Monday, May 14, 2012



I was reading old blog posts from a few years back and I used to write some very interesting essays and discuss all kinds of topics--WTF HAPPENED TO ME?!  LOLOLOL!  GOOD LORD!  Has my job and love life embittered me this much?!  I'm kind of shocked at how much I've neglected this blog and been uninspired the last year or so to even write anymore!  This dreadful depression has thwarted my creativity!  I say no more!  NO MORE!  I am still surviving and have lots to be grateful for.  I am aging like fine wine and my brain can still crank out a good post!  I've got lots I could write about.  So lemme begin:
Okay, so Europe is in big economic trouble!  BIG!  THIS IS IT FOLKS!  The Euro is collapsing.  Greece is probably going to go back to its old currency, because they are in shambles.  Spain is f*cked too.  Italy as well.  The whole damn European Union is falling apart.  The leaders don't know what to do, and everyone that has tried to implement cuts and austere measures is getting voted out.  The people have had enough of unemployment and financial woes.  Banks are crumbling and there seems to be no end in sight.  Sound like the United States?  OF COURSE!  Listen, I don't care if Mitt Romney wins, or Obama is re-elected, our country is in big economic trouble too!  Don't for a second believe the lies about unemployment going down or that things will get better, because it's just not true!  I want you to be happy and enjoy life and keep on drinking and screwing, because we are facing some serious dire times ahead!  The middle class is being wiped out and the rich are just gonna get richer.  GREED IS DESTROYING THE WORLD!  The last politician worth voting for who at least pretended to care was Bill Clinton, but something went terribly wrong after 9/11.  America was changed forever, and I think these crooks in Congress and just about anyone in authority has now blatantly shown their true colors: THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US WORKING CLASS PEASANTS!  Okay, so it's nice that Obama supports gay marriage, but how is this really going to change things?  He wants votes; it's all a political move and a very historic one I must say, but the reality is that we are facing much more pressing issues!  Besides the worldwide economic depression (Japan is in bad shape too), we're now 7 billion humans on Planet Earth and the overtaxing of our resources is at an all-time dangerous high.  Mother Nature seems to be getting much more destructive; is she trying to tell us something and kicking our asses for all the abuse we've inflicted on our precious home? And have you noticed how violent and crazy people have become?  To hear of mass shooting sprees and other terrible crimes is not all that uncommon anymore and growing at an alarming rate!  

On Friday May 4th, a little over a week ago, I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see COLDPLAY!  I had been wanting tickets for the past few months, but they were sold out.  I got lucky though, and two days before the show, a friend who has connections got me last-minute tix and very good seats!  YEEHA!  They were not cheap, but so what?!  My crazy and very funny friend Roland went with me and we had a blast!  I had a little bit of pot brownie ok, but it was a very enjoyable and colorful show.  I was very energized, and those two 13 year-old white boys dancing and screaming and singing along next to us were a hoot!  LOVED THOSE KIDS!  We got along fab!  I was wondering if Nick & Nick (best friends I assume), are going to be future gay men, because their behavior was very suspect. LMAO!  They were so funny and full of life and cute as hell.  I loved their energy and I even told the older gentleman there with them (probably Dad), that I acted their age most of the time!  He smiled and appreciated my affection for the boys.  AND NO IT WAS NOT SEXUAL AT ALL, I merely saw them as nephews--they took me back to a time when I was full of life as they are now.  It was wonderful!  There were actually three shows that week, I ended up going to the final one.  My 14 year-old niece saw them earlier that same week and she loved it too.  My friend took lots of pictures, but he still hasn't posted them yet.  I'm bugging him to do so.  It's not easy to get into the Bowl; parking is a bitch and ya either gotta walk a lot uphill to get to the venue or endure a 15-minute ride on a shuttle that made me a little claustrophobic.  Once you're there though, it is a fun and magical place.   

See? Despite the falling apart of our world, I can still have a good time!  Someone here took some good video highlights of our show:

What say you?


mkf said...

you just gotta write, man--you have a voice that stands out amongst all the typical gay blather out there, and it needs to be heard.

and thanks for your recent comments over at my place--you're one of the few who gets me.

Gary said...

Hey there! I am happy to see you are back with a post. I've missed your informative commentary on the latest happenings.

Is John Travolta gay?