Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm thinking of changing this blog's template/look sometime soon. I'm also thinking of going on a blog vacation/hiatus while I try to clear my brain. I have neglected to visit so many of your blogs my friends. I feel bad, I truly do, but my mind is overburdened and underpaid. LOL! Ya know, I need to join a cheap gym or something to work out all the toxic negativity. Would be nice if I had an expert personal trainer but those are so expensive and the one time I had one I thought I was going to die. I have really awesome ideas and solutions, but I always fail to set them in motion or put my life in true order. Then again, whose life is really in order?! It's mid-August already, and the hot weather has been virtually non-existent. This is quite surprising and welcome I suppose, but something feels out of place and off really.

Did I tell ya I went to see Ringo Starr in concert this past
Saturday? I got complimentary tickets from the nicest bartender at my karaoke bar on Mondays, and I was a bit skeptical and blah about going and all, but off to the Greek Theatre my bud and I went and it was actually quite enjoyable. All these other dudes with a hit or two once upon a time on the charts were part of the band such as Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, and Rick Derringer. The crowd was most enthusiastic and the venue is really beautiful. And I got to see my second living Beatle! Ringo is actually very charming and funny, I can see why the other bandmates loved him so much since his ego was much more grounded than the other Beatles. Here's a small clip of the show. Okay, so it was no Paul McCartney concert, but it worked for me okay? HA!

This movie stands as one of my all-time childhood favorites. John Williams' score won an Oscar, and rightfully so; the music was truly masterfully composed and used in the film to great effect:


Conclave27 said...

LOL.. yeah that concert was a lot of fun. Ringo is one of the more grounded BEATLES.
I just found it hilarious on some many levels I had to keep my mouth shut. It was like OMG "look at all the people"... geriatrics and all. Nothing like watching 60-something rocking to their idols. It was interesting to see a lot of younger guys their too.

alice said...

And what is wrong with geriatrics rocking????? HMMMmmmmm?????

Just teasing you Conclave27 - cuz yeah, I know, it's kinda pathetic. I'm quickly approaching senior citizen status (in fact, I am recognized as one at McDonald's and Motel 6... go figure...) but I will continue to rock until I can't hear anymore. I loved the Beatles fiercely - they were my generation's trend compass - we followed like sheep. LOL And Ringo Starr was an endearing part of it all.

Good on you Will for enjoying that concert!!

alice said...

And JAWS!!!!! Yeah, baby!!

RG said...

Who are these "Beatles" and "Ringo Starr" you refer to? I am unfamiliar with these terms. LOL

I remember going to see Jaws with some friends and being scared shitless. THEN a week later my family vacationed with my cousins at Misquamaqit RI, which was twenty miles away from where they filmed the movie!

RG said...

Oh, and if you take a break from blogging, I'll personally get on a plane, fly to LA and your ass. ;)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Well if you do take a little break, I hope you come back! I enjoy your blog. About that gloomy coastal weather...its been hot and sunny all summer here in Palm Springs. We've been very busy with all the people from the coast tired of being cold!