cool, and other rad souls from states such as Mississippi, New York, Texas, Kentucky, and Kansas of course! From ages as young as 21 to as old as 70! I just want them to know at this moment how much I appreciate you all for your sense of humor, for teaching me new things, and for genuinely liking me for who I am. This admission is eerily similar to my rant not long ago about how many cool people I know at work that I genuinely have grown to care for. I was becoming so socially withdrawn at one point years ago, but in admitting and embracing my homoness for good in the past twelve years, I realize that this is when my friendships began to truly blossom. Anyway, enough of this rant, but if you read this and feel I am talking personally to you, I probably am, because you took the time to check this blog entry out. Hell, I've even become somewhat attached to my regular blog readers as well. So there!

Do you realize what amazing historic day it is today? September 1, 1939! GERMANY INVADED POLAND! The start of the greatest war of all time! WORLD WAR F*CKING TWO! UNREAL! More than 70 MILLION people died in that war, and never has the planet been in such armed conflict, before or since! Hitler, the Japanese, FDR, Churchill, Stalin, the Holocaust, atomic bombs, submarines, airplanes, D-Day--what a horrible, fascinating and legendary time indeed, and it's been 70 years man--not that long ago, and yet so many from that monumental generation are gone: