Thursday, July 31, 2008


Y CYRUS! I found some cool earthquake footage on YouTube; the just experienced temblor we had here in Southern California on Tuesday!


Some dude during an interview:
This weather girl stayed cool and calm:
Another newscast in progress, with a silly interruption (not just from the quake):
Judge Judy was taping, and she said F*CK THIS:
A little more of Judge Judy and the reaction of the Big Brother cast:
Orange County meeting gets a scare:
I recently met this very attractive gay couple who have been together for quite some time, and one of the dudes is American, of Italian/Hispanic descent, the other gentleman is from the very sensual erotic country of Brazil! I always write about dying to go to Spain or France, but you can add Portugal or Brazil to that list as well. As a Latino, I can say sexuality is a very important part of our genetic make-up, but I'd dare say that Brazilians ooze it out even more so. They seem to be a very liberal and highly sexual culture. As a native speaker of Spanish and lots of French, I can understand some Portuguese here and there, but I still have a long way to go. It is quite an interesting and beautiful language, one that Brazilians are very protective and proud of. I mean, not only do they have the worldwide dominance of English to face, but even more dominant is Spanish, which surrounds them at every corner in South America. Sadly, Brazil has high poverty/crime/HIV rates, but it would be a fascinating amazing place to visit/discover someday. The men and women are simply beautiful; Afro-Portuguese mix. Of course, all I need is plenty of time and money to go there. DAMN.

The Olympic Games are about to begin next week. I'm kind of excited not just because of the competition itself, but the host country this time around is truly controversial! China of all places?! CHINA! Communist, overpopulated, polluted China!

This my friends, will be very very interesting.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm at work in Chatsworth, which is in the very Western part of this huge city of Los Angeles, and I gots ta tell ya, this quake we just had at about 11:45 a.m. local time felt pretty bad. All I could say over and over again as it was happening was the Spanish word for earthquake, terremoto. LOL! The further east you go towards the epicenter (like towards where I live or in Pasadena), I can only imagine how much worse it felt. My nerves went off a bit, but I'm okay now. Magnitude 5.4. Cell phones/landlines are jammed. Some of my cubicle toys fell off. Again, it felt very very strong here. This has been a bad shaker, but it seems like damage will be minimal.

We got lucky. This time.,0,6284507.story

Monday, July 28, 2008


Still can't get Radiohead tickets for their show in late August at the Hollywood Bowl! ARGH!

How was your weekend? I had a very very nice one thank you. I watched this movie with Fanny Ardant, who is probably my favorite French actress of all time! The movie's called Nathalie, about a woman who tests her husband's fidelity by hiring a stripper. The woman playing the stripper is a very sensual-looking actress named Emmanuelle Béart. I totally dug her look in the film! She's quite magnetic on screen; a very beautiful woman in my opinion. The film moved slow, but had my attention somehow. No, I still haven't yet seen The Dark Knight, but I will sometime this week, to finally see just what everyone else is raving about. This movie is making loads and loads of cash, enough to feed several Third World countries!

I think Obama is very charismatic, but I just don't worship or adore the man as others do so blindly it seems. Americans and the world entire love the man as if he were Jesus or something! His tour of Europe just recently was an enormous success; received/admired as they would a pop/rock star or something. It's Obamamania man! Hmmm. Something to perhaps consider although it may be far-fetched and ridiculous, but what if Obama is the Antichrist? We're not that far from 2012 are we? He has so many in his firm popular grip! The man can say or do no wrong! He speaks well, but does he really have the necessary plan/actions to help us out of the economic mess we find ourselves in? I dunno man. Something weird is a'brewin' here and I can't quite put my finger on it. We'll just have to wait and see...

Karaoke Monday tonight at my local bar. It should be very fun.

Friday, July 25, 2008


My brother is flying in from Georgia tonight! He kinda resembles this dude. Here's hoping he doesn't kill anyone (especially me) during his stay in Southern California.

Tension at the office yesterday on many levels. Two of the white women here have been throwi
ng attitude at each other for weeks now, and one of them has had it and confronted the other one and blah blah BLAH! F*CK! It all happened near my cubicle, but don't get me involved! Secondly, two fairly new employees here were asking my other bud about my sexual orientation. I told him to just tell 'em the truth, "Yes, he f*cks men." There. End of story. It would help if they just came and asked me to be quite honest. Whatever. People always wanting to know where one's genitals go. UGH. Lucky straights that don't have to come out right? Everyone assumes that everybody is naturally straight!

I dunno man. I often get the lame feeling that hetero people never really ACCEPT us, but merely tolerate us just to make things work. TOLERANCE. What a cheap shitty cop-out concept. My mother tolerates me, but does she really ACCEPT me? Not very likely. I hate that feeling. Yeah, most heteros who know I'm gay will still deal with me and shit, but I often get the horrible sense that they don't really get it, nor do they want to. I always feel like an outcast around them to be quite honest. May be just my issues/cynicism/bitterness talking, but that's how I feel. Yeah, that young sweet boy/girl couple out in public holding hands. UGH! IT MAKES ME CRINGE! Worse yet, when they're out pushing a baby carriage!
Ye freakin' breeders making more children to tax our precious resources only helping to bring about global warming at a faster rate! ARGH! I know, I know, I'm a bit heterophobic. I should at least acknowledge that it is due to straight people that gay people exist right? They made us! All of this is too ironic at times.

I'm gonna make sure I have a nice weekend regardless. Sir Paul McCartney played a concert to some 200,000 fans in Québec to cel
ebrate the city's 400th anniversary this past week! WOW! I missed it! Je suis très désolé! Grandpa apparently still has it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Estelle Getty, the small but terrific and feisty Emmy award-winning actress who played the immortal character of Sophia Petrillo on the hilarious TV comedy The Golden Girls, is dead after a lengthy Alzheimer's-type illness. A show I loved watching on Saturday nights during my teen years, Estelle will be missed, but looking at the comments from many on the Internet regarding her passing, she is universally and unconditionally adored. This my friends, is having lived an awesome life:

Monday, July 21, 2008


I had a nice birthday weekend.

It was almost soured however, by two Hispanic petty mean catty gay men I ran into. One of them said to me that I obviously did not work out because I’m skinny. “Nothing wrong with that,” he said, “but you’re skinnier than me.” His pecs were huge and looked bizarre against his much smaller frame. Another gay dude that is very dark due to his African-Brazilian mix, said he disliked Argentines because he found them racist and pompous. “They think they’re so special because they’re of European descent and they’re not very nice, I seem to have lots of problems with them!” I said, “Really? Argentines are very nice to me, I get along with them fine.” He replied, “That’s because you’re light! Look at yourself! They like you because you’re white like them. They’re racist!” The low self-esteemed dark young man then proceeded to tell me all about the recent college course he’d taken on Latin American history. He was trying to show off his recently-learned knowledge on a subject I’ve been reading about and studying for years and he was taken aback when I was able to talk to him about the Treaty of Tordesillas and the invasion of Spain by the Moors in 711 A.D. I don’t think he liked me much after that. He said he was impressed by my smarts, but didn’t much talk to me after the phony praise. I’m stupid to take envy from others so personally, but I’m sensitive like that; a dumbass astrological Cancer I suppose.

My mother and brother were nice to take me out to eat to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. It takes forever to get a table, but it’s worth the wait. The restaurant is beautiful and the food is delicious. And that cheesecake! OF COURSE! DAMN! SO GOOD! My buds and I went to see Hellboy 2: The Golden Army last night. It was so enjoyable and I’m sorry many more won’t be seeing it due to the enormous popularity of the Batman film. A crazy movie with terrific acting and stunning visuals! Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro is a genius! The new Spielberg/Lucas of our time! The action was non-stop! FOUR STARS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The critics are right! I liked the original, but this one was so much better, in my humble opinion. The film had such an interesting social commentary as well, on whether humans are worth saving due to our wicked destructive nature. Right up my alley!

You must see this on a big screen. I’m serious.

Friday, July 18, 2008


This is post #756! Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of this blog! WOW! FOUR YEARS AND COUNTING! I officially started this thing on July 19, 2004 and I have no idea where time went, but there you have it.

I want to thank each and every one of you who stops by to read and most especially those who take the time to comment on my silly rants! It means a lot to me that my words or thoughts put forth on cyberspace here are actually taken into consideration by other fellow readers/bloggers. Thank y
ou again. ¡Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! I've had writer's block from time to time, but there is always something interesting to discuss or talk about and I hope that you have learned something as I have from you on all kinds/sorts of topics. There is nothing that I won't expose or discuss, and I thank you for your open minds and apologize for anything I may have said at any point that may have offended or insulted any sensibilities out there. I mean, life is anything but boring right? There's always something to post about! As long as I continue to breathe and have decent health, I hope to be able to update this little blog as often as possible. Suggestions for topics/subjects to discuss are always welcome by the way! FER SURE DUDE! LIKE TOTALLY GIRL!

The goal of this blog has always been to entertain, educate, inform, and perhaps offer a glimpse into the madness that is WAT. And by the way, I have used hundreds of pictures from other sources, so I'd like to take
the time to give them credit for making my blog look nice and colorful. Aside from this being a big weekend with regards to WAT CENTRAL'S FOURTH ANNIVERSARY and festivities taking place around the world to celebrate such a big superstar event, it is also my 24th birthday tomorrow (give or take about a decade)!!! IRONY! Here's to many more years of this utter and completely pointless nonsense! Till death, nuclear terrorism, or 2012 due us part...

The reviews for The Dark Knight are phenomenal, and I almost cannot believe this movie is that good! Sounds like a bunch of hype to me, and they're talking of Heath Ledger's performance as if it were the Second Coming. I'm willing to bet the praise is due to Heathy being dead frankly. He can't be THAT good! But I will have to check it out to see if all these accolades are true or not, but I will wait till the crowds die down. The money this movie will generate is certain to be extraordinary.

I gotta say though, knowing Heath is dead makes me very sad at times.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well. I've been to four major concerts this year so far, and what should've been a really great show Monday night turned out to be barely decent! I still love Coldplay, but...

They strictly prohibited cameras/flash photography, yet tons of people still snuck in their devices in and snapped away! ARGH! I should've had my escort hide the camera up his ass or something, but we were stupid in being honest. I could've gotten some pretty cool shots, although most of the time I got to look at the group members and their backs/asses. Maybe not such a bad angle after all! Some pics of the event by our local newspaper here. Anyway, the massive black drape behind the stage obstructed my view of Will Champion (who is the drummer), for most of the show. This had me very bummed, as I thought the stage would not be blocked and open for all to see regardless. On top of having a somewhat blocked view of the stage and not having a camera, the show started at 9:30p.m. and ended just 90 minutes later! 90 MINUTES?! WAHAT?! With four studio albums, you mean to tell me there isn't enough material there to do a whole 2-hour show at least?! The Forum as a venue needs to be demolished. It's so old and worn down. You can see it in the walls for Christ's sake and it's not in a very nice part of town anyway. UGH! Out of four stars, the Coldplay show gets two and a half my friends. I'm sure those with amazing seats and awesome pics thought differently. The band played well, but so many things didn't go as I expected, so yes, I am bummed. Reviews of the show are here.

Sorry to have put some of you through the horror of that suicide clip in my last post, but I laughed out loud at your reactions to it; those of you who thought you could handle it but almost fainted like I did. I seriously did laugh hysterically, but fear not! The devastating mental image goes away in about one or two days. LOLOLOL! I did warn ye did I not? I know one must try to be as optimistic and positive a person, but this blog can sometimes be a bit depressing or too realistic perhaps for some to handle. Life just isn't always rosy folks.

But stay cool, smile, and enjoy
la vida it for all it's worth! Here's hoping our banking system doesn't collapse a la 1929!

Monday, July 14, 2008



This article from the United Kingdom is very well written. Juicy
details and some neat photos! Check it out if you're curious about Madonna's brother and his new tell-all book. You might not have to even buy it after reading this:

I watched a very disturbing clip on Saturday. It almost made me pass out quite
frankly, which is good news, for it means I am not desensitized to violence and still care. Budd Dwyer was some politician facing serious charges and prison time on corruption charges and decides to blow his brains out in front of a press conference! I'd never heard of this incident at all, which happened some 20 years ago already! It inspired this hit 90s song by the group Filter. Anyway... WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE! I REPEAT. EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE! DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO THE FINAL MOMENTS OF A MAN'S LIFE AND HEAVY CRANIAL BLEEDING! LOL! YOU'RE SUPER CURIOUS NOW AND YOU'RE GONNA WATCH IT ANYWAY AREN'T YOU? I WARNED YOU:


With that lovely footage, how about some Coldplay in honor of my concert tonight?

Friday, July 11, 2008


You might as well set yourself on fire if the United States or Israel decide to launch military action against Iran! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN! THIS JUST CANNOT BLOODY HAPPEN! It will make our dumbass invasion of Iraq look like a walk in the park!

-Gas'll be even more ridiculously expensive.

-The U.S. will be more hated than we are now; we'll be abhorred and loathed by the world.

-Israel could lose a major city, and my guess is Tel Aviv will be attacked relentlessly.

-Terrorism against the West will get worse.

-Worldwide consequences of this type of action would be dire.

So what if Iran is nuclear? Can they actually be that stupid to attack Israel without expecting an attack right back that would kill their own Iranian people as well? I just don't believe we should attack them first. It will make us look terrible and as the instigators! We're stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq as is! WE CANNOT AFFORD MORE WAR! WE JUST CANNOT! AMERICA IS NOT THE INVINCIBLE COCKY EMPIRE IT THINKS IT IS! If Bush and crew actually go ahead with something so preposterous, I can actually envision citizens storming the White House! Pray my little ones! I fear...

And last but not least, Madonna's drug addict washed-up brother Christopher is getting a lot of press for his new upcoming scathing book on his slutty mean egomaniac sister. I can't believe how ugly Chris is now! He used to be so cute! I feel guilty, but I'm dying to read the book now! LOL! Besides, Madonna can never suffer from negative press attention right? She built her career on it!;_ylt=A9j8eu65K3dIBhUABATQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBhNjRqazhxBHNlYwNzZWFyY2g-?p=christopher+ciccone&c=&ei=UTF-8&fr2=tab-web&fr=slv8-msgr&x=wrt

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


So I was messing around on MySpace and ran into their cheesy karaoke page! You can go on there and actually record yourself singing and have others rate and leave comments! I had to go and start with Beatles tunes right?

The 1967 classic "I Am the Walrus", butchered by yours truly:

And also from 1967, "A Day in the Life", which I think I sing a bit better:
Mind you, I'm trying to mimic John Lennon as best possible. Comments/feedback are welcome and expected.

Monday, July 07, 2008


A week from today, I'm going to go see Coldplay live! HOT DIGGITY DAMN!

My weekend was pretty nice. Had some really good Latino-style hot dogs made by my mom at my brother's place on the 4th of July. The History Channel kept showing their fascinating programs on the American Revolution, and the struggles faced by the brave men and women who not only put words to paper, but actually had to go out and fight in the battlefield to defeat the British. As it is often said these days, real leaders like those from the past just do not exist anymore. We went to a residential zone in Burbank nearest to this place so we could catch the fireworks show for free! My crazy airline stewardess cousin had just arrived to L.A. from working and showed up to my brother's place late Friday night. Lots of babbling and reminiscing about the family. Saturday, some more of the same, as we all went to El Torito for dinner. I love the food there. It's not authentic Mexican food at all, but it works for me damnit!

Did you guys hear of that humble Colombian woman and the other hostages freed last week from their guerrilla captives? What a remarkable story! Ingrid Betancourt was born in Colombia, a country she adores with all her heart, but has strong ties to France, where she spent lots of her childhood. Watching European television online last week was pretty facinating, because they devoted complete coverage to this harrowing story. She (once a senator/candidate for the presidency of her nation) and other hostages were in captivity by the Colombian FARC rebels for about six and half years! Can you bloody imagine that length of time being held hostage? How does one survive or not go insane?! Our remarkable and competent American media devoted very little attention to this story, and only mentioned how three Americans were finally released and back home in Texas or something. I was kind of upset at that; does a story of this magnitude only matter when Americans are involved? The French government had spent considerable effort in trying to get her liberated and her French children were ecstatic at their mother's release. Good news like this is rare to hear in our negative world, but it certainly was wonderful to have happen to this seemingly gentle and strong woman.

My beloved Loren Soth and I can't get enough of this silly show as of late. And the host is kinda cute too:

Friday, July 04, 2008


Fourth O' July weekend is here!

Breaking away from England was the best thing to ever happen to these United States! Yes siree! Oh wait. What language am I writing this post in? English! EEK! Um, well so much for getting away from the rule of those Anglos right? It's not like we need them anymore anyway! So we kept their language! BIG DEAL! Hmmm...the #1 album in the U.S. is by Coldplay, a British band! Shoot. This independence from Britain is not holding up very well. The greatest and most admired musical group of all time? The Beatles! And once again, they're English too! All the superb actors and actresses like Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Michael Caine, Ian McKellen, etc; they're all from the U.K! And highly regarded writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen; they're all bloody English too! The narrators and supreme scientists on nature/ecology shows are almost always British! The U.S. wanted nothing to do with the monarchy back in the 1770s, yet Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II are the subjects of endless fascination these days! What gives man?! We're not so independent after all! We still look up to the U.K. at all times! Take yer Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and James Bond and shove it up yer arse!

Of course, the British are just as dependent on us as well for cultural influences, so I'm just being silly and tongue-in-cheek in this discussion. I hope you all have a terrific Fourth and an awesome weekend. I will do my best to enjoy mine. Here's a video clip and patriotic theme song to one of my favorite current modern day cartoons:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I had a vivid dream while asleep. I saw Jesus of Nazareth wearing the crown of thorns in front of the multitudes and I was there on the sidelines trying to get them to crucify that evil crook Barabbas instead, but they would not listen! They just wouldn't! The thirst for sacrifice in their eyes was barbaric! "It's the biggest mistake of your lives," I kept shouting. "This man is innocent! He has come here to save you with a genuine message!" Alas, I woke up, but found my dream most interesting to say the least. Kinda glad I had it. Maybe it was a message from the Lord above? I have been doubting my faith lately...

You know, instead of writing a screenplay, it might just be easier to write a book. The screenplay format looks a bit too complex and doesn't allow you to delve into the minds and thoughts of the characters as much as a novel would. Let some other fool adapt my great masterpiece of a novel for the screen right? LOLOL! I'm such a big idealist dreamer at times ain't I?
Speaking of dreaming, I'm in Spain. Or France. Yeah. On a long, long, loooooooong vacation. Waking up at about 9a.m. next to that special someone. Going down to the restaurant of our luxurious hotel to have a four-star continental breakfast. Getting picked up by our limo and dropped off at The Louvre or El Prado. Enjoying the sights and sounds of these world-class museums. Having a delicious lunch at a local café or something. Taking a stroll and lots of pictures. Going back to the classy hotel for a nice afternoon nap. Watching some TV. Then off to four-course dinner! And then off to a good live show or dance club to party. Back to the hotel at about 2a.m. I suppose and some hardcore action! Sleep. Repeat the next day with different activities here and there. I've been watching live streaming TV from Spain and France a lot lately, thanks to this website with live steaming broadcasts from all over the world! Check it out if you can. It's pretty cool. Helps me brush up on my French skills especially. Takes me to Europe practically for free!

And here's the latest SPIN magazine online with Coldplay. Pretty cool.