Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear friends, it's the most exciting time of the year! My only regret is that it'll all be over too damn soon and Thanksgiving will be next. YUCK! But who cares, it's Halloween weekend baby! YEEHA! Even if I have to stay home and hang with a good bud just watching horror films, I love the holiday regardless, although this year I am lucky to have been invited to a party and perhaps may, JUST MAY finally go to Palm Springs. I'm not sure what to do with my silly self really. And I have very good news! I finally have my Halloween disguise picked out! It's so cheap and simple and it dawned on me at last whilst at work yesterday! I hope it's a hit and I win ten million dollars or something for this most original of ideas. Then I can retire from my job and dedicate my life and resources to helping the needy and poor in Malawi like Madonna is doing. LOL!

Okay, lemme just say how much I admire Madonna for being so charitable with those people, and all those who criticize her are assholes. The woman doesn't have to do shit for them, and yet she's adopted two of these orphans and is helping to build schools and provide basic infrastructure to these almost helpless folks. That's to be applauded and admired. So give her credit for once, as you can see in this article/clip.

They just aired an IHOP
commercial with those delicious-looking pancakes and waffles and MAMA MIA SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Tempting bastards. The Michael Jackson documentary is getting rave reviews, I may just ask my brother to go check it out with me since I fondly remember him and I loving Michael throughout most of the 80s when he really ruled the world with his enormous talent. I think my brother rented the Thriller videocassette which had the making of it included, some ten thousand gazillion times! So in honor of MJ and Halloween and all that this awesome time of year has to offer, here ya go, a must-see fascinating documentary my bro and I used to watch all the time:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I so gotta get to bed, but want to at least post some quick thoughts so I don't neglect you oh little blog:

--Watching Martha Stewart make Halloween arts and crafts is fun. I caught her special over the weekend and it's fascinating to witness her make all kinds of cool neat stuff that no person alive would bother with, unless they have a lot of time on their hands.

--Still no Halloween costume! Time is running out, but I will beat the clock! I'm so fascinated by Edgar Allan Poe lately by the way. I had always heard he was a brilliant writer, but only recently have I come to realize how awesome this dude really was. A sad tragic short life however, and he only received recognition after his death. How typical! Great morbid macabre short stories and beautiful poetry by this man. They got a play about him in town, which I just may go see.

--Sam Raimi, director of Spider-Man, did a nice job with the horror flick Drag Me To Hell, and although it is a bit cheesy and perhaps disparaging towards gypsies, the movie is pretty entertaining, albeit somewhat gross, but all in good cheesy fun. Justin Long is a hottie by the way.

--I've been trying t
o regain my optimism and joie de vivre lately, but I am struggling to not fall into depressive thoughts or a negative attitude. I am fortunate to be surrounded by lots of good friends/co-workers who are understanding and patient with me, but it is kind of a battle at times to motivate myself to even get out of bed in the morning.

--My aunt is visiting from El Salvador again! She's my mother's sister and it's always great to have her around because she is a terrific cook. She says that the new preside
nt Mauricio Funes is trying to make positive changes to the country and fighting the rampant gang/crime problem, but he's already received death threats! How sad. When a politician really wants to do good, his life is always in mortal danger, but here's hoping Funes' life is spared any harm.

--They say that U
2 concert at the Rose Bowl was one of rock's most historic moments ever, and I missed it of course! Some 96,000 people were there! Last-minute laziness, coupled with financial issues and whatever else prevented me from going to what was an unbelievable show! ARGH! They will be back in the area next June though, so there's still hope.

Okay, that's it for now. Going to bed.
Buenas noches.

Friday, October 23, 2009


A shout out to my best bud of 22 years, I believe his sister and her husband plus their daughter had just arrived in D.C. last night for a two-week vacation and as she was going into the hotel lobby-- her daughter and husband were hit by some drunk driver in their car! I believe there are some injuries, but last I heard they will be okay, so good news, but man what a scare and a REMINDER of how short our time here truly is, and how our lives can change in an instant. Good thoughts their way...

I feel my mood lifting up a notch as of late. The last few weeks, I've been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I think I'm coming out of my funk a bit so this is good news. My job still bores me to tears, but the workload has slowed down a bit recently, giving me a chance to catch up somewhat with some tasks I had put on the back burner. And I am very lucky to have a few good friends out there I can always count on to hang out with, or talk to, or go out with to do whatever, so in this part of my life I have been rather blessed lately. I've neglected going to karaoke, and I kind of miss it actually. I do love to sing I must say. It's been a while since I played The Beatles: Rock Band, so chop chop! Gotta get into it again! :) My beloved bud said he added more songs to the game or something so this is way cool. My very handsome BLACK co-worker has some Beatles tunes on his iPod, and he stopped me today to ask me what my favorite Beatles song of all time was. And I pretty much boiled it down to this one. He had a hard time locating it in his player, and I didn't think he had it, but he located it eventually and shouted out to me excitedly as I was leaving the office, "I found it!" Decades pass, and the music of these British fellows continues to rule the world. Astounding feat really.

I have three Béla Lugosi films on one DVD to watch this weekend as Halloween season heats up! WOOHOO! B
ELA LUGOSI MAN! ONE OF HORROR CINEMA'S ALL-TIME GREATS! DRACULA HIMSELF! I think the three movies are Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Black Cat, and The Raven. Boris Karloff is in these as well, or at least one of them. But anyway, getting back to that awesome Hungarian that once was, Mr. Béla Lugosi! So brilliantly played by Oscar-winning Martin Landau in this hilarious scene from Tim Burton's terrific movie, Ed Wood:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


That balloon hoax family needs to be deported to the moon or something, because they're f*cking retarded.

Holy cow! Lemme tells ya about this movie I watched this weekend! Did you guys hear about the horror flick, P2 some two years ago? It takes place in this parking lot in NYC, and this film was wicked intense! Very nice job and well done, although I have to warn ya that it does contain quite possibly perhaps the most disturbing graphic death scene I think I have ever witnessed in a movie! YIKES! I turned away in time, but still saw enough and EEEEEEEEEK!!! But don't let this deter you now! LOLOL! Really great suspense and stuff, but I know these types of movies are not everybody's cup of tea, so I won't force you, but you'll get to see my famous actor brother Wes Bentley in one of the two main roles! Wes is most famous for his role as Ricky, the teenager neighbor to Kevin Spacey's family in American Beauty who seduces Thora Birch's character and has that strange former military psycho father. He is remarkably similar to me in looks I think, and not too shabby an actor I must say. He's got dem big BIG expressive eyes like moi and he's quite handsome. Like moi. HA!

Saturday Night Live has been quite funny this season so far. I'm actually kind of impressed. The episodes hosted by Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, and Gerard Butler just this past Saturday have all been pretty hysterical. Or maybe I was just stoned watching? HA. I dunno, but good stuff. Gerard Butler of course, is that Scottish actor most famous for his role as the leader of those mighty hot in-shape very gay Spartans in 300. Butler is a hottie if I may say so myself, although how much of that brogue would I have to withstand before it drove me crazy, either from extreme lust or passion, or just plain annoyance is beyond me.

This is probably my favorite skit of the new SNL season so far, because it makes almost no sense and it's just so absolutely f*cking absurd:

Friday, October 16, 2009


I'll take all the advice and comments on this post I can get! PLEASE! Merci!

Does it pay in this life to be a jerk? An asshole? A bitch? Do nice guys always finish last? I'm starting to wonder about humans and their attraction to masochistic behavior, but is it me, or do really mean and manipulative people get what
they want and are more successful at it? I think so! When you don't really have a conscience, when you are selfish beyond acceptable standards, and able to detach yourself from emotionally really caring, do you not achieve more in this life, than when you're some feeling dramatic overly sensitive loser?! A fascinating issue to analyze really. Good girls always end up falling in love with asshole men, and it's those dudes that always get the tail. The better looking a person is, the more of a real bastard, especially when it comes to a guy. American culture is very faulty folks, this country rewards sociopaths in every which way. We are superficial and ridiculously vapid beyond belief. Look at all the reality shows that people watch. Good-looking banal empty-headed turds who get paid hefty amounts, like the amazing IQ-lowering f*cktards on The Hills. I mean, really now! However, you'll hear everyone say that karma eventually gets to these shallow people, and they eventually suffer the consequences of their behavior/actions. But is this true?! People do get away with murder folks. They really do. I need to know, so that maybe I can start shifting myself into asshole mode to get what/who I want. LOL! Time and time again, people will say, "Don't ever change!" Whatever. Maybe that's what I need to honestly do. I am quite good at being an ass mind you if I really put my mind to it and I just fortunately happen to be devastatingly handsome, so eat my shorts and drop dead. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway folks. There was more I had to say and share with you, but I've suddenly hit a bit of writer's block here. So I will end this post now I guess, or just keep rambling about whatever comes to my preciously tormented mind. Did you all see this hilarious clip that has become one of the biggest YouTube sensations in its short history? Yes, the adorable little kid who has just left the dentist and is still high off the laughing gas. Funny in itself, but here is this brilliant spoof:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lots of great comments from you people as of late. Thanks again!

Ya know, I was really trying hard to make it a nice joyous partying-type of weekend and while I did have lots of fun Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday came along. Yes, magical Sunday and I had a breakdown, because in trying to ignore my issues, they came back to haunt me and bite me in the arse, and I crashed. I stayed in my room most of the day, slept endless amounts, and felt physically and mentally exhausted. Just great! To add insult to injury, I began thinking about my job and my empty personal love life, and that just sent me into tears. Uh huh. Like some crying little elementary school kid, I balled and balled feeling miserable and terribly sorry for myself. What a joke! I tells ya man, I don't know what I have done in this life to deserve some of this depression I find myself in, but there it is. I really should go back to the gym and start working out like mad to exhaust myself and stop entertaining these thoughts. But I have no motivation of course. It's a real quandary, but I think if I am to have any chance of getting the hottie white boy I seek in this God-forsaken superficial town, Imma have to get into excellent shape. Or am i just deluding myself? I just love it when people say, "It's all up to you man." Mmmmm hmmmm. That suddenly makes it all f*cking easier don't it? Ugh. At least I found some energy/motivation to go out last night for a bit and take my mind off my own MIND. HA.

I don't know ho
w or why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, but whatever man. I mean, I guess it helps that diplomatic relations are a bit better with other countries than they were under f*cktard Bush in command, but still! The world still hates the United States, and will continue to until they see our economy tank for good and our empire/power diminish to laughable extremes. OH WAIT, this is already happening! LOLOLOL! And there's always these terrorist attacks overseas in Pakistan, and the situation in Afghanistan never seems to let up, and everything is one big ball of unadulterated and unmitigated joy! Ya see folks, money has had a profound effect on humans since it was created, and has made them very greedy and selfish, unkind and uncaring, and willing to kill others for it. That is quite abhorrent and abominable, but t'is why the wars, the low wages, the hunger, the poverty and many of our other social problems. Someone does not want to share. F*cking charming. Inequalities and injustice will forever then, exist. But you knew that already.

Cheer up cowboy, tomorrow is another day! YIPEE. I can't bloody f*cking wait. At least this current song makes me happy:

Friday, October 09, 2009


I went to Star Wars: In Concert Wednesday night, at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown L.A. It seemed like a silly thing to go to at first, and while I wasn't overly wowed or mesmerized (must be the current frustrated mood swings I'm recently experiencing), it was at times a very neat and beautiful show. There was a live symphonic orchestra there, and they played John Williams' majestic gorgeous music from the six major films flawlessly, while a humongous screen showed us iconic images from the blockbuster movies. Anthony Daniels was the host--he was the guy who played C3PO, and his delivery was sometimes kinda funny, and very British of course, but he looks like a very nice and clean cut man. The crowd loved it all, and gave about four standing ovations to everyone on stage--I think this was the highlight of the evening for me. Anyway, if you wanna see what it was like, take a look at this. Or this clip. I'm not sure if I'll be making the U2 concert later this month, due to some financial issues, but we'll see...

I mercifully have a three-day weekend, since it's Columbus Day this Monday! YAY! HOORAY! I've been hanging out a lot with my "Hungarian" buddy from Kansas, and he has been so gracious, kind, and hilarious the past few weeks, always welcoming me into his humble home to hang out and watch endless amounts of television or a walk or drive to any local silly place nearby for a meal or whatever. We even took a visit to this naughty place last week, and although he lives close to it, he'd never be
en there, so it was kind of a neat little adventure to go on and take a look at all kinds of sex toys and products! LOL! Even a recent visit to the West Hollywood Target was a hoot to be honest, and the men that live in the area are all so freakin' hot for the most part, and fun to flirt with! Of course, it's all in Hollywood, so what do you expect?! They're all tanned, perfect nice white teeth, gym bod wannabe actors and models I guess. YUM! On afternoons especially, not only do you see lots of tourists from all over, but you'll see these hot guys jogging or going to nearby Runyon Canyon to hike and possibly cruise for other boys. These dudes would NEVER give me the time of day, but they can be fun to look at sometimes.

Please please vote for my cute little puppy friend will you? Go here to this link and do so. Thank you!

I know I'm going to have a fantastic weekend. I know I am. Hope you do as well! Maybe I'll be going here Sunday night? I SURE WANT TO:

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Congratulations to the Brazilians! Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games! That is quite an achievement--South America has never hosted an event such as this, and it will bring with it lots of money, attention, and perhaps help clean up much of their massive poverty and crime. Brazilians are a very erotic and sexual people, and those men are to die for. I can't wait, and I'll see you there--time to brush up on my Portuguese baby!

I'm losing money every time I miss work now, because I've run out of time on the books. UGH! My next check should be less moola, but oh well. I am severely unmotivated now to even get up and haul myself over to the office. I'll still have a j
ob mind you due to psychiatric note protection and all, but whatever. UGH! I've reached my breaking point, and feel stuck, but you've read this sh*t all before. Oh, and more good financial news about California right here. Excellent article I must say on the sad collapse of my home state. And the demise of our fabulous dollar can be found here. Yes folks, our economy is not turning around anytime soon, it is tanking severely and will continue to, despite what you hear the bastards in office or "experts" tell you. They don't care about us, they just want our money, and if they can no longer milk us for the little we've been worth, they're just gonna let us starve to death. I hate to sound so cynical, but that's the way it looks to me, like those Third World countries some of our parents escaped to come here for! LOL!

The world famous Louvre, the huge art museum located in belle Paris is going to have a McDonald's?! ROFLMAO! What a way to piss off the French mate! Zut alors! C'est une grande merde!

My good co-worker/bud graciously invited me to lead sing with other band mates at his home in beautiful San Marino, CA on Sunday afternoon. It was a sort of recital for his guitar students, so I had to sing this Green Day song, and this one over and over again, but it was fun! The kids and parents we performed for were very nice, and San Marino is one nice affluent area I must say. So quiet and peaceful there, except when we were making all that racket with a full-on band! I got some pics to show you:

Friday, October 02, 2009


I owe so many of you blog visits/comments. I am so behind. Thanks for always stopping by regardless to visit me. I love you all...

Indonesia ha
d yet ANOTHER earthquake of tremendous magnitude and the tsunami generated hit the Samoan islands or something. I mean, WOW man! That is crazy. Mother nature never ceases to pulverize and show mankind who's boss correct? This only worries me more about the ground beneath Los Angeles frankly, and it's only a matter of short time that we'll get hit with some f*cking seismic activity here. UGH! I've yet to order my emergency supplies and stuff through, but I at least have them already picked out so alls I gotta do is click, but come on WAT, click already! I missed work twice this week, due to staying up too late, hanging out with buds, and trying to forget my responsibilities., which is so ridiculous because I know what I have to do in this life to survive and keep a steady paycheck, but to be behaving so adolescently in my mid-thirties here is beyond my own comprehension. I did get to meet this really cool fellow blogger though, who was in town Wednesday evening quicker than a bolt of lightning on a very brief stopover here in L.A. I'm so rebelling against my responsibilities, and although I know this is bad, I think I need serious psychiatric intervention or something to scare me into submission, but since I see life as being so short and irritating, and death is coming anyway, I keep throwing caution out la ventana.

Listen, I just happened to have hit my "Hungarian" buddy's place right as David Letterman hosted Madonna hump day night, and that was one cool episode man. Madonna is such a health-conscious nut, that she's never had New York City pizza by the slice?! OH MY GOD. And I just watched Letterman hilariously talk about the guy who was trying to extort him for 2 million bucks because of dirty sex scandals he knew between Letterman and some ladies who work on his staff. The way Letterman tells his story is very frank and quite funny at the same time: