Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello good people! A bit excited today because in all my years in this great plastic cesspool Los Angeles, I ain't ever been to the Hollywood Bowl! Driven past it countless times of course, but never actually sat in there! Until tonight! Opening night of their summer season! Should be fun! I'll hopefully have pics for y'all!

And summer is practically here! It has been so damn hot this week! JESUS MARIMBA MAN! I'm so glad it's Friday though. It'll probably be a 100 degree-plus weekend, but at least I won't have to come to work! HAHA! Maybe I'll sit out by the pool and try and finally get a tan of some sort. HELLS YEAH! Hmmm...maybe not such a good idea though. I see dem white people that live in my complex always tanning on the very hot days trying to get orange and stuff, but that looks mighty unhealthy if you ask me. I guess I'm destined to stay porcelain pasty white for good. LMAO! Hey, my big brother is visiting me from Georgia next month! I mentioned him before right? He's crazy. Insane. A psychopath. I can't wait to take pics with him so y'all can see how different we look together. I'm a thin non-threatening guy whilst he's a giant menacing big beast of a dude! LOLOLOL!

Last night, I got a bit depressed watching YouTube. There's this really cool documentary on Judy Garland and her struggle with drug addiction. Quite sad actually. What an amazing voice/entertainer, and yet she had such a difficult hard road. She died at 47, but looked shockingly much older and drained of life by the time she passed away. The woman worked hard all her life and battled terrible demons, but nonetheless became a legend. So good for you Judy! A superstar of epic proportions! Gave birth to quite a talented daughter too, so not too shabby.

If you have time, watch:


M- Filer said...

Judy's story is so terribly sad--and Liza too for that matter. But I like them both.

I think you ought to just go for it and get a tan!

Darci said...

DOES THE BOWL NOT ROCK??? I LOVE that place. But I like it best when it's NOT this hot. *phew*

I'm gonna try and watch the Judy doc on YouTube tomorrow...if the power stays on.

Todd said...

Looks like you've got a great line up for your first time at the Bowl. Should be totally cool. Waiting anxiously for the pics.

Gary said...

Enjoy the weekend. Looking forward to seeing pics of the anti-wat.

dennis said...

Dennis blames a whole mess of things on that creep Sid Luft!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

The Hollywood Bowl is another reason to love Southern Cal. I was feeling sorry for myself about our heat until I saw the LA temps. Oy vey.

You like Judy? Uh, that might mean something.

sir jorge of culver said...

great post!

thanks for the comment.

I dislike the new Coldplay album.

And as for sincerity, thank you, i lay it all out on that site, it helps me cope.

Bill German said...

RIP, thanks for the judy links, i had never seen those before. what a learning experience. it's time for my klonopin and wild turkey.

Squirrel said...

sit by the pool!