Thursday, June 12, 2008


Listen friends. I don't mean to bring you down. But I must write this post.

Times are bad, unless you're filthy rich, and even they (Ed McMahon!) are going through economic hell! Gasoline is going up at least ten cents every day! I can't take it anymore! This is bloody ridiculous! Here in L.A., I already seen it practically at $5! WHAT THA F**K?! And the price of food and other things is up too! What is going on with this country? We're in debt, at war, and the general mood out there is very worrisome. My poor bud is getting laid off, and he's such a brilliantly smart irreplaceable employee, yet a threat to the losers in management. And tomatoes have been recalled! And the tornadoes this year are pretty bad! And even though I hate my job at times and the dumbasses in charge, I guess I'm glad I have an income of some sort, because this whole f**king thing is spiraling out of control. Obama or McCain are gonna inherit shitty leftovers from the Bush administration; who would even want that job anyway? And I fear America is racist enough to vote that creep McCain in! OMG! And I got a bad allergy/cold because I feel pretty crummy. Damnit, we struggle to pay our bills and all, and it just keeps getting harder and harder. This sucks. We the middle class are in danger of vanishing. Damn you Paris Hilton! Politicians and the rich just don't care. I feel this will get a lot worse.

My downstairs neighbor is trying to sell her place and has come up to always gently and sweetly (she's a phony) warn us to please keep the walking and noise down when others come to see her place. We have always been courteous to do so, but no more Mr. Nice Guy. If my mom does laundry or my roomie accidentally drops something on the floor, she'll start tapping at them from down below to shut up. God forbid they walk too damn hard as to actually slightly stomp, for she'll start tapping. Last night was the last straw; I never bother her, and had to break my Ramen noodles in order to boil them and she started tapping at me! Five measly seconds of breaking noodles and she starts tapping at me! YOU ROYAL C**T! What are we ghosts that can hover that can't make noise at all?! We're at work most of the day you obnoxious stupid vixen! What tha hell does she do all day?! God forbid someone farts! She'll be ready to tap back! I was livid to hear her complaint banging back at me after breaking the noodles, so I banged that kitchen counter nice and loud right back at her and she answered me, but I had to have the last loud two which in essence said to her: F*CK OFF. We're never home, and when we are, a little noise here and there is not going to kill you YOU JERK! MY GOD! If she wants complete and total silence, she should look into moving to the wilderness. I swear, I was so pissed at her last night, I was ready to go down and tell her off. We're nice neighbors/people and we don't bother anybody, but if she wants to f**k with me, she's in for it. Besides, her now gone boyfriend used to make noise down below all the time! Sawing, hammering, and opening that fackin' garage door just below my room all the damn time! AND WE NEVER COMPLAINED!

I dare her to come up to me next time to be quiet when she's got potential buyers to come and look at her place. I DARE HER. I hate being an asshole but some people won't learn otherwise.

The unreasonable petty stupid bitch. I'm ready for ya.


Todd said...

Wow, there must be absolutely nothing in between the floors. Ramen noodles aren't loud. Maybe she just hangs out all day, waiting for an excuse to tap. Some people become obsessed with things like that.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with the neighbor. I live downstairs and my neighbor above is very obvious in his lack of care for noise. I got to listen to his movie in surround sound vibrate through the floor the other night at 1am! I know the other neighbors had to hear too. Sometimes I wonder if he is killing people because it sounds like an entire body hit the floor but he is a looser fatass that just seems to walk heavy. He works at Panda Express but drives a brand new mustang with an annoying alarm...explain that one! He is home all the time But I never have complained once!I hope he moves soon! Whew! I feel better now :) Really though. I would say ignore the bitch. Some noise is to be expected. Thats what she gets for getting a downstairs apartment!

Bill German said...

1. One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
2. She sounds neurotic to me.
3. The construction of your condo is poor and cheap.
4. Do your other neighbors have similar complaints?
5. I should move to the wilderness.

Gavin Elster said...

She has to deal with it. She should have known people were going to live above her. If she can here your noodles breaking she can hear a lot more too. Perhaps she is a bigot?

dit said...

It is pretty scary, all that is going on. You know, last night I went home and my better half was watching that corpse . .. I mean Larry King. He had this cast of characters who were just certain that the high gas prices were a temporary thing. It was a true WTF! Moment for me.

Break your noodles with a smile! lol

Hang in there though, don't let her get the best of you. Maybe she will sell to a hot guy? lol

Lewis said...


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Five dollar gas! I need to come down there and get some since we've already passed that mark.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

gas here is between 3.87 and 3.99....don't ya want to move to cleveland!!

oy neighbor issues, I'm currently blessed with wonderful neighbors, but been there done that and sure I will be there again....

best of luck to you on that issue.

do you have a summer vacation in the works? if not I think you need it, no money, couch surf! it's the thing to do nowadays....

hugs bro

LBIC said...

Ugh, I haven't complained to my neighbor, even though I should. She walks her yappy dog at five in the morning. I have a dog too, and I know they can't help barking, but her dog is in-fucking-sane. She barks at everything. Literally non-stop the entire time. Even while she's pooping. And of course, she walks by my window while the yappy ass dog goes crazy because she smells my dog, who doesn't even react anymore. Sigh. People can be such assholes sometimes.

And don't get me started on food prices. I bought a gallon of milk, in Orlando (which shouldn't be the most expensive of cities) for five dollars. five bucks! This time last year I paid 3.25. ugh.

Squirrel said...

OKay She's gone too far--next time she taps, just TAP BACK, I lived in an apt with people above and below--I never complained about the HORRIBLE noise above me at 3am because it was a single guy coming home from partying--and that's youth-C'est la vie. I'm positive my alarm woke him up at 6am every morning, because it was loud and far from my bed. The walls and floors were cheap and thin I guess.

The neighbors below me complained every time I walked (in fluffy slippers even) across my floor.
The old bat would threaten me. I got up at 6 and she slept in, so my making a smoothie in the morning killed her--There are NO silent blenders!
get over it! We lived like chickens in a big coop, in this huge old building --so we had to live with noise. complaining just makes things worse, because then you start hating the person.

One of my neighbors told me the old bat complained about the noises issuing from her window air conditioning unit. It was the standard a/c noise and nothing more.

your neighbor sounds like she's freaky.

M- Filer said...


Lib said...

living in close proximity sucks unless everyone is reasonable about life being noisy and messy. People who get all angry over noise should chill. Like a baby screaming on an airplane, you just have to deal with noise.

Anonymous said...

Oh so you're paying a few more pennies for your fuckin' gasoline you car cruising beach hog!!! It doesn't bother me that much.. I just filled my tank today and as a momento I had sex with the pump.

Anonymous said...

I will have to be the one to break it to ya. Yes, you are dead, you are a ghost.. you and the people you live with, have been haunting that condo for millenia.

Unbeknown to you, it is really the year 3013 AD and the woman is actually living in your condo, and you don't even know she's in there at all. From your vantage point, you actually believe she is living below you. You are actually sitting on her head believing you are sitting on a high back bar stool from The Sharper Image, and driving her mad.

So you see gentle blogger.. it is really a point of perception. I hope that you can take this good information with you and please please please.. go into the light. You have spent enough time breaking Ramen noodles for 1,000 years.

Just be glad that in the quake and molecular magnetic solar warp of 2089, all traces of the pop group WHAM! were completely obliterated.. both on digital and audio tape.

There truly was peace at last for all good peeps of Earth.