Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I did not want the month of August to end without at least ONE blog post, so here I am! WHERE OH WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE KIDS?! LOVING MY NEW HOME BY THE WAY! LOVE IT! Thank you SO MUCH for still reading and most of all for commenting! This post is of major importance, so PLEASE FOLLOW IT CAREFULLY:

Is something major and catastrophic going to happen on or around September 26, 2011? Apparently every time some comet aligns with the Earth astronomically speaking, we have a major quake somewhere in the world. The last three times have been along the Pacific Rim, with quakes hitting Chile, New Zealand, and Japan. I'm hoping L.A. is spared; yeah, I love catastrophes and chaos because I'm twisted and evil like that, but it's much more fun to sit back and watch live coverage on the Internet or television! LOL! If Los Angeles were to have a disaster, I'd be caught in the middle of it, and it would really suck not to have electricity or water! HAHA! Anyway, here's hoping I'm not jinxing my city and the other 10 million souls living here, although we could benefit from many bastards and bitches getting killed in a good-sized temblor. So much going on! WHAT AN EXCITING TIME TO BE ALIVE! Global communication is instant nowadays with any natural or man-made disaster or event being reported within minutes! The thing that makes it all more devastating is the large population of heathen...er, HUMANS living on the Earth. 7 BILLION PEOPLE?! THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS MAN! I suppose all this crazy stuff has happened in the past, but it's much more serious now when you have so many lives at stake. The tornadoes this year were terrible, and that rare 5.8 quake in D.C. and surrounding areas last week made me think of the NEW MADRID fault and the frightening scenario of a massive quake in an area of the U.S. that does not really have building codes! YIKES!

In all honesty, with all the weird sh*t taking place on this planet, my focus this year has been more on the universe! How truly small and insignificant we are when compared to our Sola
r System (look at this picture of the Earth from the surface of Mars), and how even more trivial WE BE when compared to our place in the Milky Way galaxy! Then you start to think of all the other galaxies out there, and it becomes a bit unnerving and totally incomprehensible. IT'S JUST MINDBLOWING FOLKS! Billions of galaxies with billions of stars and planets--there has to be "intelligent" life out there besides our lame asses! Like George Lucas envisioned and beat us over the head--with his popular franchise--I often wonder if there is a galaxy out there where they trade and fight wars between planets and can travel freely and effortlessly in ships or through stargates! CAN YOU BLOODY IMAGINE?! And no, I'm not stoned as I write this post either. LOLOLOL! I talk about this with my Woody Harrelson lookalike buddy/co-worker often and his knowledge on this topic is very very good. Of course, there are those among us who have seen UFOs and have suffered abductions (like my beloved bud at this blog), who would swear that beings from other planets have already visited us and continue to monitor and study our species very carefully. My mother --for crying out loud --swears she clearly and undeniably saw a UFO earlier this year outside her bedroom window where we used to live! So much to fathom, to study, to research, and to learn! Thank God for the Internet right?! I can safely bet that waste of space slut whore Kim Kardashian doesn't spend time even thinking about these incredible and fascinating topics.

Did we ever even go to the Moon? And if we did, why did we never go back after 1972? A new major Hollywood motion picture directed by an unknown Spaniard, Apollo 18, explores the terrifying idea that aliens scared the bejesus out of our NASA astronauts and warned us to never return. EEK! Makes my skin crawl! Watch this brief British documentary here. SO VERY CREEPY! The Hollywood movie trailer on this very subject/event is here: