Friday, November 02, 2012


Halloween was quiet and spent with a friend watching all kinds of silly TV, but I enjoyed myself tremendously nonetheless!  Must've been the enhanced chocolate I had.  Catch my drift? LOL!  Thank God for THC!  It makes me very giggly, hungry, and super horny.  MY MY!  

I haven't blogged much the last few months because I've been busy thinking too much and not being able to put it into words.  There is so much going on really.  Summer was horrendous here in L.A.  For weeks, temperatures were very hot and nights were really really humid.  Even as of this date, we are still going through pretty warm temps, but at least the nights have cooled down considerably, making sleep a little easier.  Werk has been dismal!  We have a new supervisor in charge who started off very sweet and phony, but soon revealed her true colours as a micro-managing whore of epic proportions!  OMG!  I cannot stand this woman!  She's Eastern European and her English is atrocious, but she's calling some heavy shots now and I have to answer to this bitch!  UGH!  How horrid!  How utterly horrid!  Yes, she's doing her job alright and I need to take my job more seriously than I do and I should be grateful to be employed in this economy and blah blah blah!  OH LORD!  My hedonistic leisurely mind/brain just don't want to process all this boring retarded reality.  It truly depresses me.  Depresses me so much to have to live in this world full of so much hypocrisy, lies, and sh*tty f*cking people.  There are times when I have really cool plans to hang with friends and I feel dreadfully sad and weepy, but I still have to put on a happy face despite my sometimes treacherous bleak moods.  The irony being, I look better than ever!  LMAO!  I even went to the opera twice in early October, dressed to the nines baby!  How can a man like myself look so good, and feel so tortured sometimes?!  I have stopped going to many bars/clubs due to the fact I'm no longer enjoying myself at these places and feel quite lonely there, opting instead to hang with a friend or two at their house/apartment; I'd much rather watch TV or a movie these days than spend an evening with gay dudes that are way too young and narcissistic or trolls who are past their prime and want young meat.   

I know Mitt Romney is a douchebag, but I'm afraid Obama is not much better, and this coming election will not stop the continuing collapse of the economy.  Americans still want to blindly believe in our lame political process, but do not want to see what our corrupt politicians have done to destroy our country.  The downfall began on 9/11 and continues to this day.  Europe is in ruins, and we are not that far off unfortunately.  Anyway, the two-party polluted system is still the norm, and it frustrates me to not have a third or fourth choice to pick from with a viable chance of winning!  ARGH!  And now ya got this really bad storm Sandy that has wrecked the East Coast and the mainstream media forgot all about the poorer countries like Haiti and Cuba of course, and NYC got all this amazing coverage like it's the center of the f*cking universe and I know there's been terrible damage, but SHUT UP ALREADY!  I'm actually willing to donate money to help the cause, but watching the hurricane coverage as it happened was so nauseating!  The news anchors are all retarded and fake!  

Listen, I'm a very fun, sensual, highly erotic, funny, witty and intelligent dude, but I want you to know I have a very dark morbid sarcastic and all-too realistic side which bothers and offends many people who want to see the glass as half full.  This country is in deep sh*t, there are mean narcissistic people out there, life is full of annoying frustrating setbacks, and we're all going to age and die.  And yet, I still keep on trying and hoping for the next fun and good moment to make life worth living all over again.  I'm always making a new cool friend or two or three so I still believe in people somehow right?

I'm becoming the late great George Carlin!  THE MAN HIT IT RIGHT ON THE HEAD:


mkf said...

hey, that's "mister troll" to you.

D1RTY said...

George Carlin is a FUCKING GENIUS. What's up little brother I'm back. whats up with the captcha I fucking hate that SHIT.