Thursday, May 27, 2010


This blog used to be more entertaining and carefree, when all I did was bitch about my job once in a while and focused on useless fun facts and info. Lately, it's become the saddest place of them all; I was doing a bit better with regards to my recent heartbreak which has hit me worse than the death of a loved one ever did...

And then my co-worker whom I thought was a trustworthy confidante (more proven toxicity at work) spills the beans to me last week that he'd been secretly corresponding with my ex-lover and told him everything I was going through, detail by detail. WHY IN THA HELL WOULD HE DO SOMETHING SO RIDICULOUSLY STUPID?!
MEDDLESOME IDIOT DUMBASS OF THE FIRST KIND!!! He had no business or right to intrude with someone he does not even know or ever will meet in person! I demanded a full transcript of their conversation. Thanks for stroking the narcissist's ego, thanks for making him enjoy my misery, thanks for helping bring me down again. Everyone says my co-worker meant well, but I dunno anymore. What he did was horrible. It has re-opened my wound and sobbing is the only thing I seem to be doing once again. He went out of his way to find the demon on Facebook and email him my recent sorrows, severe depression, and all the horror-- IN EXPLICIT COLORFUL DETAIL. None of my misery was spared, for the soulless coward to enjoy and to help elevate his monstrous imagined grandiosity. And my once trusted confidante (big mistake on my part) even goes out of his way to wish the f*cktard success in his new relationship and a Happy Easter! HAPPY F*CKING EASTER! UGH! The f*cktard replied with the following exact words:

Thank you for the email. I am very sad to hear that WAT is having such a hard time. I appreciate you letting me know. I have not been in contact with WAT for some time now, but I did tell him last week that I was seeing someone else. i felt like it was the right thing to do. I know how he feels about me and I unfortunately have not felt the same way about him. I do care about him and really want him to be happy. I know that the only thing I can do is to leave him alone, which is what I already have been doing. I probably should not have told him that I have a new boyfriend. I thought it would help him, rather than hurt him. I guess I was wrong.

Please take care of him. He is a very sweet and wonderful person and I want him to get well, meet someone new and be happy. He has a lot to offer someone. I feel really awful about all of this. I never meant to hurt him. I am glad that he has friends like you to take care of him.

I am sad that I have played a part in this...

best regards,


What a loving nice man right?! Sure. I don't buy his fake concern for one minute. At all. He doesn't even know how to lie the phony piece of narcissistic sh*t. It would help me to hear of your new boyfriend when you told me originally you didn't wanna date ANYONE?! F*CK YOU AND DIE. I did get a text some two weeks ago wishing me well from the incubus, but now I know why; thanks to the secret corresponding and some possible guilt he may have felt! UGH! UGH! But trust me, this lying self-serving egomaniacal monster is as fine, cool, and collected as ever. Such a hot shell, such a nice-looking dude he is, and so polluted and vapid inside. Makes me wonder why I'm so superficial in the first place, but then again, I'm not ugly and all I really want is a cute one with a good heart. Good luck with that right?

I don't think I will ever stop crying anymore. It's happening at work now too. It's so much f*cking fun, I tells ya. My friends are right. I really am the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. I am that character. I have no strength, no true courage, no balls to face something like this head on. I'm just mushy, messed-up, and broken inside. This is why I have avoided all this relationship mess for years, because somehow I knew I was too sensitive for this sh*t, and I was rightfully protecting myself.

And then comes August of 2009, and my world is negatively changed forever. I don't know how much longer I can withstand this nightmare. "Get over it!" "Don't let this control or have power over you!" I've heard it all, and yet I can't seem to heal. I feel terribly lonely and worthless.

If the people who truly genuinely care for me are worried, imagine how I feel...


Conclave27 said...

Well sadly some people are just pathetic. Anyone one with a shred of intelligence and decency would know to leave things alone. How many times did Ricky Ricardo tell Lucy "Donna innafere wit utter people business!"
It is rather sad that some people were just raised wrong and have a Hystionic personality disorder. This Satan character must truly have a sad an pathetic life... it seems like they are trying to be the "Dear Abbey" of some delusion silverscreen romance. LOL... I bet they even have their own personal stationary too "From the Pen of...."

Give this person little attention... life is to be experienced for its heartaches and joys. sometimes we need to recover from both. I know you have great potential, and there are a plethora of people and puppies that do truly support you.

WAT said...

It gets even better! I have received hate mail! Well, two comments that I am considering posting on this blog, but then again why feed into the pointless infantile negativity?!

I am actually flattered that someone who is supposed to be enjoying their vacation in a nice foreign land would make time to google search my blog and actually make an effort to read my words! I must be a f*cking genius to illicit such response and my life must truly be interesting and super scintillating!


By the way, I have to moderate comments now. Sorry folks, but the hateful comments do not belong here. Only my own. LMAO! And those that you may have that are constructive. You know what I mean. I'm not censoring, I just feel the mean sh*t directed at me is ghastly unfair and unsupported.

This is MY blog. I can do whatever tha f*ck I want.

"Peace and love" --Ringo Starr

RG said...

When one looks in the dictionary, under the word, "douche bag" you will find a picture of your ex.

WAT said...

RG, you have no idea brother. I have never met someone so unaware and deluded.

Bill German said...

sounds like payton place to me, or dark shadows circa 1960's

Gary said...

Hey there, I am sorry that this situation is depressing you to the extent it is and that there is nothing I can do to help. I have been in this position myself as far as breaking up but I have never thought the person I was in love with was terrible. I have always held the perspective that they were wonderful and was broken hearted over the fact that they didn't want to be with me or that it couldn't work out for whatever reason. A broken heart combined with all the anger seems to be tearing you apart. If it helps to write on Wat Central than keep doing it and if necessary monitor the comments. You are right, this is not the place for negative comments. Surround yourself with suport. ox

D1RTY said...

Fuck kid you need to let all that shit go man. I'm your brother and I love you but this makes me angry reading about some dick wad that is not worth the time or effort. I know the person that you are and I'm sure your true homies know you too. fuck it live for yourself and no one else there's plenty of game to go around. I might of had a few run on sentences all up in the blog HA FUCK IT.