Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, due to my recent broken heart and job burnout, I had actually taken six weeks off of work. That's right. I had to withdraw and suffer in private. Oh how I have cried. And cried. And cried like a pussy bitch. But I've mentioned this already haven't I? LOL! I lost over ten pounds while on sabbatical which I have now almost regained thankfully. My recent paychecks were not that bad either; I didn't lose that much money, so going out on psychiatric batshit crazy leave was a very good and sane decision.

Coming back to work though has been an INSANE decision. HAHA! Granted it keeps me distracted and I get to see some cool co-workers who are very nice to me and all, but I also have come back to realize how truly toxic some of my colleagues really are. Y'all know that my mother lives with me and all right? The narcissist asshole that recently drained me of my soul practically; he said that I had to move out on my own and let mother fend for herself. Granted, being more independent would be cool and all for me, but my mom is like a my roomie, as we both contribute nicely to the upkeep of this household. Besides, that piece of amazing wisdom-filled advice (GAG), was coming from a douchebag who hates his own mother and who has a serious horrible personality disorder, so it's worth sh*t.

Yesterday at work, a secretary there decided to push some more of my buttons with regards to my mother being my roomie: This 40-something Mexican woman says I was lucky to be able to take time off, because "my mom supports me." WHAT A F*CKING RAG! MY MOTHER SUPPORTS ME?! "Oh, she cooks for you, does your laundry..." Um, whose money bought the place we live in? Who contributes half or more sometimes to the household? I mean, she is my mom and all, but we're both active contributing roommates really. WHAT A LOUSY COMMENT FROM THIS WOMAN! She's married to an abusive alcoholic and one of her two daughters is anorexic, requiring serious hospitalization recently, so no wonder this bitch is upset at life and has to make such a catty comment at me. As if I live for free and my mother hands me free cash! I WISH! I GO TO THAT FAB JOB I LOVE BECAUSE I KNOW MOMMY IS GONNA GIMME A NICE ALLOWANCE IN THE END RIGHT?! AS IF YOU C*NT!

Envy. Only someone who is bitter and envious can say these things to me.

I have other toxic people I work with too. I think I may go for a transfer of office soon. I don't like my supervisors anyway. I need new fresh tyrannical dictators to watch over me! LOL! But I should be GRATEFUL to have this job right? UGH! If I hear that just one more time... Get with the program WAT. Update that resume baby. Start networking and actively looking. Nine years of this BS is enough!

My mom's former employer is DEAD. They took her off life support yesterday. EEK. All that money. All that fabulous wealth. And yet she was often miserable. Oh boy. Gimme some good cash! See how miserable I am! SPAIN HERE I COME! My condolences go out to her family, her grown kids and all. She was in her late sixties I believe.

My ex-narcissist said, "We all have to die, but it matters only how we live!" Wise advice. Wish he'd follow it. BASTARD LAME ASS RETARD. Another toxic idiot.

I've used very bad insults in this post. But I feel better now. Maybe this blog and the writer himself are toxic! LOLOL!

No, I'm really quite cool. I just express what I feel and am shockingly truthful. Why sugarcoat it? Just hold my hand please...

A shout out to my brother in Georgia.


A Lewis said...

You know I love ya. No matter who cooks for you or does your laundry. Smooches for health and healing and better days.

Gledwood said...

that fat mexican woman sounds like she ought to fuck off!

alice said...

Miserable people do seem to have the need to make others miserable... that old cliche about loving company is obviously true in this case.

In these hard economic times, everyone has to do their best to make ends meet. My daughter's friend lives with 3 roommates in a two bedroom house. Our cost of living requires that we pool our resources to get by. If you and your mom are paying the bills and can eat, I'd say you are ahead of the game.

Try not to acknowledge people who are so negative. They don't deserve your attention.

Armando said...

I still say I come home and clock that fucker. Maybe throw a blanket party. Fuck it bro shit happened I know you hurt at least it's over with before it got worse. Good thing I didn't meet the bitch boy He would of been eating fists. Georgia says YAY YAY !!

Palm Springs Savant said...

My last place of work had a few really toxic co-workers, one in particular. I knew it was time to leave when I went to work everyday obsessed about hating him and wishing bad things to him. That negative energy is so bad for karma. So I left a few months ago. and amazingly I feel SO MUCH BETTER.