Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A happy Wednesday to ya! Or just try and fake smile like I do.

I was born and raised here in Los Angeles (WILL I EVER LEAVE THIS CESSPOOL GOD), and while it is a pretty cool big city, it gets on mee last nerve from time to time. Besides the horrible traffic an
d smog, we have some real assholes and beatches here! Looks are everything in this city, especially in the gay community! You have to dress nice, work out regularly, and tan! These are all things I just don't do! I mean, I'm already naturally devastatingly handsome thanks to my amazing genes (stop laughing) but I most certainly do not keep up with fashion, nor am I working out regularly, THE WAY I SHOULD BE AND STARTED DOING SO WELL BACK IN MARCH YOU LAZY HEATHEN! And I certainly don't tan! I mean, I hate the sun! HATE IT! It's nice to have our nearest brightest star to help our plants grow and shit, but I mean, having to be out in it all freakin' day drives me nuts! Not having perfect skin makes me very self-conscious out there! No sir, I don't like it! I know, I know, I'm such a weirdo, but it's how I roll okay? I look better at night anyway. LOLOL! Under dim lights, or out cruising the streets whilst driving in my car. Maybe this is why I'm such a night owl! I just look better in the dark! It's true! While at the Renaissance Faire on Saturday, I was irked at these dudes that looked amazing out in the sun, with perfect skin and tans! ARGH! Here I was, some pasty white skinny spic taking pictures! BOOHOO! I guess I can change this right, and look better if I really wanted to, but at least I hope I'll avoid skin cancer as I stay as white as paper.

Anyway, no one cares about my whining, and I can write all day long till the pigs give us t
he flu...OH WAIT, THAT HAS HAPPENED! Listen, I saw these two really good films, so lemme give ya the quick WAT movie reviews. This Kate Winslet is such a whore! She loves being naked on camera, and The Reader is no exception. Good film, but so heartbreaking! Excellent acting all-around! The first half is almost purely pornographic! Made even a gay slut like me blush! I love Kate though. LOVE THAT PUTA. And the second movie to recommend is Torremolinos 73, an absolutely wild wacky hardcore sexathon movie from España with lots of Scandanavian actors in the mix! OH MY GOODNESS! HILARIOUS AT TIMES! These Spaniards and Europeans in general are so open-minded, so free, so unafraid to explore it all in their movies, which is why I love foreign films so.

Okay, gotta run. Another exciting riveting fun-filled day at work awaits! YIPEE!

The Beatles. I know, you're sick of me mentioning them, but I can't help it if they altered the course of history, if they are the greatest thing to ever happen to popular modern music! Lovely to see the boys back from a long holiday as they were about to go into the recording studio to give us the masterful Sgt. Pepper album. 1967... so very very long ago:

Monday, April 27, 2009


Despite the fact she lived a pretty long awesome life, I'm still sad to hear of the passing of Bea Arthur. She was apparently battling cancer. She was 86 years old. That's two Golden Girls now gone. Maude was a little bit before my time, but I most certainly grew up watching The Golden Girls, and it was a great show that taught me a lot about life as I entered my adolescence. I'll never forget Bea's immortal character of Dorothy Zbornak, the smart forceful angry manly divorced gal from Brooklyn dealing with her smart ass mother from Sicily and her two roommates in Miami. With tons of Broadway theater credits, and other fine performances on film, Bea will most certainly be remembered for her amazing TV roles, which will keep her alive for generations to come. Thank you Bea, and God bless ya. You were a true gift to comedy.

Pig/swine flu?! Is the media blowing this all out of proportion?! Or is this really something to worry about? Mexico City is one oddball place now, as hundreds walk around with masks and many public events have been canceled. Cases have been reported in the United States, and possibly other countries . I dunno man, here comes the cynic within me talking again and I'm wondering if this isn't some engineered disease to kill off people or scare them into submission/control. We shall wait and see. Quite alarming though, regardless of what's going on here.

I went to the
Renaissance Pleasure Faire on Saturday! Bunch of zany white people in costume celebrating the glorious non-bathing past of Europe! The weather was lovely, and I got the pictures to prove it! If you care to view my slideshow, click on this link:

Man, it was a funny show for reals. To Bea Arthur, 1922-2009:

Friday, April 24, 2009


Where is everybody this week?! Job gotcha busy? Bills piling up? Traveling 'round the world? Family issues? I hope you do not ignore or miss my last post. I wrote it just for you. YEAH! YOU MY DARLING! Not enough comments from ye lately to satiate my thirst for attention!

I finally paid off that awful credit card bill. Geez, ya miss one or two payments and those finance charges add up. Bunch of crooks. Thieves! CRIMINALS! I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! No, really, I do hate them. Lemme tells ya man, I'm not dirt poor, but I'm certainly just another working stiff who struggles like most people in this country. And the bills just never stop. Once I feel good that everything has been seemingly been paid off, a new month arrives to shatter that illusion. It's a sick twisted vicious cycle, and frankly it's very sad. So as to not be homeless and to have just a few little comforts here and there, I have no choice but to play this stupid game. I'm not trying to be a victim here mind you, but it makes me very depressed sometimes to know this reality of living. Life takes money! And the one and only credit card I have ever owned can kiss my butt and die! Yeah, I'm never using it again for as long as I can help it! I've had it with them. So my balance is now a big fat ZERO and I am planning to keep it that way! It'll only be my debit card from now on, which means I'll only spend the money I truly have. This is something most Americans had not done before, which is why so many have terrible credit card debt, but I totally understand how one can fall into this trap. BLOODY ASSHOLES THESE BIG CORPORATIONS! No wonder our economy is in such turmoil.

I was doing that Google Maps street view function the other day online, and it is quite impressive to be able to see the Eiffel Tower in such a stunning realistic 360-degree virtual way! THAT IS REALLY REALLY NEAT MAN! It saves me money on traveling I guess, but it only makes me want to go to these places even more. I also looked up the world famous El Prado art museum in Madrid, and it was so beautiful! Oh Spain! I cannot die without stepping on actual Spanish soil someday; land where some of my tainted blood comes from! HEE! All I need is time and most importantly, dinero. WELL DUH! I can't charge it to any credit card though, HAHAHAHAA! I really have to renew my passport sometime in the near future, but let's face it, I have so much domestic travel to accomplish as well. I've never seen New York City, Chicago, Miami, or seen the beauty that is Kansas. LOLOLOL! So many men awaiting my arrival across this great land, across this awesome planet! I'm cumming boys! Ya know, I often dream big, and that's okay. At least it's free man. Oh well. The weather in L.A. is generally pretty good and we got neat places here, but the people here can be quite rude, stuck-up, and just not very nice. Am I wrong to assume people are friendlier in other cities/places? I want to find out for myself, by traveling! I hate planes though. UGH! They're crowded, cramped, and they fly! EEK!

I wish this Beyoncé woman would disappear! Not only is she a mediocre pop star, but she's not that good an actress to be honest. She's been promoted/marketed very efficiently by her daddy I believe, but I find her a bit annoying. Like Diana Ross who left the two other Supremes in the dust, Beyoncé has also overshadowed her two former group mates from Destiny's Child. Howard Stern even played a clip of her singing live, and she just plain sounds horrible without studio magic! SHUT UP SASHA FIERCE! According to this scathing article sent to me by my good friend, bitch is a thief too! And now she's in this super retarded Obsessed movie; the billboards for it bombard me everywhere I drive in this city! We've seen this kind of movie before! Remember Swimfan?! Starring that hottie Jessie Bradford! THAT WAS QUALITY! LOLOL!

Or better yet, I give you the best movie of its kind ever made! I used to watch this movie a lot; wore out my videotape copy almost! A bit of a retarded ending, but still effective:

Wishing ye a great weekend, despite your bills.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My two favourite Britney concert moments! The grand entrance of the Brit here. And the very cool Freakshow/Get Naked set.

A mini heat wave here in L.A. these past two days or so. Makes for some dreadful afternoons, but I love the nightlife, I like to boogie! Yeah, nights become nice and cool and full of sexual lasciviousness, and people just wanna go out more, which was the case at the karaoke bar Monday night. The cro
wds had been pitifully small the last few weeks that it has been moved to its new home, but on Monday it was pretty packed dude! Everyone came out, and it was good to see some old friends from the past; had some catching up to do. I could only sing two songs though, because the rotation was so long. Yeah, and this bar attracts some oddball people: trannies, candidates fit for the nursing home, and some lesbos here and there. Two in particular kept leaving their bar stools with their drinks in hand and coming back to them telling us they were claimed, until I'd finally had it after two times of this petty shit, and asked politely but firmly, "Can we take these or are they still YOURS?!" I don't believe in hitting anybody, but I will sock one of these butch bitch dykes if I'm ever attacked physically. I prefer my lesbos to be lipsticky anyway, just like I like mis hombres to be macho. Ya know?

Two hard movies to sit through for very different reasons, but still worth seeing! Does that make sense?!
The Bucket List is well-acted, and I guess that's to be expected with acting powerhouses Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the main roles, but this is one heavy sad depressing movie! UGH! Still, it has some funny witty moments, and is quite touching really, but you all must obviously know that its central theme is death. Yes, that wonderful moment where the lights go out on all of us for good. PHOOEY! I don't know why I even cling onto life this way sometimes, because so much of this dimension is frustrating, but it's the inner human instinct to want to live/survive and never give up that keeps me and most of us going. Weird how that works. The other film review I have for y'all is Atonement. My God Beavis! This film is quite a snoozefest at times in the way it is paced, but the last 20 minutes or so are very satisfying and bring the film to a tremendously interesting conclusion! How they did this I know not, but I ended up liking the bloody picture and putting all the earlier boring puzzles nicely together! Keira Knightley is sexy classy gorgeous and quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses, and James McAvoy is one of those under appreciated, but consistent actors, and pretty easy on the eyes too I believe.

A fine article here on that now overexposed never-been-kissed cat lady with the nice voice who will sell millions of albums now.

McCartney played Coachella Friday night, and they said he was quite good and gave them a two-hour and change show! SEE BRITNEY AND COLDPLAY?! LOLOL! My beloved is excited because The Beatles: Rock Band game is due in Septem
ber, and it looks pretty freakin' cool so far, if the previews and huge hype/anticipation are to be believed. Footage here of Sir Paul playing the festival and giving the crowd a preview of the upcoming video game phenomenon.

Speaking of Sir Paul McCartney, I can't help but be slightly addicted to some of these 70 or so video clips made by this genius person on YouTube that claim our current Paul is FAUL, the replacement phony Paul McCartney put in to make up for the original killed-in-a-car-crash Paul in 1966. If you don't know what I am talking about, I've mentioned it before, but some of this interesting fascinating ridiculous exaggerated urban legend is explained here. Clips like this give me the chills; quite creepy, effectively produced/edited in my opinion, as if I'm watching something David Lynch directed. MASTERFULLY MESMERIZING AND A MUST-SEE:

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, I had a cool decent view yet again at the venue. YEEHA! Damn this new generation of artists. Why do they insist on only doing 90 minute shows?! Coldplay did the same thing, even with plenty of material! Old timers like McCartney, Elton, and Madonna gave me two hours or more! YEESH! Come on! Britney missed some really good tracks she could have done too! Oh well, I had lots of fun anyway. Without further ado, watch this slideshow and the witty headlines brought to you by yours truly:

Friday, April 17, 2009


At about 3:30a.m. early Thursday morning, I was insanely checking out Ticketmaster for possible seats to one of four Britney shows here in the L.A./Anaheim area this weekend and I think I lucked out! I wasn't willing to pay $150 bucks or more to be that close to our white trash pop star, so I found two decent seats at the Honda Center in Anaheim for dirt cheap practically! I was at the Honda Center twice last year, and it really is a great venue, big yet compact enough to enjoy a concert from anywhere, even from the upper terrace area. Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles is much closer to my home, but last night and tonight's shows fell on school nights, and I'd much rather deal with traffic and all that crap on my lazy day Sunday! SO YEAH! I'm going to see BRITNAY this Sunday! LOLOLOL! Am I not the biggest loser?! Must I renounce my music lover's card now for even going to see such vapidness live? OH I DON'T GIVE A F*CK! I love her last two albums, and I'm gonna have fun! SO THERE! Rumor has it Britney is now having an affair with this dancer on her tour. OOOO LA LA!

Speaking of chocolate-covered autistic gay male stripper clowns wearing penny loafers while stuck in heavy traffic on the 405, you all know who John Mayer is right? He's that singer/songwriter who was recently dating Jennifer Aniston; she seems as boring as waiting for white out to dry on paper. Well, last I read or whatever, John and Jen broke up, due to John's heavy partying and manwhoring ways. John is really cute in my book, except when he lets his hair grow hippie long. The point of me carrying on about Mayer is that it is becoming increasingly apparent that he not only likes sex with girls, but he probably has a real keen interest in boys as well! Now that's totally cool with me of course! YEEHA I SAY! It is 2009 after all right? Mayer is way too gay friendly, makes constant homo jokes about himself, and has even been photographed holding hands with dudes! UM...OKAY THEN JOHN! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE PAPI?! Cum clean will ya? Is Jen really a bore, or is she just sick of you not being able to keep your big paynis in yer pants for both genders? ¡Este rumor me está volviendo loco! HOOHOOHAHA!

This past Tuesday, a special event in Hollywood: the late George Harrison got his own solo star on the Walk of Fame! Yeah man, George was not only great as a Beatle, but he also put out lots of good music on his own so it's only right to honor this legend! His widow Olivia and son Dhani attended. Olivia is like the coolest Beatle wife alive man. I love her. She's of Mexican background you know! And Dhani is a carbon copy of his father in the looks department. It's almost eerie. And Tom Petty and Tom Hanks, and Eric Idle showed up, but the big awesome surprise was Sir Paul McCartney was there too! WHOA! And I had to come to work and missed out on all that?! DAYAM! Well, Bill my fellow blogger went, as you can see in these pics he took. That's good stuff! GOOD GOOD STUFF!

Okay then. Have a terrific weekend everyone! A cool song by George from the 80s. Weird, fab, and wonderful! Look for Ringo and Elton John cameos:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I thank you my most loyal fans for always coming to visit this blog and enjoying it so. I get at least one huge bag of fan mail a day delivered to my home by a very exhausted hot model-looking mailman! And I just can't keep up with my email inbox! Ahem. Just agree with me okay? You hard-to-convince doubters! Ye people of little faith!

Okay. Someone please explain to me what tha f*ck is going on off the waters of Somalia! PIR
ATES?!! Can you bloody believe it! In this modern day and age! Astounding! Blackbeard lives! Captain Morgan is not just an alcoholic drink! ARGEE MY ARRRR! PIRACY IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE 20th CENTURY MATEY! AHOY! Apparently these Somalis have set up quite an effective network there of hijacking ships and demanding ransom for the crew or cargo aboard these vessels. Mind you, the waters off of Somalia are pretty strategic from what I am learning here. Let's take a look at this map here. Yep, the Persian Gulf is near here as are many oil fields and the Suez Canal is also within a reasonable distance. WOW. Why didn't I think of this?! Damn, these Somaliniatians are quite smart! To revive such an ancient profession and make it to the front page of newspapers (<---what are those again?) in our modern era is quite a feat! Of course, that other more ancient profession: prostitution, still has everyone else beat when it comes to making headlines!

Ya know, the Golden Age of Piracy was during the time España held all those colonies from Mexico to Argentina, especially in the
Caribbean, because there was all that gold/silver on board Spanish ships sailing on dem waters back to Spain. Pirates were usually English, Dutch, or French, and in many cases were even sanctioned or funded by those very countries' kings/queens, which were big rivals of Espain and hated her guts for being so damn rich and powerful. Kind of like what's happening to the U.S. off the waters of Somalia nowadays or any other country with valuable cargo! Classic pirates were not known then for their hygiene or literacy skills. They were quite gross, uneducated, and drunken bastards with really bad scurvy! EEK! SCURVY! Happened to them because of the poor diet and all those months at sea. What a shitty life man! Yeah, eat yer Vitamin C and you'll never have to worry about scurvy. Okay? The mythic bearded, one eye-patched, peg-legged bloke we all know through books, TV, film, and that ride at Disneyland is pretty much what they used to look like. I'm assuming that the modern day Somali pirates are just as ugly and unkempt too. LOL! Hey, I once had to do a term paper for a Spanish literature class on classic piracy in college! In FREAKIN' SPANISH! Yeah, I got a good grade on it too! Now where did I put that little masterpiece of mine?!

The Obamas have their puppy dog! AW! BO is his name! This is too much. All this White House doggy cuteness is going to drive me mad! OH MY GOD! Even the dog is black! LOLOL! Black is in! Somali pirates are pretty dark too. AHAHA! Just saying. Love doggy's white bib and socks!

Yeah, me liking this new U2 album a lot; the pride and joy of Ireland are back in the spotlight. I hope my good bud Johnny and I are able to go see them live later this year, for it's going to be quite possibly, the greatest tour by a band ever:

Monday, April 13, 2009


How was that Easter ham?

I guess I like Seth Rogen, but is there a movie he's not in as of late?! Talk about
overexposure man! Yeah, I finally watched Auntie Mame, and I enjoyed the raunchy/racy humor. I had no idea they could be this daring in 1958! Rosalind Russell was really good in the movie, and at times I thought I was actually watching Joan Crawford. Auntie Mame was a very feisty, vivacious, and fun gal; this woman was probably a really cool fag hag. And she had lots of money! YEEHA! Why couldn't I be blessed with an aunt or relative like this? There are people in my family with cash, but none of them are close or that nice to me. :(

So I like to update my iPod every few months, because I get tired of the same 5,500 songs ya know? LOL! So I just cleaned out some old stuff I don't really listen to anymore to make room for new sounds. I didn't like U2's last album at all:
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, even though it won tons of Grammys. I found it quite boring, except for its awesome lead track Vertigo. This new one however is quite good and catchy so far, so I am fairly pleased. I have to listen a bit more to Death Cab For Cutie's latest album, but I'm still only attached to this big hit song that was played lots on the radio. I'm giving a whirl to Silversun Pickups' latest effort and so far so good; I do remember liking this song of theirs a lot just a few years ago. And then there's this amazing awesome pop/rock/Latin duo from Bogotá, Colombia: Aterciopelados, and anything they put out is sure to be fantastic. The lead singer has a beautiful voice and they are playing live here in L.A. this coming Wednesday! Will I be going? I dunno, since it is a school night and all, but the urge is there!

Speaking of live shows, I went to see Travis just this past Friday at the historic Wiltern Theatre;
recorded highlights of the show are here and here! I'm liking their new album too and they were so fun live! I was loving lead singer Fran Healy's Scottish brogue. Sexy, sexy! Their opening act were The Republic Tigers and they were pretty good too; their cover of Blondie's Heart of Glass was phenomenal! Anyway, it was standing room only for those of us on the floor, and there were lots of tall white dudes blocking my view here and there, but I managed to watch most of the show decently. I took some pictures, and many of them came out blurry or too dark, due to having to stretch my arms up above all dem people's heads and the lighting. There are a few surprises here and there, so this slideshow is still worth seeing!


Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, at least it's Friday man. I'm supposed to go here tonight to see Scottish band Travis! I hope I'm not too tired or running late with traffic and all and can make tha show! WOOHOO! They're not super big in America, but they're a good competent entertaining little rock band.

There is a neat little Spanish word I'd like to teach you. I use it q
uite often, for it helps relieve stress and insult the one you love or your enemy all at the same time! I shouldn't even be giving away this little gem, but since Spanish is increasingly being spoken by more people all over the world, especially here in the United States, I might as well let the cat out of the bag a bit. The word is tarado. TARADO. It is pronounced this way. Got it? Ya gotta roll that "r" a little. The English equivalent is "dumbass", "retard", or "moron". So let's say you're trying to show someone how to pour milk onto a bowl of corn flakes and they spill the milk and you get frustrated at them, you'd kind of calmly but gently and with a bit of a heavy sigh would say, "Ay, tarado." However, if you're really pissed off at that bitch supervisor of yours or some dumbass illegal immigrant (LOLOL) just cut you off on the freeway, you could freely yell out with true gusto, "¡TARADA!" It obviously changes ending according to the person's gender, but you already know that; tarado for males, and tarada for females. This free useless and ridiculous public service announcement brought to you by the biggest tarado of them all: ME! Gracias.

It's a big religious week fellow Christians and Jews! Passover and all that yummy food; I wanna wish my Jewish brethren a happy holiday. I haven't had good Hebrew cuisine for quite some time, but it is good stuff, and those pastries man are to die for! MMMMmmmm! And then there's Easter weekend here for those who believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Frankly, I don't really celebrate Easter, except by sleeping in as usual and doing almost nothing like most of my Sundays. HAHA! I used to dye eggs as a kid, but that takes time and work, and the price of those dying kits has gone up since I was a child! MAMA MIA! Is it true some people actually eat those colored eggs? YUCK! I could never do it. Sounds gross. Anyway, congrats to everyone, whatever your religious beliefs, and peace and love to all, let's make love, let's spend the night together, let's get it on, and may all your precious dreams come true. Happy 2012 and kumbaya my Lord...

This is a remarkable well-written piece on Madonna's enormous extraordinary wealth. Even if you hate the bitch, even if you completely loathe the pop-singing whore, this article is a must-read! How does she do it?!

I wish ya a happy weekend! I leave you with a fabulous clip from Will & Grace, that tremendous sitcom that once was. This is very funny good stuff:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Those were some mighty good, fascinating, and sometimes hilarious comments for my last post good people. Thanks again! As usual, there is soooooo much I'd like to discuss; my overloaded brain is full, absolutely FULL and I must ejaculate it all onto this blog as much as possible for therapeutic effect!

Terremoto in Italia! Figlio di puttana!
Italian is a beautiful language, very similar to español, and the world entire is following the recent earthquake and strong aftershocks in the ancient region of Abruzzo, which has devastated the area and its very ancient buildings. Man, Italy is o
ld! LIKE, REALLY SUPER OLD, so a substantial 6.3 temblor such as this is more than enough to knock down historic brick and cement structures easily to the ground. A really wonderful story coming out of all this tragedy was the 98 year-old little old lady who was found after some 30 hours in the rubble and she was knitting for Christ's sake! LOLOLOL! Way ta go grandma! And our little beloved pop queen legend Madonna herself, has kindly and generously donated money to the cause as well, because her grandparents were actually from that region. That's pretty cool man, and I say bravo to La Ciccone for stepping up to the plate to help some of these poor suffering people right now. As someone who has been through quite a few quakes, they can be quite scary and disconcerting, and I am most fortunate to have never lost a home or to have been miserably disrupted by one, but I often wonder (as I've stated many times before) when our big shaker is going to happen here in L.A. YIKES! They need to get those prediction methods in order once and for all, or do geologists already know when one will occur but say nothing so as to not panic the population? Regardless of when, a quake here in Los Angeles is about as certain as the sun rising tomorrow morning; the price we pay for all this beautiful weather and the privilege of living near Paris Hilton. HA!

Okay. Wha
t tha hell is going on here?! GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN FOUR U.S. STATES?! Iowa's Supreme Court just recently gave in, and now Vermont, joining Connecticut and Massachusetts; the other two states allowing pink triangle weddings. WOW! What gives, what's the deal?! Are times changing so rapidly right before our very eyes as to allow this impressive wind of change to blow in so strongly? You know what this means right? THIS COUNTRY WILL BE GOING TO HELL NOW FASTER THAN ABE VIGODA TO HIS GRAVE! LOLOLOL! I'm all for this social progress, and now look at my own home state of California as one real backward expensive-to-live in shithole! I and many other homos had to deal with those awful nasty lawn signs and car bumper stickers last year banning gay marriage, and ultimately that damn Prop 8 passed, but the saving grace/good news being that it only won by a very narrow margin. OH CALIFORNIA! MY PRECIOUS HOME STATE! Get with it already! We got bigger more horrid real problems to deal with, so just let Adam and Steve get married so as to no longer fornicate and live in sin. HAHA.

I work in an office where I see babies and toddlers quite often, and sometimes I feel very sorry for them, not only because some of their parents are breeding losers, but simply for the fact that they are so small and innocent and on their way to inheriting a really insane world. Some of them might grow up to be extraordinary productive citizens mind you, but so many of them I feel are going to really truly suffer and struggle ya know? I dunno if I'm making sense, but I often squeeze their cheeks thinking, "Oh ye little one, you have no idea what's in store for you in this hard life." I do wish them the best, and here's hoping none of them become America's next most wanted serial killer!

George Michael's best days are probably behind him, but he has nothing to be ashamed about, because he's a Greek-English rainbow pride member of immense talent who has given us a tremendous song catalogue worthy of repeated and continued airplay for decades to come! I still turn up the volume every time my iPod randomly plays this finger-licking good masterpiece:

Monday, April 06, 2009


This blog is visited by thousands daily, so let's get to it! That's right, I said THOUSANDS. HA!

Madonna's been told she can't adopt that girl! Our little pop queen denied?! OUCH! And yet another one of those terrible bloody mass shootings happened on Friday. Yeah man, the economy and bitterness out there is grave, and it is making lots of individual people snap! And I think Farrah Fawcett is going to die. I had a feeling she wasn't well when I read about a year or so ago that she was trying to get aggressive treatment for her cancer. Bummer, but what can we do? We are seemingly powerless mortals I'm afraid; living breathing idiots trying to keep occupied until death comes and takes us for good! I hope that you're now as happy and joyous reading these words, as I am typing them! LOLOLOL!

So what will ha
ppen to you when you pass away? Is there a heaven? A hell? Well I for one don't believe in no fiery hell anymore, but I am still holding on to the desperate hope that there is some cool nice dimension of sorts for the cool folk where we can all smoke marijuana from time to time while enjoying music and other worldly hedonistic pleasures without the suffering encountered here on Earth. I saw Religulous, and it was a pretty entertaining documentary with that loudmouthed half-Jew Bill Maher who doesn't believe in God at all. I for one agree with Bill that religion is horrible and has helped destroy humanity, and keeps otherwise powerless people feeling high and mighty, but I would not go as far as Maher to say that there should be no such thing as faith or spirituality. It's good to pray, it's good to rely on something outside of yourself I believe, and even beneficial to one's health, but it is the fundamental judgmental money-making organized religious criminals that need to be stopped. All that horrid brainwashing and fear one is raised with has got to go man! And I do believe all of that is slowly dying, especially in such a zany overly religious country like the United States has notoriously been. Bill points out in one part of the film how many of our Founding Fathers were anti-religion and believed in separation of church and state, which many of today's psycho Christians will not dare accept.

One of the most disturbing things I learned from this documentary film is the existence of an actual amusement park in Orlando, FL (Disney World is satanic I guess so here's the alternative) called The Holy Land Experience! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! THIS KIND OF DEMENTED PLACE EXISTS?! Yes, you and your family can come here, and witness Jesus getting crucified at one of the park's shows! YUCK! HOW LAMENTABLY DEGRADING AND MORBID CAN THIS BE? This place sounds like no fun, and anyone that goes there is a freak! Sounds like that awful Mel Gibson movie coming to life! I'm being too harsh I suppose, but whatever. I just can't wrap my mind around this place even existing or being entertaining! LOLOL! To each his own...

Sir Paul and Lord Ringo were in concert together on Saturday to raise some money and I thought I'd heard Howard Stern mention last week he was going to be attending this. They had other big music names there as well, so it sounds like it was probably really amazing; Stern will surely talk about it on today's satellite radio show.

I had never seen Easter Parade, but it really was a beautiful movie, pretty f*cking enjoyable if ya ask me. Fred Astaire was not that hot, but boy could that man move! Judy Garland was as cute as a button in this film. I had no idea Peter Lawford was so handsome! DAMN! And Ann Miller could move like that?! WOW! Good stuff, and many thanks to my good bud Truman for lending me his DVD:

Friday, April 03, 2009


Most of you have probably not heard of Andy Hallett, but he played such a wonderful character on that Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff Angel series earlier this decade and now I hear the terrible news that Andy died of some heart condition just this past week! THAT SUCKS MAN! Andy was always in heavy green make-up for the show, but seeing his normal pics makes me realize just how cute and adorable he was. He was only 33 years old.

I wish it were only an April Fool's prank, but our sales tax went up on Wednesday. We have paid 8.25% on every dollar for years here, but now it's gone up by one percent! YEESH MAN! Everything is going to be more expensive now of course, and this was done because our state budget is in such a deficit. Ya know, just like the clowns and crooks at the federal level in Congress, we have some real dummies working in Sacramento, and because of their mismanagement of our tax dollars, now we have to pay for the entire mess by shelling out more of our hard-earned money! Just great man. The longer I live, the worse I feel at times to realize that most of us are on this planet to work as legal slaves at boring jobs only to pay taxes, and then we get older and die. It's a wonderful life indeed. To pepper it with hedonism is the only way to cope with this shitty deal. The American Dream! HA! What a joke.

Our beloved world leaders are in London this week, the 20 most powerful economies are chumming it up, having lavish meals, and posing for plenty of pictures. I found it funny to see a photo of the Obamas standing next to Queen Elizabeth II, who looked so tiny next to those towering two. LOL! I was worried for a sec the Queen had started shrinking due to old age, and there's that stuck-up pompous husband of hers Philip as well in some of those shots. It's nice to see our new president getting much more respect than that asshole Bush used to overseas, but I'm cynical about all this mess; these political leaders are over there to supposedly address our global economic depression, but what are they really going to do about this? The British prime minister Brown gave a speech about a new world order, and protesters are in full swing causing near riots wanting answers to severe unemployment rates and the corruption of corporations. Something is fishy here, something tells me we just don't have that much power as citizens to really change things, and that the rich and truly mighty have a big chess board with us as the pawns to move around wherever they wish. There's a conspiracy afoot my brethren!

Well, enough of my pseudo-news blog. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not just regurgitating news you've all already heard of, but whatever. I gotta talk about something else besides my annoying life man!

Have a great weekend everybody, comment freely, and if you've never seen this movie, you are sorely lacking/missing out on one great sexy provocative tremendously acted film:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I'm so proud of myself! My pretty new cool cell phone went into the jacuzzi for a good five seconds, and I'm trying to dry it out, but I'm almost certain it's done for. This happened to me a while ago with another cell phone, and I am sad now and very frustrated. ARGH! I knew depending on technology was a bad idea!

Sooner than later I'm afraid, we are going to have a really big earthquake here, and then what?! Then how will I and millions cope without water and power for a few days if not weeks God forbid?! It will be like Hurricane Katrina over here! Yes, I could and should prepare by stocking up o
n necessary supplies now, but do I ever do it? NOOOOOO! Here I am confidently typing away as I try (probably in vain) to dry my poor wet mobile under a desk lamp. And somewhere here under Los Angeles or the neighboring areas, one of these freakin' faults is ready to release its tremendous energy. The reason why I'm even mentioning all this morbid quake stuff is because scientists were concerned about recent heavy tremor activity around the Salton Sea, which is right on the San Andreas Fault. Yes, that is pretty scary, but they're afraid that THAT southern part of the crack is going to give way, because it is already some two hundred years and change overdue. Not to curse our lovely sister city San Francisco up north, but I'd much rather they have that thing than us, because I really need my Internet access to remain intact! LOLOLOL! But seriously, a natural disaster such as this in a major city like L.A. or any other place is truly horrible and although I would probably survive, I'd really hate all the disruption it would cause, especially with regards to upkeeping this blog! OMG! Imagine the MySpace and Facebook narcissists who have to status update us with their lives every three minutes! They'll suffer worse! It's all this dependence on comforts and technology; psychologically very distressing when it's taken away! Oh please Lord, no major quakes and please save my mobile! AHAHAHAH! PLEASE!!!

There's this really bad computer worm/virus that is supposed to strike many of our precious
machines starting today! It's called Conficker or something to that effect, and it is supposed to be the worst yet, striking randomly, without even having to open an email, and messing up computers worldwide. WHO NEEDS TO WAIT FOR 2012?! THE END OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT IS HERE! THE CONFICKER WORM/VIRUS WILL DISRUPT THE INTERNET AND OUR DEPENDENCE ON IT! OH HOW THE MIGHTY WILL FALL! Of course, I'm probably being melodramatic, and the damn thing won't really do that much damage after all! Howard Stern said the hackers who design these things are "assholes who have too much time on their hands and that if caught they should be thrown in prison for life." Howard must love his Internet access! HEE!

Madonna is in Malawi again trying to adopt yet another child? WHAT?! I dunno anymore. This is starting to get weird. Her daughter Lourdes looks so grown up and pretty, is she really only 12? WOW! Girl's got those hot Latin dad genes for sure and looks very much like her mother did. And Rocco's growing too! The adopted little black kid David is getting really cute. Great articles and pics here and here!

I miss single slutty whorish white trash young Madonna very much though:

P.S. Looks like my phone is going to be okay! :)