Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, it's really this Wednesday, but I thought I'd post an early videoclip of myself for y'all:


Friday, October 26, 2007


--------Ya see? Bush really does care about the wildfire victims in California.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


With these terrible, absolutely terrible fires in our region here, I notice lots of interesting Spanish place names thrown around here and there. California has undoubtedly a Spanish/Mexican past, and so here's a bit of interesting toponymy from the Southern California areas affected by the flames:

Las Vírgenes Road - meaning "the virgins", a long windy road into Malibu.

Puerco Canyon - this ugly word means "pork/pig."

San Diego - "Saint Didacus." Yeah, I like the Spanish name better too.

Santiago Canyon - an interesting word in honor of "Saint James."

Escondido - meaning, "hidden."

Agua Dulce - "sweet water."

Chula Vista - literally means, "pretty/beautiful view."

Calabasas - misspelling of the original calabazas, which means, "squash/pumpkins."

Rancho Santa Fe - A romantic name meaning, "holy faith ranch."

Las Flores Canyon - ya give "the flowers" to mom on her b-day.

Soledad Canyon - "loneliness/solitude."

La Jolla - a misspelling of what should be la joya, which means, "the jewel."

El Cajón - literally means, "the box."

Ventura County - u win the lottto, meaning you have good "fortune/luck."

Monday, October 22, 2007


The warm temps and very high winds which they call Santa Anas have lead to yet another October season with fires all over the area here, burning down some nice homes and structures near all that dry brush. Not good, considering the drought we've experienced and water shortage we're now facing. In Georgia, I hear the H2o shortage is freakin' worse!
Ok. Over the weekend, I downloaded all kinds of new albums that came out this year from artists such as Morrissey, The White Stripes, Travis, and Radiohead. Travis is a Scottish band, and they are quite catchy, quite good with cute lead singer/songwriter Fran Healy. The new White Stripes CD is also very good. Morrissey's new one is decent at best. But it is Radiohead folks; good ole' reliable Radiohead. WOW! CAN I SAY WOW?! Never ones to disappoint, their new work of art is tremendous! My ears cannot get enough of this new audio feast! And I paid a total of 0 pounds for it, since they are offering it off their website for whatever price ya wanna pay. These Englishmen---> are first-rate superior songwriters/musicians indeed.

This 30 Days of Night movie? Truly creepy, somewhat gross, and overall entertaining. Vampire movies simply rule!

Here's a Travis music video so ya get an idea:

Friday, October 19, 2007


Loren Soth and I went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Wednesday night for a special free cool preview of CNN's Planet in Peril sponsored by Netflix, which will be airing Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in all its entirety! Kind of depressing to see all these lovely animals and glaciers in trouble, but it is a beautifully filmed and interesting report indeed.

The really cool part was seeing CNN's Anderson Cooper and Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin live and in studly person! WOOHOO! Oh yeah, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta was there too. HAHA! Those three are the main hosts of the upcoming special airing next week. Sitting just a few feet away, I noticed Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong there too. I hear they're quite good friends or possible lovers, as they're always hanging out, especially as a threesome with Jakey G. But Jakey is most likely busy promoting his new movie Rendition, so sadly he wasn't there at the theater and maybe that was for the best or I probably would have fainted or passed out.

And the irony being that we all burned fuel to drive our asses there and then generated all that trash from the popcorn and other snacks! SO MUCH FOR HELPING OUR PLANET IN PERIL! LOLOLOLOL! And I was resenting the celebs for being able to leave and go home to their nice 10 million dollar homes or awesome hotel suites afterwards. Bastards! I hate you Anderson and Jeff! Ok, not really, but u know what I mean.

Just watch these clips from TV earlier this week provided by the awesomeness that is YouTube! Jakey's sporting a handsome beard; he looks almost like a Spanish conquistador, only he doesn't stink or chop your head off for not being Catholic.

Thank you to David C. for pointing these clips out. Jakey G. looks amazing and is quite the charming witty dork. WATCH THESE CLIPS OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. Verdaderamente divino:


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I see my pics were a big hit! Thanks for the compliments good friends!

I saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age on Saturday. Hmmm. I liked the original much better I must say, but this one still had one hell of a good performance from Cate Blanchett and excellent costumes and visuals. The story was a bit slow, but it had its moments, although the music was quite intrusive and irritating! England was really weak in the 1580s, and the miracle of having thwarted Spanish invasion was certainly quite a triumph. Spain was super powerful at the time! They had a large world empire and the backing of the Catholic church. Protestant England and that "whore" Elizabeth I had to be stopped in the eyes of Felipe II, but alas, the great and mighty Spanish Armada could not quite get onto the English mainland, thanks to Anglo tenacity and the treacherous seas/winds in their favor. The film made the enemy in the story quite obvious and I found myself laffing at times at the way los españoles were portrayed, but I suppose the Spaniards (whom I have a love/hate relationship with due to my background) really were religious zealots after all.

Alas, little England took a while to take its place on the world stage and eventually became a powerful empire herself. And Paul McCartney my friends, is part of that British legacy! AHAHAHA! Still going through a nasty divorce with Heather. Jaysus! No settlement as of yet, because she wants to be able to discuss the marriage, while Paul's not too keen on her sharing all the details. All those brilliant songs, the world tours, the royalties from us loyal fans; who freakin' knew then that some of Paul's amazing fortune would someday end up in the hands of the one-legged gold digger?! The bitch is set for life, since they do share a daughter. She's a smart one indeedy oh! Poor Paul has called divorce "hell." Ya think?!

By the way, not that I'm all that and a bag of Ruffles, but why does Paul's only son James look so odd in this very recent photo?!
Sir Paul at son-in-law Alasdhair Willis's exhibition in London. From left, Willis, McCartney, his son James, and daughters Mary and Stella.

Monday, October 15, 2007


----------- He didn't quite look like Tony Montana, but he did sound like him.
Me with Jack the Clown. My shirt translated says, "I always wake up handsome."

-------I call the boy on the left Scarlet. He's Southern to the core, and quite a diva.
------On the left, my friend of twenty years! This is us in front of the Psycho house.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Hell man. This is just sad. My hometown is the homeless capital of the United States! There are more homeless destitute people here than anywhere else in America! That's really tragic. This is the city (like New York) where people from all over the world come to find the American Dream! This is LA man! The entertainment capital of the world! And yet, an ugly side exists. Anyway, here's the depressing article if ya wanna read a bit more on this mess. Remember, no one is immune to homelessness, so be thankful for your humble little shelter/roof over yer head every day.

Now that you're all teary-eyed and/or literally weeping, I wanna share something fun with you. Here's some musical genius for ya ladies and gents; a band that perhaps surpasses the greatness of The Beatles themselves! I can't believe I just wrote that, but it's true! Okay, retarded, but still funny they be...

I give you:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


OOOOOOO WEEEEE! The United States of America as a whole does not have an official language. Hard to believe, but true! We assume and use English de facto, and our founding documents are written in the language of the Brits, but no where is it stated as the one true official language of the entire land! WHOA! That's kind of weird ain't it?! Individual states have made English their official language like California, but it doesn't seem to be putting a stop to the massive use of one particular language in my home state at all! Gee, I wonder which language?

Some general thoughts from others I randomly found on the Net on this hot politically divisive issue

-I am sick and tired of encountering people in my country with whom I cannot communicate. And, so, I enrolled in Spanish at my local community college and am loving it.

-why do people always assume that immigrants don't try to learn English? I know lots of immigrants and they're all trying to learn the language. It just takes time is all. Instead of ranting about it, the next time you meet an immigrant struggling with English, maybe try and help them assimilate instead of judging them and assuming that they don't speak the language.

-I cancelled my Sears Credit card because I'm disgusted every time I go into Sears and Kmart and hear store announcements in Spanish and see all the signs in Spanish. What incentive is there to learn to speak English if foreigners are catered to? I agree that we need our immigration policy overhauled so we can admit immigrants LEGALLY into America.

-What is it about the word "illegal" that is not understood?I favor English only. If someone wishes to speak his or her native tongue that is fine; however, voting, driver licenses , school....English only.

-I sick to death of having someones religion, foreign culture and foreign language shoved in my face day after day after day.

-As long as they also speak, write, and read English fluently, there's no problem if someone wants to speak Spanish to another Spanish speaker.

-Spanish is the language of poverty in the US.

-If your here, learn to speak English. You can speak what ever you like with friends, family and at home. I'm tired of having all my house hold products written in both English and Spanish.

-We're about 30 years too late for this discussion. The United States of America has been invaded and our culture is being forcibly changed. All great civilizations fall. Its the price we pay for not getting our hands dirty.

-My first language is Spanish. But I do speak English, I do not use any of the "Spanish" forms for voting, driving exams etc. etc. We speak Spanish at home, and I speak Spanish with my child, if alone or with family. It is a home language. But this is AMERICA AND THE OFICIAL LANGUAGE SHOULD BE ENGLISH, IF WE WANT TO BE CITIZENS AND INTEGRATE WE SHOULD SPEAK, WRITE AND READ ENGLISH. If some people do not like it they can go back home. No one called them to begin with.

-Only in America are people stupid enough to let others come into their country and tell them what language to speak.

-Why should have have to press 1 for English? Why does the DMV have driver's tests in English AND Spanish? But not in German or Japanese? My friend Immigrated (LEGALLY) from Russia and she had to learn English to take her driving test.

-Angry Americans do not mind people speaking spanish or any other language, they get mad when they are forced to pay (through tax dollars) for the government forms, literature & ballots to be printed in spanish. And to pay for education costs for english as a second language

-I am so sick an tired of hearing how the U.S. is responsible for other countries being in debt and therefore we must destroy our country by letting these people in and having them change ours.

-I am sick of the Media and local governments referring to them as "Immigrants"!! If they are an Illegal Alien and came here illegally, they should be called what they really are..Criminals!!

-I'm getting sick & tired of everyone speaking Spanish around me. Those that don't mind obviously don't live in a place like San Diego, where we have been flooded by illegals for over 20 years. I can't go into my local Wal-Mart without hearing ads over the loud speakers spoken in Spanish, and I live in the very northern part of San Diego. These people are responsible for more thefts, burglaries, drunk driving arrests. Of course, in the drunk driving arrests, they don't have a drivers license, insurance, etc. so the state is responsible, once again, for their care.It has gotten so totally out of control, it is time for someone to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Those that don't oppose to things like this, aren't affected by it. Our jails are overfilled every day, our criminal justice system is at a breaking point, our prisons are at a breaking point, the gang problems, etc. All of this stems from the influx of illegals. Now, some law enforcement agencies are making it a requirement that their officers speak Spanish. That is not right!! Why should they have to speak a foreign language in their own country? If these illegals can't read English and they are driving without a drivers license ... how do they know what a road sign says? How do they know when a sign says "Slow ... accident ahead" This is the United States of America, I am tired of having to push a button on my telephone just because I want to talk to someone in English. Why should I have to do that? I shouldn't!!Why are we BENDING OVER BACKWARDS for these people?? Our government is responsible for allowing these people to take over the country and THEY ARE THE ONES TO STOP IT AND STOP IT NOW!!getting it off my chest

-The point is this. They should NOT have the language of the illegals on their phone system. It just encourages more illegals to come here. Keep the phone systems 100% english!

-I'm American and Fuck people who don't want to learn American English.

- Spanish people are great. The ones that bother to learn English.

- Learn to speak english and to spell correctly.....taco breath.

- Learn English or be doomed to spend your life asking, "Do you want fries with that?"


-The reason why they are allowing them to enter the U.S. is lower the wages and destroy the middle class. This whole thing is about consolidating power, the people that actually run this country(the CFR and others) just want there to be Rich and Poor people they don't want a middle class. I wish people would wake up and realize what is going on here.

- Well, the thought that Mexicans are taking over is scary. After all, Mexico a poor, corrupt and lawless shithole.


- Learn to speak English (official language of the USA) you turd world fucks or leave! Comprende!?

- Learn English assholes!

-OK some people are saying that there is no law about English being the official language. Well let's just look at the language of all the documents written since we became a country. Guess English wins by default, and on phone calls let them press one for there language. We are North America and we speak English, don't like it MOVE, I'm sure your native country would take you back.

-It's not my responsibility to learn a language for a bunch of free loaders who are here illegally! I'm already paying for them, why should I learn to talk like them too!

-Having lived in Los Angeles, I drove down the streets and many times could not read the billboards because they weren't in ENGLISH! I knew then it was time to leave. Thank goodness I left!

Well more thanks to Columbus and crew for starting this mess! HAPPY HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH EVERYBODY!


Monday, October 08, 2007


Well, despite the fact that the arrival of Columbus really happened on October 12, 1492, we celebrate (and some of us luckily have the day off) today. So happy European invasion of the "New World" Day! Yeah, sadly Native Americans got massacred and the African slave trade began, but oh well, so it goes. This mix of blood now runs through our veins whether we like it or not, and not all white people were evil either. There's good and bad in every culture/background right?

So, in honor of the mess we now find ourselves in 515 years later, it's time to brush up on the first officially spoken European language in the Americas. Why, good ole'-fashioned Mexican of course! Er, I mean, Spanish. Yes. How could I forget? Good ole' Castillian, from Spain herself. Everyone has at least some basic knowledge right?

If not, this silly video clip should help you brush up/remember:

Friday, October 05, 2007


I have no idea what I did to mee right ankle area, but it's a bit swollen and painful when I walk. I'm hobbling now! ARGH! I ain't ever had to hobble! WHAT GIVES?! I'm getting old! OH DEAR GOD! GIT ME TO THE NURSING HOME! AHAHHAAH! I think it may be from me putting strain on mee right foot unconsciously while at work underneath the desk. Yep yep. Tendons and joints just ain't what they used to be. I've stuffed an ice pack into my sock as I write away here...

Ok, I admit it. I'm a bit obsessed with Britney even though I don't have any of her albums. I got a few of her singles here and there downloaded into my iPod though. Let's face it, the girl has put out some catchy silly tunes here and there, and her rollercoaster life the last few years has been anything but boring! Congrats are in order to Ms. Spears then for her new smash hit single! It's the #1 most downloaded tune and #3 on the pop charts according to Billboard! That's pretty awesome! Despite the loser ex, the drugs, the mental illness, the lousy MTV VMA performance, and legal/personal troubles, the girl still's got it! I predict the new Britney CD will be very successful. All that negative press has only added to her fame to be honest.

Monday night at karaoke, I sang one of John Lennon's most personal and haunting solo songs called Mother ; one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking songs I have ever heard. John was born during World War II as the Germans bombed Liverpool away. His mother Julia had her strict sister Mimi raise John for the most part, and she often visited him inspiring him with music and even buying him his first guitar. They were more like chums really, and sadly Julia was run over and killed by a drunk police officer one night after visiting her sister Mimi. John was still a teenager and his mother's death left him wounded for life. John's dad Freddie had vanished for years as a merchant seaman only to come back disheveled into Lennon's life as he became world famous with The Beatles. John knew his parents, but never really had parents in the traditional sense, which accounts for some of the emotional pain in his life.

This is the song, complete with some great images of our late great brilliant songwriter John, his mother Julia, and his dad Freddie:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, Britney got her kids taken away. Somehow I think she almost wanted to lose 'em really. MORE PARTYING TIME! Last week, she even got charged with a hit & run/driving with a suspended license here in LA. I dunno man. I never thought Spears' life would be such a mess to be honest. She started off so clean cut and innocent, and now look! It's almost as if she rebelled to prove she was not as saintly as we may have thought right? "I'll show you assholes! I can be quite the handful!" Maybe Brit just hates her mom and her lost childhood in showbiz. Alas, she can't handle the money/fame like us mere mortals. HAHA!

I'd like to recommend a really cool new show I found on the CW called Reaper! Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) is executive producer/director I believe, and it is a very well-written, funny, and entertaining new fall show! Ray Wise plays the Devil, whom I remember being terrific years and years ago on Twin Peaks as Laura Palmer's dad. Watch the new show folks, or else!

Speaking of TV, I don't have Showtime, but there sure was heavy promotion all summer long with billboards and posters of Dexter. Damnit, I wanna know what the fuss is all about, and let's face it, actor Michael C. Hall is just so adorable in the ad that was practically all over the city here in Los Angeles. I know season one is now on DVD; might be a box set worth checking out. He's just so cute, blood-splattered face and all!

And last but not least, this clip, of David Letterman grilling Paris Hilton on his show last week is a real winner and must-see:

Monday, October 01, 2007


Here we are, October! MOOHOOHAHAHAHAHAAH! Time for some spooky blog posts! And this real life story of history's most infamous/notorious serial killer makes just about anyone's skin crawl! But of course ye silly wankers, I'm talking 'bout Jack the Ripper!

It is at the height of Victorian England, during the year 1888 that these brutal/savage crimes are committed against at least five prostitute women. Britain was at the time, the world's most powerful country, so the newspaper media attention given to the killer and his letters was unprecedented. Photographs of the mutilated bodies were taken, and are quite disturbing to look at even today.

Who was Jack? So many theories, so many suspects, so many ideas, and yet no one has identified who it was to this very day. Author Patricia Cornwell is sure she figured it out, but then again, many others have claimed it so. The terrific 2001 Johnny Depp film From Hell offers its own version as to who did it. With all due certainty, the killer is surely dead by now, but the legend of his murders continues to morbidly fascinate us to this very day: