Wednesday, June 04, 2008


O.k. I'm bitter. I admit it. I am bitter. I laugh and joke constantly, but I am cynical about life at this point. I am grateful to have a job and an income in these hard times, but also resentful that I have to answer to stupid people in authority. Hurt that I am stuck in a dead-end job due to my retarded choices in life. If I'm such a smart intelligent dude as many claim, what that f*ck am I still doing working at such a job? You complacent inept procrastinating fool!
I've been able to leave one simple hour early before to go and vote, but not this time. This is the way my email was handled by the head cheese clerical supervisor yesterday:

WAT: Are we allowed to leave early today to go vote? I'd like to leave at 5 if possible. Let me know. Thanks!

Satan: An
employee who chooses to exercise his right to vote, and does not have sufficient time beyond the regular work schedule, may use up to two hours of paid time to vote in a statewide election. Time off used by the employee must be at the beginning or end of the regular work schedule, whichever time period allows for a sufficient amount of time off to vote, and is least disruptive to the work location. Employees who anticipate the need to use the two available hours must inform their managers immediately to allow for adequate coverage of operations. Employees may not use this time without prior notice to management.

So my question would be, if your regular work schedule ends at 6:00, is there a reason why you would not be able to make it to the voting polls before they close?

Yes, WAT. She's already refusing to give me one measly hour. I mean, any idiot can read through her diplomatic piece of shit response right? To which I directly and to-the-point replied:

WAT: Which means you're denying my request. Thank you.

BUT NO! She has to add insult to injury! We're done right? I've been denied already! Isn't it obvious? The utter nerve of this presumptuous witch!

Satan: I would need to know your answer to my question before I could approve or deny your request.

Oh really? You need to know my answer? Well honey, I don't have kids and I'm gay and I have an easy life compared to you monthly menstruating females right? SURE! Let's face it. You don't like me, you know I don't like you, and you had to just make this an issue. All over one little hour!

Other than traffic, I have no other reason.

Of course, being the coward that SHE IS, she couldn't reply to that reason, so she sent one of her demon minion supervisors to tell me that the polls closed at 8 and that I had sufficient time to go vote leaving at my normal 6 o'clock hour. The demon minion sup was going to let me go at 5 originally mind you! Until EVIL intervened. It's okay. Life is too short and precious to waste on something so insignificant. But I just thought I'd share the lengths certain people will go to assert their undeserved authority and just plain be mean about such minimal issues.


Mandi Crocker said...


Lewis said...

you are right about that bitter pill. but she sounds like a real asshole. or should that be Mrs. Asshole? I wish for you the winning of the lottery so you can quit! And have time to vote too.

Darci said...

What a sorry excuse for a woman. Is she not aware that our foremothers DIED for her right to vote AT ALL? She should be ashamed of herself for not just letting you go do your thing. Some people just should not be in authority positions...cuz they can't seem to learn how to use their powers for good rather than evil.

I am soooooooooo glad I'm not in the day-job work force anymore. Get out while you're still alive!

M- Filer said...

It sounds like you two have a history. Yuk! I think it is always best to keep personal disgust of a boss close to the vest because of what you just described.

What a total A-Hole.

alice said...

I've worked for types like her before... (how do you say Kaiser- Publications???....) They make the work place unnecessarily aggravating. But karma is a powerful thing. By wielding her authority so vindictively, it will be returned to her in spades. Rejoice, my friend.

LBIC said...

What a cunt. I'm sorry (it's my favorite word) but what's going to happen if you leave an hour early. Will the entire company be brought down? Will there be mass chaos in the office? Ugh, I hate it when people try to show how big their dicks are (figuratively speaking of course. the literal would be fun).

dit said...

Ugh, you poor thing. I feel your pain. I am in a very similar situation. My boss sees me not as an asset, but as a competition. So, believe me when I say I feel your pain. Office politics, they can kill a soul faster than anything else.

She sounds like a total soul-sucker! Hang in there. I find that going to the gym and hiking helps me. You are not alone my friend.

Gavin Elster said...

What a horrible useless hr person! In response to her question I would have replied simply "It would take be at least an hour and a half to two hours with traffic to make it to my registered polling place. Please do not make this an issue. I would hate to think you are denying me my right to vote. Let me rephrase my original e-mail "I will be leaving 2 hours early to vote. Thank you."

Loren Soth said...

You could always just gone an went and said "Well I am informing you I am leaving at 5pm. If you have an issue with it you can take it up with my union rep who will clearly exlpain things" and just watch her piddle....

The colored folk pull that shit all the time, why not you?

Pod said...

leave a poo in her desk draw

Todd said...

time for a change in work environments. believe me, it's the best thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pod. but she may know it's you.

if you throw a hot dog or some raw hamburger behind a huge piece of furniture in her office--like a bookcase--it will start to reek.... and the reek will grow a little every day. but it takes awhile to discover the source so she won;t connect it to you.

or rats will come to eat it. Maybe you should throw a lot of frozen hamburger patties in her office--the vents, anywhere. they're easy to handle.

A friend of mine put slim jims in the heating vents of his boss' office... it took a while, but they got nasty. Apparently they have a lot of preservatives.

Anonymous said...

I Love when you lament your problems at work, it reads like a comedy sketch for SNL..but on a good night.. not the shit they usually crank out every week for the last two decades since Gilda died of the big C.

Like I said before just pretend the supervisor is a silverback ape. Not a far stretch of the imagination in the first place. Take my advice and begin to sway her your way by presenting her a gift of a banana every time she says something good, and give her a banana every time you want a favor from her. Soon you will have the happiest beast in the jungle at your beck and call, at your ultimate disposal, although I do realize your true fantasy is flushing the primates head down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I cannot leave an hour early myself because the entire company will be brought down, and their will be mass chaos in the office. I am SO glad I don't work in the shithole workforce anymore as I used to, because le talent est de retour!