Friday, March 04, 2011


I finally have a decent camcorder thanks to my new smartphone, although I'm learning that I have to keep my clips within a reasonable time frame in order to successfully upload them to YouTube. Ya see, in my own twisted warped NARCISSISTIC mind, I am a very smart funny witty important superstar individual with interesting things to say and talk about and I could go on and on and on like some long-winded Oscar acceptance speech. In reality, much of what I have to say is a bunch of baloney BS, but I want you to please watch and comment anyway. Please enlighten and entertain me just as much as I do you. Thanks! Oh yeah, this clip does end quite suddenly as I accidentally pushed a wrong button or something, but it certainly is a fitting parting shot:


RG said...

OMG - now with clear video and sound - Yuuuuuuum - you're so handsome and WAT (get it?) a sexy voice. Keep the facial hair!

Anyway, didn't watch the Oscars and judging from the reviews, I'm glad I went to be early. LOL

Gary said...

You're right, the ending is fitting given the topic. I was bored with the Oscars too but was amused by James Franco. It was like he was there and not there all at the same time. And you my dear are both adorable and charming. It's nice to see you so clearly and hear those golden tones.

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Angie_C said...

that's the toilet I blew up! LOL
man you puto, you're looking good with that facial hair