Thursday, September 30, 2010


I want to thank all of you who stop by to read and most especially to those who comment with such interesting advice and comical colorful commentary! This past Monday, we had a record-breaking hot day of 113 degrees here in Los Angeles--hell is gonna be a lot worse for the next atrocious character I'm about to discuss:

Yeah so I was reading about Ryan O'Neal, who is probably best known for his cheesy ass role in Love Story.
A moderately popular actor during the 70's, O'Neal has four kids by three different women: Griffin, Tatum, Patrick, and Redmond. When he meets the stunning sex symbol Farrah Fawcett in the late 70's during her prime, he manages to seduce her and she leaves Lee Majors! Anyway, Farrah and Ryan never got officially married, but he managed to put her through hell nonetheless as he cheated on her with many other women, and his kids are all f*cked up and have battled drug addiction problems. Tatum won an Oscar when she was just a child; it must've filled Ryan with a lots of inner envy but phony pride shown to the world that HE fathered such a talented child. Well, where am I going with all this? OF COURSE! Ryan O'Neal is none other than a PATHOLOGICAL MALIGNANT NARCISSIST. LOLOLOL! YIKES! And his son Griffin once had some terrible things to say about his father during an interview with Larry King right here. He was only by Farrah's side to get attention, and as a cancer survivor himself, Ryan was mad Farrah got the press to focus on her disease more than they had on his. He finally promised to marry Farrah only at the very end of her cancer (what a GREAT guy, blah!), and was seen smooching and running around with Farrah's supposed best friend as she was dying. He even did drugs with his son Redmond (Farrah's son) and hit on Tatum at Farrah's funeral not recognizing his own daughter! THE MAN IS A VILE SICK TWISTED PIG! UGH! It only takes one narcissist to ruin many lives, and this guy is a prime example. It's amazing how the pattern with these nightmarish scumbags is always the same: they seduce sweet nice attractive people (like Farrah who was described as very kind), and then emotionally abuse/destroy them and the kids they may leave behind. Yes, my thankfully deceased father and a still living disgusting uncle of mine in particular come to mind. I don't care how blood-related, if ya got one of these vampires in your family, RUN!

Lemme tells ya, this current boom of movies being released in 3-D is Hollywood's sad last attempt at getting people to come into theaters because they know they're losing audiences fast to the Internet and DVD home viewing. First of all, it's ann
oying to watch films in 3-D. I HATE IT! It gives me a headache and to have to wear dem retarded glasses over my current ones is frustrating. And have ya seen the cost of a movie ticket lately?! And the quality of films has gone down in my opinion with maybe three films a year at most worth going to see on a big screen. And then all these remakes and retelling of movies we've seen before or pointless sequels! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! LOL! And now George Lucas is gonna milk the Star Wars cash cow with the movies being re-released in 3-D! HOW MANY MORE TIMES CAN HE MAKE MONEY OFF THE SAME MOVIES?! HOW MANY MORE BILLIONS DOES LUCAS NEED?! I WANT TO SCREAM! First on the big screen, then on VHS, then on the big screen with special editions, then on DVD with the original editions, then on DVD with the special editions, then the Blu-Ray, then the boring shitty prequels, IT NEVER ENDS! This galaxy far far away never goes AWAY! AHAHAHAHAHAH! Maybe I'm just old and bitter?

A modern track for you to enjoy--what a great little song, and wonderful video:


Anonymous said...

That man is a pig. People like that make me sick. And I completely agree with the whole 3D movie thing! Soon, there won't be any movies not in 3D.

I love the Gorillas, neat clip!

D1RTY said...

The summer of RETURN OF THE JEDI was one of the best for me. How many fucken times did we go see that son of a bitch?? We sat in the nice cool theater and recited each and every line of that movie. Such fun and innocent times back then, I tossed off to Princess Leia a few dozen times. Just not in the sink HA.

Conclave27 said...

Indeed tis sad news... 3D is a great farce. If you want true 3D wait until virtual reality, where you are in the movie! This is just 2D with depth perception.... 3D was a gimmick for since the late 1800's .. Disney re-introduced faux 3D in his early animation.... it was a fad in the 50's, viewmaster had its way fro a while, and sadly it is back. I say boycott Star Wars when it comes out... we already own the movies (DVD, SE, VHS, etc.)!

Seriously . . . Carrie Fisher??? Wow.. I guess it is a step above Yarna d'al' Gargan . . . cause Leia is no Debbie Reynolds (she was the cat's meow!)

D1RTY said...

Conclave I just wanted to assault her head donuts and butter them up with baby gravy. Wat my little brother that I love very much you are very fucken welcome for my AWESOME comments.