Friday, March 18, 2011


Long week at work, but all is well I suppose. Another video clip follows for you kids. Hope you enjoy! I started doing push-ups at work whenever I get the chance thanks to inspiration from my co-worker/friend Rivers, and I've gotten quite strong! I could barely do five when I first started last week and now I'm up to doing twenty in a row almost effortlessly! WOW! Muscle memory they call it? I'm even starting to look a little more toned, or is it my imagination? I know I'm eating a lot, and other co-workers are shocked by the amount of food I shove into my mouth--it's a combination of having a fast metabolism, stress, and the recent exercise I've been doing that is making me so hungry. Now I gotta get some squats and crunches into my "workouts" and I'll be on a roll. I've gained some weight too, which is great news for a such a lean dude like myself, but I'm also starting to see a bit of a gut, which is actually kind of sexy. LOLOL! Okay, watch this and tell me what you think:


mkf said...

i watch these videos and as hard as i try to focus on all the hot goodness in the foreground, it's all i can do to tear my eyes away from the shower diverter in the background.

because, damn, i always figured you for a top.

WAT said...

No enemas here, but excellent observation! LMAO!

RG said...

And yet, with your new camcorder, all we get is you, in your bathroom and you're STILL wearing a t-shirt. Skin man! Skin! LOL