Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay! Alice in Wonderland was a visual feast! I got to see it in downtown at the new theater there and the screen was enormous! Not IMAX, but it was still a 70ft. tall gigantic thing! WOW! I like this 3D and all, but it's not something I can do often because it is almost dizzying and the fact I have to wear my own glasses first, then the special ones given on top of mine is quite annoying. I like what they've done to this section of Downtown Los Angeles to get people to go down there and hang out, and it is nice and all, except some of the folk that are there are pretty ghetto; not including me of course. HA. And I can't forget to mention how unbelievably delicious the food was at this place. MY GOD MAN. Really good food. Mmmmmmmm!

Thursday night, while at my "Hungarian" bud's place, my front passenger-side window was shattered by a goon thug asshole or two! ARGH! Yeah, they saw my cheap satellite radio and just had to steal it, thinking it was some pricey radar scanner or something. Fun
ny because I've left that thing in there for years and my car is looking pretty beat up as of late due to a recent car accident, but I guess it was not enough to deter the thief from breaking my poor little window--there was glass everywhere. Thank God I was a bit stoned, so I wasn't as upset as I would've been sober. LOL! I went home late that night, and had a window repair mobile service come fix it at my job on Friday morning. The Guatemalan repair dude was very nice and doggone it, I think the married fool was even flirting with me! I'm serious! He vacuumed all of that nasty glass out! It cost me an arm and a leg, and I heard all kinds of people telling me I should've gone somewhere else or waited for a better rate, but people always have solutions don't they?! I needed the damn thing fixed right away; driving around like that is just plain irritating and uncomfortable. And Sirius will be sending me a free radio too! YAY! I won't have Howard Stern though for a few days, and it's killing me already!

My Paul McCartney tickets to next Wednesday's show at the Hollywood Bowl have arrived! OH MY GOD. Expensive for sure, but who gives a f*ck?! It's Sir Paul! This is going to be historic:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think this will be my only post for this week. I have lots to talk about, but whatever. I keep trying to make time to visit all yer blogs and I never do! PHOOEY! We had a nice little quake Tuesday early morn. Oh dear Lord, I rue the day a more giant destructive one happens. It is so unsettling to have the ground move beneath your feet like that. But what can we do? We're mere ants on this Earth. Lots of deaths in our office recently. Three actual co-workers and the relatives of some of our employees! EEK! I am going to have to just enjoy it as much as possible. Too much sorrow and pain in this world. In fact, I'm binging on an assortment of candy right at this very moment that I write just to make life a bit sweeter! LOLOL! Damn good stuff, although at this time of night who knows if my poor stomach can handle it.

I'm actually enjoying the more hours of sunlight! Can you believe it? Okay, just enough to light the road on my way home so it isn't dark and doesn't feel so late. Daylight Savings Time does seem to fool the brain a bit and alter one's perception, and the warmer weather we've been having is helping to make me wanna night owl around town more often than not. I had not sung karaoke in a while , and have been recently doing it frequently, now that I feel I have my voice back. Most of December and January I was trying to get over bronchitis, and I really thought I'd lost my awesome singing voice for good! Ah yes, I can still carry an Erasure, Elton John, or Beatles tune. Amen. Look, I'm certainly not the best singer, but I'm a competent one okay? I've gotten hit on just for my vocal talents alone and not being heavily reliant on the giant microphone between my leg...ER! OOPS! My wit is endless ya see? Shut it!

I've been hearing this song on satellite radio a lot! And I really like it. I t
hink the lead singer of this band is Malaysian, but born in Australia:

Friday, March 12, 2010


OH MY GOD! Well I'm such a psychology major all of a sudden huh? I was recently obsessing over Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and I think I may have now identified my own disorder in the process! Yes kids, I am fallible after all! LOL! Now I know I'm anxious and depressive, but it all seems to stem from me having Dependent Personality Disorder! Dependents have a hard time making decisions, avoid jobs that are challenging, hate being abandoned, are very sensitive to criticism, are pessimistic/lack self-confidence, can't get projects started, are a bit naive, and sometimes tolerate abuse from others. HOLY MOLE MAN! That sounds just like me! They say that dependents usually become like this due to having had authoritarian or overprotective parents in childhood. Well, I don't have to look far; my father was a tyrant of epic proportions and in order to shield me from his maniacal ways and that of other nasty family members, my beloved mother was extremely loving and way too defensive of her shy naive innocent little boy. So here I am now in my mid-thirt...ER, TWENTIES having a hard time while everyone else is bloody perfect and has their act together! LMAO! Okay, we're all f*cked in one way or another, but there you go; I'm actually relieved to finally understand myself more here. This is a very funny example of the disorder, although I don't know if I'm that severe! HEE!

I'm happy Cesar M
illan is a positive example of a successful Latino in America, but I honestly find him a bit annoying to be honest! He comes across as a bit presumptuous, and don't those impossible dogs return to their normal bad behavior once he's off camera and gone from those peoples' lives? HA! The Dog Whisperer is not Jesus folks. He is not your canine's savior. That aggressive hysterical chihuahua that wants to attack everyone is not going to be miraculously cured by one of his 15 minute sessions on screen. I'm pretty sure Pancho goes back to nipping at everybody and the poor naive owner is left wondering why that stuck-up Mexican didn't change the pooch one bit!

Daylight Savings Time is here ye fools! I'm in the mood for some David Bowie. What a weird genius:

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The Oscars were lame! UGH! Thank God I attended a local dinner party though, with four other fun gentlemen, who made it much more tolerable! Our host made some of the most delicious food ever! WOW!!! Austrian actor Christoph Waltz took home the Best Supporting Actor award, and most deservedly so, for playing the heartless Nazi in Inglourious Basterds-- so many congrats to him! And thank God that douche James Cameron lost major awards for his big overblown Avatar film. I just wrote in my previous post about how destructive narcissists are, and James is one of those assholes to watch for. He's talented, but has an ego the size of Alaska! By the way, Jakey G. looked sooooo handsome! MAMA MIA!

How do ya like that stupid California lawmaker who was caught leaving a gay club with some other dude, and was arrested on a DUI?! WHAT A HYPOCRITE LOSER! He's married to a woman and has four kids, and has consistently voted against gay rights in our state! WELL WELL WELL! HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! I think the guy had to come out of the closet finally--the pressure was way too much I suppose, but whatever! I mean, look at him, he looks like a total FAG!

Jimmy Kimmel had a show Oscar night; it featured a very funny skit with Christoph Waltz that has to be seen:

Friday, March 05, 2010


NARCISSISM! Do you know a narcissist?! We've all run into them at one point or another, and some of us have even become friends or lovers with these people. Narcissists are very charming and gregarious at first, as they suck you into their deceitful world, but pretty soon you begin to feel like sh*t once you've hung around one of these energy vampires long enough. The narcissist only does what they want to do, thinks that only what they like is important, sees him/herself as being really hot (and some of them actually are), and does not ever truly care about your feelings. The unhealthy superiority complex these fools suffer from is serious, and if you are not aware of this personality disorder from the get-go, you're in for a lot of heartache and feeling miserable with one of these beings. They like to be around you to feel better about how great they are, they like to put you down, and generally destroy your self-esteem if you're not adept at seeing them for who they are. I am truly starting to believe that the person I was recently very much into, is in fact, a narcissist. It was always about HIM, and nothing but. ME, ME, and in the end, ME. The narcissist is selfish, arrogant, cold, detached, pretends to care (only to get what they want), and thinks hanging with highly influential or successful people is a must--they most likely have lots and lots of shallow Facebook friends. The narcissist doesn't believe in humility, empathy, feelings, true love, or tries to work with you to compromise; they find you annoying for even showing a moment of weakness or true sentiment. They will drop you without warning if they feel they can no longer use you. The narcissist is always right, attacks you out of the blue, praises him/herself way too often, and can go from being extremely nice to being a royal A-HOLE, in order to confuse and keep their victims in their web--giving the victim false hope that the narcissist does truly love or care about them somehow. Many professionals believe narcissists are hopelessly incurable, but I believe they can change if they recognize their disorder and truly work at it. More than likely, with the passage of time and severe aging, the narcissist finally will begin to see how much he has alienated most people from his/her life and how mortal and vulnerable they are, like everyone else. To learn so much this week about the narcissist has been overwhelmingly empowering to me! If I even want to have a friend like this, I must let go of having any true good expectations out of someone with this problem! LOL! The best thing though, is to rid yourself of these toxic people altogether, if you simply cannot deal with their f*cked up ways. A shout out to my Kentuckian bud for being so insightful into human personalities and their shortcomings!

All in all, I have to reiterate how much of a truly great and optimistic week I've had. I've gone out a lot, been to work relatively on time, and have not felt bogged down by depression or any other negative thoughts which sometimes plague me. Listen people, let me give you some HEALTHY constructive narcissism of my own, not that toxic sh*t I just discussed. I'm smart, tall, handsome, funny, witty, and can get a nice decent hot dude if I really want to. So what's the problem right? But in the end, I also have a truly good and noble heart, and although I suffer badly sometimes because of it, I think it's better than being a cold unfeeling jerk. A true f*cked up narcissist can't be happy can they? They must surely have low self-esteem and be depressed in the end about their condition, about how truly average and mediocre they are right? So many say though that narcissists are probably happy, because they think they're the sh*t. Regardless, I know now what to look out for, and it is highly unlikely one of these people will ever fool me again. YAY!

This woman explains it beautifully:

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Chile had a massive unreal extraordinary powerful megaquake as you all know by now. YIKES!

So I go to the karaoke bar last night, and had a very good time, except for the fact my jacket was taken! ARGH! I simply left the thing with my cool nerdy trendy glasses in the side pocket hanging on the back of this chair by the bar, and while distracted someone either drunkenly or maliciously stole it! I sure do hope it turns up in the lost and found at the bar or something, but I doubt it. Oh well. I did like that jacket a lot and my awesome glasses, but they are only material possessions and the terrific mood I am in today almost makes this loss worth it, since I have been so down lately. There is a certain charm and attention I seem to attract at the local watering holes here, thanks to people I have known for years that never stop going. It certainly is nice to be going out more often than I had been, because it gets me out of the daily job routine. I'm no drunk by any means, but a good drink or two is very satisfying.

The new imag
es from NASA of the Earth are magnificent. Almost doesn't look real to be honest, but there it is, this floating blue jewel of a place in the middle of nowhere. Look folks, in the grand scheme of things, we are so small, so tiny, so insignificant. What a magnificent and miraculous concept that we're even alive and animated on such a remarkable planet able to sustain life itself! THIS IS TRULY MIND-BOGGLING! All of our worries, concerns, trials, tribulations, joys, ups, downs, pleasures all happen on the Earth--nowhere else! It is our one and only home. We cannot live anywhere else! Sadly, we hardly ever take time to realize how truly amazing and spectacularly lucky we are to be in such a bountiful place. Humanity ruins, destroys, and is easily corrupted by greed and envy--the Earth as a consequence has suffered great damage due to our terribly selfish species. I just wish we knew better sometimes, but alas, we do not.

Have a great week everyone! The sun has started to shine again mood-wise for me. I love this song by The Shins--easily one of the most beautiful and haunting tunes I have ever heard: