Thursday, September 09, 2010


Can ya call it a midlife crisis if I'm not even 40 years old yet?! LOL! 2010 is proving to be quite the challenging year. I'm living it day to day, apathetic about what may come. I still brush and floss my teeth very carefully though, so that's at least encouraging! HA!

There was this report on Howard Stern's satellite radio show read by his sidekick Robin that says tha
t people who earn less than $75,000 a year are unhappier ---> Yes, that would be ME. HEE! Interestingly enough, just because you earn that much or more, does not mean you are happier, but you at least seem to be a bit more content. Well sure! Having enough money is definitely comforting. This world does not run on love folks, sad to say. Cash is king. And here's another thing nagging at me as of late: romantic love. Yeah, this idea that one finds the perfect soul mate in one person? This must be a joke! An invented fairy tale! The first few months or years are blissful, but then what happens? Ya either get bored, start disliking many things about the person, or they just lose their physical attractiveness. It takes quite a few people in our lives I believe to fulfill our needs; one person alone will not be the answer, yet so many of us are still striving to find that one person that will complete us. I envy those marriages that last years or relationships that seem to go on forever; quite frankly it seems most people fall into and out of relationships like flipping over pancakes. It amazes me how certain people can do this without batting an eyelid. They fall in and out of love with amazing ease! Something MUST be wrong with me. If you're nodding your head in agreement, I HATE YOU.

This Saturday marks the 9
th anniversary of those harrowing terrorist attacks.
Remember those? They seem like they happened so very long ago. I do remember being horrified and upset like most people having to watch all those folks die on live television, and thinking it was those crazy religious fanatics up to no good and stuff, but as the years have gone by my cynical and conspiracy theorist mind has taken over. I so hate what Bush did to this country and I hate how blatantly we were lied to about 9/11. I can't stand how four planes were so easily hijacked! I CAN'T STAND IT! WAY TOO EASY DON'T YA THINK?! And for years I didn't wanna believe that there could've been bombs planted in the World Trade Center to bring them down, but now I dunno. UGH! It sucks not being able to believe or trust our government, but when they behave so damn poorly, it makes ya wonder.

The pop music world is all crazy about Lady
GaGa, but I'm bringing back that once awesome slut Madonna for just a brief moment. I really love her on this 1993 tour:


Conclave27 said...

Well first of if you look at the idea of "romantic love" that our society is sold on it on shaky ground. Modern Romance is built on the idea "Chivalrous Love" aka Unrequited love. A concept developed and popularized in Spain. The while idea of living someone from afar (even if they are married) that you cannot have. It is an ideal state that borders on mania/philia/eros.

Sadly our society is brainwashed to want this, and we are no longer patient and live in a disposable mindset. True Love sadly is a combination of Storge/Plantonic which endures and last forever, which most people do not want, becuase we are now taught to go for the shiny new superficial latest model.

Btw.. as to your quote... by the Quran.... and burn the bible. Both religions are self righteous and sickening. Sad to say Christianity has killed and damned more people than anything(not just Catholics, protestants are just if not more evil in their zeal). Christ true message has been so twisted by the simple-minded mob mentality, that all true purpose is lost in an attempt for control and profit.

Don't give up hope. Change youself. Your intelligent and know better, stop doing things that you "want" and do things that you "need". If I one can sum up the difference between childhood/adulthood it is want/need. As homosexuals we can no longer live in a twisted version of the Peter Pan syndrome.

Gary said...

Some heavy issues here. I am glad you ended with a little Madonna to kinda even things out a bit.

BTW, I revamped my blog (pop over) and put in a new links thingie but the URL to your blog will not go through. So I'll keep trying. I just wanted you to know that I have tried several times and did not overlook your blog when creating the list. xo

RG said...

..."I'm not 40 yet." Shut up. LOL

Go get a tattoo and then go suck some dick. Jeesh. Mid-life crisis my ass. :)

alice said...

I think real romance is fleeting. It comes in moments, but there is no staying power, because life can be rude and hectic. I think a lasting relationship is first and foremost a good friendship. Sure there can be passion, and learning about each other is cool and novel at first. But once that has calmed down, it is possible to keeping hanging out with one person, if you really want it. And that means BOTH people have to really want it. It's not easy because our society is into easy solutions. And usually a relationship is not easy a lot of the time.

I think the main reason I was able to stay married is because I really respected my husband. He has some admirable qualities that helped when I didn't like him very much. And the feelings drift in and out like cycles. It doesn't stay the same forever. I don't think it is easily explained and I'm obviously doing a poor job of it.

I just know that if you want a lasting "something" with someone, you have to adjust your attitude about what it really is. We have been inundated with tv, novels, and movies where the couple solves their problems at the end of the hour and then they are happy. All better. It just isn't that simple.