Thursday, July 26, 2012


Last Thursday was a big BIG day!  This blog turned EIGHT years old!  WOW!  COME ON NOW!  HOW ABOUT A LITTLE COMMENT CONGRATULATING THIS LITTLE SPACE ON THE INTERNET?!  EIGHT YEARS MAN!  Not only that, but it was also my 22nd birthday!  WOOHOO!  I'm still so young and hung, and full of...LIFE!  LMAO!

Yeah so I won't mention that evil dude specifically by name who went into the movie theater and killed all those people last Friday.  Gun violence is a terrible thing folks.  And this country is world famous for breeding psychos who go postal and kill folk in one heinous rampage such as what we witnessed yet again last week!  Our laws are retarded, and where we should be strict and harsh we are not!  Now they'll spend all this money keeping this creep locked up, feeding him, giving him free health care, and having all kinds of shrinks and so-called mental health professionals studying him and trying to understand what went wrong and why he was sent over the edge as to amass such a large arsenal of weapons in his apartment and then on to killing those people at the movies.  Why did the poor baby lose it and decide to murder twelve average Americans (including a six-year old girl); how can it be prevented to never happen again?!  OH THE HORROR OF YET ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING!  Listen to me you dumbf*cks!  Stop the freakin' questions and stop the waste of taxpayer money and put the clown to death already!  THIS IS HOW YOU STOP THIS MADNESS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN!  TIME TO BE STRICT AND HEARTLESS!  I often find nowadays the victims are the ones who don't get justice whilst the criminals get all kinds of perks and special treatment!  The Norwegians are still trying to figure out and sympathize with their mass shooting creepo a year after he murdered all those teens!  REALLY?!  WHAT THE HELL?!!  FRY HIS ASS ALREADY!  FRY HIM!  TORTURE AND SEND HIM TO THE STAKE, NO FURTHER QUESTIONS!  GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT RIGHT?!  UGH!  But our justice system is supposed to be the fairest and most reasonable.  Yeah okay.  YUCK!  What do I know about human rights, and do I even care?  All I know is that our time here is so very temporary and that we can be taken at any moment.   I don't understand or know why we are so vulnerable or mortal, but it's reality and all this negativity humans like to create is pointless and worthless when we're just gonna end up in an urn or coffin in the end!  You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but part of me wonders if this guy even acted alone.  Hmmm...

Ever since the Olympics came to Los Angeles in 1984, I've always been a big fan.  I mean, to see these very young people in such excellent shape doing such extraordinary things is a real treat to me.  As I grew older and began to realize my true sexual orientation, it also became pretty evident I wanted to watch the Olympics for the dudes and their hot bods.  AHAHAHAHAHA!  Let's face it, those gymnasts are very short and look stunted but they got some really nice muscular builds.  The real eye candy though, comes with the swimmers and divers.  MAMA MIA!  Those long tall sleek and perfect lean bodies are something to behold!  I sometimes regret not having trained to become an Olympian, but what poor shy Latino kid like myself do you know of that ever really makes it to the Olympic Games?  Besides, I never really learned how to swim.  I know, it's embarrassing to admit, but I had a bad near-drowning incident when I was about four that I never got over, but it's never too late to learn right?!  Hey, maybe that should be a goal for me this summer: to learn how to finally freakin' swim!  OMG!  LOLOL!  I've been saying this for years, but I will become as great as that nerd/geek Michael Phelps before I die!  Speaking of Michael, he is so damn hot!  I know he's got weird teeth and a dorky face, but I'd take him in a heartbeat!  Michael likes weed here and there, and that makes him cool in my book, but he also has the perfect swimmer's bod.  Well, the big day is tomorrow, as London hosts the 2012 Games.  WOW!  There's a city I'd love to visit as well.  Man, so much to do before I finally croak!  SO MUCH!  And by the way, those divers are often gay.  SO VERY GAY.  Like really really homosexual.  LOLOL!


Angie_C said...

riveting WAT! Let's stop supporting these murderers, execution by firing squad please.

RG said...

I would fuck Michel Phelps in a heartbeat. Sure, he kind of has a "Duh-EEEEE" type of face, but that's what doggie style is for!