Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes folks. GOOD HAS TRIUMPHED OVER EVIL! The narcissist got dumped, but claims it was a mutual break-up. Of course! He never admits defeat. EVER.

An email I sent to a friend generally describing (more or less) events last week:

I saw him Tuesday. he thought he was gonna be slick and act like nothing happened. But I had to vent. AND VENT I Did. He came to pick me up and took me to his place. I told him I wasn't gonna give him any and yet he kept insisting the f*cking douche. On our way back home he kept lamenting like a child "Things are so broken now between us, I wish they were back the way they were..."

"Yeah" I says, "guess who broke it? Guess who ruined it? YOU. YOU DID. and you expect me to act as though my last five months of suffering did not happen?!" He tried so hard to defend himself and made very few valid points, but in the end, I chewed him out like you have no idea. I walked out of that car triumphant. I really did. It was marvelous.

He even called me to say he wanted to hug me as I left the car, but was a bit angry at me for chewing him out the way I did. And I saw the bruises on his body from a fight he had with his now ex just days ago. How horrid.

Yes, no sex. He tried so hard. "You think you're that irresistible?? I already told u I am not having sex with you before u picked me up tonight. And here u are fondling me and I'm in this bed where u and your last victim (his now ex that has been through worse than me) screwed and fought and it just makes me sick really. I should not have even known about your ex or spoken to him but u tried cheating on him with me and got caught about a month ago. Do u see the horror of your ways? How terribly narcissistic and disordered u are?"
It was truly priceless.

"You have to accept your responsibility in this too! You are not a victim! I am not a villain! Why are you psychoanalyzing me?!" --The narcissist

"Yes u are correct on some level, but the fact is you are a mean cruel a**hole and you know it. And I did not deserve that, because all I did was tell you I cared about you, and you took advantage of that and ran with it. Sorry if I have changed or am not the same, but what do you expect? And why do all your lovers and ex's seem to end in such terrible dysfunction?! Something is wrong here and I don't think you are being fair or aware of what it is YOU are doing to screw things up. You are almost 36 and yet you don't get it."

All that time last week, he'd been in hot pursuit of his ex too and getting neither him nor me to respond to his silly desperate attempts at getting laid. The narcissist found out I told the ex everything that happened last week and that was the final blow to his ego! In a series of text messages he proceeded to try and hurt me one last time: "He was MY boyfriend! You talking to him behind my back?! You are pathetic and I never dated you because you are embarrassing and I only had you come here under the cover of dark, because I would never introduce you to my family. You sad sack of sh*t. F*ck you forever!" Yes folks, he only saw me as an object, and his confession says it all.

WAT replied: "Pathological malignant narcissism as I have told you already! You are an amazing case study! You are an awful, abusive, controlling, manipulative, lying monster. I am so over you, and I know this because last week I rejected you and it felt tremendous; frankly you disgust me now. I can see right through you like never before and it is empowering. Get help, go to therapy."

And so there it is! THE END! THE END TO MY NIGHTMARE! My tears are over! I feel redeemed! Proof that this guy was and still is the problem! I did care for him a great deal once, but no more! He killed it completely! His ex says he wants to meet me eventually; says that when he and I compare notes, it is remarkable how much our emotionally abusive stories match.

I have carried on and on about this ordeal, but all I have to say is, anyone who has never fallen for a true evil narcissist has no idea how harrowing and truly traumatizing it is. This is why I almost lost my sense of self-worth and felt so distraught these past few months--these psychopaths really get under your skin when you are unaware; one is truly a victim of these parasites. But now I am well-read and much too aware. Knowledge truly is power.

Never again.



WAT said...

ADDENDUM: The worst part is, those who will jump at the chance to blame me or try and justify the monster's actions! It's obvious these people consent to emotional/physical abuse! It's astonishing. My co-worker and once trusted betraying confidante was happy I was mistreated by this beast, because I sound like a whiny baby. Others have written me with the following similar BS:

"again.....STOP! Quit playing the victim. Look inside and ask yourself "what is my role in all of this and how have i contributed to this disaster?" quit saying "oh poor me" and "look at what these bad people are doing to me..."

you think you are the only person to have been through this? relationships are hard and you have to make them work if they are important and of any value. it is a two way street. i don't think you are ready for a relationship, because you haven't taken a serious self-inventory or introspection into account.

he obviously has stirred some serious emotional feelings in you, you need to be careful because it feels to me like you are extremely vulnerable and not prepared internally for what is coming.

what do you think is coming? how will it affect you? are you ready and do you want it? how will it change your life?

Look inside yourself...get it?

Um, keep playing Devil's advocate. And keep allowing these abusive bastards to endure and get away with it.

mkf said...

you may have gone from masochist to sadist in the relationship, but no way are you over this guy--you're still fooling yourself, kid.

but thanks for the comments--nice to know you still come by.

alice said...

I'm so happy for you that you wrestled free from the hold that jerk had on you. It must feel wonderful to have some power back.

I'm not sure I understand the comments that your "so-called friends" made to you, other than to say they need to look up the word SUPPORT in the dictionary because they obviously don't understand the meaning. Some people believe that "tough love" is in order when a friend is suffering, and they will impose their harsh words of wisdom. I say timing is everything. You don't kick someone when they are down. You lift them back up with encouragement and comfort. Save the introspective advice for when someone is coming from a stronger, more advantageous position.

You have been suffering for quite some time - and it's been difficult to watch from afar. There is a helpless feeling when all you have to offer are positive words - it doesn't feel like enough. Anyone that wants to make you feel as if you are responsible, in any way, for the treatment you received from that boor, might be the type of person that is convinced everyone asks for what they get. Baloney. There are victims in a relationship sometimes. There are wonderful people, who do or say nothing wrong, and are still treated like shit. You did nothing wrong, Wil. That asshole simply did not deserve your devotion.

Don't let the punishers dissuade your vindication. Relish it. Be grateful for it. Be healed by it. Love you. xo

WAT said...

I thank you Alice for your wise kind powerful words, but so many have criticized, pointed fingers, and judged me! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Wow, I mean WOW!

RG said...

Ha! Karma's a bitch ain't it?!!!!

Conclave27 said...

Yes... who are these people???
I know from doggyland no such barking was issued forth???

Well anyhow its over now. Done and buried. So good times are ahead of you now.

Amadeus said...

Hopefully you won't smoke the many horned one's "true boyfriend's" pole. Altho hysterically it may really get under his skin. Btw what friggin name can I use here and still be safe? Lol

"I had you come here under cover of night"....paraphrasing here...yes what a slam....well he wanted to pound in a few more nails because u would pound your salami his way. Men can be so about objectifying another. Hey! Now u really know the plight of us women. Lol

"Under cover of night" what was that a reference to...elephant man?

Dood has to wipe his mouth & cum up 4 air once in a while.


Amadeus said...

Heres my diagnosis for your ex lover.

Bad bipolar lover with possible signs of impending dissociative disorder. The narcissism comes from denial and his self loathing

Prognosis: Poor

Possible duration of this sociohypogenetic disorder: 199 months

Prognosis after intense gestalt therapy: baldness

Conclave27 said...

LOL.... sadly the only way few ways to remain anonymous. Myself I can track you down via you isp address and associated e-mail.... bwahahahaha. Plus using "you" screenname is a dead giveway....
You could try here... but a good techie can still find you anywhere!!!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Well another chapter finished! On to bigger and better!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Oh, I've been away for too long. I need to catch up on the narcissist. He just won't leave the scenario, will he?