Friday, May 29, 2009


Oh goody, another weekend is here!

Yeah, so the California Supreme Court this week decided to uphold Proposition 8 and keep gay marriages illegal, yet 18,000 homo couples that already wed before that ballot measure was passed will get to stay married?! That makes no sense really, but okay?! Thanks?! Our local celebrities were out in full force the other day protesting the court's odd/unfair decision. I think slowly, but surely, the dominoes will fall, and gay marriage will make it through as younger generations become of age to vote. It really is only a matter of short time before it all comes to pass and all this twisted hurtful discrimination is done and over with. Sadly, hatred against homosexuality is still very real, thanks to religion, family upbringing, and general ignorant views about its "immorality". I mean, let's face it, heterosexuals are some of the BIGGEST IMMORAL CORRUPT people around, yet no one ever seems to point it out, because it's just plain cool and acceptable to be attracted to the opposite sex. All that sexual debauchery/fornication at Lake Havasu and Spring Break in general is fine and dandy, because it's a bunch of hot young straight dudes and chicks in their prime! No Bible to pull out or passages to quote here, because these awesome straight peeps are living normal healthy lives and will someday get married and procreate! Because Lord knows, the human species is so worth continuing right?! We're just so fucking great at taking care of the environment and each other! GOOD JOB HUMANITY! F*CK OFF. LOLOLOL! I like this blogger's post on the subject. Worth taking a look at.

This week marks the 72nd anniversary of the completion of the world's most famous and beautiful bridge, the Golden Gate! YEEHA! I've posted about this magnificent structure before, and never cease to find it fascinating. If you have never been to/seen this wonder in person, it is one of those things to do before ya die, and ironically it IS the last thing many people jump off of before they DIE! AHAHAHAHA! It's gorgeous in pictures, but something else up close. It's pretty darn big I say, and breathtaking. I've walked on the bridge before, but only midway; I'll have to traverse the whole damn thing next time or something. It is beautiful during the day, and wondrously lit up at night too, if the freakin' fog clears up long enough. Hard to imagine that at one time there was no Golden Gate, for it seems like it's been there forever, a worldwide symbol of San Francisco. How did they ever even build something so monstrous?! TRULY AMAZING HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT. Sadly, people love committing suicide off this thing, and the fall into the cold cement-like icy shark-infested waters below is not pretty. EEK!

Nice to see Sonia Sotomayor nominated to the highest court in the land. A Puerto
Rican too! Cool deal. I'd love to visit Puerto Rico someday. They say it's beautiful there. And the men of course; a hearty gorgeous mix of African and Spanish blood and they got huge pingas! Puerto Rico has old OLD buildings. It was one of Spain's very first settlements when Columbus and the other killers came over in the late 1400s. They wiped out all the natives and thus began the importation of African slaves. Then Spain lost it in 1898, and it's been a U.S. territory ever since. Weird! Odd! Bizarre!

Over and out! Hasta pronto...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This shall be a short post I hope. I had a very very nice, relaxing, and entertaining Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you did too. It will now be ruined by having to go back to the job I love, but I will cope I suppose.

I saw tons of films this weekend! Star Trek was enjoyable! It had a nice musical score, arresting visuals, pulsating superb sound effects, and Chris Pine as Captain Kirk! CHRIS PINE BABY! I noticed/realized that Chris has had bad skin, and this made him so much sexier to me! YAY FOR IMPERFECT SKIN AND THE HANDSOMENESS THAT STILL GOES WITH IT! On DVD, I saw a great, truly GREAT original witty movie from Spain called Unconscious. And I saw the original Night at the Museum, and it was mediocre family entertainment I guess. And I saw the very long and emotionally depressing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I think many people would find this freakin' movie boring, but I was engrossed by its terrific visuals, and William Bradley Pitt is so good-looking at times in the film; I was sitting there watching it mouth agape, wondering how he can be so damn purty.

Well, some pics of me this past weekend! I want to thank my photographer very much. Wanna see? Here they are:

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey, I guess I'm not that poor because I have been going to concerts here and there once in a while and now I've scored No Doubt tickets for one of their shows here in late July! WOOHOO!

So my young co-worker/bud is like really majorly pissed at me this
week, because he says I keep putting him down making him look like a dumbass when I tell him to "shut up" in passing conversation, but I totally think this young man is taking it way out of proportion for he says some mighty insulting things at times too, and I certainly don't take them personally; I am used to hanging with people who talk royal smack left and right, people who can take a good joke and crap, but whatever, now I've offended him and I feel bad and shit, and yet I scold/advise this friend at work all the time for not getting laid (he's good-looking too), for being very solitary, for not exposing himself to the little joys of life, and for generally being an energy vampire. Know what that is?! An energy vampire is one of those people we all have in our lives who always feel victimized, who are always bitter/angry, who never solve their problems, blame others,and leave ya feeling depressed, exhausted, and guilty! THEY BITCH AND COMPLAIN AND MOAN AND DON'T DO ANYTHING TO LIGHTEN UP OR BETTER THEIR SITUATION! UGH! I know life sucks and makes me want to hang myself at times, but JESUS CHRIST, ¡SANTO DIOS DE LA INMACULADA CONCEPCIÓN! Heed my advice ye negative sensitive woe-is-me good people: find what makes ya happy! A flower, a picture, a TV show, a good lay, an iPod, a concert, a movie, a book, a good friend, etc. Enhance yer life with something! This is frankly as good as it gets. I wish I could offer you more, but this IS IT. I'm one big giant twisted dark bastard at times, but I at least can find some JOY IN LIVING!

Ever heard of this porn star from Spain named Nacho Vidal? WHOA! MA GOODNESS SUNSHINE! This dude is kind of hot actually, and has a huge, A HUGE SCHWANZ! If you are easily offended, or at work, do not, DO NOT go to this or to this link, but he truly is one aggressive heterosexual! And these women seem to really be enjoying him in some of those clips! LOLOL! I think Nacho has retired now, since he got married at all, and got accused at times of maybe being bisexual, but Nacho says that he is strictly hetero but very open-minded and aware of his legions of gay male fans; fittingly enough, Nacho also directs gay and transgender porn! And how in tha hell, does a silly band like Caninus even exist?! AHAHAHAHAH! Thanks to one of the idiots who works for Howard Stern, I have learned about this hardcore death metal band with two barking pitbull dogs as the lead singers! CANINUS! Here's a sample of their amazingly hilarious work!

It's Memorial Day weekend! YEEHA! I'm going to enjoy it, have fun, and forget all my problems! That's right dawg, and you betta do tha same! I leave ya with this incredibly stupid but FUNNY spoof:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Several observations in the past few days here. Bear with me:

I highly admire people who are able to make good money/ those who have a knack for turning a mound of shit into gold, and I'd honestly like to know the secret. Having a dead-end job just doesn't make one rich, let's face it! I wish I'd been born to Jews or something. LOLOL! That being said, people who have money/cash can be quite horrible human beings. Yeah, they got the hot bod, the nice fake tan, but the vapid self-centered arrogant spoiled attitude that they rule the world; a very pervasive theme here in Los Angeles, where so many young people work in the entertainment industry. Hollywood seems cool, but it has some really royally conceited jerks and bitches; this is quite disheartening, because if there's one thing I pride myself in is that I try to be humble. This of course, might also be because I am a working stiff and all, but it astounds me to run into people with money sometimes that behave worse than beasts in the animal kingdom! Money does not equal happiness, but it sure as hell makes life much more comfortable and smoother ya know? Oh well. Other than having a boring-as-hell job and a steady paycheck, I honestly wish I had the ability to attract more money into my life, not to become one of the Hollywood assholes, but to better my standing, enhance the lives of others, and live a less stressful life. Study after study has shown that having lots of money is not enough for happiness, one must share it with others and be generous, so YE CHEAP PEOPLE take note. And the karmic laws dictate that when one is generous, one can actually generate more cash in return than when one is stingy.

I need at least two weeks to a month off work for crying out loud; go somewhere cool on vacation, but I don't have enough time on the books due to always using it to be late or out of work because I love it so much there! UGH! So many of my fellow bloggers have such cool pictures of themselves on vacations, and I sit here and wonder WHY IS THAT NOT I?! WHY AM I NOT ON THE BEACHES OF IBIZA? WHY AM I NOT IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE? I SHOULD BE PHOTOGRAPHING MACHU PICCHU DAMNIT! Oh, all this good fun expensive travel will come in time I suppose, but I must say it often depresses me to not leave this city more often than I do. I know a good giant quake is coming soon, and before all of our lives are disrupted by THE BIG ONE, I wanna get out of here and see the world! If I could yank all those I love and move them somewhere else along with me or go seeing places, it would be such a dream! Alas, it all comes back to money again, in a certain way. While I am thankful I am not starving and have enough to survive (which is much more than most of the world which is dirt poor), I still feel like I'm lacking in penis size and I need to find ways to enhance/enlarge my member...JUST KIDDING! I wanted to see if you were actually reading this and paying attention!

A quiz will be coming shortly on this blog post, so take note! Okay, Green Day's new album is growing on me now. Yes, it is a worthy sequel/continuation to their last political/social CD. YAY FOR GREEN DAY AND THEIR THEMES OF ALIENATION AND FRUSTRATION! Ironically, these guys DO have lots of cash, to still be singing about such dejection, LOL:

Monday, May 18, 2009


I absolutely loved Green Day's last album, the masterful American Idiot, and so did many others, because it went on to sell 6 million actual CD copies in this country alone! That is an astonishing amount, considering we live in the digital download age! I sang its praises in this post from the past. Now I got my hands on their new release, 21st Century Breakdown, and although it's not hitting me immediately like their last effort, it definitely shows promise; look for it to certainly be the #1 album in America this week. Ya gotta hand it to a band like Green Day; they were supposed to be a 90s wannabe retarded punk cool fad, and in comes this decade and they manage to give us their best work yet. That is pretty freaking cool.

Oh, but do I hav
e the movies for you to watch! Sordid Lives feels like it was directed by John Waters or something; the cast of kooky white trash is to die for! LOLOLOL! Yeah yeah, this one is hoot and everyone in the film performs their role beautifully with some really funny insane lines. Even wilder, wackier, and funnier is the superbly engaging Boystown, which takes place in the world-famous Chueca neighborhood; the very trendy gay area of Madrid, Spain. This film is full of terrific performances, and it only made me realize once again how much I am dying to visit my ancestral homeland, España! Some of the gay dudes shown in this movie are so damn hot! WOW! In one of the scenes, I even noticed a bar's operating hours and it said it was open from 4p.m. till 5:30 in the morning! HOT DIGGITY DAMN! Spaniards love to party! Yeah, this flick also focuses a lot on how domineering most mothers and older women are in Hispanic culture, and now I see where my own mother has inherited this intense gene, HA!

This Madonna story of her "marriage" to the Brazilian boy toy has to be phony! IT HAS TO BE! And who cares what the RNC chairman thinks about gay marriage! SHUT UP! STFU
ALREADY! LIVE AND LET LIVE! Or is it Live and Let Die? The point being, life is too precious and short to impose yer outdated lame views on people! Spread the love baby!

Except for their barbaric cruelty to animals like they do with that shitty bullfighting, someday I shall visit this place I already love without having been:

P.S. I was near Downtown naked in the shower (hot, lol) when this nice sharp quake struck last night. EEK!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I had a dream this past week that my main MAIN giant hippo-assed supervisor at work found this blog and she left a sarcastic evil comment on one of my posts. EEK! GOD FORBID!

Is anyone going to watch the Farrah Fawcett documentary on NBC tonight? Yeah, it should be a real
fun treat to see how our once sexy 70s icon is now dying of freakin' cancer! UGH! HOW AWFULLY SAD AND DEPRESSING! God bless ya Farrah and the many out there suffering from this terrible cruel affliction. I myself plan to die of a massive heart attack during sexo caliente in the year 4056, upon which I will be leaving this dimension into a terrific garden and waterfall paradise inhabited by white boys that look like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans or Latinos such as Mario López and Eddie Cibrian. Yeah, in this new afterlife, there shall be no pain, no suffering, no road rage drivers, no defecation, no aging, no death, no bills, only eternal gym bods and six pack abs, and hot Roman-style orgies with no eternal damnation to hell to worry about like one does now! In my version of "heaven", cute puppy dogs will roam freely as well and do funny tricks and even be able to communicate, like that dog on Family Guy. Listen, I just wrote this paragraph completely sober by the way, so before you go around accusing me of smoking some weed, THINK AGAIN MISTER! LOLOL! It's my own little version of What Dreams May Come.

The truth is, I never buy clothes because I hate having to select them in the first place; it's an utter boring waste of time, but one must accentuate from time to time I suppose. I did get myself on over to Target this past week and picked up a couple
of new pants and stuff. Hey, who are you to judge me?! TARGET HAS A FIRST-RATE SELECTION OF WARDROBE FOR MEN OKAY?! I know I seen dem models on those runways in Paris and Milan wearing Mossimo or Wrangler at one time or another! There were quite a few nice-looking dudes too, the day I was there shopping; me and my wandering eyes, forever incorrigible. While it would be nice to shop at a more reputable store, I'm just not one of these gay dudes who cares too much about what I wear as much as most of these fashionistas. One can look rather nice and trendy without having to spend hundreds of dollars by mixing and matching pants and shirts one already owns and by purchasing occasionally here and there. I've gotten royally criticized and mocked at some of these bars by what I wear, but I figure these fags are all drunks trying to compete with and outdo each other, so I really don't give a f*ck! Besides, in the end, don't ya wanna see me out of my clothes anyway?! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Thank you, thank you very much.

Have a nice weekend y'all. I was thinking of leaving ya with the legendary Freddie Mercury and the superbness that was his band, QUEEN. Quite possibly the greatest voice in rock/pop music history in a silly crossdressing video to a wonderful magical song:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Some bitch ass slut stripper whore has told the tabloids about her threesome with our Olympic star swimming champion Michael Phelps! WHAT A TRAMP! WHAT A TRAITRESS! She does have juicy details about our geeky hot stud though! LOLOL! Thanks for sharing you puta! I guess this means Mikey is hetero! DAMN! Wait! Not all hope is lost! He may like boys too ya know! Being bisexual is much more common in this world than most people want to admit or realize! No one is really straight or gay anyway! We all have shades and varying degrees of attraction to many types of people of either gender! I happen to really like men more in this life however. Just wanna hop onto Michael Phelps and tear off that swimming Speedo and...E GAWDZ MAN! BLANCHE PLEASE!!! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!! The boy's a big dork, but he's so hot. RED HOT. He just can't keep those women off him.

Boy George was in jail for abusing some gay escort he hired, but has now left prison for good behavior. THANK GOD! We cannot have our 80s icon in jail like this, although I wonder if George didn't enjoy his time in prison, KNOW WHAT I MEAN?! HAHA. My very own mother used to like Boy George. She said he has a beautiful voice, and used to love his style. Let's face it, Culture Club was pretty big during their heyday, and all the girls back then wanted to look and dress up like him. I always found Boy George to be quite odd myself, and had never seen someone like him, even though David Bowie was gender-bending a good decade before. Anyway, I'm glad George is back into free British society! Here's hoping he keeps his naughty kinky sexual depravities a little more private okay? He had a nasty heroin habit at one time too the poor lad.

I've got so many personal issues right now, but I care not to discuss nor wallow in them. F*ck it! F*ck it all to BLOODY HELL! All I know is I feel an anger seething within me sometimes where I just wanna grab someone and crack their neck. I'm a frustrated God damned forsaken asshole with lots of unresolved issues, inner bitterness, unaccomplished goals and dreams. I blame myself, and only myself really. God I HATE BEING ME SOMETIMES! LOL! I will go to therapy soon. I promise. Pray for me. I must stop procrastinating my life. It's terrible. Simply terrible...

Let's end it on a happy beautiful music note! A little Latin flava for ya in this terrific Boy George tune:

Monday, May 11, 2009


I felt strangely exhausted on Thursday, because I was coming down with a stomach flu or food poisoning of sorts. I was feverish and had the runs Thursday night. UGH. I barely made it to work on Friday, but was miserable most of the day as well. Thankfully, I slept most of it off big time, and felt better on Saturday, enough to take mi madre to The Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks. As always, the food is delicious here. And so are the hetero white men; lucky bitches that get to hold their hands. I really resent being gay; I feel lonely in the big giant sea of straight people at times.

Did not go see Star Trek this weekend. I wanted to avoid the crowds. Chris Pine is so handsome. I did watch Pride and Prejudice on DVD. What a bore! Keira Knightley though is fun to watch as always. Even better was Copying Beethoven starring Ed Harris as the brutish mad deaf magnificent composer. I like Mozart a lot, but realize I adore Beethoven's music much more. He wrote so beautifully really. I can only imagine what he sounds like high. I'll have to find out soon enough with my iPod. LOLOL!

I'm keeping this entry short. I have lots to say I suppose but whatever. Have a great week! I'm wondering if I should cut my entries down from three to two a week, since my ratings have gone down. Our blog here is just not as popular, and is suffering from less comments and readers as of late.

He could be such a mean bastard, but he was deaf and bitter. Yet, what genius:

Friday, May 08, 2009


I'm so tired. So very tired, and this hot windy muggy bizarre weather we've been having here is not helping matters. There's a bad fire in Santa Barbara a bit up north. Beautiful little town too, going back to California's Spanish days.

I notice that comedy shows on television now like The Office and 30 Rock, are totally devoid of live studio audiences, and that the traditional classic sitcom method of filming is a dying art form. This kind of sucks, because I grew up with the sitcom, and even went to several live tapings back when I was a teenager! YEAH MAN! I went to see The Golden Girls and Empty Nest a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... While the live studio audience way is arduous and it can take a good two to three hours to film a show to get it right, (sometimes requiring us to laugh again at the same joke over and over), the finished product is always pretty darn good. Remember classic shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers, and Roseanne? Sure you do, and all of them are memorable not just for their superb writing and acting, but it was thanks to being filmed before those studio audiences that those shows had that extra live Broadway/theater-like quality! The pioneer in this field was the immortal I Love Lucy show, and many times a joke was made funnier when hearing the roar of a studio audience's laughter on many of the shows that followed this format. There are still a few traditional sitcoms here and there I believe, but no standouts as it once was...They don't even write cool theme songs anymore, like they once did!

The legalization of marijuana is coming! IT IS COMING! WHAT TOOK IT SO DAMN LONG?! LOLOL! This means that California is well on its way to legally taxing a very important major resource of revenue and that we will all be able to light up and have a merry gay ole' time! I'm way overdue for my card, but am too cheap as of yet to pay the average $130 price to go to legit pot dealers for a good year. Wonder how it will be once Mary Jane is truly legal! You'll be able to go to the corner 7-Eleven I suppose? How weird will that be?! I mean really, I do know of many ridiculous potheads who overdo the herb and LIVE their entire waking hours baking on that stuff which I do not condone, but for such a light recreational rare user like mysef, this is wonderful! Of course, our retarded once-bodybuilder Hollywood star governor is pushing for this, because the state is severely broke! We'll see how it all pans/works out, but all of this is pretty freakin' fascinating.

It's the weekend! Here's to the classic sitcom that started it all! It just would not be the same without that live studio audience:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Because acne cruelly attacked me in my teens and still flares up on occasion even now, my poor face has been left scarred by all those years of nasty zits and crap. UGH! I hate it. Frankly, most people tell me it doesn't really look that bad, but I still find it unsightly and annoying. My goal is to get better-looking with age, and this has certainly happened and I think I have the incredible potential of improving even further! THAT'S RIGHT! So, sometime very soon I am willing to shell out a good chunk of cash to get a good chemical peel or even laser resurfacing! Why not right?! A good investment to just plain look and feel good about oneself is not a crime. And doggone it, I'm in Hollywood here! I just wanna look like a movie star okay? AHAHAHAH! I have but one shell in this lifetime! Might as well make it look as best possible. Darn it, takes work though to look good. And money! If anyone knows of a good topical skin product that would maybe be cheaper than going to the clinic, let me know!

Have any of you ever heard of Michael Savage? He's this really annoying obnoxious radio talk-show host that loves to scream on the air and gets angry over almost everything! He's quite hateful and horrible, but I used to like listening to him quite a bit because I used to laugh out loud at his stupid ass rants and temper tantrums! IT CERTAINLY WASN'T BORING WITH THIS GUY! He hates gays, liberals, illegals, and anyone else he can verbally destroy and now comes the news that Britain has banned Michael from even setting foot on their territory! WOW! I mean, Michael is quite an asshole creep mind you, but to ban him from the U.K?! That's kind of retarded! Free speech man! They have lots of immigrants without their proper paperwork there so why this drastic move? Odd really. The fascinating audio report on this as Michael goes off is here. Oh yeah, it's the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who has issued this ban against him. I wonder what Howard Stern would think of this. LOL!

Many thanks to my good bud Truman for giving me all this cool Pet Shop Boys music as of late. Love it! Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe; that awesome English gay duo with those catchy electronica beats! A cool must-see medley of their hits:

Monday, May 04, 2009


I had a nice weekend. How was yours? My last post got lots of attention! I love a good blockbuster blog entry! Thank YOU! Now on to some of your blogs, 'cause I'm behind again!

I was in West Hollywood on Friday night with my good bud Max Powers. It's the world-famous gayest area of Los Angeles as many of you already know. I rarely go there, and it was neat to see how much of it has been transformed! New stores, shops, and clubs within that little strip on Santa Monica Blvd. Looks very nice. You would barely even know that we're in economic tough times going there. The hot muscled attitute-ridden boys were out, barely giving mere mortals like me the time of day, but I ran into lots of old friends and some new ones as well. It was FUN! YEAH! I HAD FUN, enjoying the massive circus! And I wasn't even drunk like many of them, on cocaine, crystal meth, or ecstasy! Heck, I wasn't even on pot either! IMAGINE THAT! I have to remind myself often of how good it can all be, even when completely sober.

I know Bono gets all the attention for being the good-looking spiritual political save-the-world ambassador amazing lead singer of U2, but does anyone ever notice the drummer for that band, the very handsome Larry Mullen? I guess Larry's just content being quiet, but he is so hot, even now that he's in his late 40s. Larry Mullen Jr. Cute! Sexy I suppose. Agree? Or it is just my weird taste? A fine drummer too, to compliment the band's unique sound given to us by The Edge and that unmistakable guitar. By the way, did I mention I'm loving U2's latest album? Yes, I think I have. Larry Mullen! LARRY! So very Irish, and here's hoping I get ta see ya on stage later this year banging those drums at the Rose Bowl!

This Allison Iraheta girl on American Idol has had an extraordinary run, and is one of the last 4 remainin
g talents. I really hope this young sassy thing goes all the way, because not only do I think Allison is good, but also because she has roots based in El Salvador, that small Central American nation that has become a real cesspool of poverty and crime in the last few years, no thanks to a bloody civil war throughout most of the 1980's which messed up the beautiful place. Because of all the negative press the country receives, I am so very proud of this young woman going so far here as an American-born kid like myself. This is truly special, and I am rooting for her all the way, not just because she is one of my very own, but because we need awesome people like Allison to finally give El Salvador a good name! The place is like a modern-day Sicily, run by a mafia of really scary thugs! EEK! Go Allison! Sing girl! SING TO THE TOP! Our women are not just housekeepers like Rosario on Will & Grace, although that shit was actually funny as seen in this clip! 17 year-old Allison! I mean, so young! So very young...

Check out my very very short slideshow starring a bit of me and my special puppy friend Patrick spending time yesterday Sunday afternoon:

Friday, May 01, 2009


It's Friday you incorrigible barbarians! WOOHOO! And May already! ¡Increíble!

I don't know what tha hell to even talk about. Thanks again to all who visit and most especially to those who comment! Oh, I know what to discuss; my good friends/co-workers and I were just talking about this earlier! SEX! YEAH! Everyone always loves talking about it, but how many actually do IT right?! LOLOL! Well, here's the deal.
As a male, the biological need to have sex is truly great. This of course, is due to nature/species survival instincts and the way we were designed. We're super horny disgusting animals in all honesty, and women know this fully well. When we're teenagers, we discover masturbation, and it becomes a real necessity and part of life to release one's energy ya know? YES, THE SPOOGE MUST COME OUT OR ELSE I SHALL DIE! I have noticed though that as I have gotten older, this need to ejaculate is not so great anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love rolling my eyes into the back of my head and feeling my toes curl with the BIG O, but it's not so much a priority anymore as it is to enjoy a nice hot time with someone and actually help get THEM off. Make sense? Sometimes I feel as though too many men are still obsessed with a quickie, they only wanna cum and could care less about having an amazing sexual experience with someone that transcends time and space. WHOA! AHAHAHAHAH! Besides, if I wanna just let my seed spill, I can do it myself in less than two minutes. Now that you know the extent of my passion and how much fun I love to have in bed, feel free to email me! HEEHEE! Saving it (and not for 40 days of Lent either), is actually kind of hot and worth it. Know what I mean Earl?

This Hugh Jackman is so handsome. And so charming! I dunno man, he's married and all with two adopted kids I believe, but I wonder. TRULY WONDER. But then again, gay rumours have been swirling around our superstar for quite some time. Oh whatever. I like him. He looks good on camera and is very charming; he was on Howard Stern yesterday. I think of Hugh not in a nasty sexual way, but as in someone worth marrying. The guy is a total catch. He can sing and dance too; been on Broadway and he hosted a really cool Oscars show back in February. And there's something so sexy about that Aussie accent ya know? Yeah, Australia is really fascinating. And so f**king far. MY GOD. How long is that flight? 16 hours?! UGH! AND Y'ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE FLYING! Imma have to really get stoned the day I visit Oz. Oh yeah, you read that right suckas. Despite my strange travel anxieties, I will visit Australia some day. The men there are to bloody die for and I cannot pass up the opportunity to meet some of them! And I hear that Sydney and Melbourne and crap are beautiful and clean and friendly and loaded with hot homos and there's funny little aminals everywhere and come to think of it, my father used to dream about going to Australia all the freakin' time when he was alive, but never got the chance. Aw. My dear old dysfunctional Dad. I miss that fool sometimes, even though he could be such a jerk.

Well! So much for having writer's block earlier! I found my muse, and it is the fact that the weekend is here. So long and have a good one!

I leave you with something truly hilarious. Well, at least to me it is. Thanks to C.Z. for the heads up. Madonna and her daughter Lourdes! PRICELESS: